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About Raigad

Situated in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, Raigad district is majorly known for its historical significance and awe-inspiring beauty. Earlier, the place was named as Coolaba but with the growing popularity of its Raigad fort, it was renamed to Raigad. Cradled amidst the mesmerizing Sahyadri ranges, this district welcomes you with a unique combination of beaches, religious temples, and historic forts.

On your visit to this beautiful Konkani district, be ready to fall in love with its natural splendour that is second to none. As you will usher into the Raigad city, you will be welcomed by the striking landscapes of the Western Ghats and picturesque verdant beaches where one can unwind and bid farewell to their hectic lives. The city also boasts its diverse flora and fauna that forms the bedrock of its popularity.

From verdant beaches like Alibag, Kihim, and Karnala to the historic forts like Kolaba, Raigad, and Sudhagad- Raigad has everything that makes it the tourist magnet of Maharashtra. With touristy spots like Elephanta Caves and Ashtavinayak Temple in reserve, it also provides you with a sneak peek into the glorious culture of Konkan region. Whether you want to embark on a scenic trip or delve deep into the history of Maharashtra, Raigad has got it all covered for you.

There is a wide range of enthralling activities that one might indulge in here. Whether you are a loner who finds peace in looking out for exotic bird species at the Karnala Bird Sanctuary or the historic landmarks of the district is what that appeals to you the most- there is no dearth of things to do in Raigad.

If you are willing to indulge in some exhilarating sports, set out on a ropeway ride near the Raigad fort and vouch for a fun-filled day. You can also embark on a gastronomic journey by exploring numerous restaurants across the city streets and relishing the taste of delicious Maharashtrian cuisines.

Though the surreal landscapes and historical forts form the major highlights of Raigad, its pleasant weather adds to its existing charm. The city witnesses a pleasant climate during the colder months which makes it a superb winter destination. Hence, if you want to make the most out of your Raigad trip, it is best to visit here between November and March. Raigad experiences reduced tourist activities between March and June, owing to its hot weather during these months.

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Raigad FAQ's

What are some famous places to visit in and around Raigad?

1. Raigad Fort: Surrounded by deep valleys by its three sides, this majestic fort stands at an altitude of 820 meters and offers a vivid view of Raigad city. The fort can be accessed only through the single entrance which has around 1737 steps.

If you wish to add a dash of adventure to the fort trip, opt for the ropeway ride to reach here. Standing tall as an epitome of Maratha rule and bravery, Raigad Fort also holds religious significance as it still preserves the imprints of the vision of Hindavi Swarajya.

Location: Mahad, Raigad, Maharashtra.

2. Diveagar Beach: 
Just 170 Km away from the Mumbai city, Diveagar Beach is a beautiful amalgam of white sandy beach, azure water, and lush green landscapes. The beautiful coastline of the beach stretches up to 5 kilometres and is dotted with palm, casuarinas, and Beatles trees.

If you are on a long holiday to Raigad, you can book your stay on one of the resorts located on the Diveagar beach and ensure a hassle-free vacation for yourself.

Location: Diveagar Beach, Shrivardhan, Raigad.

3. Jagadishwar Temple: 
Built in the royal palace, this temple has Shri Jagdishwara as its main deity. It is believed that Shivaji was a keen follower of the Hindu religion and was said to visit this temple on a regular basis. The temple has a dome-shaped structure which gives a glimpse of the ancient Moghul architecture.

Location: Raigad Trail, Gherkilla Raigad, Maharashtra.

4. Madhe Ghat: 
Perched at a distance of 62 Km from the Pune city, this magnificent waterfall is the pride of Raigad district. The waterfall is surrounded by lush green vegetation, meandering rivers, and majestic hills, which make it nature's abode. If you are lucky, you might also get to relish the spellbinding views of Raigad fort from here.

Location: Madhe Ghat road, Karnavadi, Maharashtra.

5. Raj Bhavan: 
If you are keen to know everything about the Shivaji rule, this administrative building is a perfect spot to begin. The Raj Bhavan is regarded as the place from where the mighty ruler Shivaji administered the entire kingdom. The palace is built on a dual platform and has four wooden columns by its sides. The interior of the building has beautifully preserved all the major life events of Shivaji.

Location: Raj Bhavan, Malabar Hills, Mumbai.

What are the different activities one can do in and near Raigad?

1. Spend a peaceful day at Gangasagar Lake: If you are on a look-out for a quaint spot in Raigad to relish some peaceful moments, Gangasagar Lake is the best sightseeing spot for you. From savouring the picturesque sunrise view to heading for a picnic at the bank of this lake, there are a trunkful of activities one might indulge in.

2. Explore the Age-Old Temples: 
Raigad district is home to several ancient temples where one can offer their prayers to the almighty, as well as, admire the old-style architecture. While the Jagdishwar temple intrigues visitors with its grand Mughal style architecture, the Ashtavinayak, Balleshwar, and Varad Vinayak temples stand as an epitome of Peshwa rule.

3. Head for Camping in the Dense Jungles: 
For all those adventure buffs who are on a lookout for some enthralling things in Raigad, camping is a must-try activity. The district is home to dense jungles of Falyan which witnesses a throng of tourists throughout the year. After exploring the scenic trails around, you can either head for bonfire night or simply stare at the starlit sky.

4. Enjoy the Beachside Sunset: 
Raigad is home to numerous beaches like Varsoli and Kihim where you can bask in the warmth of the sun or admire the awe-inspiring sunset view. The sight of the sun casting its glow on the seawater deserves all of your attention and time. If you have enough time in your hand, head to the Morbe Dam and relish the bird's eye view of Raigad from there.

5. Embark on Kothaligad Trek: 
What can be more adventurous than exploring the scenic trails of Raigad on a starlit night? If you are eager to have such experience, set out on a trek to Kothaliagad and adore the beauty of Sahyadri ranges. Once you are done with the trek, just plan a bonfire night with food and music.

How can I reach Raigad?

- By Bus: Situated at a distance of 32 Km, Murud is the nearest airport to Raigad. If you are heading here from Mumbai, it will take you around 3.5 hours to conclude your journey. Once you reach Murud, you can avail taxi services or board a private bus.

- By Train: 
Nestled on the Konkan rail route, Vir Dasgaon is the nearest railway station to Raigad. One can board a regular train from either Mumbai or Pune. After reaching Vir Dasgaon, it is advisable to hire a taxi to conclude the remaining journey.

- By Air: 
Lohegaon at Pune is the nearest airport to Raigarh. The airport is well-connected to all the big cities in India including Chennai, Delhi, Goa, Kolkata, and Kochi. After reaching this airport from your initial destination, you can avail bus or taxi services to reach Raigad.

What is the best time to visit Raigad?

The months from November to March mark the winter season in Raigad. Winter months are considered to be ideal to embark on a Raigad trip as the weather during this time is not extreme. This is also considered to be a favourable time to enjoy adventure activities like ropeway or trekking.

It is advisable to avoid travelling to Raigad during the summer months as the district experiences hot and humid weather during the summer season.

How many days are enough for Raigad?

Raigad is a small district and if you are hard-pressed on time, you can still explore most of its tourist spots on a one day trip.

How many steps are in Raigad fort?

The Raigad fort has around 1737 steps that will lead you to the fort.

Can we stay at Raigad fort?

Yes, you can stay at the Raigad fort. If you are looking for a decent accommodation near the fort, plan your stay at its ropeway guest house.

How long does it take to climb Raigad Fort?

Raigad fort has around 1700 steps. It will take approximately 2 hours to climb the fort. If you can't climb the steps on foot, just opt for the ropeway drive and reach the fort in merely 3 minutes.

What are the best treks in Raigad?

1. Raigad Fort Trek: A beautiful hill fortress nestled at an altitude of 4530 feet above the sea level, Raigad fort stands as a living proof of the brave Maratha empire. On your trek to this fort, you will get to see the ruins of its three watchtowers.

The fort also boasts a massive entrance gate called Maha Darwaja, which is another highlight of the Raigad trek. One of the major attractions of the Raigad Fort is the grand statue of Shivaji which stands opposite to the main market avenue.

2. Karnala Fort Trek: 
A journey that awaits you with a huge bundle of memories and exciting activities, Karnala Fort trek will introduce you to the diverse flora & fauna of Karnala Bird Sanctuary. As you will make your way through the steep rocks, be ready to spot some exotic bird species. Once you make it to the top, just explore the ruins of Karnala fort or soak in the view of Raigad district from the top.

3. Kothaligad Trek: 
If the idea of walking under the starlit sky amidst a picturesque region excites you, pack your bags and head for a scenic hike to the Kothaligad fort. Surrounded by the majestic Sahyadri ranges, Kothaligad trek will put you directly into the laps of nature.

On this 3 hour-long trek, you will also get to explore the Bhairo Caves. With the first stroke of the sun, you will get to admire the astounding views of several nearby forts including Rajmachi, Siddhagad, and Bhimashankar.

4. Kalavantin Trek: 
The historic Kalavantin trek will take you through several picturesque panoramas before getting to the hill fort. The nearby hill of Prabalgad adds to the charm of this scenic hiking journey. While the trek remains an easy level hike till Parabalmachi, the last 500-metre hike till Kalavantin will certainly test your endurance.

Which are the best places for camping in Raigad?

1. Falyan Jungle Camp: Surrounded by dense forests and lush green landscapes, Falyan Jungle Camp calls for exciting camping night. This jungle camp has become the one-stop destination for campers and adventure seekers who love to unwind in the peaceful forest regions. In addition to camping, you can also indulge in some other adventure activities like rifle shooting and rope course.

2. Kolad: 
Situated on the banks of river Kundalini, Kolad is a quaint tourist spot that attracts a large number of adventure buffs throughout the year. On your camping trip to Kolad, either engage in water sports like swimming & rowing or join your team members in some outdoor game.

3. Varsoli Beach: 
If you have never ever camped at a serene beach location, embark on a camping trip to Varsoli beach and experience nature like never before. Reckoned among the most peaceful beaches in Raigad, Varsoli has gained extensive popularity for its pristine waters, beachside cottages, and beautiful shores. The beach flaunts a 2-kilometre long coastline that is truly a sight to behold.

4. Kihim Beach: 
If the idea of beachside camping appeals to you, head out to this captivating beachfront and vouch for a memorable night camping experience. Dotted with swaying coconut trees, wildflowers, and lush green leaves, Kihim Beach is one of the most sought-after camping spots in Maharashtra.

From its serene atmosphere to its outstanding backdrops, and white sandy beaches, everything about the beach is worth a mention.

Which are some famous places to stay in Raigad?

1. Sea Wind Beach Resort: Bringing together both urban comforts and nature's splendour under one roof, Sea Wind Beach Resort provides you with a much-needed escape from the city crowd. The resort is nestled in Shrivardhan and is majorly known for its seashore views and extravagant amenities.

The resort serves its visitors with three major room options which include super deluxe rooms, lotus suite, and an orchid suite. Intercom facility, LED TV, and air conditioner are some essential amenities provided at the resort.

2. Darban Resort: 
Situated on the Diveagar beachfront, this resort property is complete with a spacious garden, air-conditioned rooms, free internet, and a private bathroom. The property also features some extra amenities like 24-hour front desk and evening entertainment. The continental breakfast served at this resort is definitely worth a try.

3. Forest Hills Resort: 
A beautiful combination of luxury and privacy, Forest Hills Resort will exceed your expectations in every way possible. Nestled in the dense jungles near the Kuda caves, this hill resort welcomes you with superior facilities including 24-hour security, free internet, and daily housekeeping. The strategic location of the resort makes it accessible from several prominent destinations of the city.

4. Monteria Resort: 
If you are residing in Pune or Mumbai, Monteria Resort forms an ideal getaway destination for you. From its aesthetically pleasing interiors to its fun activities and games, there are a lot many things that set it apart from the rest of the properties in Raigad. On offer, you can also indulge in adventure sports like ziplining, paintball, and archery.

5. Prakruti Resort: 
A 4-star property sprawled over 100 acres of land, Prakruti Resort forms an ideal getaway for honeymooners and couples. The opulent property is nestled amidst the dense forests and is just walking distance away from the Kashid beach.

During your stay in this resort, you can spend your evenings strolling across the beach or indulging in a rejuvenating massage. In your spare time, you can also indulge yourself in activities like golf, table-tennis, and swimming.

Raigad Reviews

Enakshi Shukla
Reviewed: 12 Aug 2021
This eco-resort is a deluxe getaway that provides a respite from the area's commercial hub to the calmness of wilderness.
Divjot Sinha
Reviewed: 14 May 2021
The resort’s location was very beautiful. My family enjoyed all the services and multicuisine restaurants. The staff were friendly and hospitable.
Dhanvin Naik
Reviewed: 07 May 2021
Boating on the backwaters of the Waldevi is something that my and my friends are never going to forget. The experience is even better when you travel with the guys at Thrillophilia, who literally take care of everything from beforehand!
Karthik Chopra
Reviewed: 05 Apr 2021
We booked this resort for a weekend getaway, The resort was astounding, with excellent rooms, dining options and a whole lot of activities. All thanks to Thrillophilia for this affordable deal!
Reviewed: 10 Feb 2021
We had been craving for a beach vacation, when Thrillophilia came to the rescue and set us up at the Kashid Beach resort in Alibaug. The rooms were perfect and the hotel was just 400m from the beach!
Bhoopat Adiga
Reviewed: 16 Jan 2021
While visiting Alibaug, we took this package with Thrillophilia while staying in Kashid. The booking process was extremely easy. Not only were the rooms arranged for us, but the package offers a number of exciting activities also!!

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