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Andaman Water Sports
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Andaman Water Sports

Banana Boat Rides, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Parasailing, Undersea Walking, Jet Skiing, Speed Boating, Sport Fishing Or Angling, Glass Bottom Boating, Seaplane Ride, Swimming, Kayaking, Mangrove Kayaking and many more.

Water sports in Andaman is the most exciting activity for every water baby. The Islands boast one of the best water sports in entire India. The pristine islands of Andaman offer some of the most fun-loving watersports activities that make unforgettable experiences for visitors.

Usually, the facilities for these activities are available in Port Blair and other islands nearby. Andaman & Nicobar Islands are surrounded by a rich coral reef ecosystem and thus offer a unique lifetime diving experience. The Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex at Port Blair offers Safe water sports activities and also Adventure water sports activities and joy rides like speed boats, jet ski, bumper rides, and banana rides. 
The experience is certainly worth cherishing. The North Bay beach, which is north of Port Blair, is known to provide snorkeling opportunities around its fringing coral reefs. Sea Walking is another must-do water sports activity in Andaman and is the first one in India.

Water activities include scuba diving, speedboat cruise, and snorkeling. Moreover, North Bay is also ideal for wilderness trekking and can be a haven for hiking and trekking enthusiasts. Similarly, if you wish to indulge in sports fishing then Andaman is the place to be. You find many wide ranges of fishes starting from tuna, Barracuda, Giant Trevally, Red Snapper, and many others. On the other hand, Havelock Island which is located 39 kilometers northeast of Port Blair is a picturesque island with beautiful sandy beaches and rich marine life.

Here are some of the water sports activities in Andaman :

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Latest Information on Travelling to ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR?
  • The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are open for travel for all the tourists and leisure travellers. 
  • People are required to submit an RT PCR negative report Tourism Department at the airport.
  • Travel to North and Middle Andaman Islands, Nicobar group of islands and Little Andaman island is not permitted for tourism purposes till further notice. 
  • Any symptomatic tourist will have  to immediately report to the nearest PHC/CHC and thereafter necessary testing will be done as per doctor’s advice. 
  •  If the tourist tests positive after arrival , they are required to undergo institutional isolation as per existing health protocols. The cost of such isolation will be paid by the tourist as fixed by the administration from time to time (Presently INR 1000 for isolation at ITI Dollygunj COVID ward).
  • If patients want to stay in hotel (hotel will have to make necessary arrangement to designate a part of their rooms for institutional isolation for this purpose), they can stay as long as following points are met:
    • Patients are not symptomatic and not above the age of 60
    • Request/undertaking is made by patient in writing
    • If allowed by doctors
  • Many airlines like Indigo, Spice Jet, Air India, Go Air, Vistara have now started regular flights to Port Blair. 
  • Direct Flights to Port Blair will now fly from Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Delhi. 
Local Transport

Public transport like cab, taxi and bus services are operational except for the weekends

Thrillophilia recommends travellers to follow social distancing norms while wearing masks. Moreover, travellers are advised to remain updated about the local news by following the government website.

A four week long curfew has been imposed on the islands Updated: 15 May 2021

The local government has imposed a four week long curfew from 28th of April due to rising COVID-19 cases.

Tourist attractions closed till further notice Updated: 15 May 2021

All the tourist attractions of Andaman and Nicobar Islands have been closed taking in mind the rising cases of COVID-19

Direct Flights to Port Blair will now fly from Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Delhi. Updated: 20 Feb 2021

To increase tourism, the government of Andaman and Nicobar have initiated direct flights to Port Blair from Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Delhi as well. 

All incoming tourists will have to present their RT PCR negative report on arrival. Updated: 20 Feb 2021

The Andaman and Nicobar Administration has made it mandatory to carry an RT PCR negative report at the time of arrival at its ports and airports. The report must not be older than 72 hours and need to be validated at the Tourism Department at the airport.

A new tourist attraction added to Andaman and Nicobar Islands Updated: 20 Feb 2021

With the development of the largest bridge on the Island over the Humphrey Strait Creek, people will be finding a new long drive location loaded with scenic views on both the sides.


Scuba Diving

There is another activity which is a must try in the Andamans. Scuba diving had become one of the most favourite activities in Andaman. As the Andamans are known for its crystal clear water with the serene beaches scuba diving is the perfect fit for the exploration of the marine life. Witness the marine life and discover the undiscovered underwater.  

Swim with the colorful fishes as dive deep into the sea. Enjoy the scuba diving experience for about 30 minutes and see sublime aquatic life. You will be also guided through your scuba diving activity. The white sand beach and the blue-green water at the Elephant beach is enticing for almost every traveler and so one can see a lot of tourists here coming for scuba diving.

Location: This activity can be best enjoyed in the Elephant beach.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Best Season: The best time for Scuba diving in Andaman is during the month of January to May


Underwater Sea Walking

What could be a better way to discover the deepest secrets underwater than sea walking? Yes, you heard it right guys. With the serene beaches and the crystal clear water, Underwater sea walking is one of the favorite Andaman water Sports which is loved by people around the globe.

With colorful marine life, the Andaman offers some of the best sea walking experiences. Explore the underwater stories of the marines as you walk underwater. A protective cap with a straightforward visor is set on your head. An extraordinary mechanical assembly permits typical breathing under the water. Lifeguards help with taking you submerged and go with you all through the stroll to ensure your most extreme wellbeing. Feel as if you are walking on the moon as you witness the majestic underwater life. If you are on an Andaman honeymoon trip, then this activity should be added to your itinerary.

Location: This activity is very famous in the Elephant beach in the Andaman.

Difficulty Level: Easy/ Moderate

Best Season: The best season for underwater sea January to April as from May end until mid of September Sea walking will be closed


Glass Bottom Boating

While you are on your trip to Andaman this is another activity which you should definitely try. Most of you might have already heard about the one of a kind dolphin glass bottom boat in the Andamans. This is another most loved activity in the Andaman Islands which lets you explore the underwater marine life. And the best thing is that you will experience this everything like as if you are in the middle of the sea. Uncover the rich coral reef and the colourfull underwater marine life through this glass boat. 

There is a lot of boats in the Andamans which provides this exciting activity. The luxurious windows will take you through a journey of the underwater at a high speed. Make your 60 minutes the most memorable one as you enjoy this amazing glass boat ride in the Port Blair.

Location: Opposite Premier Industry, Dairy Farm Road, Port Blair - 744103

Difficulty Level: Easy

Best Season: The best season for Glass Bottom ride in Andaman is during the month of January to May.

Andaman Premium Tours Explore All (9)
Explore All (9)


If you are in doubt which sports to begin with then let’s make it easier for you with this thrilling activity in Andaman. Considered as one of the famous activity in Andaman, Snorkelling is a must try for you. Get a chance to snorkel with the colourful marine life and discover the underwater marine life. 

The crystal clear shallow water makes it perfect for the snorkeling. Snorkel in the pristine and undamaged reefs, right off white sandy beaches. Spot many fish, a lobster, or even clams on the coral reef. For this thrilling activity, you will be provided with all your snorkelling gears for this activity. There will be a guide to assist you while snorkelling and also show you the best spots.  And if you feel like having anything then snacks and meals are available at the shacks near the beach.

Location: This activity can be best enjoyed in the Elephant beach, North Bay and JollyBouy.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Best season: The best season for snorkeling in Andaman is all year round.


Sea Plane Ride

Now heading out for something different than the usual is something all the wanderers wish for. This time if you are visiting the Andamans then you will definitely have a story of your own. Andaman is the primary spot in India to start the Seaplanes rides.

This thrilling ride is something you can't miss; it is effectively one of the best adventure water sports in Andaman. These gorgeous seaplanes can carry 9 travelers at a time and ply between Port Blair and Havelock Island. The ride takes only 15 minutes which otherwise by ferry would take 2 hours. Try this exciting activity in the Andaman and cherish these moments for a lifetime.

Location: This activity can be best enjoyed at Port Blair.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Best Season: The best season to try this activity is all year round.

Click here to check out the list of best hotels in Andamans which will make your stay wonderful.


Mangrove Kayaking at Mayabunder

While visiting the Andamans a lot of you might be planning for some thrilling adventures. Mangrove kayaking in Mayabunder , Andaman is another activity which is a must try for you. The lush green mangrove of the Andaman comprises of 1/5th of India’s total mangrove cover. 

Sea Kayaking is one of the most preferred activities by the people around the globe in the Andaman Islands. You will indulge in this activity for around 2.5 hours. Listen to the birds chirping and enjoy the serenity as you cruise through the greenery.

Those of you who are looking for some peaceful environment this is the perfect place for you.  Most of all you can click some of the best shots with the amazing background.

Location: You can try this activity in Mayabunder, Andaman or Havelock Islands which are some of the best places to visit in Andaman.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Best Season: The best season for Mangrove Kayaking is during the month of January to May.



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Experience the fun and thrill as you parasail above the twinkling waters of Andaman Islands. Parasailing is one of the favorite water sports in the Andaman. With a mixture of water and airborne adventure, you will definitely fall in love with this sport

A designed canopy is used to drag you through the wind as you experience the whole place from a different perspective. This activity is basically done in the calm waters. So, this time don’t miss a chance to try parasailing and experience the fun.

Soak in the amazing beauty of the region while you are flying up high in the air. You can enjoy this activity for 5-10 minutes. Nothing can be better than enjoying the view of the whole place from high above the sky. Don’t miss your chance to try this activity on your trip.

Location: Parasailing can be best enjoyed in the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex in the Andaman.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Best season: The best season for parasailing is all year round.
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Jet Skiing

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For those of you who are looking for something different than the usual Jet Skiing is the perfect sport for you. Feel the thrill as you break through the turquoise water in a criss-cross way. Get splashed right on your face as you ride in this amazing machine. Control your moves and the jet ski will give you the best experience of your life. 

You should be acquainted with the controls of the machine and soon you will wind up drifting over the Seawater. If you are bold enough to take this up alone then you don’t need any training or guidance. But there will be people with you while you try this amazing activity. After all, nothing can be a better experience than riding in the waters.

Location: This activity can be best enjoyed at Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Best Season: The best time for Jet Skiing in Andaman is during the month of February and March.

Also, check here the best places visit in Andaman on honeymoon, as Andaman is one of the topmost places for honeymoon in the world.

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Speed Boating

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Looking for something for that adrenaline rush? Well then now is the time you try this one of a kind experience in the Andaman Islands. Speed boating in another water sports in Andaman which is a must try for you. Take a ride on the wild side.  

Get a chance to take those sharp twists and turn while you are thriving through the waters at a very high speed. And most of all you don’t have to be worried as you will be inside the speedboat as you get splashed by the cold waters.

Soak in the amazing beauty of the region and stare at the distant sea as you take this ride. The feeling of happiness while you sit at the tip of the speed boat, is something you will never forget. Get ready for this adventure activity in the Andaman this time along with your loved ones.

Location: This activity can be best enjoyed at Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Best Season: The best time for Speed Boating in Andaman is during the month of January to May.

Check out the best resorts in Havelock Island for a perfect stay and adventure.

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Banana Boat Riding

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Guys hold on tight as you try this one of a kind banana boat riding in Andaman and make your adventure a lot more thrilling one. Out of all experience activities in Andaman, banana boat rides are considered as the best one. This is another adventure water sports activity in Andaman which is a must try for you. 

At a time six people can ride these boats that are shaped like a banana and are tied behind a speed boat to gain rush. The Banana shaped boats consist of a Tube. The boats are perfectly safe and you will be provided with life jackets.

Also, there will be an instructor who will guide you through the end of your ride. Feel the thrill as you take those topsy turvy turns. Most of all you will be riding along with your friends which is a lot more exciting.

Location: This activity can be best enjoyed in the Havelock Island and Rajiv Gandhi Water sports complex.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Best Season: The best time to try Banana Boat rides id during the month of Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Oct, Nov, Dec

Discover the hidden jewels of islands in Andaman and witness the natural beauty in its truest form.

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Sport Fishing or Angling

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Not all water sports oblige you to get soaked. Try the exciting angling and fishing which is among the adventurous waters sports in Andaman. Feel the thrill as you catch some large fish and witness the beauty of the vast sea at the same time. Generally, these outings start toward the evening, post lunch. Angling in the untouched reefs of the Andaman Islands is something which is really worthwhile as you also get to explore the unbound beauty of this region. 

These tropical islands of rainforest, mangroves and profound drop off, makes a perfect area for any type of saltwater angling. This is something unique yet special, you will be awestruck as you take that long rides to these islands while heading out for fishing.

Location: Anarkali Colony, Shyam Nagar, Havelock, Andaman and Nicobar Islands 744211

Difficulty Level: Easy

Best Season: The best time to try this amazing activity is during the month of February and March and November until Mid April.

Click here to check out the Andaman travel guide and plan your trip accordingly.

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Dolphin Watching

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Who does not love the dolphins? Dolphin watching is another favorite activity in the Andaman’s. Those of you who are planning to spot some dolphins in the Andaman then don’t miss a chance to visit the Lalaji Bay Beach on Long Island, Jolly Buoy located in the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Havelock Island.

Watch the playful dolphin tease you as you watch them.  Discover the world of dolphin from a different angle. Discover the marine life through the transparent glass while you cruise through the amazing island.

You will totally end up in a magical world of marine life. There are a lot of cruises from which you can choose from. Some of them are like Super saver cruise, Grand cruise, Sunset cruise etc.

Location: One can go for dolphin spotting in North passage / Lalji bay or the Havelock islands.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Best Season: The best time to try this amazing activity is during the month of February and March and November until Mid April.

Check out the best cruise packages in Andaman which will allow you to have an experience of a lifetime.

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There are a lot of beaches which are best for surfing in the Andamans. Get a chance to surf at the most serene and subtle water at the Andamans. This is another adventure water sports in Andaman which is slowly becoming famous among the people.

For surfing the surfers use a 2-4 m long surfing board which depends on the wind which will help him to surf in the waters. Feel the thrill as you glide through the water and take those sharp. 

This is the best way to overcome your fears while you surf. Most of all you will be in some of the best location here in the Andamans which are very less explored by the people. Head out to try this exhilarating activity in the Andmans.

Location: This activity can be best enjoyed at Little Andaman.

Difficulty Level: Difficult

Best Season: The best season to enjoy this amazing activity is during the month of mid February to April.

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Ravi Kumar Gupta Andaman Honeymoon Holiday Tour Package
"it was a memorable trip and was well organized. They have coordinated at all the points and provided services as mentioned in the package I booked. Thank you so much for this memorable trip."
23 June 2015
Great experience and unforgettable memories! Everything was well planned. We did whole lot activities in Andaman specially Scuba Diving was the best of all. Sound and Light Show at jail was very good and we came to know about some historic facts about the place. Stay was very comfortable and in decent hotels. Totally an amazing experience.
13 February 2020
I had planned this tour for my cousin. I was in touch with Shubham and Atri from booking time.Both were kind and helpful for answering and sharing the details to my queries.Later on Atri was in touch with me and he helped in customizing this tour for couple. He has clarified all my doubts, concerns during planning, booking for this tour. We opted for deluxe category and we shared our preferred list of hotels.Atri also helped in decision making for the hotels. Hotels were good and couple had nice time... Cabs were on time, food was good... Flower bed decoration was too good and also candle light dinner.. but was expecting more for candle light dinner apart from just table decoration ... Overall it was nice experience...
"wonderful trip"
03 March 2015
A complete package to cover the best parts of such a beautiful island at a reasonable price. Ours was a honeymoon trip and both of us had a great time. The guide with us was really helpful and we did not have to face any problems during the whole trip. There are good hotels also at all places where you can have good food from. The stay arranged by them was also good.
I always had Mayabunder in mind for the beautiful and scenic beaches it has. However, after many years of several plans not materializing, I and my friend grabbed this opportunity of a helicopter ride arranged by Thrillophilia. I not just witnessed the mangrove-lined tidal creeks at the Mayabunder Island but the whole tour of all the eight islands of Andaman, was a pleasant bonus. This three hour journey began from Port Blair at around 7:40. After viewing the floating islands we were taken to capture the views of the Bambooflat, Baratang, and Rangat.
An aerial adventure with three of my friends was always on my mind. The drone captures of Andaman’s turquoise waters and the enchanting greenery of the island always fluttered my hearts. This time in January I decided to live my dream and Thrillophilia helped me have an unforgettable helicopter trip. I cannot explain the joy of having soared like a bird above the Smith, Madhuban, Peel and Havelock islands. I recommend Thrillophilia for this exhilarating three-hour journey that lets you see the twin islands of the North and South.
03 February 2021
It was an amazing experience overall. The trip was very well planned, all arrangements were perfect. Everything was really well managed. I would totally recommend booking through Thrillophilia.
We booked Seakart adventure tour in Andaman from Thrillophilia. This self-drive experience is the only one of its kind in India, and this activity took place at Corbyn's Cove Beach. All the facilities were available like changing rooms, shower rooms, lockers etc. All the Safety measures were taken care of. The equipment and the entire area was deep cleaned before and after every participant and antibacterial hand sanitizers were available throughout the activity.
I booked a tour from Ahmedabad to Andaman. It was a family trip. The excitement increases multiple folds all together when it comes to discover a completely new side of our own country. Especially when it’s such well-organized. All the credit goes to our organizers team Thrillophilia.

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