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  • Bangalore is the city of dream pipe lining mostly for the IT professionals, but also to the other world of all sectors. In this period of drenched salaries we have something interesting for you which will neither pinch your pocket nor a headache for you. Your workplace and the place where you live should go hand in hand so that you don’t have to spend much time in fighting with horrible traffic of Bangalore. 

    There are various options that could be chosen from. A single room, single bed, double bed and the most attractive sharing basis. The options would not only save your hard earned cash, but also the time you need to dedicate to the room for its cleaning and other stuff. We have prepared a list of budget stays around Bangalore for you, so that you won’t migrate in the lanes of Bangalore. 

    Here are some of the best budget resorts near Bangalore:

  • 01Day Out at Discovery Village Resort in Bangalore

    Day Out at Discovery Village Resort in Bangalore
    • d1 Day
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN128 ratings
    • Discovery Village Bangalore
      Discovery Village Bangalore

    About the Activity

    • As soon as you come to the Discovery Village Resort, there is no dearth of activities to keep you occupied on your time. 
    • Whether on an outing with family, friends or colleagues, it always brings in the fun and delight. 
    • With its combination of modern amenities and the balmy joys of warm hospitality, this getaway offers a spacious amphitheater that hosts several programs, food court that serves delicious cuisines, or the different activity zones that keeps the group members immersed in endless fun and excitement.
    • Enjoy a refreshing dip at the pool or take part in various indoor and outdoor activities that will keep you excited and energized. 
    • The kids need not worry about getting bored at this resort, for it has dedicated learning zones to facilitate their learning and thought processes
    • This activity mainly caters to corporate groups and a maximum of 15 people can avail this tour. 

  • 02Guhantara Resort

    Guhantara Resort

    Guhantara Resort comprises of a cave like premises that enables the visitors to feel and experience the adventure of living in wild. Guhantara Resort promotes the eco-friendly style of living by providing various natural activities.


    ·   Tunnel Trekking

    ·   Billiards

    ·   Carom, table tennis and chess

    ·   Horse and bicycle ride

    ·   Archery

    ·   Burma loops

    ·   Paint ball

    ·   Quad Bike rides

    ·   Zip line

    ·    Liquor lounge

    ·   Lavishing Spa

    Prices: It offers privilege package, day out package, and full day package and the prices range from Rs. 1650 to Rs. 1750.

    Location: In order to take advantages of these services, visitors have to visit Nowkal Palya, Kaggalipura. 

    Day Out at Guhantara,the Underground Resort - Flat 18% off

    Day Out at Guhantara,the Underground Resort - Flat 18% off

    NNNNN4418 Ratings

    d1 DaylBangalore


    Starting from


  • 03Day Out at Shilhaandara Resort - Flat 18% off

    Day Out at Shilhaandara Resort - Flat 18% off
    • d1 Day
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN1753 ratings
    • Shilhaandara Resort
      Shilhaandara Resort

    About the Activity:

    Guest are requested to carry instant confirmation of your booking as a hard copy.

    • Day out at Shilhaandara Resort for a rejuvenating experience with friends and family!
    • Situated at the foothills of Ramnagara rocks, surrounded with flush greenery, it is bound to speak with the nature enthusiast in you.
    • In order to reach the natural, rocky resort, the distance from Bangalore to resort is 55 km and you can head  to resort in 1 hour 30 minute drive for a delightful day out.
    • Amenities at the resort include swimming pool, and you can also get engaged in various indoor & outdoor activities. Activities like paintball, zorbing,rope course can also be availed at an extra cost. 
    • One of the very few resorts around Bangalore where there is facility of rain dance with DJ. Enjoy the exciting rain dance session with friends and family and get ready to shake a leg while grooving to the tracks of DJ.
    • Check in timings are flexible however breakfast is served between 8am-10am and Lunch would be served at 1PM and check out will be at 5:30PM
    • Day out offers different packages both on weekday and weekends. 

  • 04Day Outing at Windflower Prakruthi Resort - Flat 20% Off

    Day Outing at Windflower Prakruthi Resort - Flat 20% Off
    • d1 Day
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN1503 ratings
    • Windflower Prakruthi Resort & Spa, Bangalore
      Windflower Prakruthi Resort & Spa, Bangalore
    • 1,150

    About the Activity:

    Get instant confirmation of your booking.

    • The well-manicured setting of the Windflower Prakruthi Resort beckons all for the most refreshing day outing.
    • Avail the indoor and outdoor facilities and take part in games like Cricket, Football, Carrom and Chess.
    • Relax and laze around the inviting swimming pool even as  lunch is soon served.
    • An array of optional adventure games such as BMX Challenge, Paintball, Zorbing, and ATV rides is bound to excite enthusiasts.
    • Activities like Zorbing are available to kids at an additional cost. 
    • The charming settings make it ideal to host team building exercises as well.
    • Check-in time for With Breakfast package is 8:30 a.m.
    • Check-in time for Without Breakfast package is 10:30 a.m.
    • Check-out time will be 5:30 p.m

    NOTE: Below listed activities can be availed at an extra price as mentioned.

    ATV ride- INR 350 + 12.36% tax
    Zorbing - INR 170 +12.36% tax
    Cycling - INR 100 per cycle per hour
    Rope activity - INR 300 + 12.36% tax
  • 05Day Out at Jain Farms, Bangalore - Flat 50% Off

    Day Out at Jain Farms, Bangalore - Flat 50% Off
    • d1 Day
    • lKrishnagiri
    • NNNNN1555 ratings
    • Jain Farms, Bangalore
      Jain Farms, Bangalore

    About the Activity:

    Get instant booking confirmation voucher.

    • A serene getaway in the bounds of nature, Jain Farms is located only 44km from the main city. Perfect for those much needed weekend getaways or day outings, its strength lies in its tranquil spaces which have been carefully designed keeping eco-friendly values in mind. 
    • The sprawling and spacious lawns have been carefully manicured to lend a feel of serenity.
    • The greenery around will surely humble and refresh you to no end and coupled with tranquil ambiance, is a heady mixture of peace and joy. 
    • The gorgeous naturally beautiful surroundings of Jain Farms Resort offers up the most exciting of activities regardless you are on a day outing with friends, family members or colleagues. 
    • There is something for everyone at this resort, it is alsoa perfect ground venue for hosting various public and private parties and events. A beautifully equipped amphitheater with a seating capacity of around 2,500 members, facilities for indoor and outdoor games is the perfect venue to host family get togethers and corporate presentations alike.
    • The sprawling greens of the well designed and stocked cricket ground is great to have little league matches or playful one on ones! For the bookworms, there is a well-stocked library where you can gain and exchange thoughts, these are just some of beautiful amenities that you can avail at Jain Farms.
    • In addition to all the delights, the farmhouse also offers ample opportunities and facilities to participate in team building, theme based and corporate outbound learning activities. 
    • Over the years, it has also earned the fame of being a popular host to school picnics and other similar events.
    • Check in time for this package is 8:30 AM and check out time is 6:00 PM. 
  • 06RD’s Nature Retreat

    RD’s Nature Retreat

    Unleash the love of nature by choosing RD’s Nature Retreat for your adventurous and eco-friendly stay. Staying at RD’s Nature Retreat will enable the visitors to hear the jungle beats and experience the naïve life of the jungle.


    ·   Day packages conduct activities for the entire day and provides complimentary services

    ·   Stay packages provide jungle camps along with adventurous activities and complimentary services

    ·   Trekking

    ·   Boating

    ·   Artificial rain

    ·   Indoor-outdoor games

    ·   Convention hall

    ·   Bird watching

    Prices: Prices depend on the packages chosen by the visitors.  It ranges from Rs. 650 per person for day package to Rs. 2000 per person for stay packages.

    Location: RD’s Nature Retreat is located at Shivanahalli Village, Bangalore. 

    Day Out at Rd Nature Retreat - Flat 20% Off

    Day Out at Rd Nature Retreat - Flat 20% Off

    NNNNN681 Ratings

    d1 DaylBangalore


    Starting from


  • 07Day Out at Golden Palms - Flat 20% Off

    Day Out at Golden Palms - Flat 20% Off
    • d1 Day
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN944 ratings
    • The Golden Palms Hotel & Spa, Bangalore
      The Golden Palms Hotel & Spa, Bangalore

    About the activity: 

    • Enjoy a fun day out at the architectural marvels of Golden Palms Resort in Bangalore and spend a day participating in a wide array of activities and relaxation.
    • Participate in the various indoor and outdoor games such as squash, table tennis, billiards, snooker, chess, carom, badminton, cricket, and football and water volleyball.
    • Lounge in the luxury resorts swimming pool and gear up for a series of exciting activities that will keep you on your toes.
    • Enjoy delicious food prepared by the country’s top chefs and end your exciting day out at Golden Palms with a delicious hi-tea. 
    • Check in time for the with breakfast package is 8:30 AM and check out time is 6:00 PM.
    • Check in time for without breakfast package is 9:30 AM and check out time is 6:00 PM.
    Golden palms offers Sunday Brunch on all sundays  where package includes- Welcome Drinks, Brunch at Café Solaire Restaurant, Swimming Pool & Sports (Tennis, Badminton, table tennis, billiard, snooker, squash, chess, carom & Table soccer) & Fun Activities. Check in : 10:00 AM and Check out time is 6:00 PM

  • 08Day Out at Holiday Village Resort - Flat 25% Off

    Day Out at Holiday Village Resort - Flat 25% Off
    • d1 Day
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN938 ratings
    • Holiday Village, Bangalore
      Holiday Village, Bangalore

    About the Activity:

    Get instant booking confirmation voucher.

    • Located off Kanakapura Road, the beauty of this resort lies in its salubrious location and carefully-designed luxury rooms.
    • Get sporty with a wide range of indoor and outdoor games like Table Tennis, Beach Volleyball, Carrom, Throwball, Football, Badminton, and many more to kick-start the exciting day.
    • Never have a dull moment in the entire day with the fun-filled Water Polo and Sumo Wrestling, or lounge around the swimming pool after a delicious lunch.
    • Show off your moves at the discotheque which is thrown open for an hour.
    • Enrich the spirit of teamwork among colleagues by participating in various optional team building activities.
    • Check in time for the package with breakfast in 8:30 AM and check out time is 6:00 PM 
    • Check in time for the package without breakfast in  9:30 AM and check out time is 6:00 PM 

  • 09Day Out at Vana Resort in Bangalore - Flat 25% Off

    Day Out at Vana Resort in Bangalore - Flat 25% Off
    • d1 Day
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN361 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 7683456

    About the Activity: 

    • The sought after day outing at Vana Resort provides Ayurvedic therapies alongside engrossing indoor and outdoor activities packed with fun and frolic.
    • Starting with Chess, Carrom, Table Tennis, Darts and an array of indoor games to outdoor games like Sand Volleyball, Throwball, Badminton, Basketball and Cricket will keep the members soaked in the excitement.
    • Unwind after lunch and embark on the relaxing organic tour and mini forest trekking within the serene vicinity for some much-needed rejuvenation.
    • Laze around in the swimming pool and indulge in optional team building activities.
    • High-tea is served, following which members depart the resort after a replenishing day.
    • Check in time for the with breakfast package is 8:30 AM and check out time is 6:00 PM 
    • Check in time for the without breakfast package is 11:30 AM and check out time is 6:00 PM 

  • 10Elim Resorts

    Elim Resorts

    Elim Resort proves to be an excellent destination for family outings, picnic, wedding events, and celebrations. It provides a peaceful and soothing place for people to spend their precious time with family and friends. Elim resorts organize activities for all ages. They organize team building activities to strengthen the bonding. Elim Resort also cares for visitors’ health and fitness as they provide an Ayurvedic Spa for mental rejuvenation along with yoga and Ayurvedic massages.


    ·   Conference room for business events

    ·   Party hall

    ·   Restaurant

    ·   Rain dance & DJ

    ·   Swimming pool

    ·   Badminton court

    ·   Outdoor and indoor games area

    Price: The rooms have an average price of Rs 4500 per night stay.

    Location: In order to get to Elim resort, visitors have to go to Netegere Village Bollare port Kanakapura Main Road, Bangalore.

    Day Out at Elim Resorts - Flat 25% off

    Day Out at Elim Resorts - Flat 25% off

    NNNNN291 Ratings

    d1 DaylBangalore


    Starting from


  • 11Guesture


    Are you looking for a place to stay? A place where you can have home-like facilities? A place to move in for months or to stay for a few nights?

    If so, then come and enjoy the warm services of Guesture – A friendly gesture for guests. Guesture is India’s largest shared and managed rental housing provider with furnished apartments with natural lighting, ventilation, and facilities that can make your stay unforgettable and homely.


    ·   Swimming pool

    ·   Garden

    ·   Shuttle service and bicycle

    ·   24 hours electricity  

    ·   Water supply

    ·   Private kitchen

    ·   High security with an eco-friendly environment.

    Price: Guesture has different price ranges for various types of accommodation style, starting from Rs. 625/night to Rs. 1750/night. For long stays, it ranges from Rs. 8000/month to Rs. 20000/month.

    Location: Guesture is currently located in Bangalore’s Off Hosur road, Veer Sandra, Electronic City.

    Short Stay Experience in Bangalore

    Short Stay Experience in Bangalore

    NNNNM39 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlBangalore

    Starting from


  • 12Adventure Village Resorts

    Adventure Village Resorts

    Get ready to experience a green way of living the life. Adventure Village resorts are located in the midst of villages that provides a refreshing environment for families and schools for a school picnic.  It is a good place to have a day outing with family and friends. The Adventure Village resort provides different types of accommodations. It has totally 25 rooms with Tent-single bedroom and Standard-double bedroom.


    ·   Conference hall for family gatherings

    ·   Poolside dining

    ·   Rain dance

    ·   Pool parties

    ·   AC accommodation

    ·   Wi-Fi services

    Prices: It is cheap and affordable for the visitors as the prices range from Rs. 600 for single room to Rs. 5000 for standard room.

    Time: The standard check-in time for the hotel is 02:00 pm and the standard check-out time is 12:00 pm.

    Location-: Adventure Village Resort is located near Pearl Valley Waterfalls, Mutuyala Maduvu, Bangalore. 

  • 13Full2fun Holidays

    Full2fun Holidays

    If you are looking for options to spend the holidays, then visit Full2Fun holidays in Bangalore. Full2Fun Holidays provide relaxing environments for its visitors so that visitors can enjoy the beauty and calmness of the nature. Full2Fun holidays give an opportunity to the visitors to escape the busy city life and enjoy the peaceful and stress-free surroundings of nature along with team building activities. They also have a day out and stay out packages where they provide complimentary services along with adventurous activities.


    ·   Ac and Non Ac accommodation

    ·   Adventure games and camping accommodation

    ·   Swimming pool

    ·   Rain dance with DJ

    ·   Indoor and outdoor games

    Prices: The prices depend on the type of package chosen by the visitors. It varies from Rs. 799/person for day out package to Rs. 6000 for Deluxe and Cottage Rooms.

    Location: It is located at Jigani Link Road, Nanjapura Village. 

  • 14Jungle Adventures

    Jungle Adventures

    Are you ready to get Goosebumps and feel the thrilling aura of the jungle? Aren’t you excited to shake hands with the king of the jungle? If yes, then do not wait to book at Jungle Adventures where you can easily hear the roars of tigers. Jungle Adventures offers an adventurous stay at the midst of the forest.


    ·   Indoor and outdoor games

    ·   Restaurant

    ·   Rain dance

    ·   Pool party

    ·   Paintball

    ·   Hookah

    ·   BBQ

    ·   Camping facilities

    Prices: The day out and camping packages varies from Rs. 349 to Rs. 1199.

    Location: If visitors want to reach them, they have to visit Begur-Koppa Road, Mylasandra Dinne and Bannerghatta, Bangalore.   
  • 15Radiant Resort

    Radiant Resort

    Visitors who want to have a great weekend must visit Radiant Resort. Radiant Resort gives visitors an opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of the silicon valley of India and spend some moments of leisure at the resort.


    ·   Wooden houses

    ·   Restaurant

    ·   Meeting venues

    ·   Ayurvedic Spa

    ·   Indoor and outdoor games

    ·   Club rooms

    Price: The price varies from Rs. 6000 for Non-Ac room to Rs. 8000 for wooden rooms.

    Location: Radian resort is located near Banarghatta National Park that gives an opportunity to the visitors to visit the park. 

  • 16Valley View Resorts

    Valley View Resorts

    The Valley View Resort is an affordable place to stay with friends and families. Situated on the outskirts of Bangalore, the resort embraces the beauty of nature and gives a stunning view of the deep valley. The resort suits well to the requirements of a common family as it comprises of budget rooms, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian food.


    ·         AC and Non AC Double rooms with basic amenities

    ·         Restaurant

    ·         Bar

    Prices: The room tariff for NonAC is Rs 1200 and for AC is Rs. 1500. The food costs around Rs.300 for veg buffet and Rs. 350 for non-veg buffet that includes Chinese, Tandoori, Continental, and South India.

    Location: The Valley View Resort is open for all occasions and is located at Sanjeevaiah Nagar, Kalkere Post, Near AMC Engg College, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore.  

Resorts in Bangalore



Snow City

This indoor snow theme park garners plenty of visitors who aim to escape in the scorching heat by entering a snow house that spans an area of 12,500 sq. feet. The unparalleled experience of playing, sliding and throwing snow at each other can be achieved in the middle of a tropical town and you do not have to travel to the mighty Himalayas, neither have to wait for the winters. The freezing hall offers a number of crazy slides and rides with skiing and rock climbing activities. Snow city is the first indoor theme park in the city which is open 365 days maintaining a temperature of minus 5 degree Celsius. The crazy snow box, various virtual snow animals, snow parties and snow slides are some of the features which lure visitors into trying this freezing hangout location.

Location: Jayamahal, Fun World Complex, Opposite TV Tower, J C Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560006

Best Time to Visit: Summer season.

Price: INR 600 per head.

Timings: 10 AM to 8:30 PM on all days of the week.

Average time required to visit the place: one-time entry is for 45 minutes.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Around 30 KM.



If you remember the classic Sholay scenes then you will be amazed to see the rocky mountains of this town that is situated around 50 KM from Bengaluru city and Sholay was originally shot here. 

From Silk farming to Mysore-Pak, from leading into the huge Hanuman statue entrance to the Ramadevara Betta Vulture Sanctuary; Ramanagara is one of the places to visit in Bangalore to enjoy heaps of activities like camping and trekking, and also an abundance of sightseeing option. 

The iconic rock elevations where the dacoit Gabbar was filmed in the cult classic Sholay can be visited during the day where you walk and climb some steep elevations of approximately 400 staircases to reach the top where you will find a temple as well. 

These rock elevations are of Ramadevara Betta Hill which is a part of Ramadevara betta Vulture Sanctuary.

Location: Mysore Road, Ramanagara, India

Best Time to Visit: Winter season (November to March)

Price: Ramadevara Betta hill can be visited by paying an entry charge of INR 25 with a separate parking charge.

Timings: The gates of the sanctuary open around 9 AM and closes by 4:30 to 5 PM.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Around 55 KM



Bheemeshwari is a short distance hideaway in the Mandya district of Karnataka and is situated around a hundred KM from the city on the banks of river Cauvery.  This picturesque is visited mostly for fishing and angling as it is an ideal destination to indulge in such activities. 

It is home to Mahseer, the tropical game  fish along with schools of other fishes and that is why it is called “the angler’s paradise.” Wedged amid the Shivanasamudra falls and the Mekedatu falls, Bheemeshwari lures travelers with its mesmerizing natural beauty. 

Sangam in Bheemeshwari is the confluence point of river Cauvery and river Akravati which enables many water activities such as boating, rafting, coracle rides etc. Kokrebellur Pelicanry is another attraction is Bheemeshwari which one of the five most famous pelican breeding habitats in the world. It is one of the famous sightseeing places in Bangalore that is a ‘must-visit’ location.

Location: 100 KM on the Kanakapura road from Bangalore.

Best Time to Visit: Monsoon season or post-monsoon, winter season.

Average time required to visit the place: one or two days.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Approximately 100 KM.


Dodda Alada Mara

The sprawling branches of a Banyan tree has captured a land of over 3 acres in Kethohalli village, making it one of the unique sightseeing places in Bangalore. This 400-year-old Banyan tree is stated to be the second largest tree in the country and the first largest in Karnataka. 

A thousand aerial roots hanging out from this tree covers a circumference of over 250 meters. Dodda Alada Mara is a well-maintained and well-kept secret of Karnataka which is properly fenced and protected with cemented seats placed beside it for the visitors to enjoy the magic of nature. 

The interesting fact about Dodda Alada Mara is that it stands erect on the thousand aerial root without having the main root as it died out of some natural diseases in the past.

Location: Tavarekere Hobli, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Best Time to Visit: Evenings are ideal to spend at Dodda Alada Mara to enjoy cool breezes and a blazing sunset.


Timings: 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM on all days of the week.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Around 26 KM.

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