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Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach in Bali is the fulcrum of attractions in this region that located on the western side of the island and known as the most precious tourist destination on the island. Ngurah Rai International Airport is very close to the beach giving you easy access to it. There are a number of resorts near the beach which would give you inimitable views of the beach and the turquoise blue. Earlier, the beach was quite rustic and people used to do fishing here as it was the daily routine of the locals and later it started reforming and now it reached the glorious heights of being the most visited beach in Indonesia.

The accommodations, restaurants, shopping locations, and the beautiful surrounding are the reason why it could attract more people toward the white sandy beach loved by the azure water all the time.

Highlights: Kuta Beach never disappointed the visitors coming every year and during the peak season that is from July to August, and Christmas and New Year the beach is fully-booked by travelers.

Activities: Beachgoers would love the appreciable beauty of Kuta and its welcoming attitude to surfing and it owes its development to the visitors from Australia. The sunset views from the beach are simply adorable and the lines created on the edge of the beach by the swaying coconut trees bring in more charm to the white shore.

The nightlife, the parties and the leisurely spots near the beach keep the tourists entertained and vibrant throughout and that may be the reason behind why the beach is called the Mecca of beaches in Indonesia.


100% Genuine Fake Shop

You will get an easy shopping on the streets of Kuta without harming your pockets at 100% genuine fake shop. The shop offers not even a single product displayed is a brand that is genuine but all are genuinely fake, 100% genuine fake shop it is. The tourists arrive in Kuta considers it to be one of the must do activities as it extends immense pleasure to stroll around buy items at ridiculously a cheaper rate.

But shopping here would be enough fun and never attempt to bargain or you might be thrown out of the shop by the owner. There are pick up services if you are stuck in finding the shop.

Location: Situated at Kuta Badung and can be accessed by any local road transport.


Kuta Night Market

A buzzing enclave of food stalls that extend some rare fragrance of delicious food, other grilled food items, shops and busy roads with tourists and tourism workers is Kuta Night Market that opens its eyes nearly in the evening every day and goes on until early morning. The cheapest food in Bali would be available at the street food shops here but offering the best taste ever. Most of the tourists find the food awesome here and you can stroll around to find some authentic traditional restaurants as well.

The market is comparatively small with limited stalls selling clothes and other items. Those who love to take a leisurely night amidst people but without much traffic and buzzes, Kuta night market will be a good option.

Highlights: Asian and Indonesian food items are served at many of the restaurants here and they are awesomely tasty. If you love to try some delicious and traditional food styles, then choose any restaurants from the market and have a relaxed dining experience.

Timing: Starts at 06:00 pm usually and goes on until midnight.

Prices: Meals will be available at a price range starts at 15000 to 25000 Rp.

Location: Jl Blambangan, Kuta, Indonesia.


Pura Petitenget Temple

Admiring the Pura Petitenget Temple is one of the must things to do in Seminyak. It holds a prominent location, being situated at the center of the beach right off Jalan Petitenget, and is easily accessible from most locations in Seminyak.

There are several beachside ceremonies that are regularly performed at the Pura Petitenget Temple, which are spectacular. During the festivals and other celebrations you will come across a colorful décor and a number of pilgrims, that adds up to the divinity and charisma of this place.

Location: Jalan Petitenget, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

Legian Street

Jalan Legian Street a.k.a Legian Street is one of the most crowded, flamboyant areas in Kuta. It is the principal walking street located at the most popular beach resort area. It arrays a variety of good shops, bars, hotels and clubs on either side. Kuta and Seminyak are connected by this street. Shoppers or stroll lovers can be found anytime on the street, be it daytime or night. The street becomes lively around 11:00 pm and the roads will be buzzed and filled with enormous traffic till 4:00 am.

Legian Street is a great place for partying and socializing. The shops on the sides will give you countless options to buy colourful stuff but the initial price tags given by the shopkeepers would be inflated. But you can get them at a feasible price after decent bargaining.

Highlights: Daytime shopping centers and night time dining spots are the predominant places brimming with a huge crowd always. The spas and massage shops also will welcome you with a warm heart to experience the best therapies available in Bali. In addition to these, there are major outlets of famous brands where you can buy things at the retail price.

You can visit the Ground Zero Monument which is situated at the southern end of the street. Or else, you will be led to Kuta Beach which can give you an awesome time of leisure. Rip Curl Legian Surf Shop, the Kopi Pot in Bali, Mama’s German Restaurant in Bali, Five Monkeys Bali etc are some of the top notched shops, clubs and dining stations in Legian.

Timing: The Street will be opening its eyes around 11:00 pm at night and extends till it is early morning and this is one of the reasons why visitors love to stroll around Legian Market when they visit Bali.

Location: Legian is located in Kuta and between Kuta and Seminyak. You can reach there from the airport by a prepaid taxi and the drive will take around 20 minutes.


Waterbom Waterpark

An important water theme park in Bali is Waterbom Waterpark which is lying amidst lush green forest and equipped with multiple fun and adventurous rides extending happiness to adults as well as kids. It is termed to be an indescribable oasis amidst the extensive stretch of Kuta beach. The water slides inside the park are quite amusing. They will slice through a huge area of 3.8 hectares that provide complete entertainment for kids as well as adults, equally.

There are 101 ways to enjoy your time in complete thrill both on land and in water. This is a perfect choice for families as all the rides are safe and enjoyable. You can choose to dine out at cafes and this park is a one-stop entertainment capital of Bali.

Highlight: The park uses only advanced salt chlorination water which is soft to the environment as well as on your skin. Twin Racers, Smash Down 20, Fast and Fierce, Double Twists, Green Vipers, Pipe Line, Lazy River, Super Bowl, Boomerang etc are the most liked rides in the park with enormous fun and thrill hidden inside. Both adults and kids can equally enjoy these rides since all of the meet the international safety standards.

Entry fee:

  • For adults per one day: IDR 520.000 and per two days: IDR 880.000
  • For children per one day: IDR 370.000 and per two days: IDR 620.000

The total package includes admission ticket, express entrance, prioritize Gazebo booking, towel, digital photos, lunch and 1 activity. It costs IDR 880 for adults and IDR 750 for kids.

Location: Jl. Kartika, Tuban, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia.


Kuta Beach Sea Turtle Conversation

With an aim to protect the tiny eggs and thus increase the hatching rates of sea turtles started Kuta Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Programme Started almost 17 years ago. It was started by Mr. Agung and Wayan with 1 sea turtle nest which was protected with bamboo placed around the nest.

There are Turtle Rangers to patrol the beach during the night to give the mother sea turtles safe place on the shore to lay eggs and go back to the ocean. They relocate the eggs to the hatchery at Kuta and wait for the next 45-60 days to get the eggs developed and hatched. When the eggs are hatched, the conservationists will return them to the natural habitat immediately.

Highlights: Currently, tourists are also becoming part of the conservation programme hugely as the awareness about protecting these animals has gained prominence around the island. People can join the release of the baby turtles to the ocean so that they can spread the word to others and bring more people in order to be a member of the conservation team and protect more sea turtles like this.

In 2012 and 2013, the authorities say that they could collect more than 50000 eggs safely and relocated them to the hatchery. Around 80% of them were hatched and released to the ocean.

Timings: The nesting season on the beach is from March to September every year and the hatching season is from April to October. The nesting dates can be altered as the baby turtles will be hatched naturally when they are ready. During the months of June, July, August and September, the baby turtles will be released almost every day.

If you visit Kuta during these months, you may be able to take part in this mind blowing social activity.

Things to remember: When you visit the conservation centre, try not to touch the baby turtles or not to take photos of them with flashes on in order to protect their eyesight.

Location: The beach is located a few minutes away from the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Tuban.


Kedongana Beach

Very close to the famous Jimbaran Beach is Kedonganan Beach which is famous for authentic seafood delicacies and relaxed resort stay with a bewitching view of the ocean. The extremely beautiful white sandy beach with a slope along with the regular remembrance of the calm waves to the shore is ideal for a perfect sunset view or a leisurely walk.

The multiple restaurants offering different types of seafood will be quite buzzed every afternoon by the enlarged crowd of tourists and locals. Another attraction is the fish market where fresh fish caught by the fishermen can be purchased.

Highlights: The romantically shining restaurants are the irresistible attraction on the beach where you get lip-smacking grilled seafood items and the dining settings that offer you the best sunset views are quite beautiful.

Activities: Swimming, sunbathing, fishing etc are the favourite activities of tourists arriving at the beach. But a relaxed walk on the shore watching the calm waves slowly approaching the white sandy beach is something even more appreciable.

Opening hours: You can visit the beach any time you would like to but most of the seafood restaurants will be opened around 04:00 pm to 12:00 midnight.

Location: Jalan Pantai Kedonganan, South Kuta

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Traveller Tales from Kuta


Tanushri Pilla

08 July 2019

Experienced wide range of activities including water sports. Everything was top notch and food served was of amazing quality

What You Should Know More About Kuta

  • Q. How to reach Kuta from Bali Airport and what is the distance between airport and Kuta?

    The distance between Bali Airport and Kuta is 5 km and takes 12 mins to reach. There are taxis available just outside the airport that will take you to your destination. The total cost would be around $6.01.

  • Q. What is the best time to take holidays in Kuta?

    The climate of Kuta is similar to Bali and other parts of Indonesia. Overall, the climate is quite favorable. April, May, June and September is a dry season and room prices and villa rentals are 30-50% cheaper. These are also also the best time for water sport activities such as scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling, etc. Waters are clear, crowd not too bad etc. July, August and December are considered as the busiest time

  • Q. What is the ideal duration for a holiday in Kuta?

    The ideal duration for a holiday in Kuta can be around 3-4 days excluding the Bali trip. The Kuta holiday can be included in your package trip offering chances to explore different places and do activities.

  • Q. What kind of clothing is suitable for Kuta?

    Clothing in Kuta isn't restricted to specific type. Being a tourist spot, one can enjoy unrestricted clothing. However, one has to abide and respect the culture and location, especially if visiting religious place.

  • Q. Is it safe to travel to Kuta?

    Yes, it is extremely safe to travel around Kuta. However, do carry emergency numbers of police. Also ensure that you avoid travelling alone during night. Avoid getting into contact with drug dealer and imposters.

  • Q. How expensive is Kuta?

    Kuta is not much expensive. It depends on your need of meal and accommodation. Also it is important to have a good knowledge about the currency. Simple and delicious meals start around US$1 each. Also if you're taking up a rental bike, it will charge you around $6 to $15 a day. The water activities will cost you around $20-50. Similarly a budget food will cost around $3-7.

  • Q. Can I rent a motorbike or a bicycle in Kuta?

    There are some motorbike rental options in Kuta. In fact, if you can rent a bike from Bali itself which is few kms away from Kuta. There are different packages offered ranging from $6 to $15 depending on the bike you are selecting.

  • Q. What are the popular places to visit in Kuta?

    Kuta, long famous for its golden white coastline that curves north from the Ngurah Rai International Airport’s runway in Tuban, continues to attract visitors with highlights other than the favourite surfing coast. From long-running water park to beaches, there are many places to explore.

    Some of the popular places to visit are:

    • Kuta Beach
    • Waterbom Bali
    • Circus Waterpark
    • Dream Museum Zone
    • Upside Down World Bali
    • Vihara Dharmayana Kuta

  • Q. What are the different activities one can do in Kuta?

    Kuta offers some good options for activities. From water sports to museum visit, there are multiple options in Kuta. For some splashing fun that’s away from Kuta’s waves, a hop from the beach and across the road from the Discovery Shopping Mall is Waterbom Bali, the best and long-running water park on the island. Check out the activities that can be enjoyed in Kuta:

    • Waterbom Bali: Waterbom Bali is easily located midway along Jalan Kartika Plaza in Kuta, and just across the road from the Discovery Shopping Mall. The waterslide and the recreational park is also an added convenience to guests staying at the hotel.
    • Kuta Theater: Started as a unique addition to the entertainment scene in Kuta, the theatre presents a stage of magical tricks performed by Bali’s handful of stage magicians, and then developed to include theatrical aspects.
    • Circus Waterpark: This leisure park is designed to fit the whole family. This park serves as a smaller and inexpensive alternative to the existing Waterbom Bali in Kuta, which is approximately 1.5km north. The water park features various slides and a lazy river, as well as a dedicated kids’ area that offers a variety of fun activities such as fountains, water cannons, and mini train rides.
    • 5GX Bali Reverse Bungy: This activity offers an adrenaline experience. Fasten your seatbelt and experience the indescribable rush of being catapulted high up into the air.

  • Q. What types of water-sports are available in Kuta?

    There are various places in Kuta where you can enjoy water sports. Some of the options are:

    • Armada Flow House: Armada Flow House offers fun flow riding action and a relaxed dining spot in Kuta. Designed to offer year-round waves, it features a Flow Rider which lets you practice or show off with ease.
    • Circus Waterpark: This park serves as a smaller and inexpensive alternative to the existing Waterbom Bali in Kuta. Thrill seekers can opt for more exciting slides such as the ‘speed slider’ and ‘wave slides’ among others.
    • Waterbom Bali: The largest waterpark, it provides plenty of thrills, from the Climax ‘super-loop’ body slide, Superbowl, Boomerang, Smashdown, Race Track, and other adrenaline-pumping slides.
    • Beach Soccer: Kuta is full of beach activities and beach soccer is one of it. The game usually starts at around 16:00 between Hard Rock Hotel and Discovery Shopping Mall.
    • Kite Flying: Flying a kit on the beach is quite fun. There are small shops and vendors selling contemporary models ranging from sailing ships with rainbow coloured sails to flying foxes, or traditional Balinese kites such as Bebean (fish-shaped), Janggan (bird-shaped) and Pecukan (leaf-shaped).
    • Surfing in Kuta Beach: It is one of the best water activities in Kuta beach. To get some basic knowledge of surfing, sign up for lessons with one of the well-known surfing schools located just in front of the beach such as Odysseys, Rip Curl Surf School or Surfer Girl Surfing.

  • Q. Is Kuta a place for surfers? What is the best time to do surfing in Kuta?

    Yes, Kuta is the best place for surfing and offers some amazing options to try out. These fun playgrounds are strictly for advanced surfers as they mostly comprise serious reef breaks and greater curls compared to the more popular and leisurely sandy breaks of Kuta and Legian. There are some well-known surfing schools located in front of the beach. This includes Odysseys, Rip Curl Surf School and Surder Girl Surfing. Dry season is considered as the best time for surfing. May to September are the right months for surfing.

  • Q. What are the various budget hotels in Kuta?

    These affordable Kuta hotels come in a wide range of styles, and also includes three and four-star recommendations with room rates to suit any budget. With the combination of Bali hospitality, clean rooms, suitable in-rooms amenities and facilities at par, it is worth to stay in budget hotels.
    Some of top budget hotels in Kuta are:

    • Hotel Terrace at Kuta- $31
    • Alaya Resort Kuta- $93
    • The Kana- $30
    • Kuta Station Hotel and Spa- $26
    • J4 Hotels Legian- $33
    • Bedrock Hotel- $26
    • Citadines Kuta Beach- $63
    • The Vira Bali Hotel- $79
    • Solris Hotel- $18

  • Q. What are the various luxurious resorts available in Kuta?

    There are some luxury resorts in Kuta offering the most comfortable stay and wise hospitality. These resorts are located in tourists centers and Kuta Beach offering better connectivity. If you’re looking for some relaxation with luxury, then check in to some of the best resorts of Kuta.
    Some of the best luxury resorts are:

    • Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel- $1.80
    • Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort- $1.96  
    • Park Regis Kuta Bali- $.75
    • 18 Suite Villa Loft- $53
    • Hard Rock Hotel Bali- $1.28
    • Lavender Villa & Spa- $1.13

  • Q. What are the various private villas in Kuta?

    Villas are an ultimate luxury stay options in Kuta. Blended with personalized hospitality and luxury amenities, one can have a great stay in these villas.
    Some of the top villas in Kuta are:

    • Kedis Bali Villa- $90
    • Villa Kurnia Kuta- $98
    • Lavendar Villa and Spa- $0.53
    • Villa Puri Taryn- $0.45
    • The Arnaya- $350
    • de CINTA Villa- $120

  • Q. Is Kuta the best Beach in Bali?

    Yes, Kuta is the best beach in Bali offering long stre tched white sea-shore and water activities during the dry season. The nearby resorts of Tuban, Legian and Seminyak are all within close walking distance. Kuta Beach has witnessed a transformation over the past years due to the rise of various accommodations, dining and shopping options. During the peak season from July to August and the holiday season for Christmas and New Year, Kuta Beach is regularly fully-booked by travellers looking forward to a pleasant and affordable Bali escape.

  • Q. How can we reach Bali Bomb Memorial? What is significance of Bali Bomb Memorial?

    The Bali Bomb Memorial was erected after the terrorist attacks that killed 202 people in the town Kuta on Bali in 2002. The Bali Bombing occurred on October 12, 2002 in the town of Kuta on the Indonesian island of Bali, killing 202 people and injuring a further 209. It is considered the deadliest act of terrorism in Indonesian history. One can reach this place by taking a taxi service from Bali city.

  • Q. What is the culture of Kuta?

    The culture of Kuta is similar to Bali and other regions. Various forms of dance and music have made Bali's arts and culture scene one of the most diverse in the world. The culture here is the blend of seriousness and century old tradition.

  • Q. What are the best places for yoga in Kuta?

    There are some good options of yoga studios in Kuta. These centers are well-maintained and offer a great peace to stay at. These centers are close by to Bali city.
    Some of the options are:

    • Mana Yoga Studio
    • Olop Iyengar Yoga Studio
    • Yoga Trail

  • Q. What are the Famous Spas in Kuta?

    Kuta has some budget and luxury spas offering a great source of body relaxing massages. These spa centers offers a complete array of spa and beauty treatments and are being visited by tourists. Some of the famous spa centers are: 

    • Spa Bali
    • Smart Day Spa
    • Febri's Spa
    • Reborn Kuta Bali
    • Soma Massage & Spa
    • Dala Spa at Alaya Resort Kuta  
    • Jamu Traditional Spa
    • The Natural Massage and Day Spa

  • Q. What is the cost for a Spa and massage in Kuta?

    The cost of the spa and massage in Kuta depends on the type of service you're seeking. Generally, the treatment starts from $40 and go upto $70. The cost usually is charged for 60 minutes service. Apart from providing great value for money, the center also love the calm aqua blue décor that makes for a splendid place to slow down and take a well-deserved break. You can take up a package of spa and massage service to save your money.

  • Q. Which are the most famous shopping place in Kuta?

    From art studios to local markets, Kuta has many attractions for shoppers. you can find a handful of great malls lining the main streets, such as the grand Discovery Shopping Mall right across from Waterbom Bali and other places. You can even find a mixture of handicrafts and curios at the longstanding Kuta Art Market, where you can also put your bargaining skills to the test. Some of the famous shopping places in Kuta are:

    • Kuta Beachwalk
    • Mal Bali Galeria
    • Lippo Mall Kuta
    • Discovery Shopping Mall
    • Kuta Art Market
    • Merta Nadi Art Market
    • Garlic Lane Shopping Street
    • Park 23 Entertainment Center

  • Q. Which restaurants serve the best food in Kuta? Is vegetarian food easily available in Kuta?

    Restaurants in Kuta offer havenly food. Some luxury restaurants to mid-range restaurants, one can find the best veg and non-veg foods served. When it comes to vegetarian restaurants some of the top places are:

    • Ma- Joly Deli Bistri
    • Jesens
    • Fat Tony's
    • Johnny Tacos
    Apart from these, there are some good vegetarian restaurants in Kuta:
    • Colosseum Restaurant
    • Crumb & Coaster
    • Fat Chow
    • Bella Italia
    • Un'S Restaurant
    • Gabah Restaurant & Bar

  • Q. Which are some of the best bars in Kuta?

    Kuta has some best bars that offer best food and nightlife experience. These bars are located in a strategic location offering easy access to tourist spot and hang around. Some of the best bars in Kuta are:

    • Apache Reggae Bar
    • Beer & Co
    • Warung Mina Seminyak
    • Baker Street Social
    • Bull Bar
    • Jin Long Ha-Ka Restaurant
    • Float Bar Kuta

  • Q. What kind of nightlife I can experience in Kuta?

    With the increase in tourist flocking in Kuta, the nightlife in the city has been changed. Some are outright late clubbing venues that are open as late as 04:00 in the morning, while others are great bars that transform into livelier spots with exhilarating dance floors. A long-running club is District, which is the evolution of the legendary Musro Bali on Jalan Kartika Plaza. Here are few pubs and restaurants in Kuta:

    • Sky Garden Rooftop Lounge
    • Bounty Discotheque
    • Paddy’s Pub
    • VH Bali (Hypnotized Club)
    • Hard Rock Café Bali
    • Pyramid Club
    • Yolo Bar
    • Rooster Bar

  • Q. Does one have easy access to alcohol in Kuta? What is the legal drinking age? Is smoking legal in Kuta?

    Alcohol is available in restaurants. You may find alcohol in pubs and restaurants. The legal age for drinking is 17. It is legal, but one must avoid smoking in public areas. In some restaurants there are special smoking areas.

  • Q. What kind of laws are there in Kuta regarding drug usage?

    The drug laws in Jimbaran are same as in Bali. Possession and trafficking of all the drugs listed in the Appendix are illegal, unless undertaken by people or companies approved by the government.

    • Possession of drugs is punishable by 4 to 12 years' imprisonment, and fines of IDR 800 million to 8 billion (US$89,600 to US$896,000).
    • Trafficking of drugs punishable by 5 to 15 years' imprisonment and fines of IDR one billion to ten billion (US$112,000 to US$1.2 million).
    • Drugs here are divided in different groups and accordingly the laws are created.

  • Q. How far is Kuta from Seminyak?

    The distance between Kuta and Seminyak is 4.8km and one can reach by just 11min.

  • Q. Are there any money exchangers in Kuta?

    You can exchange the money right at the international airport. However, if you want more money to be exchanged while during the stay in Kuta resorts. Apart from these, Central Kuta Money Exchange is the main center for the transaction.

  • Q. What do I do in case of any medical emergency in Kuta? Are there enough Hospitals in Kuta?

    There are some good hospitals in Jimbaran. During medical emergency do equip yourself with helpline number 112 along with the country code will help in getting medical access. There are some good hospitals nearby:

    • BIMC Hospital Kuta
    • Siloam Hospitals
    • Rsu. Kasih Ibu Kedonganan

  • Q. What are some important laws that I should keep in mind while visiting Kuta?

    The laws in Kuta are similar to Bali. One has to know the certain laws authorized by the officials.

    • Drugs are highly illegal in Indonesia. Punishments are severe and include the death penalty.
    • If you're carrying Australian prescription medications (including strong painkillers such as morphine and codeine, sleeping pills), then it is considered illegal
    • Gambling is illegal
    • By law, you must carry identification at all times.
    • Indonesian law does not criminalize homosexuality, but it isn't widely accepted culturally.
    • Always carry at least a copy of your passport for ID purposes and act like you normally would.
    • You need an international driver’s license to ride a motorbike (not necessary if a pillion passenger, but driver must still be licensed)