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Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi Tickets highlights

  • Explore the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi, the Arabian world’s first Universal Museum with over 600 artworks arranged in 12 distinct sequences.

  • Admire the wonderful sight of sunlight filtering through the huge dome, creating a pattern of more than 7,800 stars known as the ‘Rain of Light’.

  • Located in the heart of the Saadiyat Cultural District on Saadiyat Island, this premier cultural institution boasts of a remarkable collection spanning ancient to contemporary art.

  • Fun Fact: The dome of Louvre Abu Dhabi weighs almost 7500 tonnes, which is approximately the same as the weight of Eiffel Tower, Paris.

  • Book Louvre Museum tickets online in advance to have a hassle-free experience and explore its Permanent Gallery's exhibits, which feature fascinating works of historical, cultural & sociological significance.

Operating Hours
Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi
Timings: 10:00 AM to 06:30 PM


Louvre Abu Dhabi
Saadiyat - السَّعدياتCultural District - أبو ظبي - United Arab Emirates

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Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi Tickets overview

About Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi:

Visit the iconic Louvre Abu Dhabi, the first universal museum in the Arab World, where cultures converge and boundaries blur. Located in the vibrant Saadiyat Cultural District on Saadiyat Island, this extraordinary museum showcases a diverse collection of exhibits spanning from ancient civilizations to the present day. Since its opening, it has elevated the Abu Dhabi art scene to the global level, instilling a sense of pride in both residents and locals. The museum spans over 9,200 square metres of area for you to explore, including a Permanent Gallery and a Temporary Gallery enriched by loaned masterpieces from renowned French museums, such as the Musee du Louvre, Musee d'Orsay, and Centre Pompidou.

About the Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi Tickets-

  • Visit the captivating Louvre Abu Dhabi, the first universal museum in the Arab World, promoting cultural openness and exchange.
  • See the transformation of the Abu Dhabi art scene into a global phenomenon, evoking immense pride among locals and residents.
  • Explore over 9,200 square meters of galleries, including the Permanent Gallery and the Temporary Gallery, showcasing treasures on loan from prestigious French museums.
  • Be amazed by the juxtaposition of civilizations, as the Louvre Abu Dhabi demonstrates the interconnectedness of humanity's shared experiences.
  • Enjoy a sensory adventure with interactive zones that engage visitors of all ages, fostering a deeper understanding of art and culture.
  • Experience the mesmerizing ride, "Art Through Time," which takes you on a captivating journey through the evolution of artistic expression.
  • Engage in hands-on activities, workshops, and educational programs designed to inspire creativity and cultivate a love for art.
  • Marvel at the architectural masterpiece that is the Louvre Abu Dhabi building, blending contemporary design with traditional Arabic elements.
  • Indulge in a culinary delight at the museum's elegant café and restaurants, offering a fusion of international and local flavours.
  • Take home a piece of art from the museum's gift shop, where you can find unique souvenirs, books, and artworks inspired by the collection.
  • Book the tickets and enjoy breathtaking views of the Azure Arabian Gulf from the museum's outdoor spaces.

How to Reach Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi?

  • By Bus: Availing bus lines 094 and 032 will take you to the museum in about one and a half-hour.
  • By Town Car: You can take a Town Car to travel to the museum from the Abu Dhabi Airport and it takes about thirty minutes to reach. You can take the Al Falah Road/E12. Alternatively, you can take the Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street/E10 which will take 34 minutes approximately to reach the museum.
  • By Cab: If you opt for the cab service, then it will take about thirty minutes to reach the museum from the airport and will be travelling on the same route as a Town Car.

Don't Miss:

  • Exploring the magnificent galleries of the museum
  • Visiting the exclusive museum boutique 
  • Extraordinary exhibitions



Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi Tickets faqs

What can I see at Louvre Abu Dhabi?

The main attractions of the eminent museum are its art galleries and exhibitions. This elegant museum showcases approximately 35000 artworks created by current and ancient artists. The antique pieces preserved in the museum will startle you with their historical heritage and you’ll feel like moving back to the 3rd BC. This is the best place to introduce your curious mind to the ancient civilization that was present in the early days of humanity.

The ‘Rain of Light’ is the special attraction of this museum. A huge dome has been created inside the museum to filter sunlight and the entire attire creates an impression of 7800 stars as sunlight passes through the dome. The astonishing visual appeal of the dome will take you to another world for sure. If you’re an admirer of art, you’ll get the chance to introduce yourself to the breathtaking artworks of all times.

Can we take photos inside the Louvre Museum?

Yes, photographs are allowed inside the Louvre museum but only at limited places. The tourists can take pictures of the attractions without using flash. To not get into trouble, you can check with the nearby security personnel.

When it comes to the auditorium, photography, filming and sound recordings are not authorized at any time during the event. If anyone found violating the rules, he or she has to face its related consequences.

Can we take food inside the Louvre Museum?

No. You cannot take own food inside the museum. The Louvre Museum authorities will not accept food, beverages, and drinks from outside. However, they have the best designed innovative eateries to its visitors. One is ‘grab and go’ which is kid-friendly and famous among family tourists. Its outdoor seating terrace astounds everyone and provides a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Likewise, ‘Art Lounge’ is a contemporary lounge bar with an elegant roof-top.

Tourists can enjoy their cuisine on an oasis of serenity. Just like the environment, the menus are also chic. Some of the most sought-after dishes are camel burger, fish kibbeh, and vegetarian gyozas. Finally, don’t forget to try one of the first-class coffees in the world, which are sure to sweep you right away.

What is the theme of Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi?

This great masterpiece embraces the theme of duality, looking back and towards the future, encompassing both East and West. This theme is reflected from every part of the museum, through its paintings, antiques, and vibrant galleries.

In addition, it is regarded as the universal museum in the Arab world, focusing on what unites us: the story of human creativity that transcends individual cultures or civilisations, times or places. Thus, for all kinds of tourists, this place is nothing but a landscape filled with all man-made wonders depicting ancient times and the future world at the same time.

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