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  • Make your vacation in Thailand more special by trying this exciting elephant trekking along with your friends and family. As you know that elephant is considered as one of the most important and holy creatures in Thailand, they are the best while you enjoy trekking with them.

    The interesting thing is that for many people riding on the back of these creatures and exploring the different sites in one of the things on their bucket list. Your vacation would not be complete without you riding an elephant in Thailand.  

    Elephant trekking in Phuket is one of the most popular things to do here. Climbing on an elephant and touring different places is something different. Admire the beauty of this place from a totally different perspective. The best thing is that you will witness the sites from the top of the elephant from where you can get a clear view of the whole scenery.

    Check out this amazing list of Elephant Trekking in Phuket and enjoy the ride:

  • 01Siam Safari - Chalong

    Image Credit : Eustaquio Santimano
    When it comes to elephant trekking then the best option undoubtedly is the most reputed Siam safari. With the first venture in 1994, the company schedules several tours in north of Phuket like Khao Sok and even in Chalong where one can gather the essence of local life and live in southern part of Thailand. There are several tours designed by the company to entertain visitors. They have small tours of 30 and 45minutes overlooking Chalong Bay and there is elaborate long tours like full day tour named as “4 in 1 safari” and overnight tours called “Elephant Hills Safari” for the enthusiastic adventurous visitors. All these tours are designed with sufficient number of entertaining activities to make the ride more charming

    Image Credits : e-dredon

    : Chao Far Road, Chalong, Phuket

    Timing: 9:00 AM to 17:00 PM

    Price: The approximate price for 30 minutes tour is 1,450 THB per adult, child: 950 THB, for 45 minutes 1,690 THB per adult, child 1,150 THB

  • 02Safari Elephant Club - Patong Beach

    Safari Elephant Club - Patong Beach
    Image Credit : Peter O'Connor
    The oldest and the most authentic elephant club in Phuket is the Safari Elephant Club, Patong Beach. The positioning of this camp makes it quite popular among the visitors. Close to the entrance of Patong Beach from Karon beach this is a bit shabby yet prominent location with multiple high rise buildings encircling the place. The company has limited tour options with only day trips to the mountains where one trip covers the scenic view from Relax Bay and the other overlooking Patong Bay. The number of elephants used for trekking by the company is only six so it’s always better to have early bookings to avoid confusion in allotment or timing. There is one baby elephant too which is mostly used for clicking pictures.


    : Kathu, Patong Beach, Phuket

    8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

    The approximate price for 30 minutes is 1000 THB and for 45 minutes 1200 THB and 60 minutes 1500 THB

  • 03Kok Chang Elephant Camp - Kata Noi

    Started in 1993, Kok Chang Elephant Camp is one of the popular trekking companies in Phuket. Since the camp is located close to Kata Viewpoint, it has a scenic environ with no construction, which itself provides a huge pleasure to the minds of people visiting. Since the background is filled with mountain views and dense vegetation, the stunning sea view at the front seems more arresting in contrast. The company has seven elephants kept for trekking schedules and there are several tour programmes customized according to visitor’s preference. One of the cheapest yet warm and friendly elephant trekking company, Kok Chang guarantees excellent experience unmatched with other elephant tours. One can enjoy exclusive Thai food at Kok Chang restaurant located close by.

    : 500m before Kata View Point, Phuket

    8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

    Price: The approximate price for 20 minutes is 600 THB, 30 minutes is 800 THB and 50 minutes is 1000 THB and children till 11 years half rate.

  • 04Sea View Elephant Camp - Nai Harn

    A very recent addition to the elephant trekking companies based in Phuket, Sea View Elephant Camp is known for its excellent service and good deals. Opened in 2010, this camp is based close to Kata view point and includes entertaining activities like paintball and ATV. The scenic beauty of the location of the camp is quite an eye-arresting. There are about 12 elephants in the camp all having excellent arrangements for their good being. The tour programmes organised by the camp mainly includes mountain treks overlooking the fascinating view of Chalong Bay.

    : 1 km from Kata Viewpoint on the way to Nai Harn beach

    : 8:30 AM to 17:30 PM

    The approximate price for 30 minutes is 900 THB for adult and 600 THB for children, 45 minutes is 1,100 THB for adults and 700 THB for children, and 60 minutes 1,380 THB for adults and 800 THB for children.
  • 05Camp Chang Kalim - Kalim Beach

    If the idea is to do elephant trekking and enjoy the best sea view, then the best option undoubtedly is Camp Chang Kalim, in Phuket. Based on a hill which overlooks the beautiful eye-arresting scenic extravaganza of twin Kalim and Kamala beaches, this location provides best sea views which are worth a visit for every traveller. Having started its operation in early 2007, this company has in total eight elephants where seven is used for trekking purposes and the baby elephant is for viewing or photographing pleasure. The trekking program is free for children below four years of age.

    : 2km from Kalim Beach towards Kamala beach

    Timing: 8:00 AM to 17:00 PM

    The approximate price for 30 minutes is 900 THB for adult and 600 THB for children, 45 minutes is 1,100 THB for adults and 700 THB for children, and 60 minutes 1,380 THB for adults and 800 THB for children.

  • 06Phuket Elephant Trekking Tours

    Experience the magic of Thailand in its fullest with the offers and combos provided by the Phuket Elephant Trekking Tours. With non-replicable customer services and exciting offers provided by them, they emerge to give the tourists an experience that is hard to forget. With various plans of elephant trekking, elephant baby shows and a ride on the ATV bikes, they sure give fun at their zenith.

    Highlights: Various offers available, Elephant trekking, elephant baby shows, ATV bike rides, ride to and from the hotel and tailor made combos for customers who find these packages unsatisfactory.

    Location: Sightseeing tourist operator at Muangthong-Kaokard Road, Muang Amphoe Mueang Phuket, Chang Wat Phuket with their tours settled in and around the lush green forests and hill sides. Prices: Different ranges of prices for adults and children as per the packages selected. From 700 BAHT to 1900 BAHT, the price varies as per the package. 
  • 07Kinnaree Elephant Trekking Tours

    Another great tourism company in Rawai offers a wide variety of packages and combos as suited for the tourists. With facilities to pick up and drop the tourists from their hotel to the elephant camps, at highly decent rates, their customer service is at the best. Take the time to take in the serene atmosphere of the Thailand on your journey. Understand the animals, especially the elephants and treat them with love and care. Elephant trekking being the major hotspot of Thailand tourism, do enjoy a good trek and treat the animal with respect.

    Highlights: Amazing combos available for families or solo; elephant trekking, elephant baby feeding, river rafting etc.

    Location: Travel Company located at 82/9 Moo 4, Patak Road, Rawai, Phuket with their packages offering a pleasant journey to the most beautiful places of Thailand. Prices: A varied range of decent and fair prices as per the combo opted. Different prices for adults and children. 
  • 08Phuket Trekking Club

    Established in 1992, Phuket Trekking Club is one of the oldest leading travel-tour companies in Phuket, Thailand. On the demands of the customers, they have collaborated with Khao Sok River Lodge, which provides various exciting offers for a memorable stay. Surrounding forests and the mighty elephants urge you to stay.

    Highlights: Trekking through the jungles on foot; Elephant trekking in the very deep of the mighty jungles; canoeing and kayaking on the canoes in the river; jungle cabins with the artificial voices of animals around your lodge.

    Location: The club is situated in Villa Daowroong Village, Phuket while the Khao Sok River Lodge offering their accommodations is situated near the river Sok, offering a great scenic beauty of the river in the forests.

    Price: With the opportunity to acquire a lifetime experience for the adventurous soul, Phuket Trekking Club is a place where the expenses are worth it. 
  • 09Whitewater rafting and Elephant Trekking

    The exquisite opportunity to witness the might of the largest forces on the earth, this tour provides you with a chance to wave along during the white water rafting and then be the king of the world on the back of an elephant as it takes you to the scenery that you only saw in the pictures. Southern Thailand offers only the best combinations of the activities, these including this wonderful package to river rafting and elephant trekking.

    Highlights: 5 kilometers of adventurous yet Safe River rafting, 45 minutes of a wonderful experience on an elephant takes you on a trekking path.

    Location: This tour serves its purpose in the Southern Thailand's lush Phang Nga province. With lush green forests on the outskirts of the river, the location is definitely a one that catches your eyes and soothes your soul.

    Price: 2,390/- THB Adult, 2,040/- THB Child. The unique combination of these two activities is definitely worth spending some. 
  • 10Phuket Elephant Rides

    On the one of the most relaxing places on earth, Thailand offers a deep dive into the lush green forests on the back of an elephant. A trek of about 30 minute’s makes you feel as if you are on the top of the world, giving you a chance to admire and capture the natural beauty all around you in its purest form. Various packages will be offered to you and you may choose the one as per your choice and convenience.

    Highlights: Different packages with or without food, monkey show, snake show, elephant show, ox-cart riding, fish spa, Thai boxing show, Thai cooking show, baby elephant massages, and many other local activities.

    Location: Travel Agency on Sakdidet Rd., M.6 T.Vichit A. Mueng Phuket with various combos-packs as foretold in and around Patong beach, Kata Beach, Karon Beach. Prices: Different prices for different packages ranging from 800 THB/Adult and 600 THB/Child to up to 2,000THB/Adult and 1,600THB/Child.