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About Thane
Thane is located in the north-eastern region of Salsette Island. It is located in the outskirts of Mumbai and is governed by the Municipal Corporation. The city is the fifteenth most populated city in India and has a population of 1,890,000. It houses around thirty lakes and is laced by Parsik and Yeoor hills.

Thane has breezy beaches and bustling city life, colonial architecture and a skyline of high rises and a quaint old-world charm. It is laced with serenity, and you can enjoy here the best mix of the sand, sun, and the sea. It has lush green meadows, jagged peaks, and landscaped gardens that seem straight out of a fantasy novel. The city presents a kaleidoscope of nature, culture, and wildlife and makes for an extravagant visual treat.

Thane is replete with delightful insights and wonderful attractions that will leave a lasting impression on your mind. You can visit Naneghat Hills, which is a popular trekking trail for visitors. If you’re a history lover, you can visit Sudhagad Fort, which is a hilltop location renowned for its natural retreat. Gorakhgad Fort and Bassein Fort are also the major attractions in Thane that are an unusual retreat for trekkers and history lovers. Yazoo Park is a popular picnic spot in Thane that features a wide range of slides and rides.

There are a plethora of enthralling activities that you can enjoy in Thane for an unforgettable vacation experience. You can enjoy adventure camping at Barvi Dam and trek to Chota Mahuli. For an added thrill, you can enjoy water rappelling in Kasara or undertake a nature Trail To TikuJi Ni Wadi. You can also visit Korum Mall, which is a central hub for foodies and shoppers.

Thane enjoys tropical and hot weather all around the year. It receives copious rainfall from June to September. January is the coldest month of the year, with the mean daily maximum being 30.1 °C and the mean daily minimum being 16.4 °C.
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Thane FAQ's

How can I go to Tikuji Ni Wadi from Thane?

By Bus: TMT buses frequently run from Thane Station, and MSRT buses run from Western Suburbs to Tikuji Ni Wadi.

By Cab: You can book a cab from Thane, take Eastern Express Highway, pass the Borivali Ghodbunder Road and turn left to Mandpa village, where Tikuji Ni Wadi is located.

Which are the best places to visit in Thane?

1. Kelva Beach: If you’re a starved soul craving for a rejuvenating journey, Kelva Beach should be your must-visit destination as it is dotted with colorful fishing boats, breathtaking sceneries, turquoise blue water, and golden layers of sand. Stretching across a coastline of seven kilometers along the Arabian Sea, this beach is ideal for taking a romantic walk, lazing, or sunbathing. It has some of the best beach shacks where you can enjoy delectable fish curry and hot vada pavs.  You can also enjoy here activities such as ATV Ride, Horse Ride, Camel Ride, etc.

-Location: Taluka Palghar, Thane, India

2. Elvis Butterfly Garden: Elvis Butterfly Garden is a large open-air butterfly conservatory where you can witness the colorful and bright butterflies in their natural habitat. It houses more than one hundred and thirty-two species of butterflies. You can also learn about the various stages of a butterfly’s life over here and their metamorphosis from an egg to a crawling caterpillar to a Pupa. It is also a popular picnic spot for families, and the garden serves coffee and breakfast as well.

-Location: Ward.No.1, Village Rd, Gowniwada, Owale, Thane, Maharashtra 400615
-Timing: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

3. Upvan Lake: This is an eco-friendly and man-made lake that was built by the Thane Municipal Corporation in the 1880s. It is the most scenic lake renowned for hosting the Sanskruti Arts Festival annually. This picturesque lake was used for supplying water in the city. You can enjoy an evening walk and boat ride with their families over here. It has many restaurants nearby where you can enjoy delicious food.

-Location: Upvan Lake Road, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra 400607

4. Ghodbunder Fort: This is one of the most famous and oldest forts in Thane that was constructed around the sixteenth century AD. It derives its name from Ghod, meaning horses, and bunder, meaning port. The British captured this fort and turned it into their headquarters. On the top of the fort, there are watchtowers from where you can view the entire city. Two churches have been built here in European models.

-Location: Ghodbunder Village, Ghodbunder, Mira Bhayandar, Thane, Maharashtra 401107

5. St. John the Baptist Church: This church is around five hundred years old and is renowned for its spectacular beauty and architectural brilliance. It was used to baptize the locals by the Christian missionaries by conducting regular masses. The church exudes a mixture of British and Portuguese architectural features. It has huge palatial construction and comprises enormous doors and high ceilings with beautiful paintings. The paintings depict the different phases in Jesus Christ’s life. It is lit by candles and dim lights that illuminate the entire place.

-Location: Ahilyadevi Holkar Road, Thane 400601 India
-Timing: 6 pm-9 pm

6. Korum Mall: Spread over half a million square feet, Korum Mall is the major shopping hub in Thane. It has big brand stores, both international and domestic. The mall is divided into various sections, with each floor dedicated to a particular category. They sell footwear, home decor, apparel, electronics, home appliances, and everything of everyday fashion and utility. It has a hypermarket, leisure center, four-screen multiplex, family entertainment center, and basement parking.

-Location: Shahid Mangal Pandey Road, Near Cadbury Junction Eastern Express Highway, Thane 400601 India
-Timing: 10 am-9 pm

7. Har Har Gange Waterfalls: Situated in Suraj Waterpark, Har Har Gange Waterfalls has lush green surroundings, and you can embrace the feeling of peace and tranquillity over here. It is an artificial waterfall where you can soak in the natural beauty and click beautiful pictures. The structure from where the water comes down is made of concrete and steel. It boasts a width of twenty-six meters and a height of twenty-four meters.

-Location: Suraj Waterpark, Thane
-Timing: 10 am- 6 pm
-Entry fees: Rs 800 per person

8. Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary: It is one of the most popular wildlife sanctuaries in Maharashtra that houses a wide range of flora and fauna. The sanctuary is spread across three hundred and twenty square kilometers and is a must-visit site for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. You can also enjoy bird watching over here as it houses a wide range of colorful birds. It also houses a wide variety of trees such as the Khair, Ain, Kalamb, Teak, Bibla, Hed, etc.

-Location: Near Gorai, Maharashtra
-Timing: 7 am- 6 pm
-Entry fees: Rs 650

What are the best things to do in Thane?

1. Relax and rejuvenate at TMC Biodiversity Park: If you wish to have a close encounter with nature TMC Biodiversity Park should be your ideal choice. The garden has an ambrosial atmosphere and is dotted with colorful flowers, exotic trees, chirping birds, and butterflies. You can enjoy cycling on the cycling trails and jogging in the morning. Grab a blanket and basket for a lazy feast on the grassy lawn of TMC Biodiversity Park.

-Location: Sai Nagar, Anand Nagar, Thane West, Maharashtra
-Timing   : 10 am- 5 pm

2. Enjoy bird watching at Thane Creek: Thane Creek is a paradise for ornithologists and birdwatchers, and you can enjoy the flight and chirp of birds here. This creek is located in the Arabian sea inlet and is home to a Flamingo sanctuary. Stretching up to twenty-six kilometers, the creek is lined up with mangroves on both sides and is the largest in Asia. Birds from the Caspian Sea, Aral Sea, Lake Baikal, and other remote parts of Southeast Asia, Himalayas, and Ladakh fly to this place.

-Location: Thane Creek, Maharashtra

3. Try camping at Barvi Dam: There can’t be a more rewarding feeling than pitching your tent and enjoying stargazing at Barvi Dam. It has out of the world landscape and is dotted with rustic cabins and remote shelters with spots for campfires. You can also enjoy outdoor and indoor activities like dart games, rock climbing, and kayaking. For added thrill and adventure, you can laze on a hammock or climb a hill or play in the river.

-Location: Badlapur, Maharashtra

4. Enjoy a water ride at Sargam Water Park: Spend a day full of fun, splashing emotions, and tumbling by visiting Sargam Water Park that is a dream destination for adventure enthusiasts. It is located amidst mango orchards and has a green mango farm where you can rejuvenate your senses. It also has swimming pools and fantastic water rides. The kids can cool off with jets, roller coasters, and water cannons.

-Location: Kaman -Bhiwandi Road, Off NH 8, Vasai East, Dist. Thane, Vasai 401102 India
-Timing   : 9 am-6 pm
-Price  : Kids (between 3ft-4.6ft), Adult (Above 4.6ft)- Rs. 650/- Rs. 500/- Kids (below 3ft)

5. Witness the seven wonders of the world at Vardhman Fantasy Amusement Park: If you’re looking for a fun-filled trip and a dose of an extravaganza, you must visit Vardhman Fantasy Amusement Park that is renowned for its miniature models of Seven Wonders of the World.  There are various themed attractions at this park, such as Greek Village, the Texas Cowboy, Colo Theatrum, Lake Venetia, and Viva Las Vegas.

-Location: Kaman - Shivar Garden, Chatrapati Shivaji Marg, Mira Bhayandar, East Mumbai, Maharashtra
-Timing   : 9 am-9 pm

6. Attain spiritual enlightenment at Titwala Ganesh Mandir: Stunning in its grandeur and rich in its legend Titwala Ganesh Mandir is a renowned Hindu temple in Thane. It is dedicated to Lord Shivshankar and Lord Ganesha and is visited by hundreds of devotees each year. The temple is decorated with high pedestals, profuse garlands, and flowers and is considered a spiritual abode for the visitors.

-Location: Titwala Near Vithal-Rukmini Temple, Thane India
-Timing   : 5 am-9 pm

What are the best adventure things to do in Thane?

1. Trek to Chota Mahuli: If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, you must trek to Chota Mahuli that is an intimidating peak located at 2815ft above sea level. It is a haven for rock climbers because of its rugged topography and great height. This is a forty-five minutes trek that will give you an astounding view of the three pinnacles.

2. Enjoy rappelling at Kasara: Enjoy a thrilling rappelling session at Kasara that is dotted with waterfalls and breathtaking mountains. It is a picturesque site surrounded by pine forests and apple orchards, and a wide array of mountains. It has fairly rocky terrains and offers the perfect opportunity for rock climbing.

3. Enjoy cycling to Siddhivinayak Mahaganapati Temple: Embark on a thrilling cycle ride to Siddhivinayak Mahaganapati Temple that is a spiritual abode for the visitors. While cycling, you’ll come across breathtaking sceneries and learn about the folk fare and local culture.

What is Thane famous for?

1. Lakes: Thane is known to be the city of lakes as it houses many picturesque lakes such as Masunda Talao, Upvan lake, and Kachrali Lake.

2. Forts: Thane is renowned for its magnificent forts such as Mahuli Fort, Tringalwadi Fort, and Sudhagad Fort that are renowned for their architectural brilliance and historical significance.

3. Kelva Beach: This is one of the most beautiful beaches in the district that stretches for about seven kilometers along the Arabian Sea.

4. St. James Church: Famed for its impressive Gothic architecture, St. James Church is two hundred years old and houses a beautiful porch.

5. Essel World: If you’re looking for unlimited thrill and fun, you must visit Essel World that has exciting water and land rides.

How to reach Thane?

- By Train: Thane can be reached easily by rail from any part of India. Regular trains run from Thane to major cities across India.

- By Air: Thane doesn’t have its own airport. Mumbai Airport is the nearest airport that receives flights from all the major cities of India.

- By Bus: Many buses connect Thane to Vadodara, Ahmedabad, and Surat. The roads are well-maintained, and tourists can have a safe and comfortable journey.

What is the best time to visit Thane?

October- March is considered to be the best time to visit Thane as the weather remains quite pleasant. The average temperature ranges around 22 degrees making it ideal for enjoying outdoor activities.

How far is Thane from Mumbai?

Thane is around 24.14 km/5 miles from Pune. Rail is the best option to reach Thane from any part of India.

What is the famous food to try in Thane?

- Biscotti Crunch
- Chocolate Cigar
- Cannon Pav Bhaji
- Red Velvet Shooters
- Hakka Noodles
- Paneer Pataka Sandwich
- Diamond Cake
- Dabeli
- Strawberry Roll
- Pani puri shots
- Chai Masala
- Omelet
- Vada Pav
- Salted fried chilies
Misal pav

Which are the best lakes to visit in Thane?

1. Masunda Talao: Masunda Talao is the biggest lake in Thane, and you can enjoy activities like boating, swimming, and water scooters. It has many lakeside eateries like ‘Chana masala,’ ‘Chinese corner’ and Frankie Stalls, where you can relish your favorite delicacies.

2. Upvan Lake: This is a beautiful man-made lake that was built by Thane Municipal Corporation in the 1880s. It is renowned for its picturesque surroundings and is an ideal place for evening and morning walks. It also hosts the Sanskruti Arts Festival.

3. Kachrali Lake: Kachrali Lake is located opposite the TMC building and has a jogging track and artificial water fountains. This waterbody houses a small island at its center and is a famous spot for lovers.

Which are the famous forts to visit in and near Thane?

1. Ghodbunder Fort: This is the most famous and oldest fort in Thane that was used by the Portuguese initially to trade their horses with Arabs. It has a Portuguese church and several rooms and mansions. The fort also has halls with a door and massive pillars, and a bastion on the top.

2. Sudhagad Fort: Also known as the “Bhairavgad Fort,” this historical attraction was built in the second century AD. Its hilltop offers a splendid view of the magnificent sceneries, and you can also enjoy camping over here.

3. Mahuli Fort: Located amidst the lush green Mahuli mountains, Mahuli Fort is renowned for its architectural brilliance and breathtaking views. It is surrounded by mist-covered peaks and green jungles, and you can click awesome pictures here.

4. Tringalwadi Fort: Perched at the height of about three thousand feet amidst the Sahyadri hill range, Tringalwadi Fort is an architectural marvel for the visitors.

5. Mazagaon Fort: This fort was built in 1680 by Yakut Khan and is situated atop the Bhandarwada Hill. It also has a popular recreation ground and a beautiful garden adorned with a wide variety of plants.

Which are the best resorts to stay in Thane?

1. Chene Creek Resort: With a dedicated rain dance area, private party terraces, and a play area, Chene Creek Resort is one of the best staycation options in Thane.

2. Wildcamp Resort: This is a nature resort located at the top of the mountainous range in Thane. It offers various enthralling activities such as safari, trekking tours, and a campfire.

3. Saya Grand Club and Spa Resort: This is an exquisite resort that features lavish private villas, world-class dining restaurants, a bar, and a luxury spa. You can enjoy cocktails by the poolside or exchange interesting conversations at the open-air lounge.

4. Kalyani Village Resort: This resort exudes a rural theme and is renowned for its thatched villas and cabanas. It also boasts of an educational horticulture nursery, river promenade, and open dining area.

5. Greenarth Lakeview Resort: Get ready for an unforgettable vacation by planning your stay at this exotic resort that boasts of lake facing rooms, jogging tracks, sprawling gardens, a refreshing swimming pool, and an in-house kitchen.

Thane Reviews

Nawal Iyer
Reviewed: 20 Sep 2021
A resort with excellent facilities. The rooms were fantastic and came with great views. Saya Grand also features a wide range of entertainment options, including VR gaming and outdoor sports.
Dhanu Patil
Reviewed: 21 Sep 2021
This resort was extremely luxurious with high end and impressive interiors. My partner and I took a relaxing spa session which was very pleasing. Overall a great experience.
Manasa Chandan
Reviewed: 20 Mar 2021
Saya Grand Club and Spa is an amazing hotel with suites that overlook the pool and grounds, which provide fantastic possibilities for recreational activities.
Dharani Pandey
Reviewed: 26 Feb 2020
The location was easy to reach, once enter the resort we were amazed by it when we think about the price as everything included like breakfast, lunch, evening-snacks and light dinner we thought that might be the place was not good but we were wrong the place look stunning with a number of slides esp... Read More
Jitender Bharadwaj
Reviewed: 26 Feb 2020
Tiptop service by Thrillophilia and the whole team as always, This day tour trip was very fulfilling with an easy trekking and amazing sightseeing. The vehicle and the driver were too good and very comfortable. Everything went just perfect as it is to be. I recommend this trip to all my friends and ... Read More
Lakshminath Chaturvedi
Reviewed: 26 Feb 2020
On-time picks-up with a very comfortable vehicle in which we join the other co-traveler. From the starting of the trek, it was nice and fun this trek suitable for all ages because it was a very easy and interesting one. The guide was very informative and accommodating share with us the history of th... Read More

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