Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

About Nehru Science Centre

The Nehru Science Centre, situated in Worli in India’s commercial capital Mumbai, is the largest science and technology hub in the country. You will find over 500 interactive science projects that help students and science aficionados learn the principles of sound, energy, kinetics, mechanics, and more.

The centre stretches over an area of 8,000 square metres, named after the first Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, and opened in the year 1985 by the late Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi. 

There are many seminars, workshops, science exhibits, and meetings held at the Nehru Science Centre. The two notable three-dimensional shows here include Monsters of the Deep and Grand Canyon Adventure. You will also find many artefacts here depicting the accomplishments of man in science and technology. 

The institute is also known for a gamut of science exhibits like a lazy seesaw as well as planetary motion. Students with a penchant for science will get to understand complex laws, principles, and the working of scientific theories and models.

The centre also boasts of being one of the first science national parks in the country. You will find a well-maintained library that remains open to people on weekdays and houses more than 10,000 books on numerous subjects and a maximum of 300 films on technology and science. 

The Nehru Science Centre is open for the public on all days except for Holi and Diwali. It is one of the best places to visit in Mumbai if you want to witness the wonders of science as well as experience the same. 

How to Reach Nehru Science Centre

From Mumbai Airport: 

You can reach Nehru Science Centre from Mumbai Airport via the Western Express Hwy and Tulsi Pipe Road and it take you around 32 minutes. You can take public transportation including buses, trains, private cars, or cabs.

Best Time to Visit Nehru Science Centre

You can visit Nehru Science Centre at any time of the year. However, visiting Mumbai during the monsoons is not recommended.

What Not to Miss at Nehru Science Centre

Activities and Things to Do at the Nehru Science Centre:

The Worli Science Centre offers an enjoyable experience to the young and old. Here are some of the activities and things to do here: 

Head on a Platter: It is an optical illusion to let you make your body disappear, a trick using mirrors to reflect the wall and tile patterns.   

Energy Model: It is one of the most popular exhibits at the Nehru Science Centre, a roller coaster taking a ball for an exhilarating ride, including concentric circles, down slopes to demonstrate how energy is transformed from one state to the other. 

Pin Screen: All you need to do is press the hands on the bed of mobile blunt pins to produce art in a couple of seconds. The pins will create a three-dimensional shape. The idea was the brainchild of Ward Fleming, an American artist in the year 1976.

Virtual Harp: Did you know you could play music by moving your hands in the air? It is possible at the Nehru Science Centre. You can play numerous musical notes on a harp just by moving the hands on a set of dual pipes. The sensors sense your hand movement and the chord starts playing music. 

The Giant Heart: Mumbai has a magnanimous heart. You will find this huge 18-feet human heart model at the Nehru science centre and you can walk into it to see the tricuspid and bicuspid valves. 

Nail Seat: You can sit on it without being injured. You can sit on three different kinds of chairs. This magic exhibit will ask you a question like, which of the seat is the most comfortable and why? The answer is the scientific explanation, the more the contact area, the less the pressure.

Therefore, the seats with maximum nails look scary but are the most comfortable. With more nails to touch the contact area, the reaction force for each nail is negligible.

Other Essential Information About Nehru Science Centre

Opposite 4 Seasons Hotel, Dr. E. Moses Road, Worli, Mumbai, in Maharashtra

Timings: 9.30 am to 9.00 pm on all day

Price: The entry fee is 40 INR per head. 
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People Also Ask About Nehru Science Centre

  1. How can I go to Nehru Science Centre?

    You can reach the Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai availing public transport like buses, trains, cabs or private cars. The closest bus stop here is Jijamata Nagar. The available bus routes are 50, 80 (Ltd.), 91(Ltd.), 124, 154, 164, 165, 168, 172, and 351. If you happen to reach by rail, the nearest railway stations are Byculla, Central Railways, and Mahalaxmi, Western Railways.
  2. What can you see at the Nehru Science Centre?

    You can see over 500 practical, interactive science exhibits on sound, energy, transport, and kinetics. You can see numerous science shows on multiple themes. You can enjoy the 3D shows such as the Grand Canyon Adventure and Monsters of the Deep, which gives you an opportunity to feel the mythical underwater creatures.

    Besides, you can also check out popular science exhibits like Nail Seat, Head on a platter, Energy Model, Virtual Heart, and Pin Screen. Additionally, you can see science fairs, science dramas, film festivals, sky observation programme, and science seminars.
  3. What is the entry fee of the Nehru Science Centre?

    The entry fee is 40 INR per person. The organized school groups will need to pay 20 INR per head.
  4. Can you take a camera inside the Nehru Science Centre?

    Yes, cameras and videos are allowed inside the Nehru Science Centre. You can take pictures without restrictions.
  5. Is there any locker facility available in the Nehru Science Centre?

    Yes, locker and storage facilities are available. You can keep your belongings in the lockers and store the shopping bags secure.
  6. Do I need to book tickets in advance for the Nehru Science Centre?

    Yes, you need to book tickets in advance to ensure your spot at Nehru Science Centre. If you reach around the afternoon, the tickets might be sold out. The ticket window clearly states that you can book seven days in advance. If you do not get tickets after reaching, it might be a disappointing experience.