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What You Should Know More About Karjat

  • Travel Advice

    • Karjat is a place frequented by tourists and hence, review your stay accommodation before booking as a lot of it can be with fake facility claims.

    • Do not wear expensive jewelry and carry a lot of cash.

    • Carry sufficient rain gear if you visit during monsoons.

    • When on treks, take care of your safety, especially in monsoons as the trails can get very slippery.

    • Most of the places here are surrounded by valleys and hence, you should take care of your safety and not go very near to the slope.

    • Karjat is a very scenic place and hence, you should be responsible and not litter in the area or cause pollution in any way.

    • If you are driving by yourself, follow all the safety rules as the roads here are through mountains, which can make driving a tough and risky task at the same time.

  • Drinking Laws

    As per the drinking age laws of the state of Maharashtra, the legal age to consume beer and Wine is 21 years and other hard drinks is 25 years.

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    Matheran is one of the most famous hill stations in Maharashtra and often visited by tourists in winters and summer. It starts from Haji Malang in the north and ends at the Bhivpuri Road Hill. This range is parallel to the scenic Sahyadri mountain ranges and is one of the most picturesque places in Karjat. You can enjoy famous deserts mainly made with strawberries and mulberries and also enjoy pony rides on the misty roads of Matheran.

    Kondana Caves

    Built according to the Buddhist architectural style, these caves give you a picture of the ancient cave lifestyle of Buddhist monks. There are many cave scriptures, sculptures and stupas located in the caves which are some of the most beautiful reflections of the ancient Buddhist culture.

    Peth Fort

    Karjat has an array of mountain hiking tracks against the backdrop of lush green scenery and one of this is the Peth Fort, which is also known as Kotligad. This fort is conical shape and gives an amazing view of the valley.

    Ulhas Valley

    The valley has the sparkling Ulhas River flowing through it, which makes it really scenic during sunrise and sunset. During monsoons, you will find a lot of naturally cascading waterfalls through this valley and if you really want to get the best out of this destination, you should visit here in monsoon and take a train journey.

    ND Studios

    ND Studios is production designer Nitin Chandrakand Desai’s studios, started in 2005. It is one of the major attractions in Karjat because a lot of mainstream Bollywood films are shot here. Hollywood studios like Walt Disney and Twentieth Century Fox has also set up their mega studios here and the winning movie Slumdog Millionaire has also been shot here.

    Rambagh Point

    Karjat, a hub for trekking through the cloudy green mountains offers plenty of trail routes and are from medium to difficult levels. The unpredictable hilly terrain and softy slopes make it a fun spot for trekking enthusiasts and some of the most famous spots are Rambagh Point, Peth Fort and Chanderi Fort.

    Ulhas River

    If you are enthusiastic about rafting, the Ulhas River provides perfect current for it during the monsoon. You can do white water rafting on the upper sides of the river and the starting point is 15 kilometers away from Karjat. The best time to do here is from July to September.

  • What you will like there?

    Dense Green forests

    Karjat is located in the Raigad district, which is one of the greenest places in the state of Maharashtra. The forests are at their best during monsoon, with waterfalls making their way through it.


    You can do activities like trekking, hiking, camping, rappelling, white water rafting and valley crossing near Karjat and have some of the most thrilling experiences while enjoying your holidays at this blissful destination. It is an underrated destination when it comes to adventure activities, but not until you really visit and experience what things this place has to offer you.

    Misty Weather

    Karjat, especially Matheran has misty and foggy weather most of the times in the year, especially in Monsoons, when you cannot even see objects near to you because of the thickness of the fog. This makes you feel like you are in a wonderland or heaven and this makes you totally rejuvenated.

    Deep Valley views

    Karjat nestles among some of the most grand mountain ranges of Maharashtra and the views which these mountain valleys give you are breathtaking beyond explanation and you can only understand this when you witness these mystic views.

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Traveller Tales from Karjat


Adhrit Kaul

10 July 2015

If you love historic places and adventurous moments then this is where you should invest your money and time, yea i felt luck that i saw such a beautiful place in mumbai other wise i thought mumbai has...


Gudakesa Bhattacharya

01 June 2016

The Chanderi Cave trek was indeed a revelation for me. Inspite of being in Mumbai for all these years, I did not know that this existed. Thanks to the organisers for awesome organisation and facilities


Dhara Kocchar

01 April 2016

There is historic cave in Chanderi which has many religious importance, and apart from that the hills anre a great attraction, so its a double gift for everyone whethr its trekking or sight seeing ever...


Gopi Tandon

09 July 2015

Actually there are many fortss located on the same mountainous range like Karnala, Prabalgad, Irshalgad, Manikgad, Peb, Matheran lying in the mountain ranges of Nakhind, Chanderi, Mhasmaal, etc. but th...


Suryakanta Patil

21 August 2015

It was the last monsoon hen we had a great holliday in Chanderi with my college friends. Right on the way from Kalyan to Karjat rail-route, lies a mountain range of Chanderi which is seen towering the ...


Mangala Mishra

08 January 2016

we saw idol of lord Shiva inside the cave which was so spectacular, i just can't tell you guys, if you love trekkinga and if you are looking for some historic places as well, then this the point where ...


Jitendra Patil

21 October 2015

Chanderi infact is a very renowned place in the western india, that offers the spectacular locations, the historic cave and fort , beautifull standing hills and the eye catching enviroment. Very near f...


Tanushri Pilla

08 August 2015

Cnaderi is very near from kalyan station near Mumbai, actally if you will travel in the local train, you will notice the highest mountainous range which actally is chanderi range hills. Its one of the ...


Bhaswar Dubashi

27 September 2015

Chanderi trekking was a memorable experience for us, the western attraction is a must visit place for all trekking lovers like me. You would lovethis place. There re some points which are really diffic...