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  • Hiding in the Sahyadris and the Western Ghats are some of the greatest treasures of immense beauty and unbeatable landscapes. One such place lies secluded on the banks of the Ulhas River, right outside the crowded and polluted streets of Mumbai, Karjat. Famous for its undulating terrains, gorgeous hills and greenery filled landscapes and most importantly, fresh mountain air, Karjat is a relatively unexplored destination.

    It enjoys a climate, more or less like its neighboring hill stations- Khandala and Lonavala. It’s no wonder then that Karjat Resorts are known for their stunning locations and exciting experiences. 

    So beautiful are the environs of Karjat that it is also home to a lot of filming locations and the famous Nitin Chandrakant Desai Studios, where one of the greatest art directors and filmmakers of our timehas erected sets of blockbusters like Jodha Akbar, Saanwariya and many more such films. Karjat is also heavily sought after by trekking enthusiasts. The gradually rising and falling elevations are a treat to anyone and everyone from experienced to amateur trekkers. 

    The trail to the nearby hill station, Matheran passes through Karjat, leading on to Rambagh Point, Chanderi and Peth Forts. The neighbouring villages of Khandpe, Sandshi and Kondiwade also sport some of the more challenging trails.

    While in Karjat, you can also enjoy amazing water sports like rafting and kayaking. Thebest season to embark on these activities is from July to September. The landscape of Karjat is also blessed with some peaks that are great for hiking and climbing.

    Home to the holiday homes, farmhouses and second homes of many residents from Mumbai and Pune, Karjat has fast gained and retained its reputation of being an ideal tourist getaway for both Indian and International travellers.It is linked to the main city of Mumbai via local trains from Dadar and ChhatrapatiShivaji Terminus. From Pune it can be reached by a train to Mumbai, and the airport of Mumbai lies just about 90km away.

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  • 01Pinewood Resort

    Pinewood Resort

    Just about 5km from Karjat station laysa haven of peace and tranquility called Pinewood Resort. Going as far back as the year 1989, the resort has provided peace and comfort to all the patrons of this place over the last many years. The varied and diverse flower plantations have been carefully nurtured by the owners of the place Mr. and Mrs. Lobo, making it one of the most special and coveted of all Karjat Resorts. The peaceful and green surroundings take you far away from any worry and stress that you carried from your time in the city

    Splash around in the merry Swimming Pool, Water Park and exciting water slides. It is here that you stay in simple, but tastefully done up rooms that are an epitome of serenity.

    Activities and Amenities:

    -Water Park
    -Swimming Pool
    -Conference and Banquet Hall
    -Rock climbing
    -Ladder climbing
    -Rope crossing
    -Team Building activities

    Food:  Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian

    Food Rating: 4

    Liquor: Yes

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  • 02Saguna Baug

    Saguna Baug

    More than resort, SagunaBaug is the story of a dream of a father, being kept alive and nurtured by his son. HarikakaBahdasavale,aGandhian freedom fighter, wanted to develop a farm stay where old values of farming and living could be kept alive. His son then took up the reins and developed the place into the welcoming and warm farm homestay that it is today.

    At this resort , you can experience the simple but bountiful joys of going back to your roots through activities like a stroll through farms, fish farming projects and most fun of all, a water buffalo ride!  Stay in cozy and comfortable living quarters. You can also buy the locally made products at the shop. 

    Forget the artificial pools, at this offbeat resort in Karjat you can take a splash in the natural flows of the river. Such is the charm and honesty of this place that you will automatically feel at one with its worldly purpose. In addition, one should never forget to visit weekend getaways from pune along with your family and friends. 

    Activities And Amenities:

    -Nature Walks
    -Traditional Walks
    -Botanical Visits
    -Bird- Watching
    -Star Gazing with telescope
    -Traditional tribal dance  

    Food: Vegetarian

    Food Rating: 4

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  • 03Dr. Modi’s Resort

    Dr. Modi’s Resort

    Settled amongst the Sahyadri mountain ranges of the Western Ghats, Dr. Modi's Resort is spread over 50 acres of rich green grounds. Under the aegis of Dr. K. M. Modiwho is a leading Osteopath and Naturopath and his wife, the resort has only grown to be better. The couple deals with each visitor with their charming and glowing hospitality. The Resort takes care of your needs of solace, delight and genuine feelings of serenity.

    The wide expanses are an ideal venue for conferences, seminars, dinners and gatherings. The resort is well-equipped and well designed to take care of such needs, with appropriate and customized facilities. Every occasion is styled to suit your event – be it a presentation, a formal supper or just another holiday.

    Blissfully quiet, vast, open spaces add to the atmosphere of a relaxing sojourn. Naturopathy and oriental treatments, key oils and pure water all consolidate to make an ideal balance of fragrances, sounds, light and shading that will restore and revive all who enter this magical environment.

    Activities and Amenities:

    -Expansive Walking Track
    -Cycling Path
    -A Children's Park
    -Indoor & Outdoor Game
    -A Health Club

    Food: Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian

    Food rating: 4

    Liquor: Yes

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  • 04Rivergate Resorts

    Rivergate Resorts

    Located at a distance of about 12km from Karjat, the Rivergate Resort is a gorgeous luxury resort, which has been constructed keeping in mind the rustic charms of countryside living in combination with all the modern luxuries and amenities. Be it corporate events, family weekend or just a quiet escape with your loved ones, this resort nearKarjat is just perfect.

    Located close to Mumbai, it can be easily reached by road. A horde of adventures, wildlife watching, health and recreation pursuits can be customized to suit your needs and desires. Your stay at Rivergate will surely be an unforgettable experience that you can cherish for days to come.

    Activities and Amenities:

    -Party Areas
    -Wildlife Walk
    -Adventure Sports
    -Tennis Court
    -Volley Ball
    -Swimming Pool
    -River Tubing
    -Flying Fox
    -Commando Crossing
    -Net climbing

    Food:Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian

    Food Rating: 3.8

    Liquor: Yes

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  • 05River Touch Resort

    River Touch Resort

    Located on the banks of the River Pej, River Touch Resort is a beautiful resort in Karjat for all seasons! Experience the unmatched wonder of the wildlife of India. Placed in the lush thickets, it is one of India’s only jungle luxury lodges. Revel in the experience of the exemplary wildlife experience that is rare to come by. What’s more is that this resort in Karjat is based on the model of balanced eco-tourism.

    Relax in the gorgeous environs of the River Touch Resort, where you can reward yourself with the amazing sojourn of staying in well-constructed, air-conditioned rooms, all of which open up to the river view. One of the most gorgeous experiences is to tie the knot with your beloved along the river side spaces. A conference at this resort will surely be fruitful, and every other occasion unforgettable. However, there are various popular places to visit in mumbai accompanied with your friends and family.

    Activities and Amenities:

    -Swimming Pool
    -Wildlife walks

    Food: Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian    

    Food Rating: 4

    Liquor: Yes

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  • 06Discover Resort

    Discover Resort

    A condo right in the midst of tranquil natural beauty! Sounds like a dream? Well, at Discover Resorts in Karjatit comes true. Check-in to experience luxury and opulence of a stay that is like a fantasy. Every amenity and every fixture in your room is designed to provide you with maximum comfort and minimum hassles!

    The level of comfort that you will experience at Discover Condos is almost like a fantasy. All the rooms have been designed in keeping with traditional and modern architecture styles with individually controlled heating and cooling systems. So, go ahead! Treat yourself to indefinite time of incredible memories at this amazing Karjat Resort.

    Activities and amenities:

    -Business Centres
    -Swimming Pool

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  • 07AtasaSatya Resort

    AtasaSatya Resort

    Previously known as Satya Health Farms, this Karjat Resort is the haven of peace and tranquility that you need! Take a break for the noise and revel in the silence and recreational qualities of this resort. Lying on the shores of Pej River, this is as far from the pollution and noise as you can get from Mumbai! Revel in the cotton candy clouds by the night, which welcome a star studded night as the day falls.

    To augment your experience further, you can cure yourself of all the stress at the resort’s multiple health care facilities and a peaceful meditation centre. Alcohol and any non-veg food is strictly prohibited at the resort meaning, you can finally do that much needed detox for your body. Moreover, there are many more places to visit in pune along with your family and friends for a memorable trip.

    Activities And Amenities:

    -Health Club - Gymnasium & Unique Natural Sauna, Steam & Jacuzzi.
    -Satya Health Farm - Creek Water Acupuncture and Acupressure.
    -Kerala Ayurvedic Massage.
    -Weight Reduction Clinic.
    -Control of Hypertension.
    -Cardiac Rehabilitation.
    -Stress Management Programme.
    -Conference Rooms


    Food Rating: 3.5

    Alcohol: Not Available

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  • 08Monteria Resort

    Monteria Resort

    Enjoying a glowing reputation amongst all those who visit it, Monteria Resort near Karjat lives up to the name with a striking combination of traditional value and modern settings! It is located on the old Mumbai-Pune Highway and is designed in a way that will make you experience the joy of living. The courteous staff and delectable food are one of the most amazing facets of this resort.

    One of the most ideal resorts in Karjat for couples, it is here that you can discover and experience amazing places around and excite yourself with adventure sports like archery, paintball, Sumo Fight and many more! At Monteria Resort, your stay promises to be a one filled with countless memories!

    Activities and Amenities:

    -Swimming pool
    -Kids Garden
    -Health Club
    -Indoor Games

    FoodVegetarian and Non-Vegetarian

    Food Rating: 4

    Liquor: Available

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  • 09Piccaddily

    One of the most gorgeous Karjat Resorts, Piccadilly country club and resort, is a place where all your dreams will come true. Resting peacefully on the river banks of River Pej, it is one of the pioneering farm estate stays of the region. Your sojourn with the natural beauties surrounding Piccadilly commence as soon as you start the drive, which passes through lush slopes, wooded pathways and gorgeous hills. The drive finally leads to almost 2 acres of fertile farmlands which are the resort’s private property.

    You can enjoy the company of Mother Nature in the comfortable A/c cottages and enjoy scrumptious cuisine at the Thali themed restaurant. Organise meetings, conferences, parties or small gatherings at the Criterion theatre. There is no dearth of things you can do once you reach the PiccaddilyResort!

    Activities and Amenities:

    -Criterion Theatre
    -Conference Hall
    -Swimming Pool
    -Lawn Tennis
    -Indoor games

    FoodVegetarian and Non-Vegetarian

    Food Rating: 3.8

    Liquor: Available

  • 10Mohili Meadows

    If adventure and stay is what gets your heart pumping and your spirits soaring, then Mohili Meadows is the destination to head to! A gorgeous Karjat Resort, it boasts of the most amazing stay options in the arms of nature, coupled with an array of adventure activities that is hard to resist. You can choose to stay in the cozier studio rooms or the more opulent deluxe rooms. Be pampered to your heart’s content by the amazing and courteous staff!

    You can also indulge in a number of adventure activities like Zorbing, Water Zorbing, Archery, Shooting and ATV Riding! Indulge to your heart’s content. When your heart is filled with joy and your body wants to rest itself retreat into the comfort zone, order in some yummy food and let your heart fill with contentment. You can also hold events at the well-equipped banquet area and halls! Increasingly, there are various famous weekend getaways near mumbai to visit with family as well as friends. 

    Activities and Amenities:

    -Zip Lining
    -Bungee Ejection
    -Angry Birds
    -Rifle Shooting
    -Net Cricket
    -Rope Activities
    -Sumo Fight

    Food: Vegetarian And Non-vegetarian

    Food Rating: 3.8

    Liquor: Yes

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