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Traveller Tales from Thane


Ujjwal Marar

17 August 2015

Thanks team for this experience. Had plenty of doubts if this would be as good as I thought, but after joining it I found it to be more exciting than I ever thought. Also, the booking procedure was ver...


Annapurna Adiga

14 September 2015

A perfect historical and enthralling experience in Thane! Walk through the lush greeneries while enjoying the glimpses of history was a kind of an experience. And if you are a rock climber, you will en


Gurdev Somayaji

28 February 2016

Mahuli isgreat trekking spot for beginners, its easy moreover a guide will accompany you. Don't forget to take your camera, because you will get some best views of nature that will definately mesmerize


Deepesh Verma

27 April 2016

First trekkking expedition of my life with my friends was full of fun and adventure. We were actually shouting when we reached at the peak point. It was a complete blast.


Himadri Chaturvedi

27 November 2015

Our visit to mahuli was a great holiday tour, after such a long interval we spent some nice time together with my wife and kids.The best return for our investsments.


Anjushree Kakkar

07 April 2016

It looks terrific from the top point of the fort, our guide explored all about the site. it was a great destination for all of us.


Malati Sethi

08 June 2016

Exotica is truly an exotic resort. Its fun if you go there in large groups. There are many activities that you can get involved in. The best part is that all this comes at a very reasonable price. So w...

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Minakshi Devar

12 October 2015

Mahuli mountain is one of the highest mountain in Thane which is easily accessible from the thane station and any time throughout the year. The climate is all time moderate so its a plus point in trekk...


Chandan Somayaji

05 September 2015

Mahuli has some historical importance, i have always heard about the fort that it has some connection with maratha empire. i was very much excited to visit this place and it was last summer when i had ...