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    When you climb up a mountain, don’t you feel a sense of achievement greater than climbing the stairs in your office? Or you could zip along a wire and get more relief than zipping on a tightrope everyday trying to maintain work-life balance! Comparing what you can do outdoors and what you have been doing all this while is a waste of time. It could actually lead you to believe that a career in adventure is a better option.

    Well, that is not the objective of the following information. Rather, the following information is to help you understand the options for Adventure Sports in Bangalore to bring out the adventurer in you.

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    White water rafting is quite an adventurous activity. You need to navigate rushing waters and stay afloat. It is definitely not for people who are scared of vacillating waters. But at the same time, this activity is safe. If you do it at well-known rafting venues you are guided in the right direction as to how to tackle this tough adventure sport. Some of the regions where this is possible around Bangalore include Netravati, Gokarna, Honnemaradu and Sitanadi.

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    But the best location for white water rafting has to be Bheemeshwari. Located 100 km from the city, Bheemeshwari is where many tour operators provide the best white water rafting experience. Along with river rafting you can intersperse your time with trekking, mountain climbing and camping. This is an all-in-one place. Ensure that you get at least two days for such activities. A single episode of white water rafting leaves you asking for more. Your adrenaline levels are elevated, and you are in the mood to let go of your inhibitions. This is the effect that river rafting can have on you.

    The rapids here are moderate. They are rated as +2. The rapid is for a distance of 8 km. You start the expedition at Bheemeshwari. The rapid passes through forests, valleys and gorges. The river is manageable.

    How about catching river fish? This could be quite an exhilarating activity considering that even fish zip past your bait at the speed of knots! But if you are persistent enough, success is guaranteed. This activity is better known as angling, and is a popular sport in these parts. There is no guarantee that you’ll catch a fish that is bigger than you! But yes, there are chances. And what better way to top off a rafting experience than a giant fish and you being photographed!

    Rock Climbing

    Rock climbing is an ultimately exerting experience and is a must-do activity amongst options for adventure Sports in Bangalore. But it is worth every drop of sweat invested! This activity tests your endurance level and stamina. This is one of the reasons that this activity is becoming popular. People want to prove a point to themselves. Luckily for the city dwellers, there is plenty of rock climbing destinations around Bangalore when compared to other cities.

    One such destination is called Turahalli. Located at Kanakapura Road, this place is frequented by rock climbing enthusiasts. There is a hill here that only looks formidable, but it is easy to scale. Granite boulders constitute the hill’s landscape. Boulders are of varying sizes and geometry. Although rock climbing is possible here, it does challenge you. If not, then you would not call this “climbing” at all!

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    Located about 50 km away from Turahalli , is another sought-after rock climbing destination. This place is where the Savandurga hills stand in stoic splendour. The two granite cliffs here are used for this activity. They are named the white and black peaks respectively. But the rock climbing will definitely not be a black and white experience! Scaling these granite peaks is safe but has to be done under supervision. If you are a novice, then there could be restrictions. Just as ordinary swimmers are asked to limit their distance into the sea, inexperienced climbers are asked to limit their ascent. Remember the higher you go, the harder you fall!

    Typically, rock climbing is conducted on the weekends. If you are an experienced professional, you can go alone. But if you are a newbie, you need a safe pair of hands beside you. Rock climbing is not dangerous. This adventure activity has progressed. Climbing equipment has improved security nowadays. There is enough awareness about this sport. Rock climbing companies are required to gain certifications and affiliations.


    A sedentary lifestyle that has been led for many years needs a sudden surge of activity to lose that entire bulge. Even regular exercise may not expend those many calories. Urban dwellers lose motivation to exercise. They are not able to exercise their minds and bodies simultaneously. One way to break out of this rut is to trek. This activity is an all-time favourite with so many residents here. There are specific clubs dedicated to this activity.

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    Bangalore is a haven for trekkers. This is because surrounding the city are ideal trekking spots. In fact, it has been noted that there are more than 150 trekking spots around Bangalore. Now this is a staggering number. And at the same time it makes for some inspiration. A trek every three months is all it takes to stay in shape.

    More than fitness, you satisfy the cravings of your soul for adventure. You break the monotony of mundane existence. Ramanagara is an ideal venue for trekking. This place is full of hilly trails of varying difficulty levels. But there is no trekking trail that is impossible here. So everyone’s invited! Some other popular spots are Skandagiri and Madhugiri. They offer the most verdant settings for trekking. It is an ideal way to beat the hustle and bustle of the city. For a moment you are in a land where the honking of cars is replaced by the chirping of birds. It depends on which sound you like. If you are sane, then you’d definitely prefer the latter!

    Another popular trekking destination is Chikmagalur – which is one of the safest options for Adventure Sports in Bangalore. This place is a 7-hour drive from Bangalore. But it is worth the effort. For in Chikmagalur, nature’s embrace naturally draws you to explore it. You are not trekking, rather being invited to explore the greenery. Such is the effect of trekking expeditions at this place.

    Wall Climbing

    Wall climbing is not an extension of rock climbing. You can say it only imitates the real thing. Nevertheless wall climbing is challenging and one of the arduous options for Adventure Sports in Bangalore. You may ask why. It is because it is tougher than rock climbing although less dangerous. Wall climbing is done on level surfaces that have an ascent of ninety degrees. You need to fight gravity and your weight to navigate to the top. This sport taxes your body’s muscles and energy to get going. Therefore, it is an exhilarating sport. And the end result is that you have a tired body but a refreshed mind.

    An indoor or outdoor artificial wall is the site of activity. There are grips plugged into the walls in random order. Grips are placeholders to keep your hands and feet on, as you make your way to the top. You could have a harness depending on the height of the wall. Some walls are not that high. Even if you fall down, there is a cushion below to soften your fall. The grips are intelligently placed. No matter how tall or short you are, you have to think your way through. Some grips are carved like indentions on natural rocks.

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    The Gethnaa Climbing Wall at Kanteerva Stadium is a popular place to get started. This wall climbing location is in the heart of the city. On Sarjapur Road, Urban Climbers is frequented by the techie folk to climb walls. And not to forget the Phoenix Market City where the young and the old come to experience an exasperating but rejuvenating activity.

    A simple search on Google can reveal more places in the city where this activity is conducted. Wall climbing is gaining popularity with each passing year. Although not exactly similar to rock climbing, the urban folk find this activity more feasible when compared to other options for Adventure Sports in Bangalore. After all they are only interested in getting to the top; the surface does not matter!


    Caving is not a new-found activity. It has existed for long. It is just that Bangalore has woken up to this adventure activity only recently. Caving is essentially navigating through caves. Remember that human beings lived in caves long before the apartment was invented. So it is an opportunity for the modern day human to get a sense of how it feels to be in a cave. You can treat it as a way to bring out your prehistoric instincts. But remember never to howl like a gestating wolf when in a cave!

    Anthargange is the ideal location for this activity. This is a beautiful rocky hill. Rising up to more than 1000 m in height, this hill range has plenty of caves in it. Located in the Kolar District of Karnataka, Anthargange receives plenty of caving enthusiasts each year. The hill range has a volcanic constitution. The rocks and boulders are chiefly volcanic. Thorny shrubs drape the hill and exonerate you into dissuading them. At the foot of the hill, it is much better. Dense plantation exists here.

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    At Anthargange you can do many more adventure activities in Bangalore apart from caving. You can also do rock climbing. There are some trekking trails through the rocky hills. Once inside the cave, it could take you an hour to explore it and come out of it. Caving is largely a guided activity here. You could venture on your own. But it is not dangerous. The cave routes are well-known. And no – there are no criminals hiding in these caves!

    These areas are well-maintained and paroled. When you get here, you’d know that you are not alone. Lots of people are already in these caves when you get inside them. Looks like there is a mad rush for housing even in this part of the world! But nevertheless, these caves are intriguing and a unique experience.



    This activity will roll you over – literally. What better gravity defying experience than rolling down a hill at full throttle in an inflated balloon. This is what zorbing is. You are cocooned in an inflated ball. The ball is transparent. Inside the ball you are well-cushioned against the jerks, heaves and shakes outside. If you are the extreme types, you can roll down a boulder-filled hill in this inflated balloon. This would be quite an experience. But zorbing is generally done on gentle slopes.

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    This adventure activity has its roots in New Zealand – which is known to be the ultimate adventure destination. Zorbing can be done anywhere and is one of the more flexible options for Adventure Sports in Bangalore. But definitely not on Brigade or MG Road in Bangalore! It is generally done on hills and such free and open spaces. For instance, Nandi Hills is an ideal place for this activity. There are many outdoor adventure companies that conduct this activity here.

    There are two types of zorbing. One uses a harness. This type is called harness zorbing. You are strapped and placed into the ball. Your position is fixed in the ball. You are sent rolling down the slope. Here you have better control over the direction of rolling. But this is not the case in hydro zorbing also known as water zorbing. You are rolled over a water surface. You have lesser control given that you bounce more.

    Zorbing is a relatively new adventure activity in Bangalore. It can help you understand how it is to be in control even when out of control. But that doesn’t mean you practise this sport because you drink and drive and might go zorbing in your car!

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    You can check online with adventure and recreation providers whether they offer this activity. Inquire about the safety measures they have in place amongst other things.

    High Rope Courses

    High rope courses are of two types – vertical and horizontal. No matter what the orientation is, they are challenging adventure activities in Bangalore. Rope courses can be constructed indoors as well as outdoors. Rope courses are not military training. They are a fun-filled activity. There is a level of exhilaration involved. But it is worth the energy expenditure. High rope courses are set high above the ground. They present obstacles in mid-air. You are required to negotiate them in your path of traversal.

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    High rope courses are included in the list of activities by many adventure clubs. They are also available in resorts. You can check online for this information. Essentially this activity tests your physical and mental strength. You understand the level of stamina, agility and willpower you have inside you. So it is an activity that can have a philosophical angle to it. You can call it self-realization!


    There is no better experience than sitting around a campfire and bonding with friends. Not just that, you can do plenty of adventure activities in Bangalore when camping. This activity has a reverberating effect on you. The memories that you bring from this experience are worth cherishing forever. In and around Bangalore, there are camping-worthy places that you should not miss. Ramanagara is one such place. Although famed for its trekking trails, this place is a great camping destination as well. If you can combine trekking and camping, the experience will be surreal.

    Another popular place for camping is Kanakapura. This place is closer to Bangalore comparatively. The place is visited by trekkers looking for an outlet to indulge in adventurous activities. At Kanakapura, apart from camping, you can also do kayaking.

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    Next on the list is Manchinbele. Like all the other camping locations, this one is worth a visit too. Manchinebele is the perfect venue to conduct a team outing. Many activities are conducted here. Some of them are paintball, Burma Bridge, tight rope walk, and rappelling.

    There are short camping experiences, and then there are the longer options for Adventure Sports in Bangalore. If you want a longer camping experience, the first choice is Bheemeshwari. You live amongst rich foliage and flora. You are a guest for the exotic birds that reside here.

    Camping here will also test your nerves. Although not in close range, Bheemeshwari is also a place for wild animals. So it won’t be uncommon for you to hear the trumpeting sound of a lone elephant, the howls of jackals, or the growls of some stealthy carnivores. But no need to be intimidated; these camps are safe havens. You have to choose a credible and experienced camping services provider. You can venture out on your own too. But just ask around for guidelines.

    Wildlife Safari

    If you are in Bangalore, and someone is mentioning the word wildlife safari, then they are probably talking about the Bannerghatta National Park safari. This is a popular wildlife sanctuary in Bangalore. The famed attractions at this place are the lion and tiger safaris. Both these safaris are separate expeditions. The park has been divided into two sections. One section houses herbivores and the other section has carnivorous animals.

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    The park is spread over 100 sq km. Established in 1971, this sanctuary is not only a place for wild animals, but there are exotic bird species that are bred here as well. Ten reserve forests are part of this wildlife sanctuary. Some decades ago, this place was known to be on the outskirts of Bangalore. But now it is getting closer to the city given that the way leading up to the park is becoming urbanised.

    For children and adults alike, the experience of seeing wild animals in their natural habitat is an educational experience and among the fulfilling adventure activities in Bangalore. No matter how many times you have seen wild animals at close range, that haunting aura of seeing them in real life never ceases. You are in awe and at the same time you respect these wild creatures. The majestic presence of the tiger is an enchanting experience. For a moment, you could be locking eyes with one of the fiercest animals on Earth.

    On location are zebras, panthers, rhinos, elephants, deer, bison and bears. You might encounter a stray elephant passing by on the road. But you are requested not to panic. These wild animals are accustomed to visitors staring at them. So it is commonplace for them.

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    It is important to follow safety guidelines when in the company of wild animals. Maintaining silence is one. And not alighting from the jeep is another. Don’t say you want to answer nature’s call when a tiger is behind the bushes!

    ATV Ride

    ATV Ride

    ATV is expanded as All-Terrain Vehicle. You undertake this activity on bikes with four wheels. They are known as quad bikes. These are mean machines. Ruggedly built, quad bikes are made to negotiate any type of terrain. Quad bikes are ideal vehicles to zip through uneven regions. People use them to ride on mountains and hills. Even when stuck between rocks, you can rev yourself out because these bikes are powerful.

    Quad biking can be done on any type of terrain. But it is enjoyed best if done on mountainous terrains. There are many places in and around Bangalore where this activity can be done.

    There are no specific places to ride a quad bike. You can contact an adventure club to understand where and when they have these activities. If your company is planning a corporate outing, you can suggest this activity. Most resorts have quad bikes. You can try out these bikes on a test-ride basis. You don’t need any special skill. Just some basic balance and bike-riding skills are enough. These bikes have excellent suspensions that let them stay balanced and not topple over.

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    An ATV ride is easier heard than done. There is a level of difficulty when it comes to riding these monster bikes. You will need some practice initially. Given that they are very powerful, you must test-ride them on level surfaces. You feel powerful when on these bikes. Nothing in your way could seem to stop you. Because the mean machine has the power and balance to negotiate these obstacles.

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