Manori Beach Overview

Tucked away neatly in the quaint village of Manori in northern Mumbai, this beach is a perfect weekend getaway from the ruckus of city life. The inviting stretch of sand, the open blue of roaring waters and the beauty of the serene atmosphere makes it a popular picnic spot.

Manori Beach is often known as “Mini-Goa”, not only because of its beautiful white stretches of land but also because of a number of quaint, beautiful churches that dot the beachside. The beach also witnesses an amalgamation of different religions and culture, being home to the Samudreshwar Temple, the Buddhist Pagoda and even the Sufi Dargah. The beauty of the place is further enhanced by a thick grove of cashew trees and ample greenery that covers the place.

The beach becomes even more scenic during the nights, where one can enjoy barbeques or even simply lay on mats and enjoy the open starry skies. The beach also has a number of hammocks for use by visitors.

There are a number of sea-side restaurants and shacks offering scrumptious food up for grabs. They are especially popular for their seafood options, which are made from fresh produce caught from the sea. Manori Beach itself is a popular fishing destination for locals, and most of the catch is used for cooking at these food stalls.

How To Reach

From Airport-

The beach is located around 19 kms away from the Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport in Mumbai. The best way to reach the beach from the airport would be via private cars or cabs, as public transport is a bit sparse on this route. However, if one desires to take a public vehicle, then taking a bus would be the best option, as several buses take this route. One can also take a train to the Borivali station, which is only 7kms away from Manori Beach, and then take a bus or an auto to the beach.

Best Time To Visit

The Best time to visit Manori Beach is in the months of autumn or winter. That is, between the months of October and March. During this time of the year, the weather is cool and pleasant, and the humidity levels relatively less, allowing one to enjoy the outdoors at the beach to its fullest. Although many prefer to enjoy the sea-experience during the summer months, Mumbai is prey to extremely intense summer weather and heavy showers in monsoons, and it would be advisable to avoid these months to enjoy a perfect beachside experience.

Other Essential Information

Location: Manori Gorai Road, Kandivali West, Mumbai 400092, India

Timing: There is no fixed timing of Manori Beach. However, it takes between 1-2 hours to explore and enjoy the beach, so visitors must plan and decide accordingly.

Places to Visit Near Manori Beach:

-Global Vipassana Pagoda: Home to around 8,000 Vipassana practitioners, Global Vipassana Pagoda is a meditation hall in Gorai, Mumbai. The dome-shaped architecture is a quiet meditation hall, with a capacity to accommodate 8,000 devotees. This quiet and serene meditation palace is one of the largest structures in the world that contains the bone-relics of Buddha. Stretching across a vast 13 acres of land, this abode of tranquillity is a must-visit for those seeking peace of mind.

-Samudreshwar Temple: Located at the mouth of the Marve-Manori Jetty on Manori Beach is the Samudreshwar Temple, a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Although the Temple is closed for entry, the structure, built in the style of the traditional Maharasthran Koli architecture, is worth seeing. 

-The Sufi Dargah: Nestled in Manori, this quiet Dargah is a Sufi place of worship mostly frequented by the devotees. The traditional, serene Sufi music emanating from the Dargah makes the beachside experience more peaceful and enjoyable.

-Essel World and Water Kingdom: Located around 2 kms away from Manori Beach, Essel World and Water Kingdom is one of the most popular amusement parks in the country and one of the largest ones in Asia. With a wide variety of inland as well as water-based rides and attractions, this entertainment centre is popular with people of all ages, especially kids.

Tips for Visiting Manori Beach:

-There is no ATM in or around Manori Beach. The few ATMs available here usually run out of money soon. Therefore, it would be advisable to carry a certain amount of cash while going to the beach.

-There is ample parking space available at the beach. Hence, one need not look for external parking or park at a distance for visiting the beach.

-The beach does not offer any adventure rides or sport options. One must carry their own games or sports equipment. 

-Although camping on the beach is not against the law, it is advisable not to do so, as it can get pretty chilly by the beachside and also, Manori Beach does not enforce any safety protocols..

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Point of Interest for Manori Beach
Have a Picnic

Have a Picnic

Located away from all the bustle of a busy city life, Manori Beach in Mumbai is a perfect weekend getaway for urban dwellers who want to escape into the lap of nature. The beach, with its clean stretches of sand, is a popular picnic spot. On weekends, Manori is usually crowded with picnickers enjoying the sight of the sea, whether with one’s family or group of friends.

 Enjoy a stroll along the scenic walkway

Enjoy a stroll along the scenic walkway

A perfect way to let off steam after a busy week of work would be to take a stroll along the sandy shores of the beach or cycle along the edge of the water.

Enjoy a stay at beachside resorts

Enjoy a stay at beachside resorts

Being an extremely popular destination for tourists and locals alike, the vast stretch of Manori accommodates a number of resorts and hotels offering perfect beachfront views. There are cozy and comfortable stay options for families, as well as romantic stays for couples.

Explore the food options at beach-side shacks

Explore the food options at beach-side shacks

The beach-side shacks at Manori Beach is one of its major attractions. The food stalls are popular for their variety of Chinese Food, Indian food, and seafood options. The most popular dishes available here are pork vindaloo and sorpotel, chicken raan, stuffed pomfret, and fried Bombay duck.

Enjoy the Ferry Ride

Enjoy the Ferry Ride

If one is looking to explore further into the beaches of Mumbai, one can take a ferry ride to Marve Beach on the opposite shore. These ferry rides start fairly early in the morning and continue till midnight, and there is one ferry leaving the shore every five minutes.

Tourism Board Alliances

Manori Beach FAQs

Is this place suitable for night camping? Is that allowed?

No, Manori Beach is not suitable for night camping. Manori Beach does not have any safety protocols at work. However, there are a number of resorts and hotels available at the beach that are suitable for a perfect beachside stay. There are stay options available at all price ranges.

is there changing room facilities at Manori or Gorai beach?

No, there are no changing room facilities at Manori or Gorai Beach.

Are there any places to eat near Manori Beach?

Yes. Manori Beach offers a plethora of eateries, ranging from barbeque to beachside stalls and hotels. There are also a number of cafes and resorts dotting the beachside which can be accessed for dining. These mostly serve Maharashtrian and Goan street food.

They also sell items of Chinese and Indian cuisine and boast of various seafood options. Several beachside cottages along Manori Beach also host barbecue parties every Saturday, and these events make Manori a popular weekend destination among people living in an around the place.

What are the Ferry services and timings of Manori Beach?

Ferry services at Manori Beach, which provide transport to Marve Beach on the opposite shore, commence at 05.30 AM in the morning and continue till 12 midnight. There is one ferry ride every five minutes.

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