Nusa Dua Beach Overview

Nusa Dua beach, located in the South of Bali, is the name that comes to mind for having an all-inclusive experience. From enjoying water sports, relaxing at luxurious spas, playing golf to indulging in international dining experiences, you get the best of nature and modern city life in the vicinity of Nusa Dua Beach.

Stretching over a massive 350 hectares of land in the South of Bali, Nusa Dua Beach welcomes tourists to enjoy a fun day out and admire the captivating views of the Indian ocean. Nusa Dua has a wonderful assortment of luxurious hotels, exhibition halls, golf courses, water sports complexes, exquisite cafes and more.

The best part of the beach is its white sands and azure blue waters which make it perfect for people to go snorkeling around the coral ridges, simply swim taking in the natural beauty, or spending a laid back day under umbrellas sunbathing.

Nusa Dua beach is the first choice of couples and families who wish to spend quality time together. You can even choose to enroll yourself in the surf schools at the beach and learn this fun sport along with your loved ones.

After an exciting outing you can head over to one of the spas at Nusa Dua Beach and treat yourself with a relaxing massage or any other therapeutic treatment of your choice. Dining at one of the open-air restaurants and cafes, enjoying the tropical breeze is a great way to conclude a memorable day at Nusa Dua Beach.

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• The striking contrast of ultramarine blue waters with the white sands of Nusa Dua Beach offer a visual treat for the visitors.
• Plenty of fun activities including snorkeling, jet ski rides, parasailing, scuba diving among others can be enjoyed at Nusa Dua Beach.
• The upscale vibe of Nusa Dua Beach is accentuated with the luxury hotels, resorts, restaurants and cafes that line the beach, overlooking the blue horizon of the Indian Ocean.
• You can set up a bonfire with your friends by the sea and create new memories during night time or head to one of the famous pubs for a merrytime.

How To Reach

Location: Benoa, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia

The distance between Nusa Dua Beach and Denpasar Airport is about 25 Km. It takes about 25-30 minutes to reach the beach from the airport. You can take a rental car or a town taxi to reach the beach after landing at Denpasar Airport.

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Best Time To Visit

Being a year-round destination, the months of April to September are the best time to visit Nusa Dua Beach. These months offer the best weather conditions to enjoy the exciting activities offered at the beach.

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Other Essential Information

Things to do at Nusa Dua Beach:

  • Water Parasailing: Imagine being pulled by a speedboat at 30-32 knots per hour while you literally fly over the water; Water parasailing is one of the most thrilling activities in the Nusa Dua Beach.
  • Scuba Diving: Apart from offering a fun-filled experience, Scuba diving at Nusa Dua Beach also lets you explore the diverse marine life underwater. You can get these beautiful memories captured in a waterproof camera by the service providers at the beach.
  • Snorkeling: Snorkeling around Waterblow, a famous viewpoint, at Nusa Dua Beach will let you explore the unique reefs underwater with your family. An exciting activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, snorkeling is a must do while visiting this beach.
  • Jet Ski: For a more thrilling experience, hop on a jet ski and glide over the water at Nusa Dua Beach. You can approach any of the vendors offering this service at the beach and they will provide you with all the safety gear and a briefing to guide you through the experience and make the most of it.
  • Boating: If you are someone who longs to spend some time in tranquility, then you should definitely indulge in boating at Nusa Dua Beach. Many tourists prefer boating as a way of exploring the natural beauty around them because the tides remain calm making it relatively easy to paddle around the coastline of the beach.
  • Swimming: Swimming in the scintillating blue waters of Nusa Dua Beach is pure bliss because of the calm waves. Due to the water being shallow around the beach, you can let your kids swim near the shoreline without worrying about their safety.

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Places to visit near Nusa Dua Beach :

  • Water Blow: This place is located on the small Peninsula Island at the end of Nusa Dua Beach. It is one of the most visited places by tourists in Bali because of the mesmerizing natural creation of the waterhole. This massive blowhole erupts water whenever the current of the water is strong, which is why it is recommended that you stay at a safe distance to admire this natural wonder.
  • Pasifika Museum: The Pasifika Museum is an art museum which is located at the Complex Bali Tourism Development Corporation (BTDC) Area. The museum is home to a wide range of collections from all over the world, you can find works of many European artists who had once settled in Bali here. Artwork of many famous artists like Emilio Ambron, Paul Gauguin, and Rudolf Bonnet among others are on display here. The exhibition hall is considered to be one of the most prominent places for artists and art lovers alike.
  • Puja Mandala: Puja Mandala is a huge complex which houses a Hindu temple, an Islamic mosque, a Buddhist temple, and a Church as well. Referred to as the hill of worship, it is one of the widely celebrated places for the harmony of different cultures and religions existing together. The puja mandala also happens to be one of the most important places for various religious commemoration in Bali.

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Best Restaurants to Eat at Nusa Dua Beach:

  • The Pirates Bay Bali: If you want to enjoy the famous Balinese cuisine in the Jack Sparrow way, then Pirates Bay Bali is the perfect place with the interior resembling that of a pirate ship. Not only does this place serve delicious food, but also offers the most spectacular views of the ocean. Make sure you try the amazing seafood here that is crispy on the outside and juicy on the insides, which is traditionally served on a banana leaf.
  • Sateria Beachside Restaurant: With a ‘Luxury meets Tropical Bali’ decor, Sateria Beachside Restaurant offers a picturesque alfresco dining. Located by the beach, this restaurant offers mesmerizing views of the open sea. Offering a diverse menu that caters to every palate, Sateria is well known for their mouth-watering chicken preparations. Picture perfect ambiance of Sateria Beachside restaurant makes it ideal to enjoy a romantic date with your partner or a special family dinner.

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Best Hotels to Stay at Nusa Dua Beach:

  • The Westin Resort Nusa Dua: The Westin Resort in Nusa Dua happens to be one of the most luxurious places to stay in Bali. The property has got a lavish beachfront view and features five restaurants that offer all kinds of native and international cuisines to the visitors.

Location: Kawasan Pariwisata Nusa Dua BTDC, Jl. Nusa Dua No.3, Bali

  • Awarta Nusa Dua Resort & Villas: Situated right across the Bali collection mall, this resort is something every single tourist would fall in love with. Offering a serene and tranquil atmosphere with no compromise in luxury, you will get all modern-day luxury and amenities starting from a gym, a spa, swimming pools to sun decks at Awarta Resort.

Location: Kawasan Pariwisata ITDC Lot NW 2 & 3, Jl. Nusa Dua, Benoa, Kec. Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80363, Indonesia

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Best clubs and bars at Nusa Dua Beach:

  • King Cole Bar: One of the best nightclubs at Nusa Dua, the King Cole bar has an amazing ambience and an open-air platform with stunning views. The interior of the club is decorated with chandeliers and oak furniture that creates a vintage vibe. The bar offers interesting side dishes that perfectly pair with wonderful martinis and cocktails that are served here.
  • Pasar Senggol: Pasar Senggol is the testimony for the ever-changing clubbing scene in Bali. Offering alfresco seating space looking over the picturesque views of the ocean, Pasar Senggol is a great place for the amazing ambience and service.

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Tips for Visiting Nusa Dua Beach:

  • Do not litter on the beach.
  • If you are not aware of the techniques of water sports, you should first learn it from the experts at the beach and then try out on your own.
  • Wear all the essential safety gears and spend some time practicing with the experts before getting into the ocean.
  • You should follow all rules and regulations as specified by the administration.
  • You should at all times carry enough cash (in local currency) with you when you are heading out to have fun on the beach, as the local vendors may not accept card payments.

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Point of Interest for Nusa Dua Beach


Choose from a myriad of water sports from snorkeling to parasailing at Nusa Dua Beach, to enjoy with your loved ones. The calm waters and tropical weather makes it just the right spot for indulging in these exciting activities.

One can even enroll in the surf schools and take classes to learn this wonderful sport if they don’t know how to surf yet.

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Beach sports

Beach sports

What better way to enjoy your beach outing than indulging in fun beach sports?! Nusa Dua Beach usually remains less crowded, giving you the perfect opportunity to set up the nets and play volleyball with friends and family, you can even invite other visitors on the beach if your team is lacking a member.

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Relax on the lounging chairs at the beach to get into the tropical vacation vibe at Nusa Dua Beach. The lively environment of this beach is a great add on as you are surrounded by happy faces while you soak in the sun with a refreshing beverage from the nearby cafes.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Nusa Dua Beach FAQs

Is Nusa Dua Beach worth visiting?

Yes! The pristine white sand and deep blue water of Nusa Dua Beach make it a perfect destination for couples and families to enjoy a wonderful day out at the beach. Nusa Dua Beach offers a myriad of water sports activities along with luxurious resorts, restaurants and cafes.

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Is Nusa Dua Beach clean?

Yes, Nusa Dua Beach is one of the most clean beaches in Bali. You can go swimming in the waters without worrying about the health and safety of you & your loved ones.

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