Snow World , Mumbai: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

About Snow World

Take a fascinating relief from the sweltering heat of Mumbai at a one-of-its-kind theme park – Snow World. Situated in Phoenix Market City, Snow World is a perfect place for your family to enjoy a day in the world of snow. 

The state-of-art technology at the Snow World is such that you get to witness the bliss of Kashmiri snowfall in the financial capital of India. Engineers of the Snow World have tried their best to maintain the mercury level below minus 10 degree celsius. 

So, spare some time from your schedule and indulge in snowy adventures like ice skating and sledging. If still your child craves for something more, lead him towards the Snow Dance Arena to witness the realistic rainfall. Watch your child building his own dream snow castle here or set him free to perform his favorite snow dance. 

From beginner to veteran, this world of snow has experiences for one and all. There are guides near every snow activity here to guide you with the basics to your comfort and convenience. 

Apart from enjoying it with your family, you may bring in your companions or your school kids and have a moment of joy with them. It is also a great place to organise your child’s first birthday or encourage his academic excellence here. Snow World, Mumbai has also been a place for corporate events in the past. 

Activities and Things to Do at Snow World Mumbai 

Enjoy the bliss of natural snowfall –

Are you unable to plan your Kashmir visit? Snow World in Mumbai brings you an exciting opportunity to experience the magical touch of snow at your hometown. Surprise your loved ones with a snowy tour on their birthdays with the chilling adventure rides right in Mumbai. 

Slide on a speeding rubber tube at -10 degrees Celsius – 

Slide along the curves and slopes of the speeding rubber tubes from a height of 100 feet. Having a jungle view in its backdrop, it forms the most picturesque spot for some candid moments. 

Throw snowballs at your friends or siblings at the snow play area – 

There’s a snow play area inside the Snow World where you can live your childhood days. Wear your snow jackets and step in the play area to throw some soft snowballs at your family, friends and relatives. Here too, you can ask someone to click some candid moments to cherish your family time. 

A little flavour of adrenaline adventure –

How does it sound to sledge, board or skate on the snowy land? Although it might seem like an easy task, there’s a little chance of slipping over the ice. Make sure that you follow the instructions thoroughly to experience a snow adrenaline adventure. Once you understand the tips and tricks here, you can make your adventure a challenging one!

How to Reach Snow World

From Mumbai Airport?

You have two options open in front of you - 

Bus, metro – First board either C-72Express or C-71Express and alight at Bahar Cinema. Walk for the next 9 minutes to reach Western Express Highway. Get into a subway that will drop you at Ghatkopar. From there, travel to Vidyavihar by train. Walk in the direction of Vidyavihar Bus Station and board a bus to drop you to Mukund Colony. 15 LBS Road is at a distance of 5 minutes walk from Mukund Colony bus station. Your overall travel will charge you somewhere around 150 to 200 INR per head. 

Taxi, Uber, Self-drive - Either hire a cab or an uber service to transfer you directly between Mumbai Airport and Snow World. Alternatively, you can even opt for a self-drive in your private car. A taxi ride will charge you around 350 to 450 INR per trip and an Uber ride between 170 to 200 INR per trip. 

Best Time to Visit Snow World

Anytime is the best time to experience the free-falling snow at the Snow World, Mumbai. It is in the summer when you will witness a lot of crowding here. The wrath of the city’s heat in summers makes Snow World, Mumbai a perfect family outing spot. 

Other Essential Information About Snow World

 : Snow World Mumbai is located at Lower Ground Level 58 - 61, Phoenix Market City, Kamani Junction Kurla (W), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400070

Price : A regular entry ticket to the Snow World Mumbai will charge you 600 INR per head. 

Inclusions : Snow World Gears – Jackets, shoes, and gloves 

Activities : Snow play, ice skating, snowfall, snow sledging, snowboarding, and ice sliding. 

Snow World Mumbai remains functional on all days of the week between 11:00 am to 10:00 pm. 
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People Also Ask About Snow World

  1. Is the phone allowed in Snow World?

    You won't be allowed to use your mobile phones once you step inside the Snow World, Mumbai. However, you are allowed to carry your DSLR’s with you.
  2. What is the price of the snow world?

    For one-hour entertainment, you just need to pay a sum of 600 INR per head. This ticket price shall be inclusive of your rental gears (jackets, gloves, and shoes) and all the activities out there.
  3. Are infants allowed in Snow World?

    Yes; you may surely bring in your infants to this World of Snow. For kids up to the age of 2 years, you do not need to pay any entry fee. Children above two years of age will be charged equivalent to the adult ticket price. In case of any emergency, you may approach the support staff at the reception counter.
    Just make sure to feed your infants before you visit the Snow World and keep an eye on them. This will allow you to enjoy your experience without much hassle.
  4. How many hours we are allowed to stay inside the park?

    Your engagement with the Snow World lasts for one hour where you have 45 minutes of snow room experience. Rest 15 minutes are reserved for your activity at the reception counter.
  5. Are pregnant women allowed in Snow World?

    Snow is usually of a slippery nature. This is why Snow World restricts pregnant women’s entry to their world.
  6. Do we get all suitable gears to stay in minus degree temperature?

    Entertainment comes next in a row; as your health is a top priority. Snow World, Mumbai ensures that you get all the gears and relevant accessories which you need for an unparalleled snow experience. Your ticket price will be inclusive of the rental charges for your safety shoes, park jackets, hood, and hand gloves.
  7. Are senior citizens allowed at snow world? If yes, what would be their ticket price?

    Yes. Snow World, Mumbai welcomes people of all age groups. However, the ticket price remains the same for every single entry irrespective of the age criteria.
    Make sure that they have no issues with the chilling temperature of -10 degrees at the Snow World and are accompanied by someone. In case of any emergency, you may approach the support staff at the reception counter.
  8. Does this place has any place to eat?

    No, there are no eateries within the Snow World, Mumbai. In case you are in search of some food, you might find ample brands and food varieties throughout Phoenix Market City. You can also find some tasty street food options beyond Phoenix Market City. Every nook and corner of Mumbai has some or the other delicious food to try.
  9. Can we carry our own pair of socks?

    A pair of socks is a mandatory accessory to be there with you. This will protect your feet from the harshness of minus 10 degrees at the Snow World. Either you can get your personal pair, or there’s a shop inside to buy one. You need to pay the required rental charges and return your pair of socks when you leave.