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Nusa Lembongan was once the realm of shack staying surfers. Today, it definitely has hit the high point. True, you can very well get a simple room overlooking the beautiful sunsets and the surf breaks but you also have a choice to stay in one of those choicest boutique resort and relish on a scrumptious meal. The growth here has been phenomenal.

This is no way restricts the growth and the planning for future years in Nusa Lembongan. It is a burgeoning Bali island that only gets popular with each passing year. Well, this does not dismiss the fact that Nusa Lembongam is still a mellow place. However, this new found richness for the beautiful island of Indonesia is definitely paving way for substantial changes here. Some of them being: Several young boys riding around in their motorcycles to school, almost all the temples being refurbished and renovated and the remainder in the line, high end supremely comfortable luxury resorts being introduced and the time being marked by the arrival of the tourist boats (that come on package tours) rather than by the fall of a coconut or crow of a rooster. Hopefully, with the passage of years, it will get more popular as a tourist attraction in Indonesia.

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Loved the arrangement. It was a wonderful trip and arranged neatly. The people were very nice and the person in charge was very patient and helpful.

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  1. Travel Advice

    • Do not drink directly from the tap here. It is always a good idea to buy bottled drinking water so as to keep yourself safe. If you are unable to find bottled water, you can carry with you filtration tablets, add them to the water and then drink it.

    • Check for the seal of the mineral water that you buy from the stalls.

    • Opt for a local transportation to move around in the city.

    • Honeymooners must find a hotel that is away from all the brouhaha of the city.

    • Some of the high end restaurants and cafes have rigid dress code. Do enquire about the same without going to any new place.

    • Respect the customs and the religions of everyone. Do not indulge in any conflict or argument.

    • Know where to bargain before buying.

    • Monkeys can be really naughty and troublesome here. So, make sure you do not flash food in front of them. Also do not irritate any monkey or dog here.

    • Try and learn some of the basic words of the local language prevalent here. It is a good way to feel closer to the people.

    • Bargain respectfully. Don’t go about pushing the negotiations more than what may seem disrespectful.

    • Confirm about the situation and the status of the Visa in the country. Some of the countries waived off the visa requirement, so do check in advance.

    • Gather enough information about any new place that you are traveling.

  2. Drinking Laws

    Since the Indonesian government is considering banning alcohol in the party island, drinking won't be allowed here anymore. Currently, anyone over 21 can consume liquor legally at Nusa Lembongan but once the law passes, it won't be allowed in the island.

  3. Our recommendations: What you can't afford to miss?

    Pantai Tanjung Sanghyang

    Pantai Tanjung Sanghyang is locally known as the Mushroom Bay accredited to the mushroom corals found off shore. It is a crescent beach that is peaceful and calm. During the day time, the tranquility of the beach is often disturbed by the parasailers and the banana boat riders. Rest of the time, it is just as good as the beach of your dreams. Jungutbatu Beach

    Jungutbatu Beach is mostly loved for its crystal clear water and white sands. It has views across of the Bali’s Gunung Agung. It is perfect for strolling during sunset!

    Dream Beach

    Dream Beach is a secluded beach that has a single resort that overlooks it. This gives you a reason enough to plan an excursion here. It is not one of those most important places to see but is definitely worth a visit for those wanting some hush hush time. Take note, the waves here are a little rough so swimming and undertaking adventure activities is not a good idea especially for children and novices.

    Coconut Bay

    Want to try some surfing at the playgrounds? This is the closest spot for you to paddle out from. However, if you are not into surfing, you can still get here to get a sleepy slice of sand.

  4. What you will like there?

    Nusa Lembongan Is A Real Escape

    Coming to Nusa Lembongan is an instant refreshment. Exploration and sightseeing here may first seem like you are world away. It is simply the most ideal place to be to give yourself a break from technology and just live in the present moment.

    It’s Spectacular

    The natural beauty that you experience at Nusa Lembongan is every bit alluring. Perhaps, this is because the number of tourists swamping here is fewer and the overall development is slow. Right from the thick green jungles to the vast beaches, the island is beautiful all the way.

    It’s Authentic

    Everywhere you set your eyes in this Indonesian island, you’ll see real people doing jobs based on the surroundings – cooking fish, cutting coconuts and gathering seaweed.

    It’s Less Touristy Than Bali Mainland

    In comparison to Bali, the number of tourists who come here is significantly lower. So, if you need a tranquil and calm place to enjoy some solitude, Nusa Lombongan can be your preferred choice.  

    It’s Only 30 Minutes By Boat From Bali

    Nusa Lembongan is easily accessible from Bali. You can simply take a 30 minute boat ride from Sanur and you are in this beautiful island.  

    It Shows A Completely Different Side To Bali

    Often, Bali is stereotyped as being people pleasing and touristy. However, does anyone ever call Bali an ideal paradise? NO! But, that’s not the case with Nusa Lembongan. It is quiet, peaceful and takes you closer to the nature.

    It’s The Perfect Place To Try Out A Scooter

    We have all fascinated about roaming around in scooter. Nusa Lembongan gives you that opportunity. Exploring the beach on the scooter is one of most important things to do here. That does not mean, you cannot find the other means of transport here. It is very much present and the traffic on the roads is barely minimum. You can easily rent a scooter and tour the island.  

    Stay In A Thatched Roof Beach Hut For Under $50 A Night

    Well, you go anywhere and stay in resorts, guest houses or hotels, so why not try something different here? Rent a thatched roof beach hut and the experience you get can indeed supersede the experience of a 5 star luxury resort.

    Take a snorkeling tour

    The Nusa Lembongan is an exceptionally great island given the huge number of water sports prominent here such as snorkeling. Take an early morning tour to Nusa Penida where you can swim with the Mantra Rays and further continue amidst the rough waters to Nusa Ceningan and then swim in the lagoon.  


    Dolphins are a regular site at this island. You just need patience and you’ll naturally be rewarded!

    Have a drink and enjoy the nightlife

    Nusa Lembongan has ample spots for you to relish on a glass of wine or chilled Bintang and enjoy the nightlife. Some of the restaurants that you can try include Blue Corner Bar & Restaurant, The Deck Cafe & Bar, Panorama Restaurant, Two Towers Coffee Shop and Bali Eco Deli.  

    Treat yourself with the cheapest massage of your life

    Nusa Lembongan has a number of massage and spa parlors. Be assured to be relaxed and rejuvenated in this hour long massage. What’s better? It is dirt cheap!

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