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Things to Do in Kolad

Kolad is a village in the Raigad district of Maharashtra state in western India. It lies on the bank of the Kundalika river. It is located beside the National Highway 17 known as the Mumbai Goa highway. Kolad is known as “Maharashtra’s Home for White Water Rafting” and rafting is the best thing to do in Kolad and is also very popular.

Koladis a vibrant but serene place located near the Sahyadri Hills, while the Kundalika river, originating from it, flows beside it. The dam controlled Kundalika has proven to be a great hub for adventure sports as tourists and adventure seekers from all around the country flock to Kolad for a few days of adrenaline pumping adventures. The majestic forts, gigantic dams and umpteenth number of beautiful waterfalls provide an excellent resource for those who are not so adventurous or decide to take a day off of adventures.

Kolad has a favourable climate throughout the year with the average temperature remaining around 19-20 degrees. The best time to visit Kolad is from June to March. Kolad is very easily accessible as it is located on the National Highway 17, or the Mumbai Goa Highway. It can also be accessed using the Mumbai Pune Expressway. Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation runs buses on a regular basis to Kolad and you can also avail auto-rickshaws to Kolad from Roha. Kolad is the first station on the Konkan railway line, and several trains connect it to Mumbai. The nearest airport to Kolad is at Pune.

Water sports are the main attraction of Kolad. Rafting is the best thing to do in Kolad, as it has turned into the country’s second best sought after rafting spot after Rishikesh.

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11 November 2015
An amazing experience. For the first time, I got the chance of river rafting and I loved it alot. Thanks you my lovely friends for insisting me to go on this trip.
In spite of the heavy rains and floods, there wasn’t any lack of hospitality. Rahul, Vaibhav, Gitanjali, Sadu and team took good care of us. We were provided with the suite which was quite spacious and well maintained. Toilets were clean. Overall the entire area was very well maintained. The food here is delicious. Loved the bhaaji served during snacks, chicken curry during dinner and the amazing missal pav in the morning. Coming to the activities- Kayaking - Enjoyed a lot. Though it wasn’t in the river (the river was flooded when we went), we enjoyed the experience in the backwaters. The river crossing is not actually in the river. It was also in the backwaters (small pond). Maybe because of the flooding. We didn’t try it. Whitewater rafting - Really worth it. The rapids were good. Especially Johnny Walker (name of a rapid). Had a great time swimming in the river at the end. Our guide Suraj was pretty calm and chilled out. Jet skiing - This was more like a formality as you get just one round and only get to sit in the front and not operate the jet ski yourself. The speed and thrill during the rains are however quite good. I wouldn’t have done it had it not been included in the package. Overall, we had a great time and will definitely come back again. Thanks & Regards, Suraj
"Before starting any review I want to say a big thank you to the whole thrillophilia team for making this trip as my best trip. So now let's start .....if you want to have a weekend getaway but want a adventurous getaway then give it a chance to thrillophilia, you'll definitely remember.I booked this kundalika rafting camp for two people from Pune. You just have to reach the camp by your own and that is also not difficult. From Pune via train you can go panvel and from there you can reach Roha and from there you can have a taxi to camp. Now , let's talk about host and camp. The whole camp is at the best location and all around the nature and river. I am not telling you more then this ,let it be the surprise. The hosts there gave us whole information and gave us a very warm welcome. On that day we did some activities,had some conversation with different people and finally we had a very classy Indian thali dinner. Next day was D'Day , the river rafting . The photos and videos which we saw was not as good as what we actually saw there. It was much more beautiful then the photos and videos. If you're doing River rafting first time then this will be hell exciting for you. If I could have given more than 5 star if more stars were there. Go pack your packs and add a adventure to your trip. You can reach camp via bus also from Pune. Bus is there from Pune to Roha from shivaji nagar. \n#adventures=thrillophilia"
12 January 2016
amazing rafting experience. The flow in the river was so fast and sometimes we really felt that we will fall of the boat, but the instructors and guide were so good in managing it during the rough flows.
Due to my fear of water I have always refrained from river rafting however attractive it sounds. But this time my friends encouraged me to give it a shot and accompanied me on this experience. I'm thankful to my friends and even more thankful to the instructor who made me feel safe while I was shaking with fear. Looking forward to trying rafting with Thrillophilia once again soon.
15 February 2021
I really liked the experience of Kayaking, Definitely gonna try again. The most important thing I liked the Experienced and the Super Cool Crew members who really managed the event well and make the Visitors acclimate with the environment.
08 January 2021
it was an fantastic experience with rafting and water sportes. location very good and takes you deep inside Nature. food was good, hospitality superb. enjoyed my stay and looking forward to visit again with friends soon.
One of the activities!!! I participate which gave me a shiver without a jump but when watching at the view from the station was breathtaking which make me forget that I was at a very thrill place. I was shiver like anything but expert of this activity inspire me that the safety gears would save me and I am gonna make a jump with the expert only. The jump was Wow with excitement at-last. I would try again next time.
The location was nice. This 45-minute experience was truly a fun and very special experience. The boat and the life-jacket provided to us were very good and nice. Kayaking process was not hard which I had an enjoyable ride paddling by myself. The whole journey was a very nice and very happy moment it was. People do remember to take the extra clothes because at the end of this activity you would definitely get wet. Everything went perfectly worth participating.
Zipline is really a fun activity that you must try it at least once, don't miss it when you around Kolad, the place really good for this activity, we really enjoyed alot, the staff was friendly and supportive, the price is not that expensive and the activity was safe and suits for everyone... Great experience with lifetime memory to cherished.

People Also Ask About Kolad Things To Do

  1. What are the best things to do in Kolad?

    Kolad is quite a beautiful place with lush greenery around it, with the majestic Sahyadri Hills working as its backdrop and many waterfalls scattered here and there. It is very popular in Maharashtra due to its water sports based approach towards tourism.

    Kolad is a vibrant yet peaceful location that caters to the needs of the thrill seekers in the form of rafting, kayaking, canoeing, rappelling, zip lining, river crossing and many other activities. Mind blowing and beautiful forts, waterfalls, and dams are also there for when you don’t want to be adventurous. It presents the tourists with utmost satisfaction and happiness. Some of the best things to do in Kolad are -

    - Try out white water rafting on the Kundalika
    River crossing
    Banana boat rides
    Go for a mountain biking ride
    Canyoning on the waterfalls
    Canoeing on the Kundalika
    Kayaking on the Kundalika
    Camping on the Sahyadri
    Visit the Ghosala Fort
    Visit the Bhira Dam
    Visit the Sutarwadi Lake
    Visit the Tala Fort

  2. What are the best adventure activities to do in Kolad?

    Here is a list of all the best adventure things to do in Kolad.

    1. Flying fox: Flying-Fox like it's contemporary adventure activity Zip-lining is where you glide on a cable that runs from one end of the Kundalika river to the other. In this activity, you are harnessed to the cable from your waist and you go flying like a superhero while getting a bird's-eye view of the entire area.

    Location: Kolad
    Entry Fee/Price: Starts from INR 350
    Timings: 9 am onwards

    2. Canyoning: This activity takes place near the Kundalika River, around the rocky gorges. You climb up at the top of the rocky cliff using different techniques and methods including hikes and rope-climbing. This is fast becoming a popular adventure sport and one of the things to do in Kolad.

    Location: Kolad
    Entry Fee/Price: Starts from INR 350
    Timings: 9 am onwards

    3. Rock Climbing: Near the Kundalika River are areas with large rock formations that are used for rock-climbing. You can enjoy the riverside views and also test your strength by conquering the large boulders. Safety equipment and a briefing is given before the actual activity.

    Location: Kolad
    Entry Fee/Price: Starts from INR 350
    Timings: 9 am onwards

    4. Zip Lining: Among the most popular things to do in Kolad, Zip-lining over the Kundalika River offers the views of the pristine River as well as the naturally opulent surrounding vistas. You are harnessed to a tight line on which you slide for 150 meters from one end to the other, feeling the adrenaline rushing into your body.

    Location: Kolad
    Entry Fee/Price: Starts from INR 350
    Timings: 9 am onwards

    5. Mountain Biking: Explore the trails and uneven terrain around the Kundalika River on a bike. Take up a 6 km long biking journey along the river bank, traversing through lush opulence of Kolad. The activity is done on rented bicycles that are provided at the site.

    Location: Kolad
    Entry Fee/Price: Starts from INR 500
    Timings: 9 am onwards

    6. Trekking: Kolad is a small hamlet situated in the Sahyadri Hills and is prominently known for its range of water activities at the Kundalika River. Moreover, the town is also affluent with natural terrains that are ideal for trekking. You can go to Plus Valley, Tala Fort, Devkund Waterfalls among others for a trek while enjoying the picturesque views of the surroundings.

    Location: Kolad

    7. Camping: Camping near the riverside is one of the most popular things to do in Kolad. There are several campsites that are available around Kundalika River that offer overnight stay in spacious tents that are laced with all the best facilities. The sites also arrange many adventure activities like kayaking, rafting, Zip-lining and other more.

    Location: Kolad

  3. Which are the best watersports activities to do in Kolad?

    These are all the best water-sports to do in Kolad during your trip.

    1. White Water Rafting: Kolad is primarily known for white water rafting which takes place at Kundalika River. It is a 12 km stretch with grade 2 and 3 rapids. This is among the top things to do in Kolad for adventure quenching souls.

    Location: Kundalika River
    Entry Fee/Price: Starts from INR 600
    Timings: 9 am onwards

    2. Kayaking: This is another extremely popular activity that you can enjoy on the Kundalika River that flows from the Sahyadri hills. You can try different types of kayaking while going through thick forests and lush fields.

    Location: Kundalika River
    Entry Fee/Price: Starts from INR 700
    Timings: 9 am onwards

    3. Jet-Ski: Another popular water-sport offered at Kundalika River in Kolad is jet-skiing. You can choose to ride a jet-ski on your own or let a professional take you on a few rounds on the river while you enjoy the surrounding views

    Location: Kundalika River
    Entry Fee/Price: Starts from INR 400
    Timings: 9 am onwards

    4. River Crossing: This is one of the best things to do in Kolad. River Crossing is done at Kundalika where you walk over a rope from one end of the river to another, holding on to a cable. It is also ideal for non-swimmers.

    Location: Kundalika River
    Entry Fee/Price: Starts from INR 150
    Timings: 9 am onwards 

    5. Banana Boat Rides:
    A banana shaped boat takes you around the beautiful scenery of Kolad, on the banks of Kundalika River. An adrenaline filled activity, you need to hold tight and maintain balance to avoid falling out into the water. Usually the ride goes on for about 2 rounds.

    Location: Kundalika River
    Entry Fee/Price: Starts from INR 250
    Timings: 9 am onwards

    6. Bumper Boat Rides: You lay on an inflated platform/tube boat which is attached to a speed boat.l that pulls the main platform on the water surface. During the bumper boat ride, the lush greenery and fields are your views along the river.

    Location: Kundalika River
    Entry Fee/Price: Starts from INR 350
    Timings: 9 am onwards

    7. Water rappelling: This is among the best things to do in Kolad. The activity takes place on the rocky cliffs near Kundalika River. You climb up the rough terrain and later descend from there using a rappel. While coming down you have a stream of fresh water falling on you, making it a truly unforgettable moment.

    Location: Kundalika River
    Entry Fee/Price: Starts from INR 500
    Timings: 9 am onwards 

  4. Which is the best destination for river rafting in Kolad? How much will it cost?

    Kolad, the tiny village in Raigad district of Maharashtra is known as “Maharashtra’s Home for White Water Rafting”. The Kundalika river, flowing beside it, is one of the fastest flowing rivers in the South which gives it a perfect location for river rafting.

    The Kundalika’s fourteen kilometre stretch of Group 2 and Group 3 rapids provide a scope for both experts and novices to try their hand in white water rafting. It is an exciting and thrilling experience for someone which is one of a kind.

    Rafting in Kolad can be done any time of the year, but the monsoons are the best i.e. from June to September. The monsoons bring another dynamics to the rapids that make it even more challenging and exciting for the rafters. The cost for rafting in Kolad is dependent on the route was was chosen, a number of hours, season and number of people in the group.

    An estimated cost would be INR 800 per person on the weekdays and INR 1200 per person on the weekends and this may change or increase anytime. Rafting must be done with proper safety measures. There must be an instructor for the novices, and everyone must wear life jackets and necessary protection gears before jumping on to the raft.

  5. Which are the best river crossing sites in Kolad?

    The river crossing is a thrill-filled adventure activity where one is harnessed on a safety rope and they have to hang from the rope while crossing the river with the help of the rope. It is a great adrenaline boost for the adventure junkies. River crossing will boost one’s motor abilities, along with providing thrill and excitement.

    The Kundalika provides the perfect scope for river crossing in Kolad, where it is done. The river crossing costs INR 150 per person. It must be done with proper precautions by wearing safety gears and only with the help of an instructor.

  6. Where can I enjoy zip lining in Kolad?

    Zip lining is the adventure activity where someone rides a zip line. A zip line is a setup that consists of a pulley suspended on a cable, generally made out of stainless steel which is mounted on a slope, i.e from a higher altitude to a lower.

    One has to travel from one end to the other, propelled by gravity, by holding on to the pulley. This is a thrilling and fun-filled activity that is popular all around the world with thrill seekers. Zip lining must be done under the expert guidance and by taking all sorts of safety measures.

    The most popular place for ziplining in Kolad is the Kundalika river, where many local operators have set up zip lining facilities. Along with that, many resorts and adventure institutes provide zip lining facilities too. Some of them are-

    - Kolad Adventure Center
    Pooja’s Farm
    The Hotel Lake Resort
    Nature Trails
    Hans Sutrawadi
    Z-BAC Adventure Institute
    River & Forest

  7. Which are the best places for a corporate team outing in Kolad?

    Corporates often send out their teams for team outings to create a bonding of trust between them, to let them know each other better so that they can work better as colleagues. This strategy immensely helps the work rate and growth of the company.

    Thus it becomes really important for corporates to send out their teams in such activities at least once a year. These sort of adventure trips organized for the teams also help them develop team working skills, something which is immensely important.

    Kolad’s adventure sports culture is very popular with corporate team outings. There are many adventure institutes and resorts in Kolad which hosts corporate teams for their outings. Some of the best places for a corporate team outing in Kolad are-

    - Pooja’s Farm
    The Hotel Lake Resort
    Nature Trails
    Hans Sutarwadi
    Z-BAC Adventure Institute
    River & Forest

  8. When is the best time for Kundalika River rafting in Kolad? What are its charges?

    Kolad is the equivalent of heaven for the adventure, especially rafting enthusiasts. It is known as “Maharashtra’s Home for White Water Rafting”. The Kundalika river provides a fourteen kilometre stretch of Group 2 and Group 3 rapids that are excellent for rafting activities.

    The nerve-racking white water rafting on Kundalika is done across two dams along a 12 kilometre stretch. Rafting in the water while admiring the raw beauty of nature around is a really out of the world experience for the tourists. It is also a chance for them to let their fear flies out.

    It is a crime to come to Kolad and not experience rafting. The best time for rafting in Kolad is during the monsoons that are from June to September. The cost of rafting starts from INR 1500 per person and increases as per duration.

  9. Which are the best destinations for rappelling in Kolad? Is it safe to do?

    Rappelling is a form of rock climbing that is a mix of rock climbing and mountaineering. It has become widely popular everywhere very recently. Kolad, being located very near to the Sahyadri Hills provide a perfect opportunity for tourists to experience some rappelling.

    The Sahyadri Hills are a great location to rappel, both for novices and provide a challenge to the experts as well. In Kolad, there are many resorts and adventure centres where one can do rappelling. The best destinations for rappelling in Kolad are-

    - Z-BAC Adventure Institute
    Nature Trails
    Kammath Residency Resort
    River & Forest
    Pooja’s Farm
    The Hotel Lake Resort

    Rappelling is perfectly safe to do as long as one uses all sorts of safety measure by using strong and durable ropes and safety gear. Rappelling must also be done under the guidance of an expert.

  10. Where can I do rock climbing in Kolad? What precautions should I take?

    Kolad is situated on the backdrop of the beautiful Sahyadri Hills in Maharashtra. The Sahyadri Hills provide some excellent scope for rock climbing activities and tourists often visit here for rock climbing and other related activities like rappelling.

    Other than that, there are many adventure resorts that have opened up in Kolad which provide rock climbing facilities to its tourists. Rock climbing is an absolutely wild and thrilling adventure sport that provides great exercise to the body. Some of the places where one can do rock climbing in Kolad are-

    - The Hotel Lake Resort
    Pooja’s Farm
    Hans Sutarwadi
    Nature Trails
    River & Forest
    Z-BAC Adventure Institute

    It's very important that one takes adequate precautions before trying rock climbing. The safety gears and ropes must be checked before using. Proper safety equipment must be used by the participants and they must only do this under the guidance of a trained expert.

  11. When is the best time to go canyoning in Kolad? Which are some perfect destinations?

    Canyoning is a daring and thrilling experience. Canyoning involves exploring caves and climbing canyons or waterfalls, just the perfect thing for someone wanting an adrenaline rush. Kolad-Roha waterfalls are the perfect place in Kolad for canyoning. Another fantabulous place for canyoning is the Tamhini Ghat Waterfalls, picturesque waterfalls whose view will leave anyone star-struck.

    The best time to go canyoning in Kolad is from June to March. One must take adequate precautions like using the right safety gear and checking the ropes and harnesses properly before using them, along with canyoning only under the instructions of a trained expert. Canyoning costs around INR 400 per person in Kolad.

  12. Can I do banana boat ride in Kolad? What are its charges and timings?

    A banana boat is an inflatable boat that can hold three to ten members. It has to be towed by a speedboat or a motorboat. The banana boat ride is a fun and thrilling experience for someone. The banana boat ride can keep someone engrossed throughout the day.

    As with all the other water sports activities in Kolad, the banana boat ride is also done on the Kundalika river. It costs INR 350 per person and the boat rides are available throughout the day till the sun goes down, although timings are dependent on the local operators.

  13. Where can I do kayaking in Kolad? How much will it cost?

    Kayaking is the activity where you use a kayak, a small narrow boat that works by double paddling, to move through the water. Kolad is located just beside the Kundalika river, which is a fourteen kilometre stretch of group 2 and group 3 rapids that provide an excellent location for kayaking.

    Kayaking is a very popular activity in Kolad for the tourists, along with rafting. The Kundalika provides a great experience for both novice and expert kayakers. A kayak ride costs INR 350 for one person for half an hour. One must ensure they are wearing all sorts of safety gear like life jackets for protection.

  14. Which are the best routes for mountain biking in Kolad?

    Mountain Biking is an activity that does wonders for the muscles. It stimulates and tests our nerves. The thrill of a downhill ride on a rough mountain track is immeasurable. Near Kolad is the Sahyadri Hills, from which the Kundalika river originates. The Sahyadri hills provide a perfect backdrop for mountain biking in Kolad.

    Sahyadri Hills is a great route for mountain biking, following the trail of the Kundalika river till reaching Kolad. Many local operators conduct mountain biking trips that are generally three to four hour long with proper safety measures and trainers for an experience of a lifetime. Whether you are a novice or an expert, you will most definitely enjoy this mountain biking ride.

  15. Which are some best campsites in Kolad?

    Kolad is an under the radar tourism gem that offers a premium experience for the adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers. The Kundalika river provides an immense scope for different adventure activities like rafting, rappelling, canoeing, bumper boat rides, ziplining and many others.

    One can experience Grade 2 and Grade 3 rapids in the river. Kolad also has several camping options for the tourists who want to explore this wonderful village. Here are some of the best campsites in Kolad-

    - Big Red Tent
    Kundalika Eco Adventure and Rafting Camp
    Z-BAC Adventure Institute
    Pooja Farms
    Kundalika Rafting Camp
    Wilder West Adventures
    DM Farms

  16. Where can I enjoy bumper boat rides in Kolad?

    The Kundalika river flows beside Kolad, which originates from the Sahyadri Hills. The bumper boat rides are very popular in Kolad along with white water rafting. One can do the bumper boat ride on the Kundalika River in Kolad. The cost for this is INR 500. There are many local operators and adventure resorts that arrange for bumper boat rides. Expecting mothers and people with not adequate fitness are advised to not try this.

  17. Where can I try out the best foods to try out in Kolad?

    The food that is found in Kolad is the typical Maharashtrian cuisine. Maharashtra is famous for its vada pav, pav bhaji, batata pav, pooranpoli, aamti among many other dishes. Other than Maharashtrian cuisine, one can also find Chinese, Italian and other Indian cuisines due to popping up of multi-cuisine restaurants in the area. Some places in Kolad to try out the best foods are-

    - Orchard Resort Café
    Shreekar The Dhaba