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About Krabi

Along the coast of Southern Thailand lies the stunning town of Krabi where exploring the best of Krabi tourism is immensely satisfying, because this quaint town has just so much to offer, making it a perfect holiday destination! With over 150 islands in the province, Krabi boasts of emerald blue waters, gleaming white sands, and dense green wildlife sanctuaries. Whether you’re travelling with family, friends, your partner or going solo, Krabi has something for everyone!

Stroll along the calm beaches of Krabi, Ao Nang and Railay Beach being among the most popular ones. The beaches offer some thrilling adventure sports like wakeboarding, windsurfing, kitesurfing and much more! Dive through crystal clear waters as you snorkel deep down on the special 4-Island Tour, massage your sore muscles in the Klong Thom and Emerald Pool Hot Springs, explore the unique James Bond Island Tour and don't miss out on taking a trip to the popular Phi Phi Islands to become a certified diver and witness the crazy nightlife scenes.

If partying is what you live for, head to Soi RCA, Ao Nang Center Point and Old West Bar, which is a one-stop party place that locals swear by! There are divine drinks and sumptuous food to look forward to while DJs play some foot tapping music and people dance the night away. Shop at the many night markets that Krabi hosts where you can get your hands on some unique handicrafts and amazing souvenirs.

Meet the elephants in the numerous sanctuaries hidden amidst lush greenery and spend your evening watching dance, fire, and light shows across the town! All of this while you stay at a luxurious resort right in the centre of Krabi and experience this town at its finest! Krabi is a piece of paradise that you absolutely can't afford to miss!

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The Emerald Pool

Go for a rejuvenating swim in a beautiful and natural crystal lagoon known as Emerald Pool, owing to its emerald green color. Feel every segment of your body being refreshed by the mineral-rich water which has cascaded from natural springs by the surrounding hills. Enjoy the view of the lush green forest encompassing the pool while relaxing in the water.

Ko Phi Phi
Ko Phi Phi, a small archipelago of six islands is the most beautiful and widely popular tourist destination in Andaman. Beautiful bondage of two islands together by a narrow isthmus is something that makes this place this pretty.
Krabi Island

Krabi Island is getting its recognition for its scenic beauty, lush vegetation on shorelines, rough limestone formations, sprouting coral reefs, beautiful caves, and a stunning access point to the Andaman. It houses over 200 islands and several pristine and postcard beaches with stunningly modern but classic resorts and captivating surroundings, making it an ideal place for vacationing in Thailand.

Krabi FAQ's

What are some of the best things to do in Krabi?

1. Explore the Railay Beaches and Caves: One of the most attractive beaches of Krabi, Railway Beach tops the Krabi tourism list. It has splendid white sands, enthralling limestone structures and a breathtaking view of the sunrise and sunset. You can explore the area via boats and spend your evenings at the bars nearby.

2. Walk through the woods at Thung Teao Forest Natural Park: The Crystal Lagoon, the warm Emerald Pool and nature’s lush beauty as a backdrop. Hike through the trails of this Natural Park, take a dip, and be charmed by the rare fauna here.

3. Go Mountain climbing: The Khao Khanab Nam Mountains are a natural wonder that can be spotted on either side of the river flowing through Krabi. If you’re a geology lover, you’ll be in awe of the stalagmites and stalactites here.

4. Shop at the Night Markets: Krabi has a host of night markets to choose from, including the popular ones like Catalunya Walking Street and the Krabi Night Market. Rest assured, you’ll find everything here, from clothes to bags and spices to handicrafts. Don’t miss out on the local foods here!

5. Explore Ao Nang Beach: This pristine beach has some of the best bars and restaurants that play some really good tunes to kickstart the evening. A melange of tranquil meets energetic is what you can look forward to.

6. Experience Geological Beauty at Susan Hoi: This fossilised shellfish cemetery dates back 30-40 million years ago. Limestone deposits enveloped the shellfish and gradually fossilised them. In close proximity, there is also a Chinese temple that you can visit.

7. Visit an Elephant Sanctuary: Playing with these adorably gentle creatures is a wonderful way to spend your holiday in Krabi. You can feed them, bathe them and walk to the river with them and understand how well they are kept in their natural habitat.

8. Take a dip at the Hot Springs: Most of the hot springs of Krabi are said to have medicinal properties that are believed to cure a number of ailments. The picturesque location of these hot springs simply add to the beauty of taking a relaxing dip in the water.

9. Visit the famous Wat Kaew Temple: Right in the middle of Krabi town, this gorgeous temple has some beautifully intricate art adorning the walls. Most of them are Buddhist paintings in tones of blue with a large golden Buddha statue resting right in the centre of the temple.

10. Go white Water Rafting: Try to stay afloat amidst the gushing rapids and treat yourself to some thrill. Rafting on the pearly white waters is a great activity for all, whether you’re travelling with family or with friends. You’ll be accompanied by a guide as you make your way, rowing through the rapids.

11. Hike To Khao Ngon Nak Viewpoint: At a short distance from Krabi town, in Nong Thale, is the Khao Ngon Nak Viewpoint. It is a short 3-hours trek which is approximately 4 kms long, leading up to the summit. Once at the top you are treated to enthralling views of the stream and the waterfall, and the splendid beauty all around.

12. Visit the unique Koh Klang: This is an island unlike any other that you’d find in Krabi. Koh Klang has a population of merely 5000 people, all of whom survive on the fish in the ocean.

When is the best time to visit Krabi?

The best time to visit Krabi is between November to March which is when most of the tourists flock this area. Although hot throughout the year, these months are relatively pleasant, characterised by slow sea breeze.

During June to October Krabi experiences heavy rains, beaches tend to get mucky and the waters are unsafe to sail through, which is why this isn’t as popular a time to visit this region. Based on the below monthly information, you can plan your trip to Krabi.

November to February: Following the withdrawal of monsoons you can experience the coolest season in Krabi. This is the peak season, owing to the wonderful weather. All the activities are easily accessible, especially the water sports, and this is a great time to relax on the beaches, soaking in the beauty, and doing absolutely nothing.

March to May: These are the hottest months when Krabi is relatively empty. It is extremely humid because monsoon is on its way and temperatures are within the range of 30-40°C. Although, not a great time to visit, April is the month of the Thai New Year, just in case you’d want to experience the festivities.

June to October: Being the months of monsoon, the weather isn’t as hot, as the monsoon winds make it pleasant. however, most of the water activities are shut and so are many of the markets, depending upon the weather conditions. This is why most people don’t prefer this destination during monsoon.

How to reach Krabi?

By Air: There aren’t many direct flights from India to Krabi. You have to hop onto a flight that drops you off at major cities like Bangkok, Koh Samui, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur.

From here, you can board a connecting flight to Krabi International Airport, which is barely an hour or two away. There are a number of reasonably priced flights operating through the day.

By Bus: Buses are the cheapest and most commonly used mode of transport to travel from major cities in Thailand to Krabi. The journey takes approximately 2-3 hours, and you also enjoy glimpses of the scenery as you pass through the quaint villages.

There are a number of buses plying throughout the day, however, you will need to travel quite a distance to reach the main city bus stand, depending on where you’re residing. If you’re travelling with a group, you can also book a minibus that gives you the advantage of being picked up right from your hotel and being dropped off right to your hotel in Krabi.

By Ferry: If you’re travelling from Phuket, you can choose to go by ferry to Krabi, which is one of the best ways to reach your destination. The journey is a scenic one and you aren’t confined to a seat for too long.

Although the journey is 8.5 hours long, it includes a 5-hour stopover at the Phi Phi Islands, so you can enjoy half a day there as well.

What are the best public transport modes to commute around Krabi?

There are various modes of transport that one can use to commute in Krabi. You can travel in all budgets and it is extremely fun to explore Krabi through the sea and the roads.

By Taxi: On Krabi island, the best option is to go for a Songthaew. You can share a Songthaew with other passengers and is one of the best modes of transport. There are taxis available as well. However, Songthaew is a more affordable option.

By Bike: Most tourists rent a bike in Krabi. There are various bike renting facilities available in Krabi.

By Ferries: If you want to make the most of the sea, then travel by the ferries which will help you get from one beach to another.

Which are the best places for shopping in Krabi?

1. Krabi Night Market: Spread across 2000 sq.m., this lively place has some of the best street food, artisanal handicraft products and cheap shopping. There’s a plethora of stalls to shop at and musical performances to watch in the centre of it all.

Opening Hours: Fri, Sat & Sun from 17:00-22:00

2. Ao Nang’s Catalunya Walking Street: 
A wide L-shaped lane selling products including traditional fabrics, clothing, statues, candle-holders, and much more. There's also an art gallery of a popular portrait artist and modern restaurants that add an enthusiastic vibe to the street.

3. Maharaja Market: Maharaja Market is set up at sunrise and goes on throughout the day. It is a popular spot for local produce, herbs, spices and curry pastes that you can take back home. There’s a good range of exotic fruit to bite on as you beat the heat, and like every other Krabi market, there is no dearth of food here.

Opening Hours: 06:00 - 13:00

4. Chock Dee: If you’re a jewellery aficionado, this place is a must-visit on your trip to Krabi. The elegant boutique has some great options for bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and more, intricately handmade with semi-precious and rare materials.

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00

5. Nopparat Thara: This is the latest addition to Krabi’s extensive shopping options. The area is home to 20 shops and a modernly styled food court with plants and a pond, that make for a great visual treat while shopping.

6. Klong Muang Plaza: Some of the finest antique items of Krabi can be found here. Along with it, you’ll also find a host of handicraft shops, massage parlours and a whole lot of food, which is an absolute must at any Krabi market.

Opening Hours: 10:00 – late

What are some of the best water sports to do in Krabi?

1. Scuba diving: If you want to make the most of what Krabi tourism has to offer, scuba diving here is a must! Swim about coral reefs and limestone towers, explore the unique seascapes and the mesmerising marine life. Return with a certificate to mark your introductory diving course.

Location: Ao Nang Bay and Ko Ha Yai Caverns

2. Snorkelling: Snorkelling is just like Scuba, but more enthralling because there is minimum equipment involved. Go deep down under and flip around to check out the exotic sea life. Here’s your chance to Find Nemo!

Location: Koh Lanta and Koh Rok

3. Windsurfing: Can’t decide between sailing or surfing? Go windsurfing to experience it all in one package! Ride the wave while admiring the crystal-clear waters and the beauty of Krabi as you zoom past. This does require some prior experience, so make sure to work on a few practice sessions before heading out into the sea.

Location: Lanta Islands

4. Wakeboarding: One of the coolest, newest sports to explore, wakeboarding seems pretty simple. All you have to do is jump onto a board, grab the cable connected to the speedboat and zoom across the jets of water as you feel the thrill!

Location: Near Ao Nang Beaches

5. Kite Surfing: Live to feel a good adrenaline rush? Kite surfing is just what will set your heart racing, but in a good way. Grab a steerable kite and literally fly in mid-air with the giant waves leading you along a you float.

Location: Ao Nang beach

6. White Water Rafting: High speed rapids, buttermilk-like white waters and the ultimate adventure, what’s not to like? Plunge through the rapids and paddle along to make your way to the other end of the river.

Location: Songpraek River

What are the most romantic experiences for honeymoon couples in Krabi?

1.Rejuvenate with a Thai-special Massage: No Krabi vacation is complete without an authentic Thai massage that’ll soothe your mind, body and soul. Make sure to share your preferences with the masseuse for a calming experience.

2. Head out on a Romantic sunset Cruise: Experience luxury at its finest as you cruise across the Andaman Sea, feeling the wind in your hair. The Ao Nang Beach offers an exemplary luxury cruise where you can eat, drink, admire Krabi’s most popular landmarks and and make the most of a romantic experience while at sea.

3. Dive deep to experience Scuba: If you and your partner are thalassophilia, experiencing Krabi’s marine life is a must! There are over 30 dive sites and numerous diving schools that’ll let you live the experience of moving amidst corals, caves, rock formations and the brilliant sea-life that inhabits the waters.

4. Relax on the tranquil Ao Nang Beach: 20 minutes away from Krabi, hidden away in the small town of Ao Nang, the local beach offers a unique vibe. The atmosphere here is lively and there are a good amount of bars and restaurants to relax while enjoying a good drink with your partner by your side.

5. Enjoy a therapeutic experience at Klong Thom Hot Springs: The thermal springs here are rich with natural minerals salts that are believed to have healing powers. Energise yourself with a good soak in naturally hot water, amidst the panoramic view of lush greenery. Sounds like the perfect honeymoon plan, doesn’t it?

6. Kayak through the Mangroves: Head out to Ao Thalane Bay or Ao Luk Mangrove and Caves to enjoy a scenic experience with your partner. Hire a kayak and explore the hidden gems of Krabi, including the coastlines, caves , and hidden lagoons.

7. Go on a 4-Island Tour: Witness the famous landmarks called Koh Poda, Koh Tub and Koh Mor, and Koh Gai. While Koh Poda is popular for its pristine beaches and snorkelling amidst coral reefs, Koh More and Koh Tub are interconnected islands. End your tour with Koh Gai that has a distinct shape, owing to which it’s called the Chicken Island.

8. Take a dip at the Emerald Pool: Nestled within the Thung Teao Forest Natural Park, Emerald Pool has a delightful turquoise colour and lies beyond a short dense green trekking route. Spend a day here to experience the hot spring waters and explore the rare fauna and flora here.

How far are the Phi Phi islands from Krabi?

Phi Phi islands are roughly 40 kilometres away from Krabi distance wise. Although, there are frequent ferries and frequent speed boats that take you from Krabi to Phi Phi. One can even opt for a tour covering Krabi and spending a day at Phi Phi.

Which are the best natural parks in Krabi?

To experience nature at it’s best, you can check out these natural parks that are a must in your Krabi itinerary:

- Bang Kram Wildlife Sanctuary

- Hat Nopparat Thara National Park

- Khao Ngon Nak Viewpoint

- Khao Phanom Bencha National Park

- Klong Thom Hot Springs

- Krabi Shell Cemetery

- Mu Koh Lanta National Park

- Than Bok
koranee National Park

- Khao Nar Chu Chi

- Khiri Wong Valley Forest

What are the best pilgrimage sites to visit in Krabi?

Some temples that you may visit on your trip to Krabi are:

- Wat Khlong Thom

- Wat Kaew Koravaram

- Wat Sai Thai

- Krabi Tiger Cave

- Wat Bang Riand

- Wat Suwan Kuha

What are the popular hot springs to visit in Krabi?

1. Namtok Ron Khlong Thom: An important element of Krabi tourism are the natural Hot Springs of Krabi, owing to the area’s year-round hot temperatures. Located in a small jungle, a short distance from Krabi town, Namtok Ron Khlong Thom is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Over the years, the waterfall here created baths which are filled with natural hot spring water, often compared to an outdoor jacuzzi.

2. Krabi Emerald Pool: In close proximity to Namtok Ron Khlong Thom is the Emerald Pool which lives up to its name showcasing crystal-clear emerald coloured water. This is another popular destination for the natural hot springs and the greenery around. A short walk through the pathway reveals the lake and the setting is an eye-pleasing one. While this pool is open to visitors interested in a good swim, just a short distance beyond is the Blue Pool which is only for viewing purposes. It’s a popular spot because the water here too, is bright blue. The Emerald Pool serves to be a good visit all through the year, because the water stays naturally hot, throughout. 

3. Than Bok Khorani National Park: Along with being a national park, Than Bok Khorani reflects the beauty of Krabi like none other. It’s a rainforest with several natural hot springs and is flocked by tourists for most of the year. Being a park, this is a great place to enjoy all day long, which is why it is such a popular attraction even amidst those who don’t plan on swimming. The park is easy to manoeuvre through and get a glimpse of the unique fauna and flora that inhabit Thailand.

What are the famous night markets in Krabi?

1. Ao Nang Night Market: Known to be one of the most popular local markets in the Ao Nang area, this market is known for the food it offers. There’s everything here from barbecued meats and delicious desserts to refreshing juices and sweet iced teas. Beyond the food stalls you’ll find tons of cheap clothes, bags, shoes, accessories and electronics that give the market a vibrant touch.

Location: Near 7/11, ahead of Boxing Stadium in Ao Nang

Opening hours: Wednesdays, 4pm to 7.30pm

2. Chao Fah Night Market: Sprawling across 1400 sq.m of space, the Chao Fah Night Market is the biggest food market in Krabi. There’s a whole lot of Thai, Chinese and Arabic cuisine to get your hands on. Creamy desserts and delightful beverages await after you’re done satiating your hunger.

Location: Chao Fah Pier on Kong Ka Road, Krabi Town

Opening hours: Daily, 5pm to 12.30pm

3. City Market: If you aren’t one who enjoys shopping for tangible products, but prefer to spend all your money on food, then you simply can’t miss out on the City Market in Krabi. There's a wide range of freshly cut fruit, laid out to form a colourful platter. Apart from the healthy options here, City Market is dessert heaven! You’ll find sticky rice with mango, coconut waffles, rice cake and lots more to feast on.

Location: Sukhom Road, between Uttarakit Road and Maharaj Road, Krabi Town

Opening hours: Daily, 2pm to 8pm

4. Krabi Town Walking Street: Open only on weekends, Krabi Town Walking Street is loaded with stalls serving decadent desserts and supreme savouries, while in the centre of the square local artistes entertain you with music and dance performances. After devouring some good food and crazy concoctions, head to the other stalls for some funky souvenirs, handicrafts and jewellery. There’s also a caricature stall here if you’d like to take home a personal souvenir.

Location: Behind Vogue Department Store, Krabi Town

Opening hours: Friday to Sunday, 6pm to 9.30pm

Where can one go for elephant trekking in Krabi?

1. Krabi Jungle Trek: Spend a good amount of time riding on the backs of majestic beasts! The elephant is considered to be a sacred, national animal of Thailand and trekking through the forests, resting atop these gentle creatures is the finest way to explore the woods. The panoramic views of limestone cliffs, lush greenery and abundant coconut palms, simply add to the beauty of this pristine area. Reward your elephants with some delightful treats, before heading back home.

2. Huay Tho Waterfall Safari: When in Krabi, do it like the locals. Experience an elephant-back ride through nature’s bounty and the dense forests. All the elephants here belong to the locals who treat them like family members, so make sure you do too. Feed them with treats, get friendly with them and let them take you on a memorable trek, one that you’ll never forget!

3. Krabi Elephant Sanctuary and Aonang Elephant Sanctuary: Elephants that are made to do laborious tasks are rescued and brought to the sanctuaries in Krabi where they are allowed to roam freely in their natural habitat. Amidst the tranquillity of your surroundings, you’re taken on a tour by a guide who will show you around and let you explore the natural living of the elephants. You can cook for them, feed them, play with them, and then take them for a walk to the river and the fresh water lagoons. Here, you’re allowed to bathe them and learn all about them before bidding them farewell.

What are the top trekking trails in Krabi?

Krabi has a different level of beauty at every footstep. To see the best of Krabi, you should explore it through various walking trails and trekking trails. The wilderness contrasts perfectly with the deep waters and the white sands. Have a different experience with each walking trail and explore everything that Krabi has to offer to you. Here are some trekking trails in Krabi that you can explore:

- Koh Ngai and Paradise Beach

- Phanom Bencha National Park

- Tab Kak Hang Nak

- Dragon Crest Mountain Trail

- Tubkaak Beach to Peak

- Ngorn Nak Mountain

- Wat Tham Suea/Tiger Cave Temple

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