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Traveller Tales from Raigad


Chandani Mishra

04 June 2016

Lovely experience. All of my friends including me were done with house parties and clubbing so wanted to try something new. Overnight camping is so much fun guys...I think everybody should try it once....


Dinakar Malik

21 May 2016

Amazing place..I was so happy there was no tension of office, traffic...absolutely calm and quiet. I loved the thorough experience. This was my first camping experience and certainly one of the best ti


Trilochana Trivedi

29 February 2016

To have a weekend out from our busy schedules, we took this deal. It was like a second honeymoon. We spent a lot of time by the pool. We also were served amazing cocktails by the poolside. As the whole...


Priya Embranthiri

19 February 2016

Calm and serene environment. i came with my friend and really the place was just so good and romantic. camp was very comfortable, they have choosen the best place for the camp. We had a great time h


Annapurna Gowda

29 January 2016

I always founding night camping concept something out of my comfort zone but wow it was a great experience. It so peaceful and quiet, not once I felt the need of coming back...Great time. Well, I hated...


Som Kapoor

28 December 2015

This was a true night camping experience. Amazing time...such great stories everybody had to share and some freaking too. Awesome experience.


Gajbaahu Kakkar

16 December 2015

We wish we could have been here for longer and had a much better experience than we hoped for. It was so pretty the surroundings and everything about this place took my breath away.


Udit Pothuvaal

11 December 2015

Murud Janjira is my favorite vacation place and have been several time. but this time was special as i got the chance to do camping and fishing. loved it.... :)


Kalpana Talwar

18 August 2015

The stay in this package is in a 4 star luxury resort, which was as good as 5 star. This was sprawling across for 100 acres. There are some amazingly brilliant backdrop of rugged forests. There is also...

What You Should Know More About Raigad

  • Q. Travel Advice

    • Maharashtra is not much known for crimes but pickpockets are pretty common. Keep your money and other belongings safe.

    • Book your hotel room before coming down to Raigad if you are visiting during the Ganapati Festivals.

    • Don’t flash much cash in public which might attract dishonest people around you.

    • Don’t leave the children alone while sight-seeing especially in the forts. They might get lost.

    • There are a lot of places to see, so plan your trip accordingly.

    • If you are going for swimming in the sea, take necessary protections.

    • Move in groups to avoid getting lost in unknown places.

    • Use maps and navigations in your smartphones to track a place easily.

  • Q. Drinking Laws

    The drinking laws in Maharashtra are as follows:

    • You can drink wine only if you are 18 or more.

    • You can drink beer only if you are 21 or more.

    • For all other liquors, you need to be at least 25.

    • Some districts have banned alcohol totally.

    • You need to issue a drinking licence from civil hospital in Maharashtra to drink.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Raigad Fort

    If you are a history student, you must visit the Raigad Fort as the place holds a prime position in the history of Maharashtra. This fort was declared the capital by Shivaji Maharaj. He took his last breath there. Previously called Coolaba, the district was named Raigad afterwards. If you love trekking, you will surely like the place as the path to the fort is not an easy one. You can reach the top of the fort by a ropeway too.

    Janjira Fort

    Located in a breath-taking location, the Janjira Fort is a marvellous example of architecture. The fort was built on an island in the sea which made it extremely unique. Enemies could never conquer the fort because of its location. To visit the fort, you need to go to a coastal village named Murud. From there you can take a boat up to the fort.

    Korlai Fort

    The fort was built by the Portuguese on an island with magnificent architectural engineering. It was made with a view to safeguard the Revdanda Creek. The forts in Raigad are indeed the best in entire Maharashtra.

    Kuda caves

    The beautiful caves at Kuda will leave you in awe. The marvellous architectural designs which were next to impossible in those days are proudly standing in Kuda. There are 26 caves made by the Buddhists in around 3rd century. The antique site was undiscovered for a long time due to communication difficulties but they are attracting a lot of tourists now- a- days.


    The beach in Kihim will surely blow your mind. The beautiful broad beach is perfect for a calm walk with your loved ones. Don’t miss the mesmerizing golden sunset there. You can also do a few water sports like swimming. Take necessary protections before that. You will also get great sea foods on the beach.  

    Harihareshwar Beach

    This is the place where River Savitri meets the Arabian Sea. There are two beaches in Harihareshwar. The place is extremely picturesque with lush greenery all around. Near the beach, there is a famous temple called Harihareshwar Temple. You can see four beautiful hills, namely, Harihareshwar, Bramhadri, Pushpadri and Harshinachal standing from the beach.

    Harihareshwar Temple

    This is a beautiful temple near the Harihareshwar beach. The deities worshipped here are Vishnu, Bramha, Shiv and Parvati. The holy place of Harihareshwar is often referred to as Devghar which means the house of God.

    Shrivardhan Beach

    The entire town of Shrivardhan is very beautiful and picturesque. The beach there is clean and unspoilt which will actually soothe you with its beauty. Shrivardhan is also famous for betel nut plantations. Every house there has got a betel nut tree in its courtyard.

    Ashtavinayak Temple at Mahad

    Maharashtrians are a great devotee of lord Ganesha. There are eight Ganesha temples in Maharashtra called Ashtavinayak. Among all the eight temples, one is there in the town of Mahad in Raigad district. The name of the temple in Mahad is Varad Vinayak. The entire location is very picturesque and you will like the bamboo plantations there.

    Ashtavinayak Temple at Pali

    This is also an Ashtavinayak temple in Pali. Lord Ganesha is known by the name of a devotee named Balleleshwar. The location is enchanting and every morning during the sunrise it looks much more divine.  

  • Q. What will like you like there?


    The Raigad district is blessed by nature in all forms. You will find both beaches and mountains there. The beautiful Arabian Sea beaches are a fun to visit. On the other hand, the Sehyadri range of the Western Ghats is divine to watch.


    The local Konkani cuisine is mouth-watering. The food is very healthy and appetising. You will love the hint of flavourful curry leaves in almost all dishes. The locals are mainly vegetarian but you will find finger-licking non-veg delicacies as well.


    The people in Maharashtra are known to be very helpful. Have a chat with them regarding what to see in Raigad. You will surely discover something new.


    Maharashtra is mainly known for forts. The beautiful forts there are brilliant examples of extraordinary architectures in the old days, even when the infrastructural development was poor. You will be forced to think how were they constructed even in deep sea.


    The beaches in Raigad are not crowded and spoilt. They are clean with beautiful waves from the Arabian Sea.


    If you are an adventure-seeker, Raigad is your paradise. You can trek up to the mountains and forts, ride the ropeways, swim in the beaches, do rock climbing and a lot of other adventure activities.

  • Q. Recommended reads for destination