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Bali Yoga FAQs

Why Bali is considered as one of the best places to learn yoga in the world?

When it comes to searching for ways to relax your body, mind and soul, the options are endless. For instance, stepping into an island like Bali, surrounded by deep sea on all sides and lush greenery all around, you are immediately taken back in time and into the lap of nature. The natural advantages in Bali perfectly compliment the yoga culture that has grown over the years.

Bali has a major Hindu influence, the religion that gives birth to Yoga. Another advantage with Bali is that you won’t need to search too hard to access a yoga teacher or training of your choice. Whatever kind of yoga you may be interested in practice, it will be easy to locate in Bali. This makes it one of the top destinations for yoga practice and training around the world.

Which places are famous for yoga in Bali?

For most, merely stepping into the islands is a way of relaxation and lower stress levels. To take your strive towards self realization and healing further, there are several yoga centers, schools and ashrams that don’t just offer lessons but a whole community and culture built around yoga.

The top places to explore include:
  • Five Elements
  • Sunshine Yoga Retreat, Ubud
  • Desa Seni Yoga Retreat
  • Abing Terrace
  • Floating Leaf Eco Yoga
  • Uluwatu Yoga and Surf Retreat
  • Kura Kura Yoga Retreat
  • Naya Ubud Yoga Retreat
  • Bagus Jati Yoga Retreat Center
  • Azadi Yoga Retreat
  • Como Shambalah Yoga Retreat Center
  • Sukhawati Bali
  • Kumara Sakti Yoga and Wellness Retreat
  • Villa Taksu
  • Ubud Sari Retreat Center
  • Ubud Aura Retreat Center
  • Village Above the Clouds

What are the best resorts and hotels that offer yoga classes in Bali?

The best resorts and hotels in Bali that provide yoga classes in Bali are:
  • Naya Ubud, Jalan Raya Sayan, Gang Puskesmas Ubud II Banjar Kutuh, Desa Sayan
  • Jungle Room, Jalan Raya Uma Buluh 14
  • Power of Now Oasis, Jl. Merta Sari, Sanur
  • Kura Kura, Jalan Raya Seseh, Munggu, Mengwi, Kabupaten Badung
  • Bloomin Lotus Yoga, Br Mawang Kaja, Desa Lodtunduh, Ubud
  • Om Ham Retreat, Tirta Tawar Road, Banjar Junjungan
  • Serenity Eco Guest House, Jl. Nelayan, Banjar Canggu, Badung
  • Serenity Yoga Lembongan, Puri Kirana, Jungut Batu, Nusa Lembongan
  • Pineapple House, Jl. Subak Sari, Canggu
  • Ubud Aura Retreat Center, 88 Hanoman Street, Ubud
  • Yoga Barn, Jl. Abarawati Ubud
  • The Temple Lodge, Jalan Pantai Bingin, Desa Pecatu, Kuta Selatan
  • Prana Dewi Mountain Resort, Wongaya Gede, Penebel, Tabanan
  • Gaia Oasis Retreat, Jalan Raya Singaraja-Amlapura, Dusun Tegal Sumaga
  • Nibbana Resort and Spa, Umeanyar Village, Seririt, 81153, Singaraja
  • H2O Yoga and Meditation Center, 108 Buddha Way, Gili Air

What are the best places where kids and their parents can do yoga together in Bali?

Experiencing a yoga lesson with your kids can be a whole new level of self realization and bonding. It’s a great way to invite yoga and healthy living into your family. Many villas in Bali are designed this way. 

Popular yoga classes that cater to kid’s lessons include:
  • Villa, The Sanctuary, Canggu
  • The Shala Bali, Ubud
  • Como Shambala, Ubud
  • Soul Sanctuaries, Ubud

What is the minimum time required to learn yoga in Bali?

Yoga is a practice that requires dedication and a lot of hard work. It takes time if you are trying to learn the ancient art. While you can always be a part of a yoga class for a day or even a session, it would take at least a month of training to teach yourself the finer aspects. This is the duration wherein you will be constantly guided and curated to learn the basics and take back some quality lessons back home.

This is the duration when you will also be guided by healthy lifestyle practices that need to go hand in hand with yoga. Some even come to Bali for yoga teacher training certifications and learn the art for a couple of months before that head back home to return again.

Are there parks available where free yoga classes are conducted?

There are a bunch of places that offer free yoga sessions but you will need to register beforehand to become a participant. Most of these facilities do include a natural setting, a park or garden where the classes are conducted.
  • Paradiso Ubud
  • Power of Now Oasis, Denpasar
  • Samadi Yoga, Canggu
  • The Canggu Studio, Canggu
  • Jungle Yoga

Which is the well-known institute which offers yoga classes in Bali?

The best-known yoga institutes that offer yoga classes are:
  • Yandara Yoga Institute
  • SchoolYoga Institute
  • BaliSpirit
  • Zuna Yoga
  • Power of Now Oasis
  • Amrit Yoga Institute
  • Sivananda Yoga Ashram
  • Iyengar Yoga Institute
  • Blooming Lotus Yoga
  • Art of Living
  • Santosha Yoga Institute
  • Shades of Yoga
  • Bodhi Yoga Academy
  • High Vibe Yoga
  • Akshaya Yoga Academy
  • The Practice, Bali
  • Pranashama Yoga Institute
  • Routes of Yoga
  • Awakened Life School of Yoga

What are the best yoga studios in Bali?

Bali has a lot of yoga studios. Some of the major ones are:
  • Ubud Yoga Center, Jl. Raya Singakerta No.108, Singakerta, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar
  • The Yoga Barn, Jl. Raya Pengosekan, Ubud, Gianyar, Kabupaten Gianyar
  • Radiantly Alive, Jalan Jembawan No. 3, Padangtegal, Ubud, Gianyar, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar
  • Zuna Yoga Bali, Jl. Raya Laplapan, Pejeng Kawan, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar
  • Bloomin Lotus Bali, Br. Mawang Kaja, Desa Lodtunduh, Lodtunduh, Ubud
  • White Lotus Yoga and Meditation Center, JL. Kajeng 23, Ubud, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar
  • Astanga Yoga Bali Research center, Jl. Raya Pejeng Kawan, Pejeng Kaja, Tampaksiring, Kabupaten Gianyar
  • Seminyak Yoga Shala, Jalan Raya Basangkasa No. 1200 B, Kuta, Seminyak, Kuta
  • Taksu Yoga, Ubud, Gianyar
  • Power of Now Oasis Yoga Studio, Jl. Mertasari, Sanur Kauh, Denpasar Sel., Kota Denpasar
  • Yandara Yoga Institute, Pantai Balian, Pengasahan - Desa Lalanglinggah, Selemadeg Bara
  • Serenity Yoga Studio, Jl. Nelayan, Canggu, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung
  • Desa Sena, A Village Resort, Jl. Subak Sari No.13, Canggu, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung
  • Ubud Yoga House, Jl. Subak Sokwayah, Ubud, Gianyar, Kabupaten Gianyar
  • Yoga 108 Bali, Jl. Drupadi No.108, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung
  • Intuitive Flow, Jl. Raya Tjampuhan, Penestanan Kaja, Sayan, Ubud

What other activities can be done in Bali besides Yoga?

The Island of Gods, Bali offers all that you can seek of a tourist destination. From outdoor fun to cozy massage therapies, there’s a wide range of offering. Consequently, Bali is considered as a tourist’s paradise – there is something for everyone.

Some of the activities that tourists should not miss out in Bali are:
  • White Water Rafting at Ayung River
  • Bali Zoo Tour
  • Sea Walking at Tenjung Benua
  • River Rafting and Cycling along the Ayung River Canyon Tubing in the Siap River
  • Cycling tour across Balinese coffee plantations
  • Mountain Biking in Nusa Dua
  • Canyon Tubing in the Siap River
  • Parasailing in the Tenjung Beach
  • Underwater Scooter at Nusa Dua
  • Reef Surfing at Legian Beach
  • Jet Ski at Tenjung Benua
  • Flying Fish in South Kuta
  • Underwater Scooter at Nusa Dua
  • Sunrise Trek to Mount Batur
  • Devdan Show at Nusa Dua Theatre
  • Waterbom Bali, Nusa Dua
  • Bali Safari and Marine Park Tour
  • Shopping at Kuta Art Market
  • Pirates Dinner Cruise
  • Monkey Forest Tour
  • Dirt Biking in Kintamani and Tabanan
  • Full Day Cycling at Carangsari Bay
  • Scuba Diving at South Kuta
  •  Kite Surfing at Sanur, Seminyak, and Nusa Dua
  • Three Island Cruise
  • Trek to the Monkey Forest
  • Barbeque Seafood at Jimbaran Bay
  • Trip to Blanco Resistance Museum

Which are some must visit places in Bali?

In Bali, you will be able to hop between numerous kinds of adventures, be it island tours, surfing the waves or just spend some spiritual times in one of the exotic temples around.

Your discovery of Bali can take a lifetime but here are some places you cannot miss on your first trip to Bali:
  • Tanah Lot Temple
  • Tabanan Uluwatu Temple
  • Uluwatu Besakih Temple
  • East Bali Devdan Show – dance, acrobatics and theatricals
  • Pandora Escape Room
  • Kuta Armada Flow House
  • Bali Bali Bird Park
  • Gianyar Ayung River Ubud
  • Waterfalls in Bedugul
  • Lembongan Cruises, Lembongan
  • Submarine voyage, Sanur
  • Nusa Dua Water Park, Sanur
  • Coral Triangle Center, Sanur
  • Don Antonio Blanco Museum, Ubud
  • Trunyan Islands
  • Pemuteran Sea Temple
  • Wake boarding park, Denpasar
  • Tegallalang Rice Terraces, Ubud
  • Ubud Monkey Forest, Ubud
  • Ubud Art Market, Ubud
  • Kintamani and Mount Batur, Central Bali
  • Bali Safari and Marine Park, Gianyar
  • Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, Tabanan
  • Goa Gajah, Gianyar

What is the cost for a yoga class in Bali?

Depending on what kind of yoga you are looking for, the studio you book a session with and whether it will be a group participation or private lesion, the cost of the class will vary. For an average session in a group classes, the price is about US$ 30. It will be a session of about 90 minutes. However, if you are looking forward to private lessons, you will have to pay about US$60. There are a lot of studios, retreats, ashrams and even free yoga classes that you can join in Bali. The opportunities are really huge.

What are the various benefits of Yoga?

The benefits of yoga are multidimensional. It is one of those practices that have been popular across centuries and come down from the ritual of ancient yogis and sages. The process caters to healing a person’s body, mind and soul, making him/her stronger, focused and healthier.

The various benefits of yoga include:
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Improved respiration, vitality and energy
  • Weight reduction
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Balanced metabolism
  • Injury protection and self-healing
  • Better stress management
  • Better circulatory and cardio health
  • Getting over sleeping problems
  • Better concentration
  • Get over addiction
  • Mental calmness/clarity
  • Improved creativity
  • Relaxes the mind
  • Better self-awareness
  • Better immunity
  • Relieves chronic pains
  • A positive outlook towards life

What is the specialty of yoga classes in Bali?

Set in the most beautiful and tranquil nature space, stepping into Bali is itself the start to healing your body, mind and soul. For those who have been there, Bali would automatically mean relaxation and regeneration. The offerings are quite extensive and range from yoga sessions to tantric classes and spiritual healing sessions. In most places in and around Bali, there’s a cultural uniqueness that you won’t find elsewhere.

People here not only do practice yoga but welcome all who wants to learn or help themselves through the art of self healing and meditation. The location and landscape of Bali also compliments the offerings perfectly. Nestled among green rice fields and the view of the huge Mount Batur in the far, it s a great place to find peace and many come seeking.

If you are in Bali, don’t go back without experiencing the spirituality associated with a yoga lesson. It’s nothing supernatural but a mystic feeling nevertheless.

How can I become a certified yoga trainer?

Yoga retreats, studios and ashrams around Bali offer yoga teacher training certifications and courses that you can be a part of. Of course, you will have to spend a considerable amount of time in the place, perhaps extend you visa for another 30 days to complete the course and go back home with a yoga teacher training certification.

Some of the most popular places that offer yoga teacher training certifications include:
  • Radiantly Alive Yoga
  • The Yoga Barn
  • Zuna Yoga Bali
  • BaliSpirit
  • Shades of Yoga
  • The Sacred Fig
  • Intuitive Flow
  • Yandara Yoga Institute
  • SchoolYoga Institute
  • Power of Now Oasis
  • Amrit Yoga Institute
  • Sivananda Yoga Ashram
  • Iyengar Yoga Institute
  • Bloomin Lotus Yoga
  • Art of Living
  • Santosha Yoga Institute
  • Shades of Yoga
  • Bodhi Yoga Academy
  • High Vibe Yoga
  • Akshaya Yoga Academy
  • The Practice, Bali
  • Pranashama Yoga Institute
  • Routes of Yoga
  • Awakened Life School of Yoga

Are there any precautions one should take before doing Yoga?

Yoga should be avoided if:
  • You are pregnant or are at the height of having your periods (though there are special yoga classes for pregnant women)
  • Have back or neck problems, multiple sclerosis or osteoporosis
  • You have a heart problem, suffer from low blood pressure (certain postures will be avoided)
  • You are drunk or high on drugs
  • You are under some kind of heart medication

Yoga requires participants to be in a pure state of mind and you should be able to leave back your inhibitions. There is no age limit as such, but you should be above 5 years of age. In some cases, kids start practicing yoga even younger.

Is it advisable to do yoga if I have asthma?

Yes! Yoga in fact is one of the most popular ways to fight asthma. There are specially designed exercises that will help you relieve yourself off the conditions and get back to a normal life. People suffering from acute asthma especially seek yoga classes in Bali as a remedial treatment. So, if you have been suffering yourself a condition and are planning a trip to Bali, consider yourself lucky!

What other services are also provided with Yoga in Bali?

Depending on the kind of session you apply for, a typical yoga class will be accompanied by:
  • Meditation
  • Spiritual chanting
  • Healthy meals
  • Accommodations
  • Message therapies

Some yoga establishments even offer you accommodation to stay inside the premises and make use of their facility throughout your stay in Bali. This is perfect if you have always wanted to connect deeper with yourself and with nature.

What is the minimum duration of a yoga class in Bali?

A typical yoga session conducted in studios across Bali last for about 90 minutes. The session will include basic pranayamas, asanas and meditation exercises that help revitalize your mind, body and soul.

Are there any special classes available for beginners?

Several classes across the year are conducted for beginners. Depending on whether you just want to have an experience of professional yoga class or be more involved in the art, you can seek a range of opportunities. A private lesson is also perfect if you are a beginner and want to get the full attention of the instructor and not be in a group.

Can I hire a personal yoga trainer for me in Bali? For how much can I hire?

Hiring a personal trainer for yoga is a great advantage since everybody is different and has special requirements. Private yoga classes are completely tailored to the needs of the individual. They are also popular among romantic things to do for couples and private groups who would want to receive personal attention and not be a part of a larger group. Hiring a personal yoga instructor however costs more and you can expect to shell out about US$60 for single person and US$80 for small groups (3-4 people).

Are the room costs inclusive of the yoga classes’ fees?

If you have booked you accommodation in Bali in a yoga ashram, it would be inclusive of the fees for the session. However, there are several other retreats and resorts that arrange classes that even non-guests can attend on paying the fee. Consequently, when you book, do enquire with the service provider.

What should be worn to a Yoga class?

Wearing the right kind of clothing is an essential part of doing yoga. It is necessary that you wear something light and something that doesn’t limit your movements. The common recommendations include yoga pants (could be Lycra or Spandex), light cotton shirts, sports bras for women, yoga shorts and the like. No footwear is needed when doing yoga. It is necessary that you are present in your lightest attire to enjoy and be helped by the practices.

Where can you buy a yoga wear in Bali?

Some of the places to buy yoga wear in Bali are:
  • Bali-Yoga Shop, Jalan Hanoman No. 44B, Padangtegal, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar
  • Divine Godess, Jl. Raya Taman, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung
  • WE-AR Yoga Clothing and Street Wear, Jalan Kayu Aya No. 12, Seminyak, Kuta, Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara
  • OmPure Yoga and Dance Wear, Jalan Hanoman No.46, Ubud, Gianyar
  • BaliSpirit, Jl. Sukma Kesuma No.76X, Peliatan, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar
  • YOGI and BOO Clothing, Jl. Bhineka Jati Jaya Gg. IX No.20, Kuta, Badung
  • Anjali Bali, Jl. Dewisita, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar
  • Samadi Bali, Jl. Padang Linjong No.39, Canggu, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung
  • WEAR Ubud, Jl. Padang Linjong No.39, Canggu, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung
  • Lucky Family Yoga Wear, Jl. Hanoman, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar
  • The Practice Bali, Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong No.94, Canggu, Kuta Utara

I have a back injury. Can I do yoga?

The answer is both a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’. Depending on the nature of the injury, your yoga instructor would be able to help you with the right kind of asanas. There are specific exercises that will even offer help and relieve your back pain and soreness. People who regularly do yoga are twice more likely to cut back any kind of back pain and improve their body flexibility.

On the other hand, there are certain poses that you will need to avoid, in case you are suffering from back pain. So that answer is you can still hope to join a yoga class but make sure that your teacher/instructor knows the kind of back pain you are facing. He/she will be able to help.

Are there any Yoga Ashrams in Bali? Is there any proper accommodation in the Yoga Ashrams in Bali?

Yes, Bali has many Yoga Ashrmas. Some of them are:
  • Gedong Gandhi Ashram, Jl. Raya Candidasa, Sengkidu, Candidasa, Kabupaten Karangasem
  • Ashram Munivara, Jl. Tirta Tawar No.888, Tegallalang, Kabupaten Gianyar
  • Anand Ashram Ubud, Jl. Sri Wedari Km No.3, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar Landih Ashram
  • Landih Village, Pengotan, Dusun Landih, Desa Pengotan, Kintamani
  • Taman Hati Yoga and Meditation Ashram, Jalan Nyuh Gading No.7, Ubud, MAS, Gianyar Kabupaten Gianyar
  • Ashram Ratu Bagus, Ds. Munchan, Kecamatan Selat, Muncan, Karangasem, Kabupaten
  • Landih Ashram, Pengotan, Bangli Sub-District, Bangli Regency
  • Kura Kura Yoga Retreat, Jl. Raya Seseh, Munggu, Mengwi, Kabupaten Badung

Most of these ashrams also offer accommodation. You can book a range of facilities, from budget rooms to private huts with all modern amenities. Staying in a yoga ashram is a great way to spend a yoga vacation in Bali. However, it is necessary that you do the reservations beforehand.

Are credit cards accepted as a mode of payment for the yoga classes in Bali?

Credit Cards are mostly accepted in yoga studios, retreats and even ashrams. However, it will always be essential to have cash handy in Indonesian currency. Apart from the yoga session booking, you might need to spend extra on accessories and miscellaneous fees and swiping a card is not always the most convenient way to buy around.

Do I need to book for yoga classes in advance in Bali?

Advanced booking allows you to participate in a yoga session of your choice and the instructor you prefer. Drop-ins too are allowed too but they will cost you more, sometimes, double the price if you had an advanced booking or have bought class passes. Advanced booking also allows you discounts and special offers. So, plan accordingly.

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