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If you want to sail away in the middle of the ocean under the clear blue skies, travelling via a cruise from Chennai is an excellent option. The cruises which ply from Chennai Port are Jalesh Cruise, CroisiEurope and government run passenger ships. The three major routes are Chennai-Andaman Islands; Chennai- Trincomalee - Colombo - Kochi - Goa – Bombay; Chennai-High seas-Trincomalee- Chennai.

The cost of sailing in a cruise ship from Chennai Port ranges between Rs 3000-Rs 30000. There are different categories of accommodation available for the travellers. The expense varies with the variation of classes. Private cruise lines like Jalesh Cruise and CroisiEurope serve lip-smacking delicacies at their dining rooms.

Additionally, they also offer numerous entertainment facilities for the merriment of the travellers. Especially Jalesh Cruise has a series of them including live music, exotic dance performances, DJ Night, movie sessions, and spa treatments. There is also a designated area for kids and teenagers where your little ones can indulge in a lot of amusements. So, board a cruise for your next vacation and experience luxury at its best.

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Cordelia Cruise | Chennai-Jaffna-Chennai
3-4 guests


Meals Included
Departure Date:12 June 2021, 19 June 2021, 26 June 2021, 3 July 2021, 10 July 2021, 17 July 2021, 24 July 2021, 31 July 2021, 7 Aug 2021, 14 Aug 2021, 21 Aug 2021, 28 Aug 2021, 4 Sept 2021About the Cruise:Cordelia Cruises greets you to embark on this amazing 3-day cruise starting from Chennai to Jaffna in the laps of breathtaking surroundings where you can have an experience like never before. Grab you bag, pack your things and get ready to embrace the luxurious stay amidst the azure waters. Relish the experience to stay in the aesthetically designed cabins meant to give you utmost comfort with all the luxurious amenities and a majestic view of the ocean to behold.

37 Ratings


37 Ratings

Starting from

₹ 15,099

₹ 12,999 per Adult

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Cordelia Cruise | Chennai - Puducherry - Chennai
3-4 guests



Instant confirmation
Meals Included
Mobile Voucher
Departure Dates: 11 June 2022, 25 June 2022, 9 July 2022, 23 July 2022Duration: 2N/3DCheck-in:8:00 PM (11 June 2022)5:00 PM (9 July 2022, 23 July 2022)Check-Out:8:00 AM (13 June 2022, 11 July 2022, 25 July 2022)About the Cordelia Cruise:The Cordelia Cruise welcomes you to the blockbuster 3D & 2N extravaganza in a luxuriously appointed floating hotel embraced by state-of-the-art aesthetics and hand-picked interiors sailing on the boundless limits of oceans with a vision of splendid amenities that one could only experience in a well-developed city. Book your fun vacation & embark on this Chennai - Puducherry - Chennai cruising trip with your folks.Explore the best of the ocean waters and experience a lavish stay in the well-maintained cabins of this cruise, offering a comfortable stay along with various luxurious amenities, to make your stay memorable here.How to reach?The cruise sails from Rajaji Salai Port, the famous port of Chennai. Arrive at the port of Chennai which is located at a distance of 25 km from Chennai's international as well as domestic airports, 3.8 km from the Chennai central railway station and around 4 km from the Egmore bus stand.Note: The departure location of Cordelia Cruise might change depending on the weather conditions.

33 Ratings


33 Ratings

Starting from

₹ 40,500

₹ 26,716 per Adult

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Cordelia Cruise | Visakhapatnam - Puducherry - Chennai
3-4 guests



Instant confirmation
Meals Included
Mobile Voucher
Departure Dates: 8 June 2022 ,15 June 2022, 22 June 2022, 29 June 2022, 6 July 2022 , 13 July 2022, 20 July 2022, 27 July 2022Duration: 4D/3NCheck-in:8:00 PM (8 June 2022)6:00 PM (15 June 2022, 22 June 2022, 29 June 2022, 6 July 2022 , 13 July 2022, 20 July 2022, 27 July 2022)Check-Out: 8:00 AMAbout the Cruise:Thinking of going on a perfect vacation on the seas? Embark on this amazing cruising experience in Vishakhapatnam and enjoy sailing in the azure waters of the Bay of Bengal. Embrace an adventure like never before and embark on this delightful 4-day cruise starting from Vishakhapatnam to Chennai. Glimpse the endless ocean views that will fill your heart with sheer delight. Spend three nights in the uber-luxurious Cordelia Cruise with your folks & enjoy a lavish stay in the well-maintained cabins of this cruise, offering a comfortable stay along with various luxurious amenities, to make your stay memorable here.Savour delectable Indian as well as Internation cuisines throughout the tour. Have fun tapping on your toes to the beat of different entertainment programs or take a relaxing break at the spa experience.

24 Ratings


24 Ratings

Starting from

₹ 45,999

₹ 33,632 per Adult

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Private Group Yacht Charter in Chennai



Meals Included
Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: Chennai, Tamil NaduStart Point: Madras port harbour through Gate no. 7 (Opp to The Reserve Bank India), ChennaiDuration of Activity: 3 HrAbout Private Group Yacht Charter in Chennai :Explore the beautiful capital city of Tamil Nadu in a unique style. Travel exploring the jewels of Chennai in a classic and stunningly luxurious yacht. Enjoy a spectacular and star-like ride, exploring Chennai through surfing the waters in a yacht. It comprising a large air-conditioned salon with a comfortable sofa to seat 7 to 8 guests with a music system and LED TV, a kitchenette, a toilet, and a bedroom. Six persons can easily be seated on the outer deck; it is equipped with an electric barbecue if you are lucky to catch a fish. 3 crew members are present onboard for your safe sailing. Enjoy fresh food, barbeque with beverages, and satisfy your taste buds.

36 Ratings


36 Ratings

Starting from

₹ 60,000

₹ 40,000 per Adult

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Yacht in Chennai



Transport Included
Thrillophilia Safe
Activity Location: The Harbor, ChennaiActivity Timings: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PMActivity Duration: 1 HourBoat Type: Samara BoatAbout Yacht in Chennai:Home to Marina Beach, the second-largest urban beach in the world, Chennai is one of the most visited Indian cities by tourists around the world. Go on a luxurious yacht tour with your loved ones to explore the coastline and marine life in Chennai. You can book this tour to surprise someone or celebrate an occasion.

123 Ratings


123 Ratings

Starting from

₹ 18,500

₹ 12,599 per Yacht

Party Yacht Experience in Chennai
Party Yacht Experience in Chennai



Partying is something that everyone loves, and to enjoy a party on a yacht that is loose to explore the sea while everyone is enjoying themselves is a great experience in itself. And one of the best places to enjoy this luxurious partying experience is Chennai. This package for Party Yacht in Chennai brings you the luxurious and fun experience to enjoy your special occasion with your people while sailing away on the waters of the Bay of Bengal.Equipped with plush interiors and a spacious deck area, the yacht in itself is a piece of grandeur. Float past the city of Chennai as you enjoy the wave of excitement going around the boat. To make your fun increase by tenfolds, the yacht has an amazing air conditioning system, a music system, fishing rods for entertainment and BBQ grills for the tastiest food to be cooked and served.Available between 7 AM and 8 PM, the one hour ride allows you to accommodate as many as 60 people on board for your hour of fun and enjoyment. The route of the yacht starts from Chennai port trust and ends at the RMYC club Boat Basin

57 Ratings


57 Ratings

Starting from

₹ 50,000

₹ 45,000

Chennai Motor Yacht Experience
Chennai Motor Yacht Experience



About the Activity:A Yacht in the sea when you are spending a memorable time onboard and looking at the bustling city, while you are enjoying the quiet of the sea, the experience seems unreal in all senses. But this package brings to you the luxury of renting a private yacht for 3 hours and make sailing more memorable for you.Whether you have to pop the special question to your significant other, have some fun with your friends and family, or just enjoy a luxuriant and silent time on the sea, this motor yacht experience lasting up to 3 hours is something you should definitely go for. The yacht starts from Chennai Port Trust, goes into the seas and ends the experience at the RMYC Club Boat Basin.Watch the city pass you by as you set out to enjoy on the waves of Bay of Bengal on this maximum 15 capacity yacht in Chennai. To make your experience more comfortable, entertaining and memorable, the yacht is fully airconditioned with 1 cabin, comes with a great music system. fishing rods and a BBQ grill.Timings: Can be booked for any time slot between 7 AM to 8 PM on all days

58 Ratings


58 Ratings

Starting from

₹ 31,500

People Also Ask About Cruises in Chennai

  1. Which are the best routes for cruises that depart from Chennai?

    1. Chennai- Trincomalee - Colombo - Kochi - Goa – Bombay: On this route, your crusade will flag off from Chennai Port and end at Mumbai Harbour. In between, the ship will take you through destinations including Trincomalee, Colombo, Kochi and Goa.

    Now, you can cruise between two nations across six distinct destinations. Amazing, isn't it? All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) + handcrafted drinks are included on these cruises. Other than this, there will be proposed onboard activities for the purpose of the entertainment of the travellers.

    The major highlights of the cruises running on this route are excursion to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites; Kerala Backwaters; panoramic tour of the city of Colombo;visit to Mani Bhavan, the museum dedicated to the life of Gandhi in Mumbai. The entire voyage lasts for 11 days and 10 Nights. The seven-deck “La Belle Des Océans” which ply from Chennai- Trincomalee - Colombo - Kochi - Goa – Bombay is run by CroisiEurope.

    2. Chennai-High Seas- Trincomalee- Chennai: On this route, your expedition will commence from Chennai Port. The cruise will sail in the high seas to reach Trincomalee and will head back to Chennai Port after 3 Nights. Experience the taste of international cruising standards and indulge in a mind-boggling journey to Trincomalee.

    The cost of sailing from Chennai Port to Trincomalee and back to Chennai ranges between $119- $299 (Rs 9000- Rs 22000). The cost keeps escalating with the up-gradation of classes. Beginning with Indian Thalis to Asian cuisines; travellers can gorge onto lip-smacking delicacies.

    Other than this, there are multiple other eateries on the deck to savour your taste buds. Onboard experiences consist of live music, exotic dance performances, DJ Night, movies, and spa sessions. One can try their luck at the in-house Casino. There is also a designated area for kids and teenagers where your little ones can indulge in a lot of amusements. The entire sojourn lasts for 4 Days and 3 Nights. The ships which ply from Chennai-High Seas-Trincomalee- Chennai are run by Jalesh Cruises.

  2. Which are the departure ports from Chennai?

    On the Coromandel Coast off the Bay of Bengal, Chennai only has one departure port i.e. Chennai Port. Initially known as the Madras Port, it is one of the oldest ports in India which began its operations in 1881. Over the years, Chennai Port has grown into a major hub for containers, cars and project logistics.

    Other than this, Chennai Port also departs cruise ships to tropical destinations like Andaman and Sri Lanka. Only government run cruises ply from Chennai Port to Andaman Islands. On the other hand, luxurious cruise lines like Jalesh Cruise ply between Chennai Port and Sri Lanka.

  3. What is the best time for cruising from Chennai?

    The best time to take a cruise from Chennai is between November and April. Around this time, the ocean is not prone to terrific cyclones and storms. Due to absence of rain-bearing clouds, the sky blooms in blue and enables a smooth cruising experience.

    Since the weather remains temperate, onboarders can also go up to the deck to soak in the sunshine and overall serenity. Although cruises from Chennai Port ply between May –October, these are monsoon months and sea id harsh. If you are planning to indulge in a cruise around this time, get ready for a bumpy ride.

  4. How much does a cruise ship cost from Chennai?

    The cost of a cruise ship in Chennai varies with place. In the case of Chennai to Andaman, it ranges between Rs 3000- Rs 12000.

    In case of Chennai- High Seas- Trincomalee- Chennai, it starts from Rs 9000 and can go as high as Rs 22000. The price varies with up-gradation of classes. The lowest class is on the Bunk Seats and the highest class is the Cabins.

  5. What are the important guidelines to know about cruises from Chennai?

    - Carry 2 passport size photographs, your address proof, government identity proof and a full advance payment along with the requisition form for booking tickets.

    - Travellers should take medication against motion sickness because it is a common phenomenon which happens to most of the passengers.

    - Irrespective of the time of the year, travellers should take influenza vaccination and other immunizations.

    - Make sure to arrive at the terminal 4 hours before departure.

    - Outside food & alcohol are not allowed inside the cruises.

    - Economy passengers can carry a maximum of 100 kg of luggage. Passengers belonging to other classes can carry a maximum of 200 kg of luggage.

  6. What are the different types of accommodation available on board?

    Cruise ships from Chennai have different categories of accommodation available onboard.

    1. Chennai to Andaman:
    - There are four categories including Deluxe Cabin, 1st Class Cabin, 2nd Class Cabin, and Bunk Class. All of them are on a sharing basis.

    - Deluxe Cabins are on 2 sharing basis and offer two beds, TV, fridge, table, chairs, storage space and an attached bathroom.

    - 1st Class Cabins are on 4 sharing basis and offer four beds, table, attached bathroom and lockers.

    - 2nd Class Cabins are on 6 sharing basis with shared toilets and showers in the corridor.

    - Bunk Class is like a dormitory which is below sea level in one big arena and is segregated by occasional walls. Bunk Classes have common toilets and showers.

    2. Chennai to Srilanka:
    - Similarly, cruises from Chennai to Srilanka include 4 categories including Ocean View, I Interior Cabins, Balcony Cabins and Minisuite.

    - Ocean View Cabins can accommodate a total of 4 people and offers queen-sized bed, TV, AC, fridge, private shower, toiletries and cabin service.

    - Interior Cabins can accommodate a total of 4 people and offers queen-sized bed, TV, AC, fridge, private shower, vanity unit, toiletries and cabin service.

    - Balcony Cabin can accommodate a total of 2 people and offers all the contemporary facilities along with a balcony.

    - Minisuite can accommodate a total of 3 people and offers all the modern amenities. Additionally, it also provides an independent living area and a balcony.

  7. What can you not do on a Chennai cruise?

    - Don’t sit on the sundeck for long hours. Non-stop exposure to the sun and the moisture from the sea water can cause real damage to your skin.

    - Don’t consume excessive alcohol onboard. It will result in deterioration of your health because alcohol can speed up dehydration and generally lowers your body's resistance to motion sickness.

    - Don’t purchase unsealed water bottles on the cruise. It might have been stored in unsanitary conditions and is often unsafe for drinking.

  8. Is food included on cruises?

    Yes, food is included in cruise packages from Chennai. You will be served with lip smacking breakfast , lunch and dinner.

    Beginning with Indian Thalis to Asian cuisines, travellers can gorge onto lip-smacking delicacies at the main dining rooms. Other than this, there are multiple other outlets on the deck to savour your taste buds.

  9. What is the policy for infants and pregnant women?

    Infants must be of six months or more for indulging in a cruise from Chennai. If parents fail to conform to this policy, denial of boarding will take place.

    On the other hand, pregnant women need to show a physician’s recommendation stating that both the mother and baby are fit to travel on a cruise. Additionally, it should also be mentioned in the recommendation that the pregnancy is not prone to high-risk.

  10. How long does it take from Chennai to Andaman by ship?

    It usually takes 3-4 days i.e 72- 96 hours to reach Andaman from Chennai by ship. In addition, if there are delays or halts in between, the entire journey might take 1 more day.

    If you plan to book cruise packages from Chennai to reach Andaman, plan your itinerary for the trip accordingly!

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Thrillophilia helped me throw the most lit party ever. They really have the best staff and the best service!
I was strictly a mountain person before I visited Chennai with my friends. And since I hadn't been to the sea before this was my first sailing experience ever. But to my surprise, this became the highlight of our trip for me. The fresh breeze and the breathtaking views made the moments perfect for photography. It was a new kind of adventure for me. I was a little frightened at the beginning but my friends made me comfortable. Moreover, all necessary safety measures were in place. I found the experience really worthwhile.
I was considering a yacht package available on another site when I came across this one on Thrillophilia. After comparing the experiences and prices, I found Thrillophilia a much better option. We were a group of 12 so this motor yacht was just the right place to party. It was my best friend's birthday after all. And really, it was the most happening birthday bash any of us has had in our lives. When we got tired of singing and dancing, we even tried fishing. I couldn't catch a single fish, though.
I had to throw surprise birthday party for my Dad and I went for this package. These guys are plain awesome!
I found this experience perfect to add a different charm to my honeymoon so instantly decided to book it through Thrillophilia. The representative Somesh who spoke to me was very thorough with details. After my doubts were cleared I booked the ride. It felt great to be away from the chaos for a while surrounded by miles of sea. The overall experience was truly amazing but I was hoping the ride to last a little longer. The ride was so exciting that the time passed by too fast.
Best surprise! I ever get my entire life... the sailing experience was something I can't describe. Go experience it yourself
Best surprise! I ever get my entire life... the sailing experience was something I can't describe. Go experience it yourself
Wonderful sailing experience, the yacht is super clean, the environment there was super nice as has been told to us. Special moments we had there with my family definitely took many pictures for memory, Easy booking, and great service provider
Chidaakaash Agarwal Sail Yacht Chennai Experience
It was on my bucket list to sail in Chennai and this Thrillophilia package gave me just that. Cooperative staff!
Me and my wife really loved cruising on this yacht and enjoying the splendid view. Thanks to Thrillophilia!

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