Rajasthan Desert Safari

Rajasthan Desert Safari Packages

Duration Price
Multi-Day Camel Safari Tickets, Jaisalmer1 day
INR 1,949
Real Desert Safari Tickets, Jaisalmer2 days
INR 6,549
Overnight Camel Safari in Jaisalmer1 day
INR 2,149
Camel Safari with Dance & Music Tickets9 hours
INR 3,149
Jeep Safari At Desert In Jaisalmer30 minutes
INR 849
Half-Day Camel Safari Jaisalmer6 hours - 9 hours
INR 1,649

Desert Safari in Rajasthan

Browse through a wide range of Rajasthan desert safari packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book the best Rajasthan desert safari tour packages with exciting deals & offers to pamper you on your desert safari experience.

Providing you a chance to experience unlimited thrill and adventure, the Rajasthan Desert Safari will take you deeper into the Thar Desert where you will be offered the best of everything. Often referred to as the “highlight of Rajasthan”, the deserted area here has been attracting flocks of tourists from all over the world. Letting you enjoy the rural life of deserts, the safaris here come in multiple packages which include stay in small villages and numerous sightseeing tours as well.

The Camel Safari and Jeep Safari are two main activities one can enjoy on the Rajasthan desert tour. Not only one can choose from both these options, but one can also opt for different time slots depending on their convenience and availability. Making sure the adventure does not burn a hole in your pockets, the prices of desert safari in Rajasthan are quite nominal.  

If you opt to stay in the Rajasthan desert safari camp then you can experience convenience and adventure at their best. From well-equipped stay options to an array of safari options to choose from, one can enjoy numerous entertainment options here. Above all, one you have completed a safari and are in need of a place that is comfy as well as refreshing, then these stays come to the rescue. 
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Rajasthan Desert Safari FAQs

Which are the best places in Rajasthan for desert safari?

Here are some of the best places for Rajasthan Desert Safari:

1. Sam Sand Dunes: One of the most popular locations to enjoy Rajasthan Desert Safari, Sam Sand dunes will make sure that one experiences much required thrill and adventure. From adrenaline rushing activities which can be enjoyed by almost anyone to multiple stay options loaded with top notch facilities, this area is the best if you want to experience all of it. Making sure that you enjoy a glimpse into the history of Rajasthan, the camps in this area are loaded with cultural activities. Apart from all this, having its location in Thar desert makes it a perfect spot to try your hands on camel and jeep safaris. 

2. Khuri Sand Dunes: Located at a spot 30 KM south to the Sam Sand Dunes, the Khuri Sand Dunes are the second most visited sand dunes in Thar desert. If you want your Rajasthan Desert Safari loaded with sightseeing too then make sure that you opt for safari in Khuri Sand Dunes. Having a close proximity to various villages, visiting some prominent tourist destinations is easy from here. Apart from all this, here you can try your hands on numerous types of safaris including the camel safari, jeep safari and quad biking too. From sunrise safaris to midnight safaris, you will be provided with a plethora of options to choose from. 

3. Osian Desert: Located close to the Jodhpur City, Osian is a small town known for being home to many big wonders. Famous for its deserted dunes, the Osian Sand Dunes house various desert camps which provide stay as well as an array of safari activities. From camel safaris to jeep safari and from dune bashing to quad bike riding, here you can try your hands on numerous adrenaline rushing activities. In addition to this, the resorts of Osian desert also hold various cultural nights in which you can acquire a deep insight into the history and rituals of Rajasthan. 

4. Mahabar Desert: Located in the Barmer district of Rajasthan, this desert is a small landmass where you can enjoy safari on your own without any interruptions. Falling on the Jaisalmer Ahmedabad Route, various adventure lovers stop for a while here and bash their own SUVs and bikes through the big dunes of Sand. Since it does not offer any kind of stay in resorts or safari operators, the area remains empty resulting in providing a perfect spot to try your driving skills on sand dunes. 

5. Khimsar Desert Sand Dunes: One of the most famous places to enjoy Rajasthan Desert Safari,  the Khimsar Village is covered with sand all over and exhibits a proper desert environment to its visitors. Home to numerous stay options, here you will get to stay in small huts and enjoy numerous cultural and adventurous activities. From riding on a camel back to taking part in horseback riding, the Khimsar Desert Dunes make sure that you do not miss out on enjoying a desert safari. The village is located at a distance of just 45 KM from Nagaur and one can easily find local transportation here.

Which are the different types of desert safaris we can do in Rajasthan?

1. Camel Safari: Often referred to as “The Ship of the desert”, camels are a very prominent part of safaris in any desert. In case of Thar Desert or Rajasthan, camels can be seen everywhere and are treated with much respect. Almost all the sandy areas of Rajasthan offer Camel Safari experiences and the prices vary depending upon the type of tour you are looking for and the time duration of it.

From early morning sunrise tours to the sunset trip in the evening, one can choose from an array of different camel safari tours provided here. Some of the best locations where you can enjoy such tours include the beautiful and famous Sam Sand Dunes, Khuri Sand Dunes and Osian Sand Dunes. 

2. Jeep Safari: One of the most famous Rajasthan Desert Safari, a Jeep Safari ensures top comfort and loads of fun. Not only do you get to enjoy safari experience in air conditioned SUVs but you can also opt for Thar and taste the much required thrill and rush of adrenaline on your trip. Some of the most famous kinds of jeep safari include Dune Bashing. In this, you get to stay in well modelled and comfortable cars which are driven by expert drivers. These drivers further bash through the sand dunes and add more fun to your desert trip.

The famous Sam Sand Dunes and the Khuri Sand Dunes are two prominent locations where you can enjoy Jeep Safaris. Apart from this, if you want to drive your personal cars in the dunes then you can visit the dunes of Mahabar Desert which remains empty due to its small size. In addition to all this, there is an age group which needs to be considered to take part in such activities.

3. Quad Bike Safari: Finding its name in the list of some of the best experiences of Rajasthan Desert Safari, a safari on a Quad Bike will let you taste the speed as the hot waves of air hit you in the desert. Only available in Sam Sand Dunes, the Quad Bike Safari requires a minimum of two people on one bike which can traverse the shining sand dunes in flocks. Proper safety gears are provided to all the guests and you are advised to bring personal safety essentials like head/face covering, layerable clothes, eye glasses, bottled water for drinking and much more. 

What is unique about Rajasthan Desert Safari?

Some unique features of Rajasthan Desert Safari are:

- Making sure that you enjoy the best safari experience, you will be provided with an array of options to choose from, including camel safari, jeep safari and quad bike safari. 
- Taking cafe of your safety, the drivers and camel handlers are well trained by the operators.
- The nights here are cold and the days remain hot, thus providing you a chance to experience two seasons in a single day. 
- Providing you a chance to stay too, the desert camps here are beautifully decorated and let you spend peaceful nights after your exciting safaris. 

What is the best time for Rajasthan desert safari?

The best time to enjoy Rajasthan Desert Safari is around the months of October to February when the state experiences winters. Around this time, the days are not much hot and one can easily roam in the desert on camels. The nights of this season are quite chilly and you might need extra layerable clothing. 

Is Rajasthan Desert Safari safe?

Yes, the Rajasthan desert tour is safe as well as scenic. Taking care of all the safety precautions, the tour operator provides the best of everything, including a guide, trained driver and camel holder and much more.

What precautions should be taken care of before going to Rajasthan desert tour?

- Make sure that you do not have heavy meals before starting the safari as it may result in nausea and vomiting. In addition to this, the deserts do not have washroom facilities, thus make sure you use the toilet before starting the Rajasthan desert tour. 
- Applying oily moisturizers and creams is not advisable as the sand particles might stick to it.
- Make sure you apply sunscreen with SPF more than 50 to save your skin from harsh rays of the sun and tanning. 
- Make sure you take bottled water with you and some wet wipes for your skin.
- Pack some filling and healthy snacks to make sure that your stomach stays full. 

What are the essential things to carry while going for Rajasthan Desert Safari?

- Sunscreen with SPF higher than 50
- Lip Balm to save yourself from chapped lips
- Sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays
- Insect repellent to avoid mosquito bites
- Caps and hats to cover your head
- Flashlight or torch
- Hand sanitizer which is alcohol based
- A small amount of cash in your wallet
- Camera and bags which are waterproof
- Bottled drinking waters
- Personal first aid kit
- Jackets and clothes which can be layered
- Scarves or stoles to cover your face from heat
- Backpack to carry all the essentials easily
- Battery backup for flashlights and mobile phones

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