Mengiat Beach Overview

Lying on the eastern coast of Nusa Dua, explore Mengiat Beach one of Bali’s most rewarding hidden gems on your trip to Bali. With its waves ranging from gentle to moderate, Mengiat Beach offers the perfect spot for a light swim, and is renowned for its stunning sunrises as well. The Mengiat beachfront also features an exquisite collection of luxury resorts and hotels.

As opposed to Nusa Dusa’s other busy beaches, Mengiat Beach is distinct for its tranquil charm. Mengiat boasts of a typical tropical look, with its glittering golden sands flanked by well-kempt trees on one side, and the gentle lapping of bright blue waves on the other. it i one of the main attractions to cover while on your Bali trip.

Although Mengiat is not overtly organized like several of Bali’s more popular beaches, it does offer some sunbeds on rent. The beach is extraordinarily clean, however, so spreading a picnic mat on the sands wouldn't be a bad idea either. The waves here are gentle, almost none, making it the ideal beach for swimming as well. Surfing, although not too popular a sport here, is often tried by beachgoers, and the Mengiat beach features some surfboard rentals as well. To get to the proper surfing breaks, one would need to wade out at least 500 meters from the coastline.

The Mengiat beach, however, is best known for its sunrise. Being an east facing beach, Mengiat receives the first rays of the rising sun, its mellow blues blending seamlessly with the bright orange that gradually sweeps across the sky. The beach is home to some of the most luxurious resorts of Nusa Dua as well, such as Ayodya Bali, INAYA Bali and the Grand Hyatt Resort.

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• Spend the day picnicking on the sands of the Mengiat Beach, distinct in its bright golden quality.
• Take a dip in the calm waters off the beach coast, admiring the bright blue shade of its gentle waves.
• Rent a surfboard and try your hand at surfing; the calmer waves of Mengiat makes it an ideal place for a first-time surfer.
• Catch a stunning sunrise at the Mengiat Beach, which is by far its most beautiful asset.
• Enjoy a delicious meal at any of the beachfront restaurants in Mengiat, which always come with the added bonus of resplendent beach views.

How To Reach

By Air:

The nearest airport to Nusa Dua is the Denpasar International Airport. From the airport, one can hire a taxi or avail a cab to reach Mengiat Beach. The journey would take approximately 40-50 minutes.

By Road:

Mengiat Beach can be accessed by road from places like Kuta or Seminyak. Although there are no public transport routes connecting these places, there are plenty of rentals leasing out bikes and cars by the hour. 

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Mengiat Beach would be during sunrise. Although rising early might seem like too much an effort, the sunrise at Mengiat will surely make it worth it. Facing the eastern coast of Nusa Dua, Mengiat’s sunrises are regarded as some of the best in the entire island.

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Other Essential Information

Places to stay near Mengiat Beach:

  • Ayodya Bali: Exemplifying the best of beachside living, Ayodya Bali offers over 500 luxury rooms for stay. The resort itself resembles a traditional Balinese temple, with its facade reflecting the best of local architecture. The resort also features seven restaurants, a luxury lounge, an outdoor swimming pool and sports facilities.
  • Inaya Bali: Striking the perfect balance between opulence and comfort, the rooms at INAYA Bali emulates the look of a traditional Balinese village. Each suite and villa is meticulously fitted with the best modern amenities, and some even feature private access to a pool. The resort is also well known for its eclectic dining options and its spa.
  • Grand Hyatt Resort: The rooms at Grand Hyatt Resort are not only opulently furnished, but some come with the added bonus of ocean views as well. The five star resort also features 8 separate restaurants, 5 outdoor pools and a well appointed spa. 

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Point of Interest for Mengiat Beach


 Surfing is one of the few water sports best fitted for the waters off the Mengiat Beach coast. However, the waves just off the coast are fairly gentle, and one would need to wade out to a distance of at least 500 meters before encountering considerable swell. The beach offers a few surfboard rentals as well.

Beachfront Dining:

Beachfront Dining:

The gift of a scrumptious meal is always better with uninterrupted views to the sea. The cafes and restaurants on Mengiat offers are an absolute steal in this regard. Bringing together cuisines from around the world, eateries such as Yara Segara Cafe, Ayodya Beach Grill and Bar, and Laguna Garden stand out as some of the best dining options on the beach.

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Mengiat Beach FAQs

How much do the sunbed rentals cost in Mengiat Beach?

The sunbed rentals cost approximately IDR 50,000 per person, although these rates may vary according to the season of visit.

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Are there any restaurants on Mengiat Beach?

Yes, there are several excellent dining options in and around Mengiat Beach. Some of the most popular names include Yasa Segara Cafe, Tropical Beach Restaurant, Ayodya Beach Club and Grill, and Ja’Jan Restaurant.

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Are there any water sports at Mengiat Beach?

Water sports at Mengiat Beach are limited to surfing only.

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