Powai Lake Overview
The Powai Lake was built in 1799 by the British. Located in the very heart of the city if Mumbai, the lake is a pleasant break from the humdrum life of the city. The 219-years-old lake was once used as a source for drinking water in the city, now i is a sightseeing place that is home to varieties of birds, amphibians, insects etc.

There are colourful flowers around the lake that attract moths, honeybees, bumblebees etc. You can also find varieties of aquatic plants in and around Powai Lake. Among birds that flock around the lake, one can easily spot bulbuls, marina, sparrows, kingfishers, spot-billed ducks, doves, pond heron etc which make it an interesting place for bird watchers who come here early in the morning to catch glimpse of these birds.

Come to the Powai Lake on a lazy afternoon or evening to enjoy the cool breeze that blows because of the lake. There are narrow roads beside the lake for you to take a walk on as well.

Location: Powai Lake, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra


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The artificial Powai Lake spread over 6.6 kms and situated in the northern suburb of the city is considered as Mumbai’s jewel. The lake is a major attraction for tourism and restoration of aquaculture and nature. Once upon a time, it was one of the major sources of water supplies for the city.

Unfortunately, the degraded quality of water has changed the scenario. Despite this, the beauty of the lake hasn’t failed a bit. Surrounded by the finest residential townships in Powai, the most elegant feature of the lake is the sight of the skyline twinkling around its periphery.

You can curl up with a book at a café near the Renaissance Hotel and soak in the niceties of nature. Looking for something more? Take a boat ride while looking over the pink and purple balsam bushes around the lake.

Rich with cleanliness and tranquillity, Powai Lake is home to a staggering number of amphibians and aquatic plants. The beautiful carpet of flowers attracts honeybees, bumblebees, beetles, and butterflies. You can also spot kingfisher, spot-billed duck, pond heron, spotted dove, and falcon.

Also, beware of the crocodiles! Like an oasis in the concrete desert, a visit to Powai Lake is the much-needed break from the city hassles. This, along with the pristine surroundings, makes the lake a necessary mention in your travel list.

History of Powai Lake –

Earlier the Powai Lake area was known as Powai Valley, a central village, known for the small group of huts around it. Built under the rule of the British colonial government, Powai lake was built by two dams across the Mithi River in 1891.

A step was taken in an attempt to sustain and convert it to the water supply source to the city of Bombay (now Mumbai). A community formed in 1936, named Maharashtra State Angling Association currently takes care of the lake’s management and restoration.

Due to an initiative by 1980 batch of IIT Mumbai, mending and restoring of Powai lake was started under the project called ‘Revitalization of Powai Lake’. Later on, the National Lake Conservation Plan (NLCP) undertook Powai Lake amongst the ‘ten main lakes’ of the country to be restored and revived.

Launched in 2002, this program was implemented by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation. With this empowering dynamism, the condition of Powai lake has improved considerably.

East to the Powai Lake, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, was founded in 1958. Thereafter, the Hiranandani complex was built nearby, along with other housing projects on the run. Due to various luxurious hotels and housing area projects around the periphery of the lake, its popularity has increased over time.

How To Reach

How to Reach Powai Lake from Airport – 

Mumbai Airport is almost 6 km away from the Powai Lake. There are plenty of ways to reach Mumbai’s jewel, Powai Lake, from the airport. The quickest way to get to Powai Lake is by hailing a taxi which will take 30 minutes. Or, you can book an Uber or Ola cab and reach your destination.

If you want to explore the local whereabouts of the city, you can also take a bus from Domestic Airport Junction to Powai via Andheri Station. The journey will take approximately 55 minutes.

Best Time To Visit

Best Time to Visit Powai Lake – 

The best time to visit the Powai Lake is during the winters when the weather of Mumbai is cool, dry and pleasant for travelling. Usually, Mumbai’s weather is humid, so, November-February would be the most favourable time. Also, due to Mumbai rains, the lake is at its best but it can be a risky time to visit. Tourists usually avoid visiting here during monsoon i.e. from June to September. 

Other Essential Information

Location – Powai Lake is situated at Salsette Island, next to the Powai village. It sits quietly in the downstream of the Vihar Lake on the Mithi river. East to the lake, you will find the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. 

Timings – You can visit the Powai Lake any time as it is open at all times. If you want to watch the sunrise then you might have to check the timings and visit punctually. Or, if you want to soak in the glimmering skylines then reach after dusk for a better experience.

Facts about Powai Lake – 

The original name of the Powai Lake was Powai valley. An interesting fact about the valley is that it was a central village with each hut having its own well. The amenity of water supply was sufficient for every person at that time.

Also, the initial area of Powai Lake was measured about 2.1 km and the depth was measured ranging between 3 m to 12 m at its deepest. Later on, the inclusion of the British colonial government took place. After making two 10 m high dams, Powai lake was built for amplifying the water supply to Bombay.

It cost approximately INR 6,50,000 to the British regime for constructing the lake in 1889. Moreover, an ancient temple of Padmavati Devi was built on the bank of Powai Lake. It was situated inside IIT Bombay campus. According to the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), the temple can be from 10th century AD.

The localities around Powai Lake have undoubtedly modernized and developed. Although, the usage of Powai Lake was usually inclined towards fishing over the years. But along with development, its usage has also been converted for better motives, like the conservation of the Indian Mahseers, an iconic group of fish important for aquaculture.
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Powai Lake FAQs

Are there crocodiles in Powai Lake?

There have been many instances during monsoon about crocodiles being sighted in the Powai Lake. You can easily spot crocodiles in large numbers along the shore of the lake. Although, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has taken care of the issue and are working towards it.

How do I get to Powai Lake?

To reach the Powai Lake, you can follow the route by going through King’s Circle, Sion, followed by Kurla. Or, go via Santa Cruz and Andheri. If you want to travel by road then it will take you approximately 30 minutes to reach Powai Lake from Mumbai. You can also reach KanjurMarg Railway Station and easily reach the Powai Lake.

Is Powai Lake artificial?

Powai Lake is an artificial lake. Created under the rule of the British colonial government, Powai lake was built by two dams across the Mithi River in 1891. The step was taken in an attempt to sustain and convert it to the water supply source to the city of Bombay (now Mumbai).

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