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Dakshayani Naik

09 April 2015

Many unknown and unseen pictures of Mumbai was revealed during our tour. In today's world, we are so much attracted towards all the glamour and hardly bother about those faces who brings us these glamour. But while we were walking down the narrow and bustling lanes during this tour, we got to see the real picture. Everyone must try this tour and witness the very original pictures of Mumbai that are hardly brought in the focus.

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Dayaananda Bhattacharya

16 March 2015

It was morning time when we started pedalling and got to enjoy the morning beauty of the city that never sleeps. After arriving at the dock, we witnessed the fishermen getting busy with their catches. Visit to Bombay Panjtapole was also very exciting along with a visit to Mumba Devi Temple. After all these, we also ride around Marine Drive, Crawford Market, and several other stunning places. The 4 hours spent on cycling along with the guides and instructors was just an unforgettable experience!


Rudra Tandon

04 June 2015

You will get to see the real image of life in Dharavi and several other corners of Mumbai. The way our movies has been portraying these areas are not exactly the same and has a lot more. Kumbha Wada and Dhobi Ghat were very busy places but they had something to learn. I mean, everyone in these areas are very much aware of their roles and duties and also carried them out in a perfect way. Hats off to the people of these areas.


Annapurna Adiga

06 June 2015

This tour not only made me feel close to the people of Mumbai, but also let me know about the real state of the other side of the city. I really felt moved and sympathetic. I would like to take more such tours in various cities down the lane and see what I can do to help the needy people. Interacting with the people was a whole new experience all together. Kudos to the team for organizing this.


Rudra Tandon

05 November 2015

I am a total Bollywood freak and this was kinds trip just made for. Amazing experience. Shooting might appear a normal process but damn its tricky. Got a chance to visit live shooting, various studios...Amazing experience. Love it.


Deepesh Mehrotra

18 August 2015

You will surely enjoy every moment of this cycling tour. From CST to Kailash Parbat Restaurant, there are many things to see and enjoy. Join this ride for sure with Thrillophilia; fun, excitment and merry moments are guaranteed!

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