40 Places To Visit In Maldives For Honeymoon

Romance is in the air and the beach has come to a calling. If you have recently married and are looking for the perfect honeymoon destinations, then you may have considered the beach with its cool waves and warm sunny climes. A dreamy and romantic time will ensue once you decide to head to the beaches which have a vibrant yet laid back quality - perfect for couples who are on the lookout for some alone time where they can grow closer!

A beach vacation is the perfect definition of the perfect vacation spent in the sun, sand, and surf. Pristine beaches and the constant crashing of the waves is a soothing quality that all the senses can enjoy. A beach holiday is a perfect vacation and there are a number of world renowned beaches that enjoy full bookings and plenty of tourist traffic during the peak seasons including honeymooners who want their own piece of paradise. 

A very vital part of visiting a beach for a holiday includes making a list of the places that one must visit in and around the beach town, even as one plans to spend an idyllic few days or weeks in the lap of waves that caress, soothe and make for plenty of fun and frolic.

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Places To Visit In Maldives On Honeymoon

Best Beaches In Maldives For Your Honeymoon


Hulhumale Beach

Hulhumale Beach

A nice stretch of white sandy beach is how one would describe this beach which is one of the perfect places to visit for a honeymoon. One can get glimpse of blue water of Maldives here. Bikinis are not allowed here and neither is alcohol, which are a few law enforcement measures taken by the Government to rein in chaos and keep it at bay. 

This also makes all the places to visit in Maldives, safe and secure so that one can enjoy the attractions without worrying about any kind of problems. As this island is accessible to the airport by road, most tourists come here to stay overnight. This also gives you a good breezy walk in the morning and evening.  

Distance From Maldives Airport- 30 minute drive from Velana International Airport

Price/Tickets - USD80-100 for a twin sharing room.

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Bikini Beach

Bikini Beach
Image Credit : Bstatic.com

This is one of the top honeymoon places to visit in Maldives. The Bikini Beach of Rasdhoo, as the name suggests is the quintessential place for the honeymooners. Talking about places to visit in Maldives for a honeymoon, this is definitely one of them. Not just for the white sands but also for the amenities that are available here. 

The Rasdhoo dive centre and the Rasdhoo scuba dive club which are located on this beach provide the couple with a surreal deep sea diving experience. The trainers are very well trained and even having no or minimal knowledge of swimming is fine for those wishing to take the plunge. This is a must visit beach in your trip to Maldives.

How to reach:- A ferry from Male to the Bikini beach

Activities/Attraction: The best part is the fact that the Government has taken the pain to segregate the beaches on the basis of what one can wear or do


Reethi Beach

Reethi Beach

The Reethi Beach on Milaidhoo Island is one of the mid-luxury resorts in the country, for the ones who loves to enjoy the best views, but at a budget. This is  also one of the honeymoon places to visit in Maldives.

Price: A night at the resort here would cost USD 500 per couple

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Fulhadhoo Island beach

Fulhadhoo Island beach
Image Credit : Blogspot.com
Fulhadhoo is very beautiful islands of the Baa Atoll, an amazing paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean.This is a great place for those who love snorkeling and freediving. More than 15 uninhabited islets surround Fulhadhoo, giving joy to their sand banks which you can visit for swimming and relaxation far away from civilization. The trip from Male takes two hours on a speedboat. 

Lily Beach

Lily Beach

The Lily Beach at Hulahendhoo is one of the most luxurious resorts in Maldives and among the top honeymoon places in Maldives. Set across the Alifu Dhaalu atoll, this resort is accessible by seaplane from Male, hence the travel time to this resort is minimal which makes it easy to reach. If money is no object for you, this is the most exclusive, most luxurious resort that absolutely you deserve to visit in your lifetime.

Amenities: Featuring private decks and open air Jacuzzis in every room


Baros Maldives

Baros Maldives

This is another high flying resort in the Maldives offering bespoke butler services to the high end customer who does not mind splurging once in a while! If you are fond of a customized vacation on your own terms with everything at your beck and call, then you would not have to think twice about this must see place in Maldives. 

Thinking of luxury villas on white sand beaches with your own private access to the beach? This is the resort for you my dear friend. Here, you can spend, to no end - and it will all be more than worth it! The honeymooning couple will find that this destination is one of the best honeymoon places in Maldives because you will get the best of all worlds here.

Amenities:  Butler Services


Bandos Maldives

Bandos Maldives

If you are on a budget, then this beach is the perfect one for you where you will not have to compromise on the sights and sounds even as you save a buck or two! This may be regarded as one of the most pocket-friendly destinations in the Maldives to go to.

Price: USD 100-200

How to reach/ Distance from airport: Ferry from Hulhumale (airport) takes 8 hours to reach the island.


Four Seasons Beach

Four Seasons Beach

Another super luxury resort - doesn’t the name say it all? The Four Seasons is a brand that has created ripples the world over with its world class services and well known brand standing in the hospitality industry. The brand is well known for having the most prime and dollar worthy properties in the entire world, and this one is no different. 

Starting from the services to the access which you will find to the clean and pristine waters, there is nothing that will be left to one’s imagination with a visit to this beach. This is also one of the best Maldives honeymoon places!

Price: A night here costs anywhere between USD 500-2000 per couple

Amenities: Presidential Suite which has multiple bedrooms and a glass floor under which you can see fishes swimming


Kurumba Beach

Kurumba Beach

Kurumba at Kaafu Atoll is one of the most beautiful places you can visit in Maldives and one of the best places in Maldives for a honeymoon. And what’s more - there is a lot of choice for boarding here. Getting here by ferry is not difficult, with many rides going to and fro several times in the day. Further, it is well connected to the nearby islands, which makes it extremely accessible, should you prefer to go exploring in search of even more places. This makes it good value for money because you can actually get to see many more places for the price you will pay as tariff here, considering the rather central location and ease of access as well.

Price: A night here would cost around USD 200-400

Distance from Airport: international airport at Hulhumale just a 4 hour ferry away.


Bioluminiscent Beach

Bioluminiscent Beach

Explorers visit this beautiful area to enjoy the sheer virgin beaches that have been untouched by humankind at large, which makes it all rather attractive. Honeymooners will find that this is the perfect spot which gives them the secluded beauty that they will remember for the rest of their lives - a rather romantic thought! T

his makes it one of the best places that one can visit in Maldives for one’s honeymoon. And if you thought that the lack of throngs of crowds will leave you hungry and bored, then you need to think again! You will find plenty to eat and do in this area.

Attractions: Beautiful cafes

Distance from Airport: It takes around 12 hours by ferry from Hulhumale, the city that houses the airport, but this island on the Raa atoll is certainly worth every penny.

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Which Island is perfect for you?


Alimatha Island

Alimatha Island

Alimatha Island is a place truly for the nature lover who wants to experience sea life first hand. This is truly one of the must see places in Maldives for its numerous range of activities that one can keep oneself busy. The quintessential chalets here is what one has seen in photos and this is truly the best way to enjoy here.

Price: Maldives at a budget of around USD 500-700 per night for a couple.


Hulhumale Island

Hulhumale Island

Hulhumale is one of the most visited places in the Maldives as this is the atoll where the international airport is and also where there is maximum activity. Therefore, you will find many tourist attractions and also, many tourists here. This is also a good spot for honeymooners who like to be surrounded by a vibrant and busy tourist crowd when they are in a new place.

Attractions and Things to do: Numerous cafes and sports activities make sure that the couple that visits Hulhumale and plans to stay here will not get bored for a minute. This is one of the best places to stay in Maldives for couples on honeymoon. 

Biyadoo Island

Biyadoo Island
Image Credit : Wikimedia.org

Biyadoo Island is itself a pretty budget destination which brings you the best of the Maldives beauty on a shoe string budget. But since it is located in such close proximity to the COCOA resort, you will also have plenty of over the top luxury at just a stone’s throw away. 

This COCOA resort is where you can very easily find Hollywood celebrities, as this is their resort of choice when they want to visit Maldives and unwind. So be prepared to turn your head and gasp every few minutes while you are here, because you may easily find your favorite celebrity enjoying the Sun and the sand here too. This spot just zoomed to the top of the best places to visit in Maldives for a honeymoon list!

Price: USD 2000 for a night

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Felidhoo Island

Felidhoo Island
Image Credit : Anchoice

The Felidhoo island is a unique tiny city in itself and who wouldn’t want to visit this beautiful minimalistic city when beauty is all you are up for. If you are the kind who can luxuriate in the beauty of the natural terrain and the greenery as well as the grains of sand, then this is one of the best places for you. This can easily be termed as one of the must visit places in Maldives for the honeymooners.

Attractions and Things to do: The privacy of this island means that there are not too many activities to keep a person occupied, and once you are done exploring this island, you might want to turn your attention to some more vibrant spots in the Maldives.


Aarah Island

Aarah Island

The Aarah Island on Vaavu atoll is the most discreet place mentioned in this article as it is hardly inhabited by people. With a population of less than 100 people, this is for those who really want to be left alone during their honeymoon.

Attractions and Things To Do: So if you are in search of privacy, all you have to do is park yourself here and enjoy the unhindered time that you will get. Once you are on this island, you will be left alone to enjoy the stunning blue green vistas that come with the waves and the greenery on the shoreline.


Kunburudhoo Beach

Kunburudhoo Beach

Kunburudhoo Beach is one of the inhabited islands on the Alif Dhaal Atoll. This is another really sparsely populated beach with nothing unique going for itself. Giving this a miss wouldn’t be such a bad idea lest for its amazing cafes.

Attractions and Things to do: So if exploring cafes is your thing, you may plan on visiting this one. This will also help you get a great taste of the local cuisine even as you go cafe hopping.

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Natural Places To Visit In Maldives


Bandaara Kilhi Lake

Bandaara Kilhi Lake

Bandaara Kilhi lake is the largest freshwater reserve in Maldives and it is indeed a beautiful sight to behold. It is surrounded by dense vegetation consisting primarily of ferns, screwpine, tropical almond, cheese fruit, Banana trees, coconut palms and taro fields plus mango trees. Further, apart from the foliage, you will also find plenty of exotic creatures and species here. 

Among the creatures which inhabit the lakeside are the common moorhen, which is a bird exclusively found in Fuvahmulah only in the Maldivian archipelago and the Maldivian white-breasted waterhen which is an endemic species of the Maldives.

Location: Bandaara Kilhi, Fuvahmulah (Ghazee Magu)


Dhadimagi Kilhi

Dhadimagi Kilhi

Dhadimagi Kilhi is the other lake in the same region as the Bandaara Kilhi. This also houses a lot of globally endangered species of birds and a very rare variety of vegetation. You may want to visit this area to hear the distinct cooing of various birds, which will be like the best music you will hear in nature even as you make your way through the surrounding vegetation made up of many kinds of rare plants and trees. 

The Government has done a fantastic job of according due importance to these areas in terms of restoration and conservation activities so that they becomes tourist attractions which people from many parts of the world may easily enjoy. You must travel to this lake to see the range of vegetation and wildlife, which you will probably not find in many other places around the world.


Manta Point

Manta Point

Manta Point is the best destination in Maldives for scuba diving. This is where one of the most loved water adventure sports happens in the Maldives, and you should go there prepared to have a wonderful time in the water even as you get to explore the natural sea life at close quarters. There are many things that you will have to take care of once you get here. 

While gear rental may cost up to USD 100 per person, the experience in itself is once in a lifetime. It is easily a must visit for those who are up for scuba diving and it is a great activity for people who are on their honeymoon due to the exotic nature of the same. 

You can easily go deep into the water once your basic training is underway, so that you can see the depths of the ocean and experience life here. Make sure that you have understood all the instructions of your guide before you take to this activity.Discover hidden attractions and unusual activities to do in Maldives


Banana Reef

Banana Reef

Another fascinating site to visit is the Banana Reef at the North Male Atoll. Like the name suggests, you will get to see the dense vegetation of banana plantations all around, which also shows you many kinds of wildlife thriving here. Yet, this is not all. This area is also well known for its scuba diving avenues which will make you swoon as soon as you are inside the water. 

This is because of the sheer range of the ocean world life and species that you will get to see once you take that plunge into the deep sea. While getting here is easy, the amazing underwater sightings you will get to see when you go scuba diving here will leave you absolutely breathless. This is one of the most important places to visit in the Maldives. 

Do not miss this attraction! You will remember these words you read here when you finally experience the breathtaking beauty of the Banana Reef as it will remain embedded in your mind forever thanks to the perfect natural underwater beauty you will get to see!

Location: Banana Reef (North Male Atoll) Maldives


Tiny Island Marine Conservation Centre

Tiny Island Marine Conservation Centre

The Tiny Island Marine Conservation Centre provides an unforgettable experience that perfectly bridges the gap between Maldives palm tree holiday and genuinely worthwhile community immersion. You would get to meet many friendly local people who will happily invite you to their homes for some 'bambecue' snacks or hedhika short-eats. 

This area shows you just how committed the Government in Maldives is, when it comes to keeping a close check on the conservation of their natural resources. The country has not merely placed emphasis on this natural aspect for its thriving tourism industry, but has also made conservation a matter of policy. This is what makes the natural beauty of the area so untouched.


Sultan Park

Sultan Park
Image Credit : Maldiv.org

Sultan Park in Male is one of the ‘must-visit’ places in Male. It is the place where some of Maldives' Royal families have lived, thus making is a place of historic importance. So if you are in the mood for some exploring on the historic side, then these royal quarters will also leave you thoroughly impressed with their structures and heritage which has been kept intact. 

The place is one of the most remarkable when it comes to the heritage of the capital city. Of late, several modifications were brought to the place and the actual Palace is no longer there. A new building with a museum and an art gallery has been built in the premises, however, the park still has a greenery to enjoy the fresh air. 

These new structures ensure that you get plenty of information about the days gone by, even as you get a more modern context thanks to the creation of well planned routes through out the museum and plenty of information about the heritage of the site. It will also give you plenty of insight as regards the creation of the Maldives and its history.

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HP Reef

HP Reef
HP Reef should be called the spellbound reef. Go here, dive, and let the fascinating beauty of this place overpower you. Anything you read about the HP reef will not be enough to know how beautiful and spellbinding this underwater marvel is. See it for yourself. This is one place the honeymooning couple must visit together. This is visual beauty at its best with its towering trees, willowing branches, shore encrusted horizons, and the wonderful sunrises and sunsets that one will get to invariably enjoy here from any and every vantage point.

Landmarks To Visit In Maldives


Hukuru Miskiiy

Hukuru Miskiiy

Hukuru Miskiiy is one of the oldest and most ornate mosques in Male, which shows the Islamic cultural connect that the country has enjoyed in the evolution of its culture and religious practices. Coral boulders found throughout the archipelago are the basic materials used for construction of this and other mosques in the country because of its suitability. 

This also has a rather rather and beatific effect on the serene structure and the way it has been built, setting it apart from any other mosque in any other part of the world. Although the coral is soft and easily cut to size when wet, it makes sturdy building blocks when it is dry. The mosque was added to the tentative UNESCO World Heritage cultural list in 2008 as unique examples of sea-culture architecture, thus adding to its importance.

Address: Medhuziyaarai Magu, Malé, Maldives

Phone: +960 302-0200

Architectural style: Traditional Islamic architecture


The Grand Friday Mosque

The Grand Friday Mosque
The Grand Friday Mosque is an architectural landmark in Male. The mosque is the largest in the Maldives, and also one of the largest in South Asia, admitting over 5,000 people - something that one cannot image very easily in the small island country. Apart from a centre for prayer and religious study, this structure has many more important facets.

The Centre also serves as a conference hall where official meetings and ceremonies are held, an Islamic library and a number of offices. Furthermore, the Mosque acts as a major tourist attraction of Male, because of its location near the main jetty of Male and due to the beautiful architecture of the mosque.

This also makes it extremely accessible from various areas. The magnificent golden dome of the mosque is also evident on the skyline of Male and is one of the defining elements of the area as well. The shining golden dome of the mosque is a standout as are also the interior walls decorated with beautiful woodcarvings and Arabic calligraphy, which make it a historically important spot in terms of art and architecture.

This also shows the evolution of the artistic landscape of the Maldives. The center also houses a library and a conference hall where you can study the various aspects of the historical place.

Ibrahimee Magu, Corner of Medhuziyaarai Magu, Male

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The Hulhumale Mosque

The Hulhumale Mosque

The HulhuMale Mosque opened in the 2000s, and can accommodate more than 1500 worshippers. This is a rather new mosque which combines a variety of art forms and design schools in its structure, for a more new age and fusion inspired form. The mosque is named after the Sheikh Qasim bin Al-Thani. It is located in the north-east of Hulhumale, close to the Hospital.

Location: Hulhu Male' Vaguthee Mosque Asaurmaa Higun, Maldives


Kedeyre Miskiy

Kedeyre Miskiy
Image Credit : wikimedia.org

The Kedeyre Miskiy is a mosque established in the year 1555 after the second depopulation and resettlement of the island in 1550. The mosque is constructed with finely shaped interlocking coral blocks, which gives it a rather exotic character. Once inside, you will find yourself in the soothing and serene interiors which creates just the right environment for prayer and solace. 

The famous, intricate and uniquely carved stonework of the boundary wall of the well is a living example of the exceptionally skilled people of the island in that area. With forty Hafizs in the cemetery of this mosque alone, this space is also considered as a very important element of the mosque.


Maldive Victory

Maldive Victory

Maldive Victory was a cargo ship that drove on a reef in the Maldives in the North Male Atoll in 1981 . The wreck is now a dive site . This is a historic spot in the Maldives, which makes for an interesting sight indeed. You can spent time taking a guided tour which will give you a chance to explore the space in great detail. This will make for an interesting afternoon indeed, especially if you are with children or even on your honeymoon!

Location: North Male Atoll  


Tsunami Monument

Tsunami Monument
Image Credit : StaticFlickr.com

The Tsunami Monument in Male is a steel memorial adorned with spheres representing those who lost lives in Boxing Day tsunami in 2004. This shows the respect accorded to the militia and the veterans in this area, which also makes it an important and historic spot indeed.

Address: Thin Ruh Park, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Malé, Maldives

Hours: Open 24 hours

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Mulee Aage

Mulee Aage

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muliaage Mulee Aage is the official residence of the President of Maldives. The construction of Mulee’aage, was initiated in the year 1914 and completed in 1919. It was built on the style of bungalows in vogue during the colonial era in Ceylon and completed in preparation for the return of Prince Hassan Izzuddin to Male in 1920 after completing his education at the Royal College of Colombo.

Former names: Muleege

Address: Mulee Aage, Medhuziyaarai Magu, Henveiru, Malé 20115, Maldives


Fua Mulaku Havitta

Fua Mulaku Havitta
Image Credit : wikimedia.org

Fua Mulaku Havitta is the ruin of a Buddhist chaitya whose main feature is its ruined stupa. The Havitta is located at the northeastern end of Fuvahmulah in the area of the historical boundaries of Dhadimagu ward of the island. In 1982, their shapes had already been lost because of the damage done by careless diggings to find valuable artifacts or for bungled research purposes, which according to islanders' reports had been made in the 1940s.

Location: Gnaviyani Atoll

Distance to Malé 494 km (307 mi)


National Museum

National Museum

Established on the National Day of the Maldives, the first national museum of the country was opened on November 11, 1952. With the purpose of preserving history and instilling patriotism among the people of the Maldives, the museum has a large collection of historical artifacts, ranging from stone objects to fragments of royal antiquities from the Buddhist era to the rule of Islamic monarchs.

Address: Chaandhanee Magu, Malé, Maldives

Hours: 10AM–4PM

Phone: +960 332-3206

Shopping In The Maldives

Most Romantic Restaurants In Maldives


Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

The Ithaa Undersea Restaurant which means mother-of-pearl in Dhivehi, is an undersea restaurant located 5 metres below sea level at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island in Alif Dhaal Atoll in the Republic of Maldives. This restaurant is a one of a kind and if there were restaurants that were the wonders of the world, this one would top the list. The food is mainly seafood, and its delicious.

Cost: Dinner is priced at USD 400 per person though.

Address: Conrad Rangali Island 20077, Maldives

Hours: 11AM–2:30PM, 6:30–10:30PM

Phone: +960 668-0629


Iberry Café

Iberry Café

The place to go to escape the tourists and dine with the locals, the Iberry Café is the most popular restaurant in Hulhumale. A small, boutique-style eatery in the residential part of Hulhumale, the service is swift and the food is good. Fish curry and shrimp fried rice are the most popular dishes here and the variety in the menu is huge.

Cost: Food here is USD 50 per person. Do try their fresh juices. They’re really fresh.

Address: Malé, Maldives

Phone: +960 335-6866


Jazz Café

Jazz Café
Image Credit : StaticFlickr.com

Serving a mix of Maldivian and international dishes in a trendy, low-key setting, the Jazz Café is hugely popular with young and old alike, tourists and locals. The café often hosts live music gigs with talented local musicians entertaining diners with their own renditions of rock jazz and soul number. 

Choice of dish here should be their yellow chicken curry, roshi beed and onion stir fry. Also do try their roast chicken with barbeque sauce. A unique feature of this restaurant is that the menu changes slightly everyday.

Address: Haveeree Higun, Malé 20282, Maldives

Hours: Open today · 8AM–12AM

Phone: +960 332-5299

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The Kitchen

The Kitchen
Image Credit : hotel-r.net

The Kitchen is an all-day dining bistro in the W hotel providing  around-the-clock culinary experience created with soul-satisfying food and complemented by ambiance and simplicity. open cooking stations lets you keep an eye on all the action. Casual elegance, clean lines and unforgettable sunset views takes dining to a whole new radiant level, or cozy up in a semi-private niche. A wine safe keeps your favourite vintages fresh.

Address: Fesdu Island, Himandhoo 09110, Maldives

Phone: +960 666-2222


Muraka Restaurant

Muraka Restaurant
The Muraka Restaurant is located over the blue lagoon of Mirihi Island. Fine Dining A-la-carte at its very best is on offer as well as the specialty Lobster Dinner and Wine & Dine, where a series of freshly prepared, tantalizing dishes are accompanied by carefully selected matching wines from an award-winning, international wine list.

The restaurant itself features a central open, illuminated viewing area so the passing marine life can be observed throughout your evening. Muraka is also the setting for sunset cocktails, having the perfect position looking back across the idyllic island of Mirihi. Whether it is a special occasion or you just want to treat your loved one, Muraka is the perfect choice.

Address: Mirihi Island Resort, Maldives
Phone: +960 668-0500

Palace Sichuan

Palace Sichuan

Palace Sichuan is a fine dining Chinese restaurant situated in the heart of Male. Definitely worth a visit if Chinese food is what your taste buds crave.

Cost: Priced at USD 100 per person you wouldn’t call this place cheap, but when you want the best food and wine, who doesn’t mind paying a price.

Address: Malé, Maldives

Hours: 10AM–10PM

Phone: +960 300-3009

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Reethi Restaurant

Reethi Restaurant

Reethi Restaurant Delectable and innovative, Reethi serves its own fusion of French, Asian and Italian cuisines. The dining space is split into three areas: Earth, Fire and Aqua. Menus feature an enticing melange of favourite dishes from around the world using the finest and freshest ingredients. Breakfast at Reethi boasts an immense selection of fresh bakeries, tropical fruits and healthy eats including superfoods.

Hours: 7AM–10:30PM

Phone: +960 664-8800

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