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Aventura Park highlights

  • Test your agility and strength on 80+ activities including challenges like ziplining, ropes climbing, and Tarzan swings in Aventura Park.

  • Experience the thrill of soaring through the air on Aventura Park's zip lines offering panoramic views of the stunning Dubai landscape.

  • Challenge yourself at Extreme and complete a 25-meter Tarzan jump circuit that is often regarded as the most difficult activity of Aventura Park.

  • Explore the park's adventure trails, which curve through lush greenery and offer chances to see native wildlife while navigating obstacles and natural terrain.

  • Immerse in a range of family-friendly activities, including mini rope courses and nature walks.

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Aventura Park Dubai
Timings: 02:00 PM to 09:00 PM
Timings: 10:00 AM to 09:00 PM


Aventura Parks
Mushrif Park - Gate 1، POB 30929 - Mushrif - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Aventura Park cancellation_policy

  • If cancellation is made 1 days before the date of travel, total booking cost will be charged as cancellation fees.
  • If cancellation is made within 1 days before the date of travel, total booking cost will be charged as cancellation fees.
  • In the event of unforeseen weather conditions, union issues, government restrictions, or any other circumstances beyond human control, certain trips or activities may be cancelled. In such cases, alternate feasible options will be provided. However, a cash refund will not be available.
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Aventura Park overview

About Aventura Park, Dubai:

Aventura Park is the largest adventure park in Dubai and is housed in the stunning Ghaf tree forest spanning over 35,000 square metres. It's a haven for adventure enthusiasts of all ages, some exciting, safe, and unforgettable experiences. With over 80 thrilling challenges, including 24 zip lines, rope courses, and tree-surfing, the park promises an adrenaline-fueled experience like no other. Additionally, the park offers eco-friendly practices, ensuring minimal impact on the environment.

About Aventura Park Tickets, Dubai:

  • Get ready for an adrenaline rush like never before at Dubai's Aventura Park and enjoy unlimited access to over 80 exhilarating challenges and activities throughout the day.
  • Soar through the sky on thrilling zip lines spanning the breathtaking Ghaf tree forest.
  • Test your agility and bravery on a variety of rope courses designed to challenge adventurers of all levels.
  • Explore the park as you come across ziplines, swings, rope climbing, Tarzan jumps, and many more heart-pumping tasks.
  • Participate in ‘Explorador’, a fun activity for families with children so that parents can also do the circuit with their little ones.
  • Try to conquer ‘Extreme’, a 25-metre Tarzan jump circuit which is the toughest adventure activity in Aventura Park.
  • Let your kids explore the ‘Ranger Circuit’, specially designed for young children with easy challenges. Parents can watch their kids have fun while relaxing at The Ghafé restaurant.

How to reach:

  • By Car: The Aventura Park is 24.7 km from the city centre. It will take you 26 min to reach the location via the Al Khail route to reach your attraction.

Aventura Park faqs

Do we need to buy Aventura Park Tickets in Dubai in advance?

Yes, it is recommended to purchase your Aventura Park Tickets Dubai in advance to secure your visit, especially during peak seasons or holidays. This ensures availability and may offer discounts compared to on-the-spot purchases.

Do we need to buy separate Aventura Park Tickets Dubai for kids?

Yes, separate tickets are required for children. Aventura Park Tickets Dubai typically offer different pricing tiers for adults and children, with age brackets defining child admission. Be sure to check the specific age requirements and pricing policies when purchasing tickets.

How long are Aventura Park Tickets Dubai valid for?

The validity of Aventura Park Tickets Dubai can vary depending on the type of ticket purchased. Typically, tickets are valid for 3 hours. 

Why is Aventura Park so famous?

Aventura Park is known for being the first adventure park in the Middle East, offering thrilling outdoor activities amidst the natural beauty of Dubai's desert landscape. Its diverse range of adrenaline-pumping attractions, eco-friendly ethos, and family-friendly environment make it a popular destination for adventure seekers of all ages.

What is the best time to visit Aventura Park?

The best time to visit Aventura Park largely depends on personal preferences and weather conditions. Milder temperatures during the winter months (November to March) are ideal for outdoor activities, while evenings offer cooler weather for nighttime adventures. Avoiding peak hours and weekdays can also enhance your experience by reducing crowds.