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  • The financial and business capital of the entire country, Mumbai also needs to relax and rejuvenate once in a while.The life of the city is such that everyone is always on their toes and the hustle and bustle seems never ending.  Thankfully, being shaded by the Western Ghats on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other, there is no dearth of ideal and relaxing picnic spots near Mumbai.

    The city is blessed with a tropical climate that is neither too hot nor too cold. Being nestled at the foot of the Sahyadris, it is also an ideal stopover for various treks, camping as well as natural escapes. So, go on! Get on your bikes and escape to one of these relaxing picnic spots near Mumbai.

    Some of the best one day picnic spots near Mumbai:

  • 01Essel World

    Established in the year 1983, Essel world has been one of the most favourite picnic spots near Mumbai. The ideal escape for kids and adults alike, it is bound to put a refreshing spin on the dreary routine of everyday life. Sprawling over 64 acres in Gorai, Mumbai, the amusement park is also accompanied by its counterpart Water Kingdom making it the largest theme park in Asia.

    Essel World is home to a number of rides ranging from simple to truly hair rising and adrenaline pumping ones! Located near Kashimira on the Mira Bhayandar route on the Western Expressway, it can be easily reached from the city by following signage thereon.
  • 02Tikuji-ni-Wadi

    A feast of exciting pursuits for young and old alike, Tikuji-ni-wadi, located close to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park,  is one of the most exciting picnic places near Mumbai. At no point during your excursion here will you feel like you are getting bored or tired of the same old. This awesome amusement park has many a ride that will pique your excitement. Zoom through the air over and from between the treetops, feel the rush in the UFO Cycle that zooms along a 500 meters track in mid-air or buckle up in a space ship that revolves in a 360 degrees loop and many more

    The park also has a wave pool, kid’s pool, lazy river and exciting 12 slides of pure adventure. So, keep your heart rate and excitement up with this stunning adventure right in the midst of the crazy city.

  • 03Sanjay Gandhi National Park

    How would you like to escape to a haven of peace and serenity right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city? Sounds impossible, right? Well, it does exist in Mumbai! The Sanjay Gandhi National Park is one of the most surreally beautiful picnic spots near Mumbai. This incredibly green oasis, despite being in the middle of the city, houses a varied and diverse range of wildlife, flora, and fauna.

    However, the park is not exclusively for nature lovers and can be enjoyed by history buffs as well since it houses the rare and precious Kanheri Caves well within its expanse. The national park is also home to a number of species of birds and has a dedicated area called Krishnagiri Upavan that caters to recreational and educational needs of people.

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  • 04Elephanta Caves

    Located off the coast of the Mumbai Harbour, the Elephanta Caves are a stunning network of sculpted caves that date back to the 5th and 8th century. The origins of the caves can be traced back to the Buddhist era but the paintings suggest that they were primarily used for Shiva worship.

    The rock cut architecture of the caves has been hewn from the basalt rock and is mostly intact. The carvings present an allusion into the lives of the yore. What makes this one of the most visited picnic spots near Mumbai is that the caves can be easily reached by taking a ferry from the mainland at the  Gateway of India.

    Best Selling Tour of Elephanta Caves:

    Elephanta Caves Tour From Mumbai
  • 05Karjat

    Located besides the flows of the Ulhas River, Karjat has risen to the occasion of being one of the most accessible picnic spots near Mumbai. Gorgeous natural landscapes, forts, cave temples and mountains form the sights of this escape in the arms of nature. There are various things that you can do including trekking, exploring the cave temples and getting a peek into history.

    The Chanderi Fort, Matheran Trek, and Peth fort trek are some of the popular hiking activities that you can do around here. Best visited with family and friends, the farmstays and resorts around Karjat also present an ideal opportunity for rest and relaxation.
  • 06Karnala

    Commonly known as the ‘Funnel Hill’, the Karnala Fort is a hill fort in the Raigad districts that lays about 10km from the city of Panvel in Mumbai. The protected monument is situated within the protected confines of the Karnala Bird Sanctuary. The fort has historically been of a strategic importance as it overlooks the Bhor Pass which connects the coast of Konkan to the Vidarbha Region of Maharashtra state.

    The fort actually consists of two elevations, of which one is at a higher level and the other is slightly lower.  The higher tower has an interesting 125ft tall basalt pillar, which is also known as Pandu’s Tower that was used as a watchtower in ancient times. Located at an easy distance of 10km from the city it is one of the most visited an deservedly beautiful picnic places near Mumbai.

    Best Selling Trekking Tour: 

    Karnala Fort Trek, Matheran

  • 07Lonavala

    LonavalaSend Enquiry
    Image Credit : Elroy Serrao
    Come rains and every Mumbaikar wants to escape the deluge of rain and drive off to the nearest hill station. Lonavala is one such hill station where all your ideas of spending a great time sharing conversations over a cup of tea with your friends can come true.

    Whether you are an adventure lover, a traveller, a tourist or just somebody desperate to get out of the daily grind of work; Lonavala has something for every kind of a traveller! You can trek up the interesting elevation of Duke’s Nose, Lohagad, Rajmachi or explore the beauty of nature at Ryewood Park, Bushi Dam or just sit back in the seat and enjoy the drive through the Ghats.

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  • Overnight picnic spots near Mumbai:

  • 08Mahabaleshwar

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    Image Credit : Pranav Prakash
    If you want to see the beauty of nature encased in the stunning architectures of Victorian era, then head to the hill station of Mahabaleshwar! Located at the intersection of the Sahyadris and Western Ghats, it is a true retreat that will refresh your mind and senses unlike any other. Drive through the misty valleys and Ghats that can give any traveller the joy of wanderlust.

    Once the summer capital of the British empire in Mumbai, Mahabaleshwar has retained some part of its old world till date. However, you want to get away from the maddening crowds then head to the road that goes from the Venna Lake and cross several colonial bungalows. Stop anywhere and you will see the unbelievable vistas of misty valleys and crisscrossing streams.

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    4) 2 Days and 2 Night Couple’s Getaway in Mahabaleshwar

  • 09Alibaug

    In the event that you are a beach lover then Alibaug is your best bet as it is one of the exemplary picnic places near Mumbai, This coastal town will present you with a few virgin and unexplored shorelines on its quiet coastline. Lying on the banks of Konkan, it is a station that has withstood many years of wars, fishing, and tourism and still managed to retain its spot as being one of the most dazzling getaways.

    Alibaug can be effortlessly reached from Mumbai as it is at a mere distance of 82km. The beaches of Harne, Murud, Janjeera,  Guhagar and Ganpatipule are fantastic in their own particular right. In addition, at Alibaug shorelines you can likewise enjoy various water games like Para cruising, Para Gliding, Jet Skii, Banana Boat and so on.

    Thrillophilia Recommended Offbeat Stays and Activities in Alibaug:

    1) Stay Experience at Gandhar Eco Lodge, Alibaug

    2) Sagargad Trek in Alibaug

    3) Leisure Stay in Alibaug Resort

  • 10Kolad

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    Image Credit : Himanshu Sarpotdar

    The eastern areas of accompanied by the lilting flows of the Kundalika River, which is reputed among adventure enthusiasts for various water adventures, making at an ideal spot for overnight picnic spots near Mumbai. The scenery aroundKolad is littered with various sites such as hills, mountains and several waterfalls that cascade down mountains.

    In and around Kolad, there are various attractions to witness such as Kuda Caves that date back to the Buddhist era. The ancient fort of Tala is also in the vicinity and is a delight to trek to as it offers views of the forest and the hilly terrain below. However, the best way to experience Kolad is to indulge in water adventures.

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    1) Water Adventure Activities and Rafting in Kolad

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  • 11Revanda Beach

    If you want the perfect escape to one of the picnic spots near Mumbai, then head to the beach of Revdanda. The coastline is also peculiar for the Revdanda fort that is located just off the beach, and can be reached efficiently. The fort holds a higher importance in history as this was the spot where St. Francis Xavier delivered his first sermon in India.

    The sanctuary still exists on the stronghold and the ruins tell a story of a period long lost. Revdanda was also the spot where the first Russian explorer arrived in India and a marking on the coast suggests this very fact. Revdanda Beach has a beautiful look on account of the white sand on the shoreline, giving the coast a unique character.

    Thrillophilia's Best Selling Tour:

    1) Revdanda Beach Camping Experience: Playful sands, golden rays of the sun and the tranquillity that prevails in the Revdanda Beach can hardly be found in any other beach destinations. Enjoy lakeside camping in this scenic beach, participate in an array of water & beach sports, star gazing, bonfire and make your own barbeque, and continue with the fun frolic of the day
  • 12Pawana Lake

    A little ahead of Lonavala, lies a destination of stunning beauty called Pavna Dam. Cosseted by the Sahyadri Mountains, it is a paradise of refreshing green beauty that envelops the reservoir of the Pawna River. See ducks waddling around in the pool with their young ones or just watch the thatwaves rock the fishing boats on the water. The Pawna dam is also prosperous with some stunning restaurants that serve homely as well as gourmet food at a reasonable price.

    Make it count and extend your tryst with nature by camping on the shores of the Pawna Lake. Gaze at the pretty stars, chill out by the crackling bonfire or roast your own barbecue. Pawna Lake also has some great opportunities to indulge in boating, jet skiing or sailing across the waters of the surface.

    Thrillophilia Recommended Offbeat Activities in Pawna Lake

    1) Private Camping At Pawna LakeIf you are yearnign for a truly pampering weekend getaway near Mumbai, you must join in for a private lake camping beside the Pavana Lake. Extremely peaceful, gorgeous in its own ways, during your camping sojourn, you can also enjoy star gazing, lakeside bonfire and make your own barbeque.
  • 13Jawhar

    If you want to see nature at its best on an overnight picnic from Mumbai then head to the hilly town of Igatpuri that hide a small secret, Jawhar. A beautiful hill station that lies at a distance of 155km from Mumbai, this hill station lives up to every promise of a stunning getaway. Characteristic of the Western Ghats, this scenic destination is beautified by glorious greens and the red earth that create the perfect medley of colours!

    Surrounded by mountains towering on top and the verdant green hills carpeting the green earth below, Jawhar is indeed a sight for the sore eyes as it presents itself to be an ideal opportunity to witness nature at its best close to Mumbai. The waterfalls of Dadarkopara, Dabhosa and the historic Jaivilas Palace, Hanuman Point and the sunset point are some of the incredible sights you will see on your trip here.
  • 14Malshej

    Laying between the Thane and Ahmednagar Districts in Maharashtra, Malshej Ghat situates itself sleepily in the dense and thickly wooded slopes of the Western Ghats.  An outstanding example of picnic places near Mumbai, it is also amongst the most well-known trekking spots in the state, especially during monsoons. The Harishchandragad, Shivenri Fort, Ajoba Hill are all located within the confines of these mountain passes. As the monsoon approaches, the entire area overflows with waterfalls and overgrown meadows all of which give an unearthly beauty to the destination.

    Incredible views of the valleys beneath are the best sight of these Ghats where one can appreciate the untouched beauty of nature and its many blessings. Malshej Ghat is also famous for the virgin waterfalls that appear in the rains as well a stunning and varied rage of bird, animal and plant life that is native to the region.

    Thrillophilia Recommended Tours of Malshej Ghat

    1) Trek to Gorakhgad, Malshej : Strap on your trekking shoes and head for an exciting trek to Gorakhgad with your adventure buddies! Gorakhgad is a fort that can be traversed easily in a day from Mumbai. Though this fort is not famous for any historical events, Gorakhgad attracts trekkers due to its inviting pinnacles, which offer excellent opportunities for rock-climbing.

    2) Trek to Harishchandragad, MalshejGhat : Harishchandragad a hill fort in the Ahmednagar district of India is located at a soaring height of around 1423m. Apart from its rugged outlook and historical presence this fort is also appeal in various other ways: the thrilling trek to the top, ancient caves and the mind-blowing views from Konkan Kada are just to name a few.

  • 15Lavasa

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    Image Credit : Sooraj Shajahan

    A well planned city beyond par, Lavasa is a beautiful picnic place near Mumbai that is tucked away in the green boundaries of the Western Ghats. Bordered by the Varasgaon dam it is a stunning destination that has the best of natural beauty around it be it hills, mountains, rivers, or manmade lakes. While here you can also enjoy sports such as Segway riding, boating or sailing on the lake. You can also enjoy a simple day out with family and kids. The planned city enjoys a pleasant weather throughout the year. The roads to Lavasa from Mumbai are also stunning to drive on.

    Relax at one of the lounges, eat sumptuous meals at the various multi-cuisine restaurants, or enjoy lip smacking fare at the street side food stalls. You can also catch a live music or art performance while here.

    Thrillophilia Recommended Offbeat Tours and Activities of Lavasa:

    1) Adventure Activities and Camp Stay, Lavasa: The nature enthusiasts can roam about the plains of Lavassa on bikes or hike up the different hills while camping with the Xthrill academy. Relax in the Swiss AC tents provided to you with modern, posh bathroom facilities and languish in the comfort of the greenery around you!

    2) Discover Lavasa on a Segway Ride
    Lay your hands on a once in a lifetime opportunity to discover Lavasa on a Segway Ride, a battery powered vehicle invented by Dean Kamer. You can explore the different domains of Lavassa with the comfort and fun of a Segway Ride.