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Infinity Des Lumieres Dubai Tickets highlights

  • Explore Infinity Des Lumieres Dubai which brings iconic and contemporary art to life through 130 projectors, 58 speakers and an incredible 3,000 HD digital moving images.

  • Marvel at the inspiring artwork while visiting three digital exhibitions including Van Gogh, Dreamed Japan, and Verse.

  • Explore UAE's space journey at 'Destination Cosmos' and learn about the Hope Probe's journey to Mars and the nation's commitment to space exploration.

  • Witness the future of art unfold with "Dubai Data," an innovative creation driven by AI offering a truly immersive and boundary-pushing digital art experience.

Operating Hours
Infinity des Lumières
Timings: 10:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Timings: 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM


Infinity des Lumières
Financial Center Road - Downtown Dubai Dubai Mall Level 2 Opposite Galerie Lafayette - وسط مدينة دبي - دبي - United Arab Emirates

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Infinity Des Lumieres Dubai Tickets overview

About Infinity Des Lumieres Dubai:

Infinity Des Lumières is a dynamic art venue that is the first of its kind in the Arabian Peninsula. The art centre quite rightly puts the visitor in the centre of classic and contemporary art through curated and immersive exhibitions. By using advanced and cutting-edge technology, Infinity des Lumières aims to change the way people perceive art. Visitors can experience popular artworks by renowned artist Van Gogh through high-definition video projections and screen displays.

About Infinity Des Lumieres Dubai Tickets:

  • Visit Infinity Des Lumieres Dubai and step into a world where art transcends boundaries and imagination knows no limits.
  • Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Vincent van Gogh as his masterpieces like ‘The Potato Eaters’, and ‘Sunflowers’ come to life through light, sound, and visual displays.
  • Transport yourself to 19th-century Japan with ‘Dreamed Japan’, where the captivating artistry of Katsushika Hokusai takes centre stage.
  • Set out on a cosmic journey with ‘Verse’ by Thomas Vanz, a hypnotic exploration of the universe's wonders. Witness celestial bodies dance to an orchestral masterpiece by Jonathan Fitas.
  • Experience the "Destination Cosmos," exhibition, a tribute to the UAE's remarkable achievements in space exploration developed in collaboration with MBRSC and CNES.
  • Explore the intersection of art and technology with "Dubai Data," an innovative exhibition created by AI using Dubai's city data as its canvas.
  • Prepare to be amazed by a multisensory immersion. Infinity Des Lumieres Dubai offers a symphony of lights, sounds, and visuals that captivate your senses.

How to reach:

By car: The Infinity Des Lumieres is 2.8 km away from the city centre. It will take 6 min via the Al Safa St/D71 route to reach your attraction.

Don't Miss:

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