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Gorakhanatha Varma

19 February 2015

We were around 15 people who went together all family friends and it was fun and an awesome experience for all of us. We just wish we could have been here for a longer time to experience the great weather and brilliant activities a bit more.

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Triloki Jha

05 May 2016

Camping by the River Bhatsa was a neat experience. My husband keeps telling me that I am like Monica from Friends, and I do not get satisfied with anything until I plan it. Well, yes, nothing like personalized planning nah? I have had really bad trips due to poor planning by the organizers, so when my husband suggested that we take this camp, I was sceptical. However, after the vacation now, I am super happy with the camp. Firstly, the camp was well-organized. It was really a nice and an interesting experience. Also the Rive Bhatsa was poignant and beautiful, making the camp even more worth taking. WOW can be an understatement to describe the beauty of this camp. It was awesome and I recommend it.


Kanti Varrier

24 October 2015

Each and every year my husband suggests going to foreign locations as a holiday vacation, but this year I made the decision to take him to a place that was always close to my heart – Uttan. I am a Mumbaikar basically and have heard from my old buddies that this place is too great to have a view of the sky and the stars. I wanted to prove to my husband that India also has such a great place wherein you can refresh and revitalize yourself. And I was right, my husband loved the night spent over here. He enjoyed the idyllic weather with nature trail, he is a great swimmer and hence boating and swimming inspired him a lot over here.


Arun Moras

23 September 2015

My stay at Wanderlust campsite was purely amazing. The setting was picturesque and straight out of a movie set. I cannot think of a better way to camp under the stars but at wanderlust. Coming to the food, it was so good that I could actually feel the taste of the lip smacking delicious vegetables the next morning I woke up. Sajid was very hospitable and made our stay comfortable. Rehan on the other hand was a gem of a person. He's such a sweet person. He showed us around and made sure that nothing was falling short. I took back home, a lot of memories that I'm going to cherish for quite some time now.


Anal Kaur

25 March 2016

Smitten by nature. Yes that's excatly what I can say about this awesome place. Little did we know that our overnight campaing at Kaas Plateau would leave an indelible impact on our minds. This spectacular floral paradise situated in the Western Ghat Sahyadri range, 22 kilometers from Satara city in Maharashtra riddled with an occasional welcome gust of wind refreshed our minds like anything. With a campfire going on in one of the comfy places two of my friends and I perched ourselves in the cradle of nature and indulged in music and an ethereal natural beauty like never before.


Enakshi Shukla

07 January 2016

Camping at Tikonapeth in Lonavala was an amazing experience. It was like going back to childhood. We had some amazing memories created during this camping. Firstly, we had kickass, uber cool BBQ station, where we learnt to make our own BBQ. It was awesome. The next interesting aspect was the campfire. We had a great time at the camp fire. We enjoyed a lot. Finally, it was like going back to childhood with the board games. It was an unforgettable experience. It was simple, affordable, and quite an interesting trip that we had here. Lonavala’s beauty adds more charm to this camp.