Tegallalang Rice Terraces Overview

Break away from the bustle of city life amid the lush and serene paddy fields at the Tegallalang Rice Terraces. The fields are uniquely cut out in a terraced layout along the hillsides lending the entire area a graceful pattern that is truly a visual treat. You can also interact with the local farmers to know more about Balinese culture.

Nestled amid the lush green hillocks in Bali’s Ubud region, are the elegant Tegallalang Rice Terraces, a delight for the eyes in the true sense. The perfect zig-zag pattern in which the entire hillside has been cut out is conducive to the local agricultural system.

It is an old irrigation system used to extend water to all parts of the fields evenly. Irrespective of the purpose, however, the beautiful landscape of the area complete with verdant paddy fields has managed to mesmerize visitors who throng here from all parts of the island.

If you visit Kintamani in Bali, The Tegallalang Rice Terraces will be an ideal stopover, a mere 20-minute drive from Ubud. As you make your way up the twisting and turning paths of the hilly areas of Tegallalang, you will instantly mark the difference in air quality and surrounding views.

At 600 m above sea level, the weather is extremely pleasant, there is a cool breeze here that accompanies the mesmerizing panoramic views. You may also spot the local farmer tending to his produce lined along the distinctive oblique steps. The dramatic sights here make for great photography opportunities to create lasting memories.


• Soak in the cool air and panoramic views of the lush green paddy fields set in the terraced hillsides
• Witness the unique eighth-century method of Subak rice farming
• Swing along on one of the swings set up at Tegalalang Rice Terraces for better views of the entire landscape from the air
• Reach Tegalalang Rice Terraces in time for sunrise to catch the views at their breathtaking best
• Witness the exquisite handicrafts made here with intricate carvings and ornamental woodwork
• Explore the jungle down in the valley to experience the peace and quiet of the place to its fullest

How To Reach

  • The Tegalalang Rice Terraces lie on the northern end of Ubud in Bali and can be reached in 2 hours by car from Denpasar, the only airport in Bali
  • Scooters are also available for hire from Ubud and you can drive the short distance to Tegalalang Rice Terraces from here
  • You can share a cab or a minivan available for hire from Ubud. Each minivan can accommodate up to six passengers

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Best Time To Visit

The best time of the day to visit the rice terraces is in the early morning, especially at sunrise. The first rays of the sun reflecting off the verdure casts a striking hue across the entire region.

The best time of the year to visit Tegalalang Rice Terraces is in the months of April, May, June, and September. This is when the place steers clear of the holiday rush and you can enjoy the beauty in its most pristine and lush form.

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Other Essential Information


  • One of the cheapest and easiest options to explore the area is to take a scooter from Ubud
  • Get a complete experience of the culture and way of life here by visiting the local village called Pakudui and its market areas
  • Head to Campuhan and Pejeng if you are looking for places less crowded but equally beautiful
  • The place gets crowded during peak seasons and it is best to visit here during the offseason when it is more relaxed
  • You may expect to get jostled by a few villagers or locals who may ask for donations, so the best course of action is to politely refuse.

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Point of Interest for Tegallalang Rice Terraces
Take a cycling tour to explore the Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Take a cycling tour to explore the Tegalalang Rice Terrace

You can hire bikes from the local kiosks and zip along the terraces for an up-and-close feel of the surroundings. You can also stop by to chat with some of the very friendly population of farmers who work on the paddy fields here.

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Take a coffee break at Tegalalang Rice Terrace Café

Take a coffee break at Tegalalang Rice Terrace Café

If you are tired after a whole day of hiking and sightseeing, head to the Tegalalang Rice Terrace Café or one of the several other cafes that dot the area, and unwind with a hot cup of the brew.

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Go up and high on the Tegalalang Rice Terraces Swing

Go up and high on the Tegalalang Rice Terraces Swing

The rice terraces have set up swings in the area and you can swing on them to get unhindered views of the scenic landscape from high up. The swings are excellently placed especially if you are looking at catching some instagrammable photographs.

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Tegallalang Rice Terraces FAQs

What are the best things to do in and around the Tegalalang Rice Terraces?

  • Enjoy a great view of the landscape from high up on a swing: The rice terraces here have set up a few swings, some on greater heights than the other, for visitors to enjoy the views without impediments. 
  • Witness exquisite craftsmanship at the Pakudui Village, also known as the ‘Garuda’ village, after the mythological creature who was part animal and part human, its residents are mostly accomplished sculptors. Take a tour to see the Garuda busts and the way they are carved out here. 
  • Unwind at one of the nearby cafes: There are several coffee shops in the area like the Tegalalang Terrace Café, Kampung Café, Alon-Alon Terrace Café, and Terrace Padi Café, among others. You can enjoy a Balinese snack along with a cup of coffee right in the middle of the paddy fields with great views of the entire area.
  • Visit the Made Ada Museum: Witness the immense patience and discipline displayed by the artists at this gallery and the immense amount of craftsmanship that goes into each of their carvings. Visit some of Bali’s greatest woodcarvers here and you can buy some of the pieces as well.

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Why is Tegalalang Rice Terrace so famous?

Situated in a perfect setting, Tegalalang Rice Terrace is a popular tourist destination in Bali. An integral part of the Cultural Landscape of Bali Province UNESCO World Heritage Site, this rice terrace features cascading shades of green fields which are worked by the local farmers.

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What are the other activities I can do in Bali?

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Tegallalang Rice Terraces Reviews

Gsgssss Sss
Reviewed: 06 Dec 2020
The green landscape was mesmerizing and so peaceful. Definitely the best way to explore Bali sightseeing spots with family and friends. The High Swing, Gao Gajah Sanctuary, and the Elephant Caves are all included in the itinerary for the day.
Shashi Kumar
Reviewed: 09 Oct 2019
The Tegalalang Rice Terraces and Monkey Forest have got to be the major highlight for my honeymoon in Bali. Not only were these places a sight to see, the entire trip was made even more special by the visit to the Tegenungan Waterfall. Kudos to Thrillophilia for making our honeymoon special.
Rajinder Butt
Reviewed: 08 Jul 2019
We enjoyed the lot in Ubud , and experience the Tegalalang rice terrace
Preema Crasta
Reviewed: 03 Feb 2019
The visit to the Tegalalang Rice terraces stands out in my memory as one of the best tours I have ever experienced. We did a lot that day- took a ride on the Bali swing, toured the Monkey Forest and even took a safari of the Gao Gajah sanctuary.

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