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About Uluwatu

Uluwatu is known as the surfer’s haven in Bali. They have the most beautiful cliff top resorts, luxurious villas, and mesmerizing beaches. Located to the South of Bali, it attracts many surfers from around the world every year. The temples of this place are the most beautiful and located in scenic landscapes. If you do not want to surf, you can eat, drink, enjoy the view, go beach walking, and relax at these stunning beaches. Considered one of the best romantic getaways, you can visit this resort town in Bali to get the best of sightseeing.

|There are many tourists places to visit in Uluwatu. You can get breathtaking panoramic view at the cliff tops, hike near the caves, discover many hidden beaches, and take photographs of the stunning monuments and temples at this place. You can also check out the reefs, deep water swells if you are an experienced swimmer, and surf at these beaches. You can attend the beach parties, stay in the pool villas, and make the most of your holidays in Bali by visiting Uluwatu. There is one of the most sacred temple situated at this peninsula region that is said to protect Bali from evil

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Uluwatu FAQ's

Travel advice

  • When travelling to Uluwatu, travel light and get your beach and resort wear.

  • You can also get your surfing pads and a good dose of sunscreen lotion when at these beaches.

  • The Balinese people have high regard for their religion and culture. Follow the temple and home visiting rules when in Bali.

  • Remove footwear when you visit temples and dress in the traditional Balinese wear before entering them by wearing a sarong.

  • Always use your right hand for giving or receiving any items, be it food, money, documents, business cards, etc.

  • Always carry bottled water and do not drink tap water.

  • Bargain hard at the street shops and also when shopping any item, as they could charge you prices much higher than the selling cost.

  • Try eating the tropical fruits and exotic ethnic cuisine of Bali, instead of the western food.

  • Always carry a license and a helmet when driving a hired bike for commuting around the town.

  • Use a lot of honking when driving on the streets of Uluwatu or Bali as this is the norm.

  • Although there is not a compulsory tipping etiquette in Bali, you can leave a generous tip at most of the places.

Drinking Law

A ban on alcohol is proposed in Bali, but there are many pubs and clubs on the shore of Bali beaches that serve alcohol and beer. You can get drink at these places but always maintain decorum and drinking etiquette when here.

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Beach surfing, parties, and adventurous activities

You can get the best of daytime surfing and nightlife at the rooftop bar resorts in Uluwatu. This is the southernmost tip of Bali and a region close to the peninsula. With a cluster of beaches to explore and places to visit in  Uluwatu, you can relax at the sandy beaches, get massages, have one of the most exuberant times in this part of Bali. You can also visit many beaches that are nearby and enjoy the sunsets and dining at these places.

There are umpteen beaches that offer different experience and activities. You can visit the Green Bowl beach for its clear waters, caves, and beach hiking tours. Visit the Balangan beach for its clear waters, white sandy beaches, and surfing, and drinking at the bar. The Suluban Beach is a hidden beach and you can view the most romantic sunsets and take photographs of the breathtaking view of this beach.

Spectacular villas and resorts

Experience luxury by staying at the uber chic villas in Uluwatu. They have all the modern amenities and a pool for you to enjoy your stay. You could also hire a personal chef and relish on the exotic sea food and drinks at these villas. You could also get a panoramic view of the resort town and beaches when you lunch and dine at the rooftop restaurants.

Dance performance at the temple

You can enjoy the fire dance performance at the Uluwatu temple. You can also visit the only sea temple near Uluwatu, which is a series of more than 20 temples. You can enjoy the scenic view and get a vibe of the Balinese religion and culture at this temple. You can also visit the Bali Hindu temple at the cliff bank story that has many Hindu and Balinese Hindu deities. There is also a dry forest nearby the temple. This is one of the most sacred and iconic temples in the entire Bali and has a splendid coastline.

Shopping and sightseeing

You can shop for artifacts and religious items on the streets of Uluwatu. You can also visit many nearby beaches for sightseeing and spending time in the turquoise and emerald waters of these beaches. Most of the beaches are secluded and you can have a calm time visiting them. Uluwatu is popular for its nightlife. Do not miss the live music, drinks, and food at these beaches.

What you will like there?

Surfing and nightlife

Tourists come to Uluwatu from all over the world for surfing activities that are available at various beaches. A few beaches also offer motor boating, and other water sports activities. Nightlife is the most exciting and vibrant in Uluwatu.

Beaches, sun, and massages

For those who love secluded and tranquil beaches, this place offers abundant beauty and scenic view of the beaches. You can take the temple tours and enjoy a quiet time in the day on these beaches. Yoga, meditation, spas, and massages; this place is a haven for these activities. You can take a course in yoga, meditation, and get historical tours of the temples at this place. This is one of the swankiest places in Bali.

What is the best time to take holidays in Uluwatu?

The best time to pay a visit to Uluwatu is the July-August period. This is the coolest time of the year in the city and tourists from all across the world flood in. while you may choose to visit in other months of the year, you might get some rain in the evenings.

How to reach Uluwatu from Bali airport and what is the distance between airport and Uluwatu?

The distance to Uluwatu from the Bali International Airport is about 24 kilometers and can be travelled using several means. The main attraction to visit in Uluwatu are the Uluwatu Temple, at the southernmost tip of the city. A taxi from Denpasar Airport will take about 60 minutes to reach Uluwatu and it will cost you about US$8. You can also take city transfer buses from the airport or rent your own vehicle to travel to the city.

What is the various ways through which I can reach Uluwatu from Bali airport? What are the public transportation to reach Uluwatu?

Uluwatu from Bali airport can be reached by taxi transfers, shuttle city transfer buses and self driven vehicle. The Bali Public Shuttle Bus or the Kura-Kura bus is the cheapest way to reach Uluwatu from Bali Airport. Taxis are also abundant. You might also get to hop on a minivan that is headed for Uluwatu.

Can I rent a motorbike or a bicycle in Uluwatu?

The popular means of travelling in Uluwatu or for that mater, across Bali is on motorcycles. Scooters are easily available as rentals and will be the most convenient way to go around the city. You can also hire a bicycle if you are looking for a cheaper option. However, if you are using vehicle rentals, make sure that you have an international driving permit. International tourists without valid licenses are frequently fined and the amount can go up to US$38.

Is it safe to travel to Uluwatu?

While Bali holds many historical and sightseeing gems, a trip also accompanies a fair share of risks. The most common complaint from tourists is about finicky monkeys and dogs. While monkeys will always try to snatch and steal, the dogs too can be a problem and there’s a high chance to get bitten. Some even believe that the monkeys have been trained to steal jewelry and bags from tourists!

Secondly, it is a problem of hygiene. It is always recommended that you carry your own water bottles and not drink it locally. Purchase sealed bottles from the supermarket since dehydration in this part of the world is common. A good travel insurance might be able to take care of the eventualities if they arise.

How expensive is Uluwatu?

The main attraction, the Pura Lahur Temple has an entrance fee of IDR 150,000 or about US$12. Other than that, getting around and the food is pretty cheap and you can hope to make a comfortable day trip around Uluwatu in under US$50, including good dinners, drinks, and other activities.

What is the ideal duration for a holiday in Uluwatu?

If you have been particularly focused on checking out all the travel opportunities across Bali, Uluwatu should take more than a day’s tour. The most important things to do in Uluwatu include a visit to the Uluwatu temple, some surfing at the beach and checking out the beautiful sunset. All of these can be accommodated in a single day. However, if you are planning on water sports and some city exploring Bali would be ideal.

How is the general climate in Uluwatu?

The average annual temperature in Uluwatu is 26.5 degree Celsius. It’s pretty warm but the climate gets a bit cooler in July-August before the rainy season commences.

What kind of clothing is suitable for Uluwatu?

Uluwatu, like the rest of the island, is pretty hot. Except for the rainy season, you would want to carry light cotton clothing. For beach activities, shorts, skirts, crop tops, and tees will be great. However, make sure you are decently covered when walking in the streets or are entering a temple. Sunglasses, hats and light footwear are musts.

What language do they speak in Uluwatu? What is the culture like in Uluwatu?

The local language is called Bahasa. Indonesian too is widely spoken around the city. However, being a tourist hotspot, you should be able to comfortable converse in English at most places. Uluwatu offers a very distinctive culture worth exploring and being a part of. The religion here is a mix of Hinduism and Islam. You will find a lot of religious practiced that is well complimented by traditional prayers, dances and songs.

What are the different activities one can do in Uluwatu?

For someone looking to make the most of the beautiful city of Uluwatu, as it offers several opportunities. They include:
  • Surfing at Uluwatu Beach
  • Check the sunset at the beach
  • Sunday night party at Single Finn Club
  • Padang Padang Beach
  • Visiting the Uluwatu Temple
  • Remedial Deep Tissue Massage
  • Participating in the Kecak Dance
  • Hitting the Blue Point
  • Panoramic views from the Pura Lahur
  • Surfing at Balangan and Padang Padang Beach
  • Unwinding at the Ocean Spa

Is it worth visiting Uluwatu for honeymoon?

Uluwatu is quite popular among honeymoon couples. There are several resorts that offer complete packages and the best thing is that you get cheaper rates than other prime places across Bali. Your stay in Uluwatu can cut the cost while offering easy access to all the prominent locations and activities across Bali.

What are different adventure activities one can do in Uluwatu?

Bali is a paradise for adventure lovers. Some of the best adventure activities one can enjoy in Uluwatu are:
  • Go surfing at Uluwatu, Balangan, and Padang Padang Beach
  • Parasailing
  • Banana Boat Ride
  • Glass Bottom Boat Ride
  • Turtle Island Tour

What are the popular places to visit in Uluwatu?

The main attraction in Uluwatu is the Uluwatu Temple, locally called as the Pura Lahur. It’s a beautiful Balinese sea temple and unique in both architecture and history. Other places to visit in Uluwatu include:
  • Uluwatu Beach
  • Tirtha Wedding Chapel

What are the surfing opportunities in Uluwatu?

Uluwatu is a top surfing destination of Bali that attracts surfers and adventure tourists from all across the globe. Situated on the south-western tip of Bali, it was the destination that was filmed in features like Morning of the Earth. In fact, it was Steve Cooney who was the first ever surfer in Uluwatu when he was 15 years old and since then, it has become a hotspot. Surfers can expect a range of breaks that include Bombie, Temples, Outside Corner, Racetracks, the Peak and even Swells.

Several surf clubs have opened up across the beach. Close to The Uluwatu are also the Padang Padang and Balangan beach, which also offers great surfing.

What are the various beaches around Uluwatu?

Uluwatu is the place where you can find the finest of beaches. Some of the beaches in Uluwatu are:
  • Uluwatu Beach
  • Padang Padang Beach
  • Balangan Beach
  • Bingin Beach
  • Dreamland Beach
  • Nusa Dua Beach
  • Jimbaran Beach

All the beaches for the part of the Bukit Peninsula

What are the various budget hotels and homestays in Uluwatu?

Homestays include:
  • Binging Sari Homestay
  • Medori Putih Homestay
  • The Hill Ungasan
  • Terrace Ampels Villa
  • Bobby’s Place
  • Muji’s Homestay
  • Villa Rica
  • Pandawa Beach Homestay
  • Tamah Asih Homestay
  • Devata Giri Home Stay
  • Bali Blue Homestay

Some budget hotels include:
  •  Suarga Padang Padang
  • De Sapphire Cliff Villa
  • Uluwatu Cottages
  • PinkCoco Bali
  • Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort
  • Puri Uluwatu Villas

What are the various luxurious resorts available in Uluwatu?

The various luxurious resorts available in Uluwatu are:
  • Kanda Hill Bali
  • Ocean Valley Village Villa, Pandawa
  • The Kawan Jimbaran
  • S Resorts Hidden Valley Bali
  • Uluwatu Cottages

Are there private villas available in Uluwatu?

There are a few private villas you would want to check out in Uluwatu:
  • The Dreamland Luxury Villas and Spa
  • The Beverly Hills Bali
  • Alila Villas Uluwatu
  • Karma Kandara
  • Chateau de Bali Boutique Villas and Spa
  • Asri Jewel Villa
  • The Edge Bali
  • Water Edge Villa
  • C151 Luxury Villa
  • Puri Balangan Villa

Why Uluwatu Temple is so famous? What are the appropriate timings to visit the Uluwatu temple?

Uluwatu Temple or the Pura Luhur Uluwati is one of the few nine directional temples in Bali. Constructed to protect the locals from evil spirits, it’s a marvel of a construction, perched strategically on a cliff overhanging the Ocean. The name Luhur signifies divinity while Ulu is “land’s end” while Watu means “rock”. The name itself describes the specialty of the temple. In fact, this is one of the six top temples to visit in Bali. From the temple edge, you will be able to see the ocean breaks and it’s this vantage point that brings in tourists of all kinds. The temple is about 70 meters from the breaking waves of the Indian Ocean.

The best time to visit the temple is in the month of July as you would want to check out the 11th century architecture. The temple is open all day and till evening 5 pm.

What is the specialty of the Kecak dance? When and where can we see it?

Kecak Dance is special to the Bali culture and particularly interesting since it doesn’t involve a musical arrangement. The dancers themselves are the singers and you can check it out any day on the premises of the Uluwatu Temple, against the sunset.

What is Garuda Wisnu Kencana? When should one visit it?

The Gauda Wishnu Kencana is a cultural Park in Uluwatu and is a 15 minute drive from the Bali Ngurah Rai airport. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu God Vishnu and his ride, the Gauda – a mythical bird. The breathtaking sculpture of the statue along with the classically themed surroundings is an exciting day trip at Uluwatu. This is also a park where you get to see everything from the Kecak Dance to culinary experience from the locals. The best time to be at the Garuda Wisnu Kecana is in the evening hours when the sun is a few hours to set.

How good is the Dreamland in Uluwatu?

Dreamland is one of the cleanest part of Uluwatu and presents a beach that has crystal clear emerald waters. Several luxury accommodations and restaurants and spas have come up around Dreamland, making it a paradise for international tourists.

What are the places in Uluwatu that provide good spa?

Some of the places in Uluwatu that provide good spa are:
  • Esthetic Day Spa, Jalan Labuan Sait
  • Blue Point Spa, Jl. Labuan Sait
  • Bulgari Spa, Jl. Goa Lempeh
  • Flamingo Spa, Jl. Raya Uluwatu
  • Le’Spa – Le Grande, Pecatu Indah Resort
  • Balinese Spa Massage, Mu Spa – Mu Bungalow, Pecatu
  • Spa Alila, Jl. Belimbing
  • The Dream Spa, Jl. Raya Uluwatu Gang Kahuripan

What are the best places to shop in Uluwatu?

  • Jimbaran Corner
  • Bulgari Boutique
  • Janggala Keramik
  • Paul Ropp Shop Jimbaran
  • NAKA Contemporary Art
  • Jimbaran Traditional Market
  • Bali Collection
  • Konderatu Gallery
  • Nusa Surf Wear
  • Nirmala Supermarket Ungasan

What kind of nightlife I can experience in Uluwatu?

After the sun sets across the Uluwatu Beach, a different kind of life comes to prominent. There are several night clubs spread across Uluwatu that you can be a part of. Most of the places even offer free entry.

What is the Saturday night party at Padang Padang Beach in Uluwatu like?

The Padang Padang is an amazing beach to spend the day but every Saturday, after sunset, the beach converts into an ultimate party destination. Dancing, campfire, beach cocktails, music and full on fun – be a part of the night and let your wild side be known!

What is the Sunday night party at Single Finn club like?

The Single Finn Club hosts a weekly party every Sunday night and is something you shouldn’t miss. Its free entry and you can always expect a great turnout. The music is the reason for the popularity of the weekly event.

What festivals do the local people celebrate in Uluwatu?

  • Kecak Fire Dance Festival
  • Bali Spirit Festival
  • Surfing Festival
  • Buddhist Temple Festival

What all types of cuisines I can find in Uluwatu? Which ethnic food is special in Uluwatu?

  • Cocktails, wine and cold beer at Single Finn
  • Nasi Goreng at Jiwa Juice Bar
  • Chickey Satay at The Cashew Tree
  • Waung at AYU’S Food From the Heart
  • Crispy duck at Warung Bejana
  • Pork Ribs at Noodle Heart Warung
  • Mixed Satay at Sangkar Restaurant
  • Beef Sapi Rendang at Kayumanis Restro Jimbaran

Restaurants across Uluwatu serve all kinds of international cuisines but it would be an amazing experience to check out the local delicacies in the above spots.

Which restaurants serve the best food in Uluwatu?

  • Ju Ma Na, Banyan Tree, Ungasan
  • Sundara Bali, Jalan Bukit Permai
  • Sangkar at Bulgari Resort Bali, Banjar Dinas Kangin
  • Cuca, Jalan Yoga Perkanthi
  • Chiringuito El Kabron, Jalan Pantai Cemongkak
  • Cire at Alila Vilas Uluwatu, Banjar Tambiyak
  • Di Mare at Karma Kandara Resort, Banjar Wijaya Kusuma
  • Finn’s Beach Club, Banjara Wijaya Kusuma
  • Single Finn, Suluban
  • Waung Cikgo, Pecatu

Is vegetarian food easily available in Uluwatu and in which restaurants?

Vegetarian food is easy to find if you ask around. While finding a completely vegetarian restaurant is hard, you will always find vegetarian dishes in most places. The top picks would be:
  • Suka Espresso
  • Bukit Café
  • Café La Pasion
  • Om Burger
  • Buddha Soul
  • Black Rose Restro
  • The Cashew Tree
  • El Market
  • AYU’S Food From the Heart
  • Nalu Bowls
  • Yumyum Café
  • Curry in Bali

Does one have easy access to alcohol in Uluwatu? How old I have to be to consume alcohol in Uluwatu?

Access to alcohol is pretty smooth. However the legal drinking age is 17 years. You might be asked to show your identity proof before being served drink or when you go to buy booze from the market. Public drinking is however frowned at. Drink privately or in parties and clubs.

Is smoking legal in Uluwatu?

There is no such restriction on smoking in Uluwatu but you must avoid public places as an unsaid rule. There are also special places that come with a “No Smoking” banner. Smoking around such areas can attract hefty fines.

What kind of laws are there in Uluwatu regarding drug usage?

There is a complete ban of drug selling or consumption in Uluwatu and across Bali. People found guilty are severely punished and sometimes even honored with a death penalty.

What are some important laws that I should keep in mind while visiting Uluwatu?

  • Zero tolerance on drugs. Don’t bring them in
  • Do not buy drugs even if you are offered by shady sellers
  • Don’t touch the head of any local
  • Wear thong and sash when entering temples
  • Take your shoes off when entering a temple or someone’s house
  • Don’t enter temples if you are menstruating
  • Don’t give money using your left hand
  • Keep your shirt on when walking the streets
  • Don’t point with the index finger
  • Don’t step over ceremonial offerings
  • Wear helmet when driving two wheelers
  • Bring your international driver’s license along

Are there any money exchangers in Uluwatu?

Money Exchangers are easy to find across Uluwatu and some of the most recommended stops include:
  • Central Kuta Puri Gading, Jl. Raya
  • Money Exchange, Jl. Uluwatu II
  • Authorized Money Changer Arta Jaya Dewata, Jl. Uluwatu 1
  • AMC Money Changer, Jl. Uluwatu 72
  • Uluwatu Temple
  • Puri Uluwatu Villas

What do I do in case of any medical emergency in Uluwatu? Which hospitals are good?

Getting ill in Uluwatu or across Bali can be quite likely. Most of the cases are related to diarrhea and malaria. It is necessary that you get an immediate checkup and treatment. The top hospitals to look for in Uluwatu include:
  • Kasih Ibu General Hospital, Kedonganan
  • BIMC Hospital, Kuta
  • BIMC Hospital, Nusa Dua
  • Siloam Hospital, Kuta
  • Surya Husadha Hospital, Denpasar
  • Sanglah Public Hospital, Denpasar

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