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What You Should Know More About Kamshet

  • Travel Advice

    • This is a parasailers and paragliders haven, perfect for weekend getaways

    • The best time to get a view of this place is between October to February. Avoid travelling here in summer as the heat is too much, and you will not be able to enjoy the adventure sports.

    • You can reach Kamshet via air from Pune domestic airport or hire a taxi to reach here

    • You can also take a rail up to Lonavala and hire a taxi from there

    • If you take a bus, you can stop at this spot from the Pune- Mumbai bus route

    • Apart from hotels, you can also choose to stay at guesthouses, base camps, or cottages.

    • You can also choose to stay at the paragliding ashram which is an affordable accommodation for anyone.

    • There is no scope for any shopping sprees or activities at Kamshet

    • From Kamshet, you can also visit nearby places, like Lonavala, Bushi, Karnala, and Matheran

  • Tipping

    Most of the restaurants and dhabas have local cuisine and have no service tax levied. As a common etiquette followed in restaurants, you can give a tip of 10% of the total bill.

  • Drinking Laws

    Liquor is not available in most of the restaurants. You can however use soft drinks, as this is an adventurous sports spot, and drinking while taking a course is prohibited.

  • Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Paragliding and outdoor activities
    You can take a course on paragliding and parasailing, regardless of your age. The paragliding is taken off from the Shinde Wadi hills. For the beginners a height of 100 to 200 feet is chosen. The time for commencement of this sport is from 9.00 am to 5.00pm. Many landing options are available even for beginner paragliders. You can also take to rapelling activities and boat rides in the nearby lake at Kamshet.

    Bhairi Cave
    To reach this place is a trekker’s delight. This cave is dedicated to a goddess and it is said that animal sacrifice is still practiced here. Locals believe in a superstition that if anyone tries to steal the utensils found in this cave, they will be punished by the Bhairi goddess. A trek to this cave is not easy and must not be attempted by novice trekkers. 

    This cave has Buddhist architecture. It is similar to a stupa. It is one of the oldest Buddhist monuments that is at least 2300 years old. This is the cave built by Emperor Ashoka to practice ahimsa after he was stuck with self-loathing tragedy after the Kalinga war. Always visit this cave during day time. This is one of the remotest places near Pune. 

    Kamshet is a well known spot since many years for weekend getaways. This is a clean and a quaint lake, 10 kilometers from Kamshet. You can enjoy the fresh breeze here during summers. Take a walk near the lake or the nearby forest. There are accommodation facilities available nearby the lake. 

    Kondeshwar temple
    This is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It has waterfalls and ponds nearby. This is one of the oldest temples and one of the good picnic spots for family. You can also trek in the nearby Dhak Bhairi forest. 

  • What would You like there?

    Outdoor activities
    People visit this place to learn boating, rappelling, and they go on long treks in the nearby places. This is a sport for people with adventurous spirit. This is also a good place for a family getaway. You can only perform these outdoor activities as there is no place to shop. You can however, eat and stay at the local resorts and restaurants. 

    Road trip and scenic view
    Take a pleasant road trip to this place, if travel by rail or air is not something you are up to. This can be a pleasant errand, as the weather is usually enjoyable, except for the summers. Most of the places in and around Kamshet are great for sightseeing and taking a stroll apart from adventurous sports.

    Family picnics
    This is one of the best places to visit with an affordable budget with families and friends. You can get hooked to the beauty and serenity of this place. After a hectic week of work, you can relax in the green panorama of this hill station and also visit nearby dams, lakes, and caves. This Kondashwer temple is made in black marble and gets crowded on the occasion of Mahashiva Ratri. You can visit this place during festivals. 

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Traveller Tales from Kamshet


Ranjeet Bharadwaj

14 August 2015

We had an amazing time here with all our friends and this was an exciting experience for all of us.


Lavanya Trivedi

15 November 2015

It was my life long desire to experience this crazy paragliding and finally i had the fortune do this in kamshet, one of the most popular Paragliding destinations in India. This short Ariel adventure will definitely stole your hearts.

  • Acrobatics_paragliding_in_kamshet_1_057.jpg
  • Acrobatics_paragliding_in_kamshet_1_058.jpg
  • Acrobatics_paragliding_in_kamshet_1_065.jpg
  • Acrobatics_paragliding_in_kamshet_1_068.jpg
  • Acrobatics_paragliding_in_kamshet_1_075.jpg

Durgeshwari Ganaka

10 May 2015

I was very scared to take this initially, but at first, we started training on flat ground. After this we met our course mates, instructors. The instructors taught us about equipments and we got familiar with the equipment, glider controls under their supervision. I was happy that I got personal attention to help. The training was complimented with Ground School classes to understand relevant concepts. This was boring but useful. Also participating in a Training Simulator session was done to ease oneself to acquire flying skills. In short, it was an amazing experience that I recommend all to take. I graduated level 1 and I will join level 2 next week.

  • 1463384778_paragliding_training_in_kamshet_by_temple_pilots_17.jpg
  • 1463384778_paragliding_training_in_kamshet_by_temple_pilots_26.jpg
  • 1463384779_paragliding_training_in_kamshet_by_temple_pilots_39.jpg
  • 1463384779_paragliding_training_in_kamshet_by_temple_pilots_43.jpg

Arnesh Gandhi

05 July 2014

Such an amazing experience of flying in Kamshet! Must appreciate the way it was carried out by the organisers. The guides were great and made me fear-free before the flight. And once I was in the air, there was no stopping and the views were the best I enjoyed in my life.

  • Kamshet.jpg
  • Kamshet-paragliding-2.jpg
  • Paragliding_bir-660x495.jpg

Vishnu Dutta

12 October 2015

Must to do activity!!! I recommend paragliding to every adventure lover. It gives you a thrilling experience. The views from top is amazing, moreover it feels awesome when you start coming down on the grounds.

  • Acrobatics_paragliding_in_kamshet_50.jpg
  • Acrobatics_paragliding_in_kamshet_56.jpg
  • Acrobatics_paragliding_in_kamshet_61.jpg

Sugam Singhal

14 June 2017

A great experience! Worth a try for all nature lovers. The team is very helpful and the pilots are friendly and helpful too. Highly recommend a stay at the Nature's cabin which Thrillophilia books!

  • 1497437028_image_0
  • 1497437028_image_1

Achyut Tandon

10 November 2015

For our first year anniversary, we embarked on an exciting experience of paragliding in Kamshet. We had a great time with an amazing package that my hubby got as a gift for me. There were set of certified pilots and flying enthusiasts, who made us feel at ease. My hubby is a pilot, so this was easy for him. I am a person who is generally afraid about heights. Although, Kamshet is a beautiful destination which is located at about 110km from Mumbai and 45km from Pune , thus we took a single car ride from our house in Pune, I felt that flying is not my thing initially. A daylong course took us through paragliding of 3 different types namely; Classic Tandem, Instructional Tandem, and Acro Tandem. Well, I do not remember the names exactly though. A two seater plane took us high up in the air from where one can take paragliding flight with a certified instructor. As my hubby had a certification, they allowed us to take it together. It was amazing. I shall cherish it forever and ever.


Dhanvin Mahajan

09 June 2015

It was fun learning the basics of paragliding. Trainers were extremely professional and we were given the required attention and tips about flying. After completing the courses, we got to experience the real charm of Kamshet paragliding and must admit that it was one of the best and adventurous experience I had so far! If you are also planning for it, check out the best time for paragliding in Kamshet and most of the fun depends on the wind.



22 April 2017

This was an amazing experience! Along with paragliding that can make you feel like a bird conquering the skies, there is an added bonus in the form of a mini trek to reach the top of the cliff, the starting point of the activity! The guide, mr Ravi, in our case is super experienced and helpful, which makes it an overall enjoyable experience! If you are anywhere near pune-lonavala, do not miss this one!

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