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  • A number of places around Bangalore are popular for their rugged terrain, breathtaking views and the ability to act as a host for several thrilling adventure activities. Ramanagara, which is located just 60 kms from Bangalore, offers immense scope to conduct various adventure activities, as well as Bheemeshwari and Anthargange.

    So if you are looking for a varied outdoor team building experience in and around Bangalore, the Thrillophilia team has numerous options available. 
    Team building activities play a vital role in improving relations between employees focussing on improving communication, building trust and ensuring transparency among co-workers.

    The Thrillophilia team with its immense experience, have tried most of the team building activities in Bangalore and tested each of these to perfection. We have hand-picked and listed down a few team building activities, each having its own strength.

    Some of the best outdoor team building activities in Bangalore:

  • 01Jungle Survival

    The whole team gets together and collectively thinks of creative ways to survive in the dense jungles around Bangalore. The team members must help each other to get over the fear of unknown in this game. But of course there will be assistance and the activity will be set in a secure background.
    Coorg Jungle Survival Team Building

    Coorg Jungle Survival Team Building

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  • 02Amazing Race Team Building Activities

    Amazing Race Team Building Activities
    • h7 Hours
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    Forget the same old training activities, work and deadlines and embark on an exciting journey of Team Building Activities in Bangalore through Amazing Race Team Building Activities in Bangalore. The activity is so designed that it will provide the employees unending excitement through specially designed activities that are a delight to commence!

    On the lines of the Amazing Race programme, there will be activities where  pace, abilities and collaboration will win. Detours, reroutes and treks all turn out to be a piece of a exciting day in which the teams comprehend a great deal about their positives and purposes of change.

    With this Amazing Race Team Building Activities in Bangalore, you can test your diverse capacities and set out on a brave and energizing voyage. Subsequent to coming to every clue, you will need to participate in an arrangement of amusements.

    The group that finishes all the given assignments effectively and achieves the last destination first will be the triumphant one.


  • 03Plan Your Corporate Team Outing

  • 04Team Building Activities through Film Making

    Team Building Activities through Film Making
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    Enthral in various team building activities specifically designed keeping in mind different types of participants and visitors. Indulge in Team Building activities through film making!

    Learn basics about the beautiful world of theatre. Build your relationships with new colleagues and strengthen existing bond by involving in voice modulation and camera techniques. It is time to unravel your creativity, sit with others and brainstorm on ideas while you learn about basics of film making.

    Live your ‘Film-dreams’ with this innovative approach towards film-making. Post this engrossing session, enjoy a pirates and bridges building session. A workshop that will enhance your decision making ability.

    Post this exciting moments, it is now time for a movie marathon on projector. Make some beautiful memories with rest of the members while you enjoy a healthy-innovative Team Building activities through film making .

  • 05Raft Building

    Raft building is an excellent team building activity for the outdoors brings together the entire team as one. Raft building exactly does that where the whole team needs to get together to build a raft. The raft should be strong and sturdy enough so as to withstand the fast flowing rapids of the river Kaveri.
  • 06Learning and Training Sessions for Corporates

  • 07Cobweb

    Most of the corporate teams in Bangalore enjoy this excellent brain teaser outdoor team activity during their team building activities in Bangalore. In this outdoor activity the whole team works in close conjunction with each other to find the perfect solution to cross over the cobwebs.
  • 08Acid Walk

    Rambling over the crates and reaching out to the goal has its own fun and excitement factors. Acid Walk involves leading your team to the finishing line, while walking over the given crates; wooden or plastic boxes. This fun filled activity, it is the perfect way to unite the team.
  • 09Plan Your Theme Based Corporate Team Outing

  • 10Ice Walk

    This is one of the most exciting team building activities, where you get real time experience of walking on ice. In this activity the whole team works in proper coordination and helps each other to reach the target point. The activity requires proper team cooperation and coordination.
  • 11Pipeline

    Start moving the pipe from starting to the finishing point along with handling and tackling various barriers which come all along the way.
  • 12Exciting Theme Based Events for Team Building

  • 13Transporting

    A very innovative kind of outdoor activity much in vogue in Bangalore where you need to run and be a successful racer by reaching the destination first, but the only condition is that you do not have to keep your feet on the ground.

    By using few crates you and your team creates the whole path on which you need to reach the winning point.

  • 14Paintball

    Get those guns out but use them smart and wise. A popular game with a lot of fun and team strategy to be worked around it. Paintball requires each team to develop their best strategy to overcome their opponents.
  • 15Obstacles

    In this outdoor team building sport you need to create a safe path for your team by overcoming all the hurdles in the way in Bangalore. The contestant reaching first at the finishing line is the winner. But this team bonding game is not as easy to play as it sounds.
  • 16Construction

    All you need is putting full team effort and use the supplied material and make a really fantastic structure which is really creative and amazing to look at.
  • 17Blindfold Tent Pitching

    Here in this outdoor game you need to build or pitch tents to survive the wilderness if the jungles around Bangalore to be a winner while being blindfolded.

    Some of the best indoor team building activities in Bangalore:


    If you feel that the scorching heat of the sun or the tropical rainy season in Bangalore is preventing you from going out, then why not plan a team building activity just for the  indoors. Thrillophilia has organized and planned exciting indoor team bonding activities which are very exciting and fun to play.  

    Some of the indoor team building games are very thrilling and enjoyable that have been chosen by team of experts especially for corporate employees. Realizing the importance of teamwork and team bonding, Thrillophilia has worked upon some really effective communication, coordination and team strengthening indoor team activities.

    Some really effectual and successful indoor team building activities in Bangalore are Drum circle, tower in Hanoi and helium Stick.

  • 18Drum Circle

    This is very invigorating team bonding exercise where you can beat the stress out by sitting in a circle with the whole team. All the team members then beat the drums in much synchronized manner playing rhythmic beats and showing how coordinated they are as a team.
  • 19Tower in Hanoi

    Tower in Hanoi is one such team building exercise where you need to solve the problem of tower building using maths puzzles which are quite exciting and fun to solve. This is a really classic game which every corporate team member loves to play while on indoor outings.
  • 20Helium Stick

    Although this team activity looks very simple to execute, but it requires the whole team to act as one and proper coordination to play.

    Some of the best Ice Breakers:

    If you have a fresh batch of employees and you want to plan an exciting ice breaking session for them exclusively, then Thrillophilia can help you with real fun and enlivening ideas which can help these fresher’s to get acquainted with the companies atmosphere.

    The new recruits can be made comfortable very easily through these icebreaking activities which can be planned through Thrillophilia.

    There are loads of ideas and activities which will help in developing a strong link between the new and experienced employees and making the new recruits feel at home within the company’s environment.

    Knowing your colleagues helps in building strong bond between teams as you feel comfortable working with them. Few of the popular icebreaking activities are Key punch, Acid Ball, Pass D Holla and Head & Tail.

  • 21Head & Tail

    Here you need to communicate the message without any verbal communication; all you can use is sign language with the help of your arms and legs. This activity is fun filled and is bound to bring a few moments of laughter.
  • 22Key Punch

    It is similar to punching some secret code number, but it has to be done by hopping on the massive keypad built on the floor and you need to hop on the desired numbers to be the winner. Although this activity looks easy but it is quite tough to hop on the numbers spoken or displayed and match the speed.
  • 23Acid Ball

    This is a proper coordination game where you need to balance a ball kept on a ring which is being balanced by the whole team. Then with proper coordination with the whole team you need to lift the ball placed on the ring.
  • 24Pass D Hoola

    All you need to do is to pass on the hoola hoop ring from one teammate to another without leaving hands. Sounds very easy but in reality very tough to execute because you can’t break the chain formed by joining hands.

  • 25Corporate Yoga

    Yoga is the best stress buster, so why not make your employees relieve all their worries and stress by a little bit stretching and relaxation postures of yoga. The best part is that the whole team does these established yoga poses together.

    Moreover the spiritualistic aspect attached with is really very peace giving and you feel very fresh and delighted after doing them.

  • 26Themed Based Events

    Themed events are special leadership programs where unique team activities and programs all related to single theme are being held at a venue. The whole workforce does these enjoyable tasks all together and learns new skills like team bonding, leadership, planning etc.
  • 27Endurance Team Building

    This is great endurance testing exercise for the whole team. Shortly known as Endurone, this event helps in checking or testing how much is the bonding level of your team and it also helps in finding the endurance of the workforce which is very vital to find out who puts in the utmost effort and has the never give up attitude.