Madh Island, Mumbai: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

About Madh Island

A popular weekend destination, away from the busy city life, Madh Island is all about sunshine, sea breeze, and amazing seafood. Located around 30 kilometres from the Mumbai between the Arabian Sea and Malad creek, it still is a haven for those looking for some unique experiences.

An assortment of magnificent Portuguese architecture dating to the 16th century, colourful and charming native Koli villages and forts, the place pleasantly surprises its visitors. Madh Island offers people a glimpse into the leisurely way of life of farming and fishing, which is an amazingly refreshing experience. You will see fishermen still drying their catch on the beaches here. 

The beaches are dotted with thick palm tree mangroves and lounging shacks are famous for nightlife and weekend parties. You will find many famous DJs playing live music here on the weekends. There are plenty of luxury resorts here that offer a five-star stay experience along with gourmet food. 

The beaches here are cleaner and have fewer crowds as compared to the more popular ones in the city. Madh Island is also a popular shooting location for Bollywood movies and is the home to many filmmakers and artists.

How to Reach Madh Island

From Mumbai Airport:

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is located around 26 kilometres away from Madh Island. Cabs are the most convenient and take you directly to the Island. They charge approximately Rs. 250 and take around 50 minutes to reach. Alternatively, you can take a bus or cab to Versova from the Airport and hire a ferry to reach Mad

Best Time to Visit Madh Island

The best time to visit Madh Island and soak in the beauty of the picturesque outdoors is between October to June. During this time, the weather is very pleasant without the humidity typical of a coastal area and temperatures ranging between 26°C to 31°C.

What Not to Miss at Madh Island

Places to Visit in Madh Island:

1. Aksa Beach: The most popular attraction in Madh Island is this pristine beach. Considered to be amongst the cleanest beaches in Mumbai, it is perfect for spending some tranquil time amidst the soothing sounds of the ocean. However, one needs to be careful while getting too close to the strong currents and quickly shifting sands here. 

2. Erangal: This charming village is known for its beautiful beachfront, ancient forts, and authentic seafood and pickles. Relax in one of the shacks as you experience the leisurely way of life and interact with the fishermen as they go about fishing. 

3. Madh Fort: This majestic 17th-century watchtower is famous for its Portuguese architecture. It offers beautiful views of the Mumbai skyline and expanses of ocean. Since the Indian Air Force manages the fort, you need to take prior permission to visit it.

4. St. Bonaventure Church: Marvel at this 16th-century wonder built by the Portuguese. Don’t miss to see the striking stained glass windows and spend time in the peaceful environs as you soak in the charming architecture of the place.

5. Madh Beach: Spend time at this surprisingly clean beach as you soak in the sun, breeze, and sounds of the sea. Go for short hikes and explore trails in the palm tree thickets around the beach or simply laze on the warm sand.

Things to do in and around Madh Island:

1. Try authentic seafood: Shacks at Madh Island especially at Erangal Village sell amazing seafood and even Gujarati food. Don’t miss to pick up some prawn pickle and dried fish from here. 

2. Enjoy the solitude: The beaches here, like Aksa and Madh beaches, are much more pristine and clean as compared to the beaches in the city. Spend time here enjoying the sea breeze and sunshine without the usual cacophony of tourists, common at the city beaches.

3. Visit ancient Portuguese architecture:
 Madh Island houses magnificent 16th-century churches and forts. The Madh Fort is a popular vantage point to soak in the beauty of the coastline and the city’s high rises twinkling in the night. The churches are set in charming locations and adorned with striking stained-glass windows and paintings. 

4. Rejuvenate yourself: Relax and pamper yourself as you get a luxurious spa at one of the resorts here. The experience further accentuates as you are enveloped in the soothing ocean sounds and fresh cool breeze. 

5. Party on the beach: Madh Island is famous for its beach and barbeque parties with amazing music by famous DJs. Let your hair down as you dance nonstop and enjoy free-flowing drinks. 

6. Mall hopping: Shop to your heart’s content at one of the many malls around Madh Island like Infiniti Mall, Inorbit, and Oberoi Mall. Enjoy a delicious lunch at one of the gourmet restaurants and coffee shops located at these malls. Both are located within a radius of 8 kilometres from the island. 

7. Street shopping: Shop for pretty knick-knacks and try authentic street food at the Lokhandwala Market, located around 6 kilometres away from the island. 

8. Enjoy the arts: Visit the nearby Kala Ghoda Art Precinct to see priceless artworks by famous artists from around the country.

Other Essential Information About Madh Island

Location: Madh Island is located around 30 kilometers off the north-western coast of Mumbai. 

Timings: The Island is accessible throughout the year at all times. 

Price: Reaching Madh Island via ferry from Versova will cost as low as Rs. 3 per person. Food for two people will cost approximately Rs. 500.

Tips For Visiting Madh Island:

-The beaches at Madh Island are known for spots of quicksand, which has led to some accidents. Also, since the water currents are strong, be very careful while you swim. Avoid visiting the beaches here during the monsoon rains.

-The Island is the home to many fishing villages and friendly people. It’s a good idea to spend time with them, getting to know them and the simpler way of life.

-Don’t miss to gorge on the freshest seafood like bombil and prawns and Gujarati cuisine especially from the local vendors.

-For a more authentic experience, hire a local homestay instead of the hotels. Not only is it economical but also lets you into the local way of life.
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People Also Ask About Madh Island

  1. Is Madh Island safe?

    Madh Island is a popular tourist destination and is extremely safe. The locals are friendly and helpful and there is ample police presence. However, one must be careful especially at Aksa Beach. Swimming is prohibited here due to strong water currents and the presence of quicksand. Exercise the usual caution for your general safety as you would in any other place. Avoid being out at night and travelling alone.
  2. How do you get to Madh Island?

    From the Airport: Hiring a taxi is the best way to reach the Island from the Airport, which is located around 26 kilometres away.

    By train: The closest station is at Malad, located around 12 kilometres away. You can take a cab or bus to reach Madh Island.
    By bus: Madh Island is well connected by buses from Andheri, Borivali, Malad.
    By ferry: Taking the ferry is the most economical way to reach Madh Island. The ride to Malad from Versova costs only around Rs. 3 per person.

  3. How far is Madh Island from Mumbai?

    Madh Island is located around 30 kilometres from the city centre and is easily accessible by road. A cab ride will take around 40 minutes. Alternatively, you can take a ferry to Malad from Versova. The Western Line plies till Malad Railway Station from where you can take any local transport.
  4. How do I get to Madh Island from Dadar?

    The best way to reach Madh Island from Dadar, located around 37 kilometres away, is via road. Take the Western Express Highway through New Link Road, Marve Road, and Madh-Marve Road to reach the Island. It will take approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach.
  5. Can we go to Madh Island at night?

    The best way to reach Madh Island at night is through hired cabs or self-driving. Other forms of local transport like buses and trains ply only till around 8:00 pm in the evenings.
  6. Are there any places to eat near Madh Island?

    1. Café Laguna: Located at Pascal Wadi Malad, the place is famous for its fusion seafood, delicious ice creams, and poolside seating.

    2. Alibaba Barbeque & Seafood: Located near Carnac Bridge, the restaurant serves delicious Chinese, European, and Mughlai food.

    3. Jamjar Diner: Known for its quaint décor and delectable Mexican food, this popular restaurant is located at Aram Nagar.

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