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Are you planning a trip to Ladakh and wondering how and where to get the best car rental in Ladakh that will take care of your sightseeing needs? Renting a car in Ladakh can be somewhat sensitive owing to the rules around car rental in Leh Ladakh that are in place here. Learn all about how to go about renting a car that will meet your requirements without circumventing local sentiments.

If you are planning your Ladakh itinerary, one of the most crucial aspects is to get a reliable Ladakh car rental that will not only pick you up from the Leh airport and take you to your hotel but also give you the best cars available here to take you to all the mesmerizing locales this great destination has to offer. You can also use your private car to drive down to Ladakh from your hometown, but can you use it to go sightseeing within Ladakh as well? If not, what are your options and can you avail a self-drive car rental in Leh Ladakh? Know all about what documents you must carry and what you need to pack for your road trip and learn whether your sedan or hatchback is capable of tackling the trials and tribulations of the Ladakhi roads.

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People Also Ask About Car Rentals in Ladakh

  1. Which are the best cars available for rent in Ladakh?

    1. Innova: The picturesque Himalayan region of India comes with highly treacherous terrains which are extremely challenging to conquer. Sometimes big boulders and rocks by the sides of the roads also create manoeuvring difficulties for vehicles at narrow stretches which are very common in these parts.

    The Innova, one of the most common vehicles offered by car rental in Ladakh, is known for its ability to charge up the daring slopes. It is also very popular among fleet car owners here for several other reasons. The ride quality it offers is amazingly good even on rough road conditions. Moreover, this 4X4 SUV is a very tough vehicle and allows occasional manhandles on rocky and rugged patches without any consequences.

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    2. Tavera: The excellent ground clearance that this vehicle offers irons out a lot of road tensions that makes your journey a lot more enjoyable. It is also very spacious to carry your luggage as well as gives a good leg space to prevent cramped uncomfortable rides.

    It is a comfortable enough car available at most Ladakh car rental, that does not wear you too much on this long journey. The vehicle is known for giving the least mechanical trouble, a much needed factor to keep your peace of mind on long trips.

    3. Xylo: This is one of the best cars offered by car rentals in Ladakh for a safe yet comfortable ride on the mountainous roads here. The high ground clearance of the vehicle easily overcomes tricky sections of the roads and difficult water crossings.

    It is also extremely spacious and great for large families and to carry all your luggage. Long journeys on the hilly trails can get uncomfortable but the snug interiors of the Xylo keeps you from tiring out on the long trips.

    4. Mahindra Scorpio: The vehicle has built a formidable reputation for itself even in the unpredictable and harsh weather conditions of Ladakh which makes it very popular among car rental in Ladakh. There have been many occasions when the car has been known to come out unscathed from very demanding situations.

    Moreover, the car’s great mechanical condition will ensure you stay out of trouble on your Leh Ladakh journey and that you are not left stranded in the middle of nowhere. Its make and size makes it stand head to head with other popular vehicles in the region.

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    5. Tata Safari: Journeying around Ladakh is an arduous one and you would want to stretch your limbs while at it. The Safari not only tackles difficult and bumpy terrains like an expert but also makes the journey easy and relaxed.

    You will find a lot of this very popular vehicle offered by most of the car rentals in Ladakh. It can also handle the sharp and blind turns that these hilly roads frequently feature, like a pro.

    6. Sumo Grande: This vehicle, that you will find at several Ladakh car rentals, carries the ability to provide you an adventurous ride on the off road areas of Ladakh. Some of the versions of this vehicle also come with LED fog lights, bull guard that lends it a stronger look, moldings on the body’s sides, roof mounted cladding and storage space, multi-terrain tires. These latest technological features are also accompanied by a powerful 2.2-litre 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine that outputs 140 Bhp-320 Nm.

    7. Qualis: This is one of the best vehicles to use when in Ladakh although most of the cars available with Ladakh car rental are quite old as it is not available any more. Many of these vehicles ply in Leh as well and are quite popular among car rental owners here.

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  2. Where can I rent a car in Ladakh?

    There are various car rental in Ladakh services that offer well maintained, mountain appropriate, clean and safe cars with skilful and experienced drivers. Their fleet comprised mostly SUVs apart from mini coaches, minivans and premium rides. You can book a car at the Leh Taxi stand once you reach here or you can directly call Leh local taxi drivers from an available List of Taxi Drivers for Ladakh – Srinagar – Leh – Manali.

    You can also visit the car rental in Leh Ladakh website to get information about the top operators here and just select the vehicle type that best suits your needs after browsing through the mentioned features, rates per km and driver allowances. Other great car rentals in Ladakh include Car Rental in Leh, Himalayan Shepherd car rental in Leh Ladakh, etc.

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  3. Where can I rent a self-drive car in Ladakh?

    If you want a self drive car rental in Leh Ladakh, you can do so only from some of the major cities nearby like Delhi or Chandigarh. You can also do so from other places near your home in case you are planning to drive to Ladakh from your hometown. You will not find any self drive car rental in Leh Ladakh or even Srinagar or Manali.

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  4. How to rent or hire a car for a Ladakh trip?

    Car rental in Ladakh can be tricky because of the rules related to renting cars here that have been imposed by local taxi unions. You can only hire Leh Ladakh based taxis for sightseeing in Ladakh and there are several ways to do this. Firstly, you can just go to the Leh taxi stand and hire / book a taxi for your trip.

    You can also book a taxi in advance before reaching Leh by calling the local taxi drivers directly whose contact details can be availed from the taxi driver’s contact directory available online.

    Experience Ladakh with utmost safety and comfort by booking: Premium 6 Days Leh Ladakh Sighseeing Tour.

  5. Is self driving rented cars allowed in Ladakh?

    Sadly, no self-driven car rental in Leh Ladakh is not allowed in Ladakh. For all your sightseeing trips, you will need to rent a local taxi in Leh. If at all you wish to try out your driving skills in these parts, you can request the driver to let you sit in his seat for a certain stretch, but it lies completely upon his discretion to let you. The rule to disallow rented car services locally has been imposed by the Leh Taxi Union for several years now.

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  6. Can I do sightseeing in Ladakh in an outside rented car?

    If you have rented a taxi for your Ladakh trip, you will need to leave it once in Ladakh and hire a taxi from a local car rental in Ladakh to do the sightseeing in Ladakh. You can again use your rented car to go back from Ladakh but not use it while here.

    However, if you wish to take your private car with a white number plate that is registered in your name, your wife’s/your husband’s name or your father’s name, you can do sightseeing in Ladakh including places like Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso and Tso Moriri.

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  7. Can I take my own car to Ladakh?

    You can use your own car to visit Ladakh provided it has a white number plate. Moreover, the car has to be registered either in your name, your father’s name or your wife’s/your husband’s name. The same car can also be used to do sightseeing in Ladakh.

  8. Which car is best for a Ladakh trip?

    SUVs are best for the mountainous terrains of Ladakh and most car rental in Ladakh offer them. If you are travelling with friends, the ideal car would be a Mahindra Thar. However, if you are with family, the best car for a Ladakh trip is a Fortuner, a Safari, a Scorpio or any other 4X4 SUV as they give you that much needed ground clearance.

    They are also spacious with comfortable interiors perfect for the long journey in rugged conditions and their great mechanical condition will ensure you are not left in the lurch in the middle of nowhere.

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  9. What are things to carry on a self-drive trip to Ladakh?

    Some of the most essential things to carry are :

    1. Car toolkit that includes a jack and a spanner

    2. Foot pump and air compressor

    3. Extra tyre

    4. Hydraulic jack

    5. A set of screwdrivers

    6. Kit to repair puncture

    7. Cables for jumpstart

    8. Torchlight

    9. Funnel

    10. A rod of some length

    11. Extra headlight bulbs

    12. Hammer and shove

    13. Extra engine oil and coolant

    14. Multiple packets of M-seal, Quickfix/ Fevi-Quick

    15. Cans / bottles to carry extra fuel

    16. Tow away rope of a capacity of around 3-6 ton

    17. A thin cloth to filter impurities in fuel

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    Some documents that you must carry: 

    1. Multiple copies o-f inner line permit

    2. Medical insurance (if any)

    3. Print out of your itinerary

    4. Passport size photographs

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  10. Can I rent a self-drive car in Ladakh?

    You cannot rent a self-drive car in Ladakh. You will need to rent a local taxi in Leh that comes along with a driver, to do the sightseeing within Ladakh. If you bring an outside rented self-driven vehicle to Ladakh, places like the Nubra Valley and Pangong are completely out of bounds for rented self-driven vehicles.

    The local Taxi Unions have formed these rules where entry of self-driven rental vehicles has been banned in certain sites in Ladakh. You can, however, still drive your own vehicle and visit these places.

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  11. How much does it cost to rent a car in Ladakh?

    The cost varies based on the tours and the type of cars you opt for. Approximate costs for Leh local sightseeing is around Rs 3,000-3,500 for an XUV or Innova or Rs 4,000-5,000 for a tempo traveller. You can get the complete rates from the updated Leh Ladakh Taxi Rates website or contact the taxi driver directly for a good deal.

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  12. Can we take a hatchback to Ladakh?

    You can take a hatchback to Ladakh, but there will be certain challenges and it also depends on your driving skills. You should especially watch out on the Manali – Leh road if you are driving a hatchback or you may end up with scratches on the underbelly of your car.

    You may find hatchbacks among the fleet of some car rental in Ladakh which come with extremely skilful drivers.

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  13. Is it good to take Innova to Ladakh?

    Innova is a suitable car for a trip to Ladakh if you have good driving skills especially as you will have to deal with water crossings, landslides and slush. It definitely scores high on the comfort side and so if you are hiring one with an experienced driver, it is a great option.

    Most of the car rental in Ladakh will have a large number of this vehicle in its fleet owing to its popularity with passengers and drivers alike.

    Explore Ladakh by having a hassle free experience. Click here to book:Leh Ladakh Tour Package from Bangalore.

  14. Can a sedan go to Leh?

    Sedans are not the best cars to go to Leh in as you will have to tackle several water crossings en route. Sedans come with extremely low ground clearance and so will require a great deal of vigilance on your part when driving these.

    Get on your bike and be ready for the most adventurousManali to Leh Cycling Tour.

  15. What are the general terms and conditions for renting a car in Ladakh?

    1. Only taxis registered in Ladakh can be used for sightseeing within Ladakh. You cannot use a taxi to go around Ladakh or beyond Leh, if the vehicle has been registered outside Ladakh, no matter whether it is driven by a driver or is self-driven. Once you reach Leh, you will have to leave the vehicle at the hotel and rent another one for local sightseeing.

    2. Minimum charges are for 250 km per day.

    3. Parking, toll tax and state tax are charged extra and as actual.

    4. While all cars are air conditioned, the use of A/C is up to the customer and sometimes up to the discretion of the driver especially in certain hilly areas.

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  16. What documents will be required for renting a car in Ladakh?

    To visit Leh Ladakh and get a Ladakh car rental, you will need to have an Inner Line Permit as an Indian tourist. This will give you access to all inner line regions of Leh Ladakh such as Nubra Valley, Khardung La Pass, Digger La, Pangong Tso Lake, Tyakshi, Turtuk, Chang La Pass, Tso Moriri, and other popular tourist spots in Leh Ladakh.

    The inner line permit can be applied for at Leh DC office of Tourist Information Center at Leh with a valid photo ID nationality proof and a certain fee.

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  17. Which are the best places to explore in Ladakh by rented car?

    1. Hemis National Park: One of the few places in the world where you can still spot a magnificent Snow Leopard. The sight of the animal, if you are lucky, trekking along the forested areas of the park is breath-taking and memorable and makes for one of the most popular Ladakh attractions. The park is home to more than 200 snow leopards.

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    2. Hunder: Use your Ladakh car rental to visit the sand dunes of Hunder, home to the double-humped Bactrian camels. The beautiful terrain makes for a must visit on your travel itinerary in Ladakh especially for the journey to it along the scenic Shyok and Nubra River. The place holds a special significance as it was an integral part of the caravans that used to travel along the trade route here in ancient times. Your ride from Hunder to Turtuk covers some of the most scenic landscapes in the whole of Ladakh.

    3. Khardung La Pass: The Maggi Point here makes for one of the most unique attractions that Ladakh has to offer and one you cannot miss. At this cafeteria, which also happens to be the highest in the whole world, you can enjoy your 2-minutes noodle bowl like never before as you enjoy majestic views of the Himalayan ranges. The Khardung La Pass is also one of the highest motorable passes in the world.

    4. Hemis Monastery: Ladakh is home to some of the most beautiful Buddhist monasteries in the world and at Hemis Monastery you can even spend a night. Attend early morning prayers here, that will immediately transport you to the peace and tranquillity of its mystical charm. Interact with the Buddhist monks and learn about their wise and divine experiences.

    5. Zanskar Valley: This valley lies in one of the more secluded areas of Ladakh and famous for its sheer beauty, breathtaking views and mesmerizing landscape. It is also one of the most visited places in Ladakh and is considered to be a part of the Tethys Himalayas.

    You can use your car rental in Leh Ladakh to get up close with a few cave monasteries and trekking trails here which are wrapped within an awe-inspiring natural setting. The Zanskar Valley also offers exciting river rafting adventures which you can enjoy.

    6. Tso Moriri: If you are on the hunt for a place where you can simply unwind and get rejuvenated, this is where you should be headed. Away from the bustle of city life, the striking color contrasts and stark landscape at Tso Moriri will surely take your breath away.

    Although this is not one of the most popular lakes in Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary, it is still very popular primarily because of its resemblance with the much-famous Pangong Lake. The lake is around 100 feet deep and is surrounded by majestic hills.

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    7. Nubra Valley: One of the most interesting and picturesque places to visit while in Ladakh, is the Nubra Valley. The place also offers a number of adventurous expeditions especially as you cross the thriving Shyok and Nubra rivers to reach the valley. It is also home to some beautiful monasteries which you can visit. Nubra Valley comes under the supervision of the military because of its proximity to the Siachen Base Camp.

    The very interesting Bactrian camels can be seen here and you can go for a ride on these double humped creatures as well.
    Pangong Tso: A sunrise view at the Pangong lake is one that will be etched on your memory for a lifetime. At an elevation of 14,270 feet above sea level, the chill air and stunning views of the inky lake and barren mountains is simply breathtaking. The estimated depth of the lake is around 300 feet and a major part of it lies in the Tibetan Autonomous Region.

    8. Shanti Stupa: A major attraction in Ladakh, the Shanti Stupa is one of the most popular Tibetan structures here. The architectural beauty of the massive structure and its pristine white colour stands out in the stark surroundings.

    You can also enjoy panoramic views of the areas around from here and delve deep in the peace and tranquility that the stupa’s interiors offer. A perfect setting to revive your soul, the stupa was established by a famous Japanese Buddhist, Bhikshu Gyomyo Nakamura more than 2 decades ago.

  18. How far is Ladakh from Manali?

    The distance between Ladakh and Manali by road is 472 kms and the distance by flight is 216 kms. You can take a cab to reach Ladakh from Manali, which takes around 13 h and 36 m. A cheaper option would be to take a bus to Jammu and then a flight to Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport which takes 18h 43m.

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  19. Which are best bike trip packages?

    Here are some of the best bike trip packages for a hussle free experience:

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    2.Leh Ladakh Bike Trip from Delhi

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