Car Rentals in Guwahati

Guwahati Car Rentals Packages

Duration Price
Guwahati to Shillong Taxi Book Now4 hours
INR 3,600
Guwahati City Tour8 hours
INR 2,500

The service of car rental in Guwahati has made travelling hassle-free and has given the visitors a chance to explore the city at their own pace just like the locals. Moreover, one can pick a car based on their time frame as per the requirements, ranging from the number of seats to the type of car and budget.

Our car rental services in Guwahati not only allow you to explore the tourist attractions of Guwahati but give you a chance to go on the most awaited getaway to the nearby popular destinations like Shillong, Cherrapunji, or Orang National Park, to enjoy the feel of a road trip and to make the best out of your trip. Moreover, you can get your vehicle delivered to your doorstep or book a convenient pickup point as per your location. These cars are in perfect condition and come with professional drivers.

We provide the best car rental in Guwahati and ensure the high safety of our travelers along with providing them with 24x7 road assistance to help them in time of need. Pick from a wide range of SUVs, sedans, as well as hatchbacks, and make your trip to Guwahati and its nearby destinations a comfortable, safe, as well as enjoyable one.

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Guwahati Car Rentals FAQs

Which are the best cars available for rent in Guwahati?

1. Swift Dzire: This is one of the most comfortable as well as fuel-efficient mini-sedans available for car rental in Guwahati. It can easily accommodate 5 people comfortably and can carry up to 4 full-sized luggage in its boot space.

2. Toyota Etios: This compact sedan is considered to be one of the most easily driven cars in the hilly terrains of Guwahati. It can also accommodate 5 people. However, for long journeys, we would recommend accommodating only 4 travellers.

3. Hyundai Xcent: One of the most comfortable compact sedans that you can pick from the best car rental in Guwahati provided by us, the car has ample boot space to accommodate extra luggage and will help you drive through the toughest terrains of Guwahati without any difficulty.

4. Honda Amaze: This diesel car with manual transmission is known for its high comfort and advanced features. For a fun-packed road trip with your fellow travellers, you can pick this up from our car rental service in Guwahati without thinking twice.

5. Ford Aspire: This car can comfortably accommodate 4 people and 4 full-sized luggage. The car has an amazing driving vibe and is highly comfortable even for the passengers accommodated in the back seat for long as well as short journeys.

6. Tata Zest: This is undoubtedly considered to be one of the most powerful mini sedans in the category which can provide you with easy driving even over difficult terrains of Guwahati. If you love driving cars with good horsepower and wish for the best comfort of your fellow passengers, you must choose Tata zest from our car rental in Guwahati.

What is the price of renting a car in Guwahati?

1. Swift Dzire: The Cost for renting Swift Dzire for up to 8 hours and 80 km. is INR 1700/-
2. Toyota Etios: The cost for renting Toyota Etios for up to 8 hours and 80 km. is INR 1700/-
3. Hyundai Xcent: The Cost for renting Hyundai Xcent for up to 8 hours and 80 kms. is INR 1700/-
4. Honda Amaze: The cost for renting Honda Amaze for up to 8 hours and 80 km. is INR 1700/-
5. Ford Aspire: The cost for renting Ford Aspire for up to 8 hours and 80 km. is INR 1700/-
6. Tata Zest: The Cost for renting Tata Zest for up to 8 hours and 80 km. is INR 1700/-
Additional charges @ INR 12/extra kilometre and INR 100/extra hours.

What are the general terms and conditions for renting a car in Guwahati?

- The user must be able to produce the original copy of the Driving License if required. A copy of the same needs to be submitted to the representative of car rental in Guwahati.
- The user must also carry an original copy of either Adhar Card, Passport, or Voter ID and share the same with the representative for producing a copy for verification.
- The rented car must be handled with care and returned in the exact same condition as handed over to prevent any kind of penalty.
The user also must be ready to submit the required security deposit, which shall be returned on submitting the vehicle back to our car rental service in Guwahati.

What documents will be required for renting a car in Guwahati?

The user must carry the original copy of the Driving License along with a Valid Photo ID for verification (Adhar Card/ Voter ID/ Passport, Pan Card would not be accepted as a valid ID). The documents must be the same as used for booking. Any kind of photocopy or print on an A4 paper shall not be accepted while availing the service of car rental in Guwahati.

What documents should I ask while renting a car?

The documents that you will need to ask while availing the service of car rental in Guwahati are as mentioned below:

- Original RC
- Insurance Copy
Verify these documents carefully before dispatch of the car and if any kind of discrepancy is found, contact the representative immediately to get the same resolved.

What are the important things to remember when taking a car for rent?

- Remember to take photographs of the vehicle from all sides. Emphasize any part which might have a dent or any other kind of damage.
- If you notice any kind of scratches on the car, bring them to the attention of the representative before taking over the car from the best car rental in Guwahati provided by us.
- Check for the fuel gauge carefully and also check if there is any loose item present inside the vehicle before you get it dispatched.
- Check all the documents carefully before availing car rental service in Guwahati and carry them along with you wherever you take the vehicle.
- Also, do not forget to inquire regarding the mode as well as the timeline of payment as well as repayment of the security deposit.

Which are the best cars to rent in Guwahati airport?

1. Maruti Swift: This 5-seater vehicle has boot space to accommodate up to 2 full-sized luggage and is highly fuel-efficient. It is one of the most efficient cars that you can pick from the best car rental in Guwahati provided by us for your explorations. However, for comfortable travel, we would recommend only a maximum number of 4 people to travel in the car.

Price: INR 1328/ 96 km and 8 hours

2. Ford Ecosport: This 5-seater compact SUV is perfect for those who wish to get behind a highly sophisticated wheel. The car also has a huge boot space and can easily accommodate up to 4 full-sized luggage.

INR 1328/ 96 km and 8 hours
3. Hyundai Creta: This is undoubtedly one of the most spacious as well as comfortable cars that you can pick from our car rental service in Guwahati. The car features a manual transmission and can easily accommodate 4 full-sized luggage in its boot. Perfect for those who prefer comfort over fuel efficiency and compact cars.

Price: INR 1328/ 96 km and 8 hours

4. Tata Tiago: If you are comfortable driving compact cars, Tata Tiago would surely be your best pick. It is a 5-seater vehicle, however; we would recommend you to accommodate only 4 people for a comfortable ride in the hilly terrain of Guwahati. It can accommodate up to 3 full-sized luggage in its boot.

Price: INR 1328/ 96 km and 8 hours

5. Maruti Brezza: If you wish for a spacious yet fuel-efficient car, Maruti Brezza would be the right pick for you from car rental in Guwahati. This can accommodate up to 4 full-sized luggage and comfortably seat 5 people.

Price: INR 1328/ 96 km and 8 hours

What is the best time to visit Guwahati?

Guwahati is a year-round destination and has a distinct speciality in almost every season. However, the best time to visit this beautiful place is considered from the month of October to March. The temperatures during this period are quite pleasant and would allow you to explore the outdoor destinations of Guwahati in the best way possible.

Which are the best places to explore in Guwahati by a rented car?

1. Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden: Situated within the Hengrabari Reserved Forest, Assam State Zoo and Botanical Garden in the largest zoo throughout Northeast India. If you are travelling to Guwahati with your family or a wildlife admirer, this is surely one of the best places to visit for you. Assam State Zoo is home to some of the most majestic animals, birds, as well as reptiles. It is one of the best places to rejoice in nature and get to admire the Royal Bengal Tiger, Black Panther, Asiatic lion, and much more.

2. Nameri National Park: If you are really in search of a peaceful getaway amidst untouched nature and a serene environment, you surely need to head towards Nameri National Park. The Park is lined with a diverse fauna, amidst an array of mesmerising lakes. The best part is that this national park is connected with Guwahati through a picturesque pass, which is perfect for a road trip. Some of the most popular animals that you may get to capture at this National Park include Elephants, Rhinos, Hornbills, and Deer.

3. Kamakhya Temple: This is one of the oldest temples of Guwahati and also amongst one of the most visited shrines throughout Northeast India. Kamakhya Temple Complex is situated over the Nilachal hill which has 6 historic monuments as well as temples within it. The artistic sculptures present within the complex and the natural beauty that surrounds the complex. The best time to visit this temple is during Durga Puja, which calls for large scale celebrations and festivities.

4. Assam State Museum: Assam State Museum is the oldest as well as the biggest museum throughout Northeast India. It is popular for its humongous collection of antiquities. If you are even a bit into history and wish to know about the culture of Assam in the best way possible, it is a must for you to spend some time at this museum. Some of the most important collections in the museum include Sculptures, Natural History, Paintings, artefacts, as well as Epigraphy, which depicts the heritage of Assam in the best way possible.

5. Guwahati Planetarium: This is definitely one of the most visited places in the whole of Guwahati by tourists as well as locals alike. This planetarium takes the visitors to a completely different world of celestial beauty. Not only it is a perfect place to visit the unique ongoings in outer space but also holds a number of installations and exhibitions that would help you know more about our mysterious universe. If you are planning a trip to Guwahati with your children, you surely cannot miss out on this amazing place.

6. Nehru Park: If all you want to do is take a break from your hectic itinerary and relax your body as well as mind, all you need to do is head towards this beautifully scenic park, situated in the heart of Guwahati. The Park has thousands of lush green trees and features various dancing sculptures that would soothe your body as well as mind. Just spend some time exploring the rock garden and the mastic open-air theatre, and take a walk along with the blooming flowers of the park.

.Which are the best places for weekend getaways from Guwahati by a rented car?

1. Shillong: Loaded with endless pine trees and lush green hilly landscape, Shillong is one of the most beautiful cities throughout the Northeast. Shillong houses some of the most beautiful waterfalls, lakes, as well as monasteries of the country. Apart from its natural beauty, Shillong is also popular for its timeless museums. Some of the must-visit tourist attractions of Shillong include Shillong Peak & View Point, Umiam Lake, Don Bosco Museum, Elephant Falls, Laitlum Canyons and Sweet Falls. Also, if you are into shopping, do not forget to spend some time exploring the Police Bazaar.

Best Time to Visit: March - June
Distance from Guwahati: 99 Kilometres

2. Kaziranga National Park: Kaziranga National Park is undoubtedly one of the most unique protected areas of India, spreading across the Brahmaputra River, with wetlands, forests, and grasslands. It’s home to some of the most majestic wildlife on this planet, including the mighty tiger, elephants, as well as rhinos. Due to its unique landscape as well as wildlife diversity, it is one of the best places for adventure lovers to admire the wild creatures in their natural abode. You can take up a few jungle safaris to admire the untouched nature and explore a completely different world.

Best Time to Visit: November - April
Distance from Guwahati: 192 Kilometres

3. Cherrapunjee: Situated in the beautiful state of Meghalaya, Cherrapunji is popularly known as the place which receives the highest rainfall in the country. Cherrapunji is also home to the double-decker living root bridges, which you surely will not get to admire anywhere else in the world. If you wish to spend some time amidst beautiful nature and wish to take up some adventurous outdoor activities like hiking and camping, you certainly need to visit Cherrapunji. It is also home to the fourth highest waterfall in India, The Seven Sisters Waterfalls; and also boasts various tourist destinations.

Best Time to Visit: October - February
Distance from Guwahati: 148 Kilometres

4. Nongpoh: If you really wish to admire the real beauty of Meghalaya, away from the popular commercial tourist destinations, Nongpoh is certainly the place where you need to be headed to. The beautiful natural lakes, the hilly terrain, and the hidden cascading waterfalls of this place are what makes it so special. Some of the places that you cannot miss out on your visit to Nongpoh are Dwar Ksuid, Nongkhyllem Sanctuary, and Lum Sohpetbneng. Also, if you wish to get into the locals and relish the authentic culture and food of Nongpoh, all you need to do is plan a visit to Nongpoh’s famous Street Side Market.

Best Time to Visit: October - June
Distance from Guwahati: 60 kilometres

5. Barpeta: This small town of Assam is also known as the town of temples as it houses the famous Vaishnavite Satras. The numerous Satras of Barpeta stand as a symbol of teachings and testimony of renowned Assamese scholars Srimanta Sankardeva and Shri Madhavdeva. The town is also popular for its natural beauty and as a gateway to the popular Manas National Park. Some of the most popular tourist attractions of Barpeta include Barpeta Satra, Sundariya Satra, Banks of Brahmaputra River, and the Beki River.

Best Time to Visit: October - March
Distance from Guwahati: 95 Kilometres

6. Orang National Park: Situated on the banks of Majestic Brahmaputra River, Orang National Park is the oldest game reserve in the state of Assam. The Orang National Park is popular due to the great density of one-horned Indian Rhinos and the Royal Bengal Tigers. Apart from the majestic wild animals, Orang National Park also houses beautiful flora, exotic birds, as well as a variety of beautiful fish. An open-air safari into this amazing National Reserve will allow you to admire some of the most magnificent birds like woodpeckers, fishing eagles, white pelicans and various others.

Best Time to Visit: October - April
Distance from Guwahati: 109 Kilometres

7. Jowai: Jowai features some of the most mesmerising natural views. This small town boasts endless waterfalls, lakes, as well as lush green valleys. Some of the most popular tourist destinations that you can plan to visit on your trip to Jowai are Tyrshi Falls, Umlawan Cave, Krang Suri Falls, Nartiang Monoliths, Jaintia Hills, and Lalong Park. If you are a hardcore non-veg lover, this place will surely turn out to be heaven for you, for its authentic fish and pork dishes.

Best Time to Visit:
Distance from Guwahati: 160 Kilometres

Guwahati Car Rentals Reviews

Indra Mahajan
Reviewed: 17 Feb 2020
Guwahati has many famous places like Kamakhya Devi temple, science museum, and many more. It would be quite difficult to change the cab from one stop to the other. But we are glad that we found this package through Thrillophilia and we are able to visit all the main spots with hassle-free and in a v... Read More
Chandini Desai
Reviewed: 26 Feb 2020
The road to Shillong is good, we enjoyed it very much, By the way, the transport and driver also good.
Shresthi Bandopadhyay
Reviewed: 15 Feb 2020
We start our journey to Shillong by hiring the taxi from Thrillophilia, the road is fascinating and the journey was awesome so thrill by the curvy road and at the same time fun. What an excellent feeling on this journey.
Giriraaj Somayaji
Reviewed: 12 Dec 2019
Don't miss Guwahati if you are traveling around Assam. This is the best tour as the booking is easy and the price is affordable and as well you would get to cover all the main attractions of the place in just a day tour in a comfortable car with a skillful-driver. An amazing sight along the way the ... Read More
Bhagavaan Shah
Reviewed: 12 Dec 2019
Reasonable price of booking the taxi online through Thrillophilia. Just need to show the confirmation voucher to the driver and enjoyed the journey, my family and I had an awesome experience like never before on this journey. Along the way with great sceneries of the rivers, lakes, and villages. Ama... Read More
Ravi Khatri
Reviewed: 17 Feb 2020
I visit Shillong by this taxi, The company provide good condition taxi with a supportive-driver. On our journey along the way the roadsides were full of natural beauty, good roads, the traffic was less. we took 2-breaks the first stop was at Nongpoh for lunch and the second stop at Umiam lake and we... Read More

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