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  • Despite the fact that Bali is surrounded by water and mountainous regions, it extends a lot of opportunities to indulge in adventure activities as well. Make sure that you are not missing any of the activity from this list of 21 Bali adventure tours. Such a breathtaking collection of activities both on land and water leads you to attain pleasure to the next level. Basically, the most adventurous activities offered are happening underwater including Scuba diving, Snorkeling, Kite Surfing, Sea walking, Rafting, Parasailing, banana boat ride, Jet Ski, Fly board etc are a few of the most exhilarating as well most demanded adventure activities which are water related.

    Trekking, Quad Biking, Mountain biking etc also attract the adventure freaks very well. Since the entire place is being covered by water, a wide number of tourists ask for water related adventures which can make them attain bliss.

    Here are some of the best adventure tours in Bali

  • 01Scuba Diving at South Kuta in Bali

    Scuba Diving at South Kuta in Bali
    • h1 Hour
    • lSouth Kuta
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Budhi Hastho
      Budhi Hastho
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    About the Activity:
    • Admire the wonderful, colorful fishes and corals of the underwater world in Bali.
    • Learn scuba diving through the professional instructors and be a professional diver. 
    • Experience the marine life for one hour accompanied by an experienced diver. 
    • This is a one hour activity comprising one-time dive.
    Free pick up and drop from any hotel located Legian, Seminyak, Kuta, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua and Tanjung Benoa.
  • 02Snorkeling at Sanur in Bali

    Snorkeling at Sanur in Bali
    • h2 Hours
    • lDenpasar
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Jero Susun
      Jero Susun
    About the Activity:
    • Invoke in this exciting snorkeling activity in Bali and feel the thrill while diving deep into the clear blue waters.
    • Start your tour at about 8.30 AM after getting picked up from your hotel in Bali by an air conditioned shared vehicle and reach the tour locality.
    • Experience the fun while snorkeling underwater and get a chance to explore the marine life.
    • Get accompanied by professionals if you are snorkeling for the first time.
    • Swim with the color fishes and dive deep to find the corals along with your friends.
    • End this exciting activity after two hours with lot of memories and get dropped off to your respective hotel.

  • 03Kite Surfing

    Get your adrenaline pumping with this extreme sport of kite surfing, a surface water sport combining aspects of wakeboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding, skateboarding and gymnastics into one extreme sport. Bali provides the perfect playground for this ultimate adventure activity, with its abundant clear blue waters and tropical climate . Kite surfing depends heav9ly on a variety of factors such as the speed of the wind, the height and intensity of waves, the temperature of the air and much more. This is just a start, you can get more information about all the things to do in Bali.

    There are three locations in Bali where Kite Surfing is most accessible from; Sanur (especially for beginners), Nusa Dua, and Seminyak – Canggu.

    Best Time:
    The best time to go kite surfing in Bali would be during the summer months of June through to August, although the windy months last from May through to September.

    Approximate Price:
    For a kite is 11148295 Indonesian Rupiah 
  • 04Surfing

    Image Credit :  Klaquettes
    Bali is a unique island with captivating scenery and mesmerizing culture. This island paradise offers an excellent option of surfing. There are very few other places like Bali that boast of such vibrant beaches ideal for surfing. You should not be surprised to know that there are more than 30 established spots on the island. Different spots are ideal for new as well as experienced surfers. Some of these spots also have arrangements for training. You simply cannot afford to miss out the spectacular waves hitting against the shore, while you enjoying the water sport like never before. Here, you will learn several techniques of surfing that will give you a different experience altogether

    Image Credits : nazgulhead

    Location: the surfing spots are generally located in southwest and these include Kuta beach, the Bukit and Uluwatu beach.

    Price: The prices vary from 526000 IDR to 1972500 IDR based on the numbers of days and the duration of surfing.
    Surfing at Canggu in Bali

    Surfing at Canggu in Bali


    h2 HourslDenpasar

    8% Off


    Starting from


  • 05Sea Walking

    If you have never experienced walking at the bottom of the ocean bed, sea walking in Bali is something that you should not miss. Along with walking in the bottom of the sea, you can witness different kinds of sea life and activities. You can dive down deep to witness one of the breathtaking experiences of your life. You can enjoy marine life with minimal equipment and hassle. You need not have skills or training for sea walking, and you will get to know everything at the spot. Come face to face with sea life and breathing in the same way as you do in the surface.

    Location: Different companies offer this activity, but in Sansur Sea walking activity is the most popular.

    Price: The rates vary, but in general it is 123500 IDR for an adult and 102700 IDR for a child under 12 years. This rate is for 25-30 minutes of diving with professional instructors. 
    Sea Walking at Tanjung Benua in Bali

    Sea Walking at Tanjung Benua in Bali


    h1 HourlSouth Kuta

    Starting from


  • 06River Rafting

    River rafting is one of the most popular and highly demanded forms of adventure tours in Bali. You can enjoy and experience the thrill of white water rafting in several rivers of Bali. You will be guided by friendly professionals that will take you to a hilarious and exhilarating journey. Being on this beautiful island, it will be one of the most fascinating experiences of your life. In general, the overall duration of rafting will be around 2-2.5 hours. The length of the rivers usually is 12-14 km. This will vary on the type of river you decide to raft and the company you choose. In any case, you will see some stunning views with waterfalls

    Location: The two main locations for river rafting here are Ayung River and Telega Waja.

    Price: The cost can vary on where you are booking, but it usually ranges from 300,000 IDR to 400, 000 IDR.
    Ayung River Rafting in Bali

    Ayung River Rafting in Bali


    h4 HourslDenpasar

    Starting from


  • 07Trekking

    Bali is renowned for its picturesque landscape. The island offers several opportunities for adventure among which trekking is one of them. If you have a love for nature and some walking experience, this is the ideal opportunity for you. You will be able to witness the spectacular unspoilt nature along with the beautiful sunset. Be it a jungle trekking or a mountain trekking, you will have a fascinating and enthralling experience, something that you will look forward to even in the future. Most of these treks are easy to medium, and general fitness level is enough to take part in this activity.

    Location: There are several trekking tours conducted in different locations in Bali. Some of the popular ones include Lemukih, Mount Batur, Mount Abang, Mount Agung and Mount Rinjani.

    Price: The prices vary based on the nature of the trek, but it can range anywhere from 500, 000 IDR to 650, 000 IDR.
    Mt. Batur Sunrise Trekking in Bali

    Mt. Batur Sunrise Trekking in Bali


    h12 HourslUbud

    Starting from


  • 08Cycling Tour in Bali

    Cycling Tour in Bali
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lUbud
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Ento
    About the Activity:
    • Enjoy the quiet countryside of Bali’s back roads and witness first-hand the daily life of rural rice farmers and craftsmen.
    • Get picked up from your hotel in  Ubud, Sanur, Kuta and Nusa Dua area on the first day and reach to the starting point of activity.
    • After reaching, Indulge in breakfast at traditional Balinese compound overlooking the beautiful garden and nice looking water pond at our home. Take part in a walk into the rice paddies to learn how rice is grown and cultivated.
    • Enjoy a magnificent luncheon in the family compound of tour guide Wayan ‘Bike – Baik’. This personal welcome into his traditional family life has proved to be one of the most popular component of the tour.
    • In the night, stay at a beautiful deluxe Rice field view room and take a look at Balinese coffee plantations and some of the more unusual plants of Bali, as well as a visit to a village temple with an introductions to Balinese spiritual beliefs.
    • Next day, after breakfast, get dropped off to your respective hotels.

  • 09Mountain Biking

    Bali with it’s breathtaking landscapes, endless paddy fields, and towering mountains providing exciting and undulating trails is the perfect destination for Mountain Biking.

    Discover the stunning scenery and beauty of the island atop two wheels as you bike through various trails discovering new ones as you go along. Bike through quaint villages and sprawling grasslands as you pedal uphill and marvel at amazing views.

    Experience Bali’s superb topography and witness a side of Bali inaccessible to many tourists.

    Mountain bikes are usually provided but if you’re confident enough you can bring your own bike.           

    Best Time: June to September.

    Approximate Price: Prices range from IDR 900,000 for hardtail to IDR 1.1million for dual suspension

  • 10Dirt Biking

    Gets your adrenaline pumping while you explore parts of Bali on an enduring motor bike parts most people won’t get to witness. Ride past cascading waterfalls, mountainous terrains, jungles, paddy fields and beaches and marvel at the views this stunning island provides.

    Discover the unbeaten tracks of Bali on an Enduro trail bike. Have an adventure of a lifetime as you maneuver through trails with a guide directing you every step of the way. This activity can be availed by both beginners and experienced bike riders.

    This exciting activity thrives on the wet season where the grounds are slippery and there’s no dust, but don’t worry every dirt bike provided has great grip and safety measures are always taken.

    Location: The two best locations to dirt bike in are Tabanan and Kintamani.

    Best Time: The best time to take part in Dirt Biking is during the wet seasons of December to May.

    Approximate Price: Prices range from IDR 210000 to IDR 165000

  • 11Atv Ride in Ubud at Bali

    Atv Ride in Ubud at Bali
    • h1 Hour
    • lUbud
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Nyoman Gde Adi Wiranto
      Nyoman Gde Adi Wiranto
    About the Activity:
    • Invoke in this exciting quad bike activity while enjoying the panorama of the countryside in the village of Taro and unleash the devil.
    • Start this exciting tour after getting picked up from your hotel and reach the Taro village.
    • Test your courage as you ride this huge quad bike and witness the amazing country side of Taro villages with rice paddy and plantations.
    • Ride through the stunning beauty and pass the jungle, river, bamboo forest and many others.
    • Enjoy a coffee break in the middle of the program while enjoying fantastic jungle view.
    • Explore the steep dirt path which is waiting for you and must be conquered.
    • End this exciting activity after 1 hour with some thrilling experiences and savor your taste buds with a delicious lunch.
    • Get dropped off to your hotels after the tour.
  • 12Canyon Tubing

    Canyon Tubing in Bali is the perfect activity for the ultimate tropical getaway while you cruise down rivers in a tube and discover the beauty of Bali’s wilderness and fresh forests surround you boating a wide variety of carried wild species. Marvel at birds and monkeys swimming around as you lounge on your tube.

    Full safety instructions are provided before you embark on this exciting adventure. Explore the stunning beauty of this island as you glide through cascading waters and class 2 rapids that is suitable for kids and adults.

    Location: Siap River

    Best Time: You can avail this activity all year around, avoid monsoon seasons and heavy rainfall during the months of July- August.

    Approximate Price: Starts from IDR 1211180.

  • 13Experience Parasailing in Bali

    Experience Parasailing in Bali
    • h20 Minutes
    • lNusa Dua
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Budhi Hastho
      Budhi Hastho
    • 40% Off1,702
    • Book Now
    About the Activity:
    • Enjoy parasailing in Tanjung Benoa beach with the sight of beautiful sea from a birds eye view.
    • You will be picked up from any hotel located in Legian, Seminyak, Kuta, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua and Tanjung Benoa.
    • Get pulled up by a speedboat as you are attached to an 80 meters long rope and fly high with your guide. 
    • One round of parasailing will take 20 minutes, rivet in the speedy wind around you and have maximum fun.
    • Land safely after successfully completing your parasailing and end this amazing parasailing experience and get dropped off at your hotel.
  • 14Banana Boat Ride

    While you are looking forward to enjoying a great water sport activity in Bali, a banana boat ride can be a great experience. Large inflatable boats shaped like bananas are used for this sport and it is indeed thrilling. These boats can be occupied by four passengers, and it attracts the attention of tourists and locals alike. The boat is pulled by a speed boat, and the duration for the ride is about 15 minutes. You can enjoy beautiful sceneries of the beach while enjoying the ride, especially if it a sunny day. Companies conducting this sport follow international safety standards by making use of the right equipment like jackets, speed boats and the boat itself.

    Location: Two of the most popular locations for this water sport include Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua and Amuk Bay Karangasem.

    Price: The price is usually about 100, 000, but the rates can vary based on the season and company.
    Banana Boat Ride at South Kuta in Bali

    Banana Boat Ride at South Kuta in Bali


    h15 MinuteslSouth Kuta

    16% Off


    Starting from


  • 15Jet ski

    Bali is one of the hotspots for different water sports. If you have never enjoyed jet skiing before, this is the ideal destination for you. Both local and foreign tourists love to get indulged in this sport because it creates an adrenaline rush in the body. You will get the company of professional guides, especially if you are a novice. The guides are familiar with all the rules, and they will teach you the operation of the Jet Ski ride. The calm sea waters and short waves will make the sport highly enjoyable for you. The usual duration lasts from 15 minutes to half an hour.

    Location: The best spot for Jet Ski is Tanjung Beach. Apart from that, there are some other beaches that conduct this sport.

    Price: In general, the price is about 160, 000 per person, but it can vary on the basis of different factors.
    Jet Ski in Tanjung Benua

    Jet Ski in Tanjung Benua


    h15 Minutes

    Starting from


  • 16Fly Fish

    Image Credit :  jwbai
    If you are passionate about trying something new, try your hands on fly fish in Bali. It is a water sport that will simply blow your mind. The activity is relatively new compared to other activities practiced here. You will get complete guidance to get started. The sport will indeed be a great experience for you. You will be supplied with the necessary equipment and you will ride on the boat that resembles the shape of a fish. The maximum capacity of the boat is 3 passengers, and a balance is maintained while flying in the sky. The guides are trained and they are happy to give you instructions for this game. The duration of each ride is about 15 minutes.

    Location: There are several locations across the island offering this sport opportunity. However, Tanjung Beach is the best location.

    Price: The price is approximately 170000 IDR per person.
  • 17Rolling Donut Ride

    Those who have never heard or tried rolling donut ride will certainly have lots of questions in their minds. This is a fairly new game that attracts tourists and locals alike. Inflatable rafts shaped like donuts are pulled by speedboats around the sea coasts. It is a great form of recreation, and you will definitely enjoy it. The distance between the inflatable boat and the speed boat is approximately five meters, and the overall duration for the ride is about 15 minutes. The guide will give you directions and instructions regarding the tools used. You will just love the overall experience. The calm sea waters are ideal for enjoying this ride, and you can grab immense fun by doing it with your friends and family.

    Location: Tanjung beach is the ideal destination for this sport

    Price: The approximate rate for enjoying this sport is 110000 IDR per person.
  • 18Water Jetpacks

    Bali is one of the popular tourist destinations for different kinds of water sports. In order to enjoy the thrill of a sport like water jetpack, you should definitely visit this island. The sport uses some of the specially designed thrusters so that you can shoot up to about 10 meters high from the sea. Shooting up high will indeed be a thrilling experience as you travel across the surface of the sea. Each ride of water jetpack lasts for about 15 minutes, and if you are not satisfied enough, you can go for another. It will even give you the opportunity to explore the coastlines of Bali in style. Hence, you should not miss out the fun and enjoyment.

    Image Credits : Key West Wedding Photography

    Location: Tanjung Benoa is the ideal location for experiencing the thrill of this activity.

    Price: The price is usually about 526400 IDR per person. 
  • 19Underwater Scooter

    Explore the vast underwater in a fascinating and exciting way while you ride on an underwater scooter. This new technique has             taken Bali by storm as it provides people a way to discover the magic of the underwater world easily.

    The underwater scooter is extremely easy to use as oxygen is injected into the helmet so you can breathe easily. Swimming skills are also not required as you just have to sit of the bike and enjoy. Each scooter accompanies two people so you won’t be alone and can even converse with your partner.

    This convenient exploration tool has people swarming to try it out. Marvel at the rich bio diversity of Bali’s underwater on this scooter.

    Approximate Price: Prices start from IDR 855075                      


  • 20Glass Bottom Boat

    If you want to spend some relaxing time enjoying the diversity of marine life, glass bottom boat ride is the ideal option for you in Bali. The boat comprises of glasses in the bottom so that you can enjoy the breathtaking sea life. In addition to that, you can even avail the opportunity of feeding about 900 different species of fish. The beautiful and colourful coral reefs and the ornamental fishes will just fill your senses. You might even see few turtles. You will realize how beautiful the sea world is. You get a similar effect to that by a diving mask.

    Location: The ideal location for this activity is Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua. Apart from that, it is also carried out in Batu Belah in eastern Bali.

    Price: The experience costs about 329000 IDR per person, and you should at least book for two persons. Children up to the age of 5 do not need any ticket.