Jalesh Cruise From Mumbai 2022 - Routes, Cost & Ship Info
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Cordelia Cruises From Mumbai: Get Up To 20% Off

Jalesh Cruise From Mumbai

Note: Cordelia Cruises has replaced Jalesh and they have taken over the operations.

Plan a voyage on Jalesh cruise from Mumbai to experience an idyllic holiday with your family, friends and partner and is replete with entertainment options and activities. On this escapade, you can visit various destinations including Goa which is the favourite tourist spot for exploring bars and indulging in various activities.

You can also visit Diu and witness the remarkable major attractions or visit the fascinating city of Dubai for an exceptional holiday. The cruise will also take you to the island of Lakshadweep where you can behold the vibrant coral reefs and experience the vibes of this splendid destination. The major cruise operator is Jalesh cruises that ensure a joyful vacation with a wide range of facilities like the Broadway show, a grooving nightlife and luxurious rooms offering a palatial stay.

The Jalesh cruise packages from Mumbai also offers itineraries that will offer the most amazing holiday providing you with a plethora of amenities like the swimming pool, fitness centre and spa and wellness treatments along with luxurious massages. A restaurant on board offers a burst of flavours prepared by excellent chefs embraces your palate like never before making for a memorable vacation.

The cruise from Mumbai Jalesh can take multiple routes and have multiple itineraries that are available for you to choose from. Offering entertainment options like the disco hall, a movie theatre, reading hall along with a swimming pool, spa, bars and restaurant will keep you engaged and entertained. The kids can also enjoy the games and so much more since the cruises are family friendly. Plan a holiday on the cruise and make the most of you time creating moments to be relished for an eternity.
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Jalesh (Cordelia) Cruise from Mumbai Routes


Jalesh Cruise Mumbai to Goa

This escapade includes an experience brimming with luxury and comfort offering a vacation away from the hustle and bustle of city life. With warm hospitality and unparalleled services, Jalesh cruise from Mumbai provides a plethora of amenities including a swimming pool, gymnasium, casino and so much more. You will get onboard from Mumbai port and will be welcomed with smiles from the warm staff.

Explore the cruise and check your elegant rooms with beautiful ocean views. This cruise is an amalgamation of fun, leisure and luxury providing memorable moments at all times. Overlooking the Arabian Sea, you can take in the bewitching views from the private balconies of your cabins. Make the most of the activities offered on board including board games or head to the luxurious spa that will relax your body, mind and soul.

Take a dip in the swimming pool for a refreshing experience or sip your favourite drinks by the pool as your chill. You can also make the most of the authentic and flavourful cuisines served on this Jalesh cruise from Mumbai that are prepared by the great chefs and that is an absolute treat for the soul. The cruise will anchor at Mormugao in Goa and you can either indulge yourselves in on board entertainment or head out, explore the shoreline and Mormugao.

The evening entertainment and mouth-watering dinner awaits you on the cruise. You will stay the night on board and head back to Mumbai. Sail your tensions away, explore the amenities and facilities offered by the cruise before you disembark at the Mumbai port. This will be one of your best holidays that you will cherish for an eternity. Make the most of this once in a lifetime experience and possess interesting stories to tell about this journey throughout your life.

Jalesh Cruise Mumbai to Diu

Unwind on this small holiday excursion on the Jalesh cruise from Mumbai and enjoy a one of a kind sailing experience. It is an ideal holiday experience, perfect blend of luxury, hospitality and comfort. Relish the favours at the multicuisine restaurant or explore the ship in and out to get comfortable. Leave your kids to play games such as scavenger hunt or attend dance classes while you relax and enjoy the luxurious spa treatments.

Groove to the music at the party as you sip your favourite drinks and have a great time. You can also try your luck at the casino or engage in exercising if you love fitness. Witness the on board entertainment and then have a cozy sleep in your spacious and chic cabins.

The cruise will halt at Diu and you can either spend the day on board indulging in activities, attending various classes and playing games or head out for a tour of Diu on an excursion arranged by Jalesh cruises. You can also go for a sightseeing trip on your own and explore the place at your own pace for an incredible experience. Get back to the cruise after witnessing some of the prominent attractions for luscious dinner and evening entertainment.

The cruise from Mumbai Jalesh lets you lose yourself to the tunes of a famous DJ and spend the night on the cruise. A perfect breakfast in the morning will offer a perfect start to your day and then you can spend the day at cruise at leisure till you reach Mumbai. Make the most of the facilities and amenities offered by the cruise during this time for a pleasant and delightful time on board. You will then head back to Mumbai and you can continue your journey after disembarking.

Jalesh Cruise Mumbai to Dubai

Jalesh cruise from Mumbai embraces pure bliss and ecstasy along with the luxury in its true essence offering an unsurpassable experience as you sail through the waters of the Arabian Sea. Explore this cruise brimming with zeal and zest as you sail from the beautiful Mumbai port on this voyage. Offering you a once in a lifetime experience, this cruise provides DJ nights and casinos that will let you have the most fun on any vacation.

You can also indulge in the exhilarating activities provided on board or indulge in a relaxing spa or massage. Explore your tastefully designed, chic rooms equipped with all the amenities to offer you a comfortable and pleasant stay. Take a dip in the pool for a rejuvenating experience or witness the mesmerising skyline of Mumbai that will leave you awestruck on Jalesh cruise from Mumbai.

Spend the next day on cruise viewing the high seas and pristine waters. You will never get bored on board because of the live entertainment provided on the cruise. Workout at the fitness centres or gymnasium and keep yourself active and fit on the cruise as well. Marvel at the aesthetic views of the lands afar that you witness from the sea along with some of the most riveting views that are awe-inspiring.

Jalesh cruise packages from Mumbai lets you spend some of the most amazing time on this cruise while embracing your palate with the most flavourful dishes of all time. Sip your favourite drinks and enjoy the aesthetic surroundings making for a beautiful experience. You will disembark at the Dubai port taking away memories made and moments captured for a lifetime as this cruise from Mumbai will be one of the most enthralling trips away from the monotony of everyday life.

Jalesh Cruise Mumbai to Lakshadweep

Witness the panoramic views of the Arabian Sea that are spellbinding and will leave you in awe of it. This tour will take you on an escapade including three gorgeous destinations making this trip an exciting one.

Jalesh cruise from Mumbai takes you through the scenic routes that will leave an imprint on your heart. Engage in a wide range of fun activities provided on board or explore the remarkable and huge cruise  in and out for a memorable experience.

This cruise from Mumbai Jalesh lets you enjoy candle light dinners or spa sessions allowing you to spend some quality time with your loved ones away from the humdrum of city life. Enjoy the Broadway show, the safety drill and delectable meals on the cruise. You can also explore the duty free shopping area to keep yourself engaged as it is a perfect way to spend the day for all the shopaholics on board.

You will reach Lakshadweep on the third day of this tour and make the most of your time at this beautiful tourist destination. The whole day is yours to spend at leisure, exploring the shore on your own or with the paid guided tour for an enhanced experience. You will have to reach back to the cruise for dinner as you set sail for Goa. The next day can be spent heading out in this beautiful city on your own or by opting the guided package.

Try and experience numerous famous activities in Goa for an adventurous experience creating memories to cherish forever. Make the most of the steam rooms, casinos and bars, the heart of Goa while you are here for an ideal time. Head back to the cruise in the evening for the scrumptious dinner and get ready to sail back to the Mumbai Port from where you can enjoy your journey ahead.

Essential Information About Jalesh Cruise From Mumbai


What To Expect On Board During Jalesh Cruise From Mumbai?

Jalesh cruise from Mumbai will offer you a vacation replete with surprises exuding luxury and sophistication. With beautiful, spacious rooms and a private balcony offering riveting views of the sea, you will have a great time on board.

You will also have access to numerous amenities and facilities on the cruise along with multiple entertainment and gaming options. You can relax in the swimming pool or relax at the spa, this will be a vacation to remember.

What Should You Pack For Jalesh Cruise From Mumbai?

Medications: Any unforeseen emergency can arise on the cruise and it is important that you pack all the necessary medications and keep them handy on board.

Comfortable Shoes: For an enhanced experience on the cruise, comfortable shoes are essential and you should not forget to pack them.

Portable Battery Charger: To refrain from getting your devices discharged, you can pack a portable battery charger that can help at all times.

Documents: Do not forget to pack all the crucial travel documents without which you wouldn’t be allowed on board. It’s the first thing you should pack before anything else.
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Do and Don'ts of Cruise?

Do’s of cruise ship:
- Do concentrate on the safety drill.
- Do follow the dress code on the cruise.
- Do book all activities well in time.
- Do research about the destinations you will be visiting.

Don'ts of cruise ship:
- Don’t ignore the cruise rules.
- Don’t smoke outside the smoking zones.
- Don’t forget to carry your travel documents.
- Don’t skip the orientation on the cruise.
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31 Ratings Ratings
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31 Ratings
Superb 31 Ratings
31 Ratings Ratings
₹ 30,000 ₹ 24,886 per Adult
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Departure Dates: 4 Apr, 18 Apr, 2 May, 16 May, 28 May,10 Oct, 24 Oct, 7 Nov, 21 Nov, 5 Dec, 23 Dec.

Check-in: 4:00 PM (Day 1)

Check-out: 7:00 AM (Day 3)

About the Cruise

Cordelia Cruise (Mumbai to Kochi) offers an amazing experience of 2 nights trip on the Arabian Sea. Forget yourself in nature's beauty and enjoy the outstanding views of the ocean from the deck or the rooms. Relish in the luxurious cabins which are well-equipped with essential amenities to offer a comfortable stay experience during the trip. Indulge in various fun activities at the cruise and make your day a memorable one. At the cruise, the Indian and Global buffet is served by professional chefs to satisfy your cravings. Enjoy movies and entertainment shows in the evening at the special outdoor space.

How to Reach?

The cruise sails from their home port, Mumbai. Arrive at the gateway of India that is the hub for the majority of the ships. The port is located at a distance of 25 KM from the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International airport, 7.1 KM from the Mumbai Central railway station and can be reached easily via public and private transport.

Note: The departure location of Cordelia Cruise might change depending on the weather conditions.

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People Also Ask About Mumbai

  1. How many ships are operating in the Jalesh Cruise from Mumbai route?

    There is only Karnika operating in the Jalesh cruise from Mumbai route and offers various amenities, facilities along with different entertainment options to provide a delightful stay.
  2. How large is the Jalesh Cruise from Mumbai ship?

    Jalesh cruise from Mumbai ship is built with a length of 245.08 m, a beam of 32.25 m with a draft of 7.90 m. It is nothing less than a home away from home and will provide you an exceptional experience.
  3. Which route does Jalesh Cruise from Mumbai take?

    Jalesh cruise from Mumbai can take numerous routes like Mumbai to Goa, Mumbai to Diu, Mumbai to Lakshadweep and Mumbai to Dubai.
  4. What is the Jalesh Cruise from Mumbai price?

    Jalesh cruise from Mumbai price varies depending on the route taken. Mumbai to Goa starts at INR 26,700 per adult, Mumbai to Diu starts at INR 17,800 per adult, Mumbai to Dubai starts at INR 27,129 per adult and Mumbai to Lakshadweep starts at INR 35,620 per adult. Jalesh cruise from Mumbai price is pocket friendly compared to other cruises and offers a lot many activities and amenities for a pleasant stay.
  5. What is included in the price of Jalesh Cruise packages from Mumbai?

    Jalesh cruise from Mumbai offers a swimming pool where you can refresh yourselves, a fitness centre for your regular workouts, a multicuisine restaurant with mouth watering meals and numerous entertainment activities.
  6. Should I get vaccinated before departure? What kind of vaccinations are required for Jalesh Cruise from Mumbai?

    The vaccination depends solely on the ports you will be stopping at and the countries you will get down to. So it is essential to check your itinerary and then decide on the vaccination. It is also recommended to do a health check up before travelling.
  7. Are drinks included in the Jalesh Cruise from Mumbai?

    Jalesh cruise packages from Mumbai does not include drinks in the package price. But there is a bar available on board from where you can purchase the drinks.
  8. Which documents should I have in order to take Jalesh Cruise from Mumbai?

    You will be required to carry your ticket, your boarding pass, passport and identity proof along with the visas to all the ports you will be stopping at. It is solely your responsibility failing which you will not be able to get on board.
  9. What amenities are offered to families with small children on Jalesh Cruise from Mumbai?

    There are numerous amenities offered to families with small children on Jalesh cruise Mumbai. There are strollers available for kids who are below 6 months. You are also provided with cots, high chairs, cribs and meals if and when required. You can also enjoy Broadway shows, movie nights and more with your kids on the cruise.
  10. How much luggage can I take on board on a cruise trip to jalesh Cruise from Mumbai?

    You can only carry three bags of luggage on board as you can be charged a penalty for excessive luggage. 20 kilos is the maximum you can take beyond which you will have to pay INR 200 for each extra kilo.
  11. Are pregnant women and infants allowed on the ship?

    Yes, pregnant women and infants are allowed on the ship as long as you are away from the 24th week of your pregnancy. You should also carry a medical certificate and all your medical reports for your safety.
  12. Are special travel documents and visas required for Jalesh Cruise from Mumbai journey?

    Yes, you need some travel documents including an identity proof, visas to the ports included in the itinerary. You will not be able to get on board without these documents.
  13. Can a disabled person go on a Jalesh Cruise from Mumbai?

    Yes, a disabled person can go on a Jalesh cruise from Mumbai but it is required to mention the specific amenities needed on board at the time of the booking.
  14. Are animals allowed on board?

    No, animals are not allowed on board at any cost except during unavoidable circumstances. In that case, it is required that you have necessary documents and medical reports.
  15. Is smoking allowed on board?

    Smoking is not allowed on board apart from the designated areas as it provides discomfort to other citizens and can also prove to be dangerous.
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22 December 2019
Midnight cycling was great fun. Rode bicycle for 4 hours. Started at 11:45 pm and finished around 4 am. Covered almost 50 kms. Started the ride from gateway of India to Worli sea face and chilled out there. Chilled out at marine drive as well. It was great fun. Met new people and made new friends. Highly recommend this. Try out this fun with friends or solo. It will be worth staying awake at night.
Tanirika Adiga Heritage Walk Mumbai
Came to Mumbai from Pune for some work and I wanted to explore the city, but didn’t really know where all to go, so I decided to book this tour online. The meet up place was easy to find, and I felt really safe as a solo traveller, and in fact made some friends along the way. Karan, our guide was so nice, and in just a short span of 2 hours he covered over 9 places with us!
"It was an amazing experience. The tour operators were very helpful and accommodating with respect to our needs. The sailboat was absolutely neat and clean. The guy doing the sailing for us was also very friendly and courteous. He had knowledge about the boat as well as knew about everything related to sailing that an average customer would want to know about. "
14 January 2016
one of the most amazing experience of my life HELICOPTER joy ride over mumbaii had some most incredible moments. During this the small time of just 10 minutes regenerted over feeling for beauty of the city.
08 September 2015
Helicopter Joy Ride over Mumbai: This is the best way to look at the whole of Mumbai. The crowded, big city is viewed the best way with this. Despite being a Mumbai native girl, I grew more than half of my life in Ooty. While I got a job back here in Mumbai, I felt like a first timer here. Funnily, I started travelling and exploring in my own city as it has got more than enough to induce the travel buds of any passionate traveller. I travelled Mumbai in various ways and this helicopter ride was my favourite. It covers the complete city, and it is indeed beautiful. The view of Bandra-Worli link from the air was in fact spell binding. I personally loved the whole experience, and also, this can be availed at a very nominal fee charges these days. I recommend this to all no matter you are resident here or a traveller.
It was altogether good 1 day trip. Organizer Shailesh and Driver Mukesh organized the trip very well.
Amazing Yacht ride! Had a very good experience on the boat and the driver and co-driver were well trained and confident. It was a very thrilling ride as it was our first time on a yacht. Good experience all in all. Awesome deal!
02 January 2021
Amazing experience, amazing food, amazing decoration, amazing roof top and amazing service. One must try this one once to give a memorable night for people you love.
02 January 2021
Amazing experience, please take 30 min buffer for in transit boat. They will only provide water bottles inside boat. You can carry dry snacks like chips and coke. Try to get evening slot for the sunset experience. Please carry some medication if you have sea sickness :)
Its awesome!! It takes 45 minutes to reach from mumbai to Alibaug. On the way please carry any biscuits for seaguls ,they come and take piece of biscuit from your hand..it is amazing experience.

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