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COVID-19 : MUMBAI is in Orange Zone
Last Updated: 09 Sep 2020
Latest Information on Travelling to MUMBAI?

Entry is open from all domestic states for all kinds of travel.

  • Wearing masks and following social distancing is mandatory in public areas
  • Malls and Shopping complexes open from 9 AM to 7 PM
  • All essential shops will remain open as before
  • Non-essential shops remain open from 9 AM to 7 PM
  • Government offices to work at a 15 percent strength
  • E-commerce activity to be operational for both essential and non-essential service
  • Home delivery restaurants and kitchens remain open
  • Inter-district movement allowed only for essential activities 
  • For international passengers, 7 days of institutional quarantine followed by 7 days of home quarantine is mandatory
  • For domestic passengers, 14 days of home quarantine is mandatory.
  • Quarantine exemption can be provided to domestic passengers who are visiting Mumbai for less than 7 days and have confirmed return or ongoing ticket as proof.

Flights to Mumbai are available from Delhi, Chennai, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Goa and 20 other destination


Special COVID trains available from Delhi, Bhubaneshwar and 10 other destinations to Mumbai

Local Transport
  • Taxi, rickshaw, four wheeler and two wheeler are allowed.
  • Taxi, cab or aggregators allowed only for essential activities with capacity of 1 + 3
  • Rickshaw allowed only for essential activities with capacity of 1 + 2
  • Four-wheeler allowed only for essential activities with capacity of 1 + 3
  • Two-wheeler allowed on 1 + 1 capacity with helmet and mask

Thrillophilia recommends you follow all guidelines and rules issued by the government and practice personal hygiene to keep yourself safe while travelling to Mumbai.

Mumbai Rani Baug to be opened for visitors Updated: 11 Aug 2020

With a plan to allow 50% of tourists, the state government and the municipal corporation has made decision to open up the Rani Baugh in BycullaRead More

Domestic flights resume in Mumbai from May 25 Updated: 11 Aug 2020

Commercial domestic flights in Mumbai have resumed in Mumbai from May 25. All passengers arriving to Mumbai have to go through a mandatory 14-day home quarantine.

Passengers arriving to fill a self-declaration form and undergo screening Updated: 11 Aug 2020

The arriving passengers will have to fill a self-declaratory form and undergo screening at the Mumbai airport. passengers who are found to be symptomatic will be taken to the quarantine facility directly.

Wearing masks and following social distancing is mandatory for all passengers Updated: 11 Aug 2020

Masks are made mandatory for all passengers and crew flying to Mumbai, throughout the journey. Social distancing has to be followed compulsorily by passengers while de-boarding the flight.

Waterfalls around Mumbai

Pandavkada falls, Bhivpuri falls, Randha falls, Umbrella falls, Bhagirath falls, Dudhsagar waterfalls, Dhobhi waterfalls, Thoseghar waterfalls, Vihigaon Waterfall, Lingmala waterfalls and many more.

If you are bored of weekend outings that involve visiting shopping malls and watching movies, there are so many waterfalls near Mumbai that will offer you much-needed change in scenery and mood. Ranging from 30 feet high to 853 feet high, these spectacular cascades brushing their way through verdant forests and rocky mountains, before finally plummeting into large pools are exquisite.

With purity of air and freshness of atmosphere, these sites promise to disconnect you from the clamor and pollution of cities and transport you to a world of serenity. There are so many waterfalls in Mumbai and around its territorial limits that you may not have heard of them all before. Explore these falls with your friends or family, you will not regret your decision.

Waterfalls like Vajrai Falls and Kune Falls, owing to their aesthetic appeal, qualify for excellent spots to indulge in nature and landscape photography. Most of these waterfalls including Bhivpuri and Dudhsagar waterfalls also feature some exciting trekking trails nearby that make these sites perfect treats for adventure junkies as well.
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Waterfalls near Mumbai within 200 km


Yeoor Waterfall (27 km from Mumbai)

Yeoor Waterfall (27 km from Mumbai)

Another spectacular one in the list of the best waterfalls in Mumbai, Yeoor Waterfall is a visual treat with its matchless scenery. Standing under the water stream and bathing when the current is not too strong is one of its kind experience that will refresh your senses and connect you with nature.

Yeoor is also a popular name among the adventure enthusiasts in the neighboring cities as one can also indulge in a trekking experience in the verdant trekking trails around here. The rich wildlife in the region and captivating scenery also gives you ample opportunities to enjoy an exciting photography experience.

Height of the waterfall: 45 feet

Distance from Mumbai: 27 km

Location: Thane, Maharashtra

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Pandavkada Falls (31 km from Mumbai)

Pandavkada Falls (31 km from Mumbai)
One of those sites that deserve to be on your bucket list of weekend getaways near Mumbai, Pandavkada Falls is a retreat from the city’s chaotic and noisy atmosphere. Whether you are looking forward to spending some picnic time with your family in peace or you want to have an eventful outing with your friends, this natural attraction is recommended.

The waterfall plunges into a shallow pool from a rocky gorge of approximately 107 meters in height. Due to its proximity to Mumbai, Pandavkada Falls is a famous hangout spot among locals as well as tourists. 

Height of the waterfall: 107 meters

Distance from Mumbai: 31 km

Location: Khargar, Navi Mumbai

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Bhagirath Falls (66 km from Mumbai)

Bhagirath Falls (66 km from Mumbai)
A spectacle of nature near Mumbai, Bhagirath Falls is a highly recommended picnic option for the residents of Mumbai and Pune due to its proximity to these cities. Since the place is not known by many, you can visit it to find respite for your tired soul and spend some moments of serenity with your dear ones.

Admire the beauty of nature around, have some hot snacks, and create memories for a lifetime. You can also indulge in several adventure activities here including rock climbing and rappelling. Bhagirath Falls is, undoubtedly, one of the most gorgeous waterfalls near Mumbai.

Distance from Mumbai:
66 km

Location: Bedisgaon, Maharashtra

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Sightseeing Explore All (32)
Explore All (32)

Bhivpuri Waterfalls (80 km from Mumbai)

Bhivpuri Waterfalls (80 km from Mumbai)

A stream snaking through rocky terrain shrouded in lush greenery and splitting into various courses before hitting the ground – Bhivpuri Waterfall is rightly counted among the most scenic waterfalls near Mumbai. Throngs of tourists and city-dwellers can be seen here throughout the year as the broad stream falls with a loud roar during all seasons.

If you wish to do something more than just enjoying nature on your visit to Bhivpuri Waterfall, you also have the option to indulge in trekking and rappelling here. The site tends to become crowded during weekends, so if you wish to enjoy some moments of solitude here, it is advisable that you visit early morning.

Height of the waterfall: 60 metres

Distance from Mumbai: 80 km

Location: Karjat, Ashane, Maharashtra

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Kune Falls (80 km from Mumbai)

Kune Falls (80 km from Mumbai)
Your exploration of the highest waterfalls in India is incomplete without a visit to Kune Falls, plummeting from a height of 200 metres in two sections. Claimed to be the 14th highest waterfall in the country, Kune Falls serve as an excellent weekend getaway from major cities like Mumbai and Pune.

The sight of a milky white stream winding through vegetation exhibiting various shades of green is a sight you will not forget for a long time, especially if you become a witness to it during the monsoon. Kune Falls amasses crowds during weekends, so you can visit during weekdays to enjoy some moments of seclusion and quiet.    

Height of the waterfall: 200 metres

Distance from Mumbai: 80 km

Location: Lonavala Maharashtra

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Vihigaon Waterfall (115 km from Mumbai)

Vihigaon Waterfall (115 km from Mumbai)

An Absolute favorite among nature lovers and adventure seekers in the region, Vihigaon Waterfall features nature in its pristine form. The charm of the cascades coupled with the beauty verdant Western Ghats creates dream-like scenery.

The pool created by the waterfall is shallow, so you can enjoy a dip here and watch all your sorrows and worries escaping your mind. Come here with your family or friends, a day full of joy is guaranteed. Besides, from nature photography to rappelling, a wide range of fun experiences are at your avail at Vihigaon Waterfall. Since the site is visited by throngs of people all around the year, choose the time of visit carefully to avoid an unpleasant experience.

Height of the waterfall: 120 feet

Distance from Mumbai: 115 km

Location: Vihigaon, Maharashtra

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Adventure Explore All (67)
Explore All (67)

Umbrella Falls (161 km from Mumbai)

Umbrella Falls (161 km from Mumbai)
If you are planning to get away from the concrete jungle and take a short refuge in the heart of nature, Umbrella Falls is one of the most magnificent waterfalls in Mumbai. The way the water from Wilson Dam cascades down the rocks, it appears like an umbrella made of water, hence it is called Umbrella Falls.

This perennial waterfall does not lose its strength during any season and plunges down the ravine with a roaring sound. However, during monsoons, the beauty of the waterfall tends to reach a level where it can be called ‘astonishing’ as thick mist envelopes the entire region. 

Height of the waterfall: 500 feet

Distance from Mumbai: 161 km

Location: Wilson dam, Bhandadara

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Randha Falls (165 km from Mumbai)

Randha Falls (165 km from Mumbai)
Treat your soul with the best of nature by visiting this majestic waterfall called Randha Falls. Owing to the breathtaking landscapes the waterfall is a part of, the entire region is a fascinating sight collectively. Located in Sahyadri Mountains, the water stream originates from the Praa River.

You will see a variety of visitors here, belonging to all age groups. Randha Falls is famous for adventure sports near Mumbai as a number of adventures can be avail of here. If you want to see the waterfall in its full fervor, be here during the monsoon season as the stream surprises with its strong gush.

Height of the waterfall: 170 feet

Distance from Mumbai: 165 km

Location: Ratangad to Rajur Road, Ahmednagar

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Dugarwadi Waterfall (185 km from Mumbai)

Dugarwadi Waterfall (185 km from Mumbai)
The list of majestic waterfalls near Mumbai is incomplete without a mention of Dugarwadi Waterfall. The charming scenery created by the combination of waterfall and lush greenery attracts a number of tourists and locals to come to see this wonder of nature. In addition to being a good place to rejuvenate, it is also excellent for photography.

 Listen to soothing music and enjoy a cup of hot tea – Dugarwadi Waterfall will rob you of your qualms. Reaching here from Mumbai takes approximately 4 hours, and the long drive lets you enjoy winding roads and verdant hills. The last stretch before reaching the waterfall requires you to take a stroll for 20-30 minutes.

Distance from Mumbai: 185 km

Location: Nashik, Maharashtra

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Camping Explore All (47)
Explore All (47)

Chinchoti Waterfall (60 km from Mumbai)

Chinchoti Waterfall (60 km from Mumbai)

One of the most pristine waterfalls near Mumbai, Chinchoti Falls in Vasai is a favourite among leisure travellers and trekkers. Thickets of lush jungles line the two trekking trails that converge at the falls, and right between them, the magnificent falls plunge down from a height of 125 feet, creating a pool.

While the best time to visit Chinchoti is in the monsoons, quite a few travellers flock the spot during warm summers to take a dip in the cool waters or in the winters to enjoy a leisurely picnic while admiring the beauty of the falls. Reaching the falls does require a short walk, so make sure you wear your most comfortable, well-gripping footwear.

Height of waterfall: 125 ft

Distance from Mumbai: 60 kms

Location: Chinchoti, Naigaon, Maharashtra 401303


Devkund Waterfalls (170 km from Mumbai)

Devkund Waterfalls (170 km from Mumbai)

Located near Bhira, Devkund Waterfalls are among the few perennial falls which are ideal for a one-day trip. The crystal clear waters gush down and spill over the rocks along the way. Trekking to the falls begins from the Bhira Village, and after navigating through 7 kilometres of rocky terrain with dense greenery and fauna around, you’re welcomed by this beauty which is also where the Kundalika River originates from. The river runs parallel to the trek route and sometimes even through the route, which makes the walk all the more adventurous! 

Height of waterfall:
220 ft

Distance from Mumbai:
170 kms

Patnus, Mangaon, Maharashtra 402308


Dabdaba Falls (168 km from Mumbai)

Dabdaba Falls (168 km from Mumbai)

Dabdaba Falls in Jawhar are truly a breathtaking sight for many reasons! Amidst a concrete jungle, enveloped by thick green forests, the white waters of the falls cascade down onto a series of rocks, creating natural scenic beauty. The pool at the foot of the falls is frequented by friends, family, and solo travellers as it offers an enjoyable swim amidst nature’s bounty.

If you seek thrill, you can also pre-book activities like rappelling and Flying Fox at this sight to make the most of your visit. Make sure to whip out your cameras and click some scenic photos at this point, because being adventurous amidst cool waters that bathe the rocks is definitely a sight you’d want to treasure.

Height of waterfall: 300 feet

Distance from Mumbai: 168 km

Location: Jawhar, Thane, Maharashtra

In City Explore All (40)
Explore All (40)

Malshej Falls (126 km from Mumbai)

Malshej Falls (126 km from Mumbai)

One of the first names that comes to mind when looking for waterfalls to trek or hike to is the Malshej Falls. Situated in the picturesque hill-station of Malshej, four hours from Mumbai, the waters of Malshej Falls cascade down beautifully from a steep height of over 1200 feet. Although Malshej is lined with numerous waterfalls, this one is prominent as it adds to the beauty of the surrounding greenery dotted with freshwater lakes.

Malshej has something for everyone. You’ll spot unique insects flying and crawling around, which are a treat for nature lovers. A rare sight here is the majestic flamingos, seen especially in the monsoons. Lastly, needless to say, there’s the delightful waterfall that serves as the perfect spot to leisurely relax in the lap of luxury, without a care in the world!

Height of waterfall: 1213 feet

Distance from Mumbai: 126 km

Location: Maharashtra 421401

Waterfalls near Mumbai beyond 200 km


Lingmala Waterfall (260 km from Mumbai)

Lingmala Waterfall (260 km from Mumbai)
Lingmala Waterfall is a marvel of nature surrounded by green thickets in Mahabaleshwar of Maharashtra.  Since the waterfall lies at a short distance of 6 km from Mahabaleshwar Bus Stand, you can easily reach the site. Apart from being a renowned weekend getaway in the region,

Lingmala Waterfall is also believed to be sacred by the locals. The melodious sound and a spellbinding sight created by the cascades will move your spirit with joy. It is one among the cluster of waterfalls in the region, so you can also catch a glimpse of the neighbouring waterfalls like Dhobhi Waterfall and Chinaman’s Waterfall. The water plummeting from a height further travels toward Venna Valley.

Height of the waterfall: 600 feet

Distance from Mumbai: 260 km

Location: Pune Road, Mahabaleshwar

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Chinaman’s Waterfall (263 km from Mumbai)

Chinaman’s Waterfall (263 km from Mumbai)
A popular one in the cluster of waterfalls in Mahabaleshwar, Chinaman’s Waterfall is an excellent choice for a day full of fun and relaxation. Whether you are seeking some moments of absolute peace or you want some great shots to adorn your Instagram feed profile with, Chinaman’s Waterfall will fulfil whatever the objective be.

The misty atmosphere here during a rainy day makes it appear all the more fascinating. Due to a dreamy aura that the site features, Chinaman’s Waterfall also comes strongly recommended for a romantic rendezvous in the company of nature. And if the waterfall’s name has got you curious, it is named so due to a Chinese prison located in the vicinity in earlier centuries.

Height of the waterfall: 500 feet

Distance from Mumbai: 263 km

Location: 2.5 km from Mahabaleshwar Bus Stand

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Dhobi Waterfalls (264 km from Mumbai)

Dhobi Waterfalls (264 km from Mumbai)

Turn your ordinary weekend into an extraordinary one by adding a visit to Dhobi Waterfall in your plans. An absolute beauty creating a dramatic atmosphere, Dhobi Waterfall is easily one of the most beautiful waterfalls near Mumbai.

The water flows further to join Koyna River. The aura of pure serenity created by the cool air and soft rumble at Dhobi Waterfall will rejuvenate your senses. The site is sought after by families for a peaceful picnic in the lap of nature. Besides, if you are a photography enthusiast, you must spend some hours at Dhobi Waterfall during monsoon because you will definitely find some unusual nature frames here.

Distance from Mumbai:
264 km

Location: Old Mahabaleshwar – Petit Road, Mahabaleshwar

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Thoseghar Falls (282 km from Mumbai)

Thoseghar Falls (282 km from Mumbai)
Claimed to be one of the highest waterfalls in the region, Thoseghar Falls makes for a fun nature escape near Mumbai. Winding through lush green mountains and plummeting from a great height, these water streams create a wonderful spectacle witnessing which will turn you into a shutterbug.

While some of these streams are 15-20 meters in height, the highest one plummets from a height of nearly 200 meters. For the most engrossing experience, visit these cascades during the monsoon season when the surrounding mountains are veiled in a thick layer of fresh vegetation. The site features a picnic area and a platform developed for the visitor’s convenience. 

Height of the waterfall: 200 meters

Distance from Mumbai: 282 km

Location: Thoseghar, Maharashtra

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Vajrai Falls (283 km from Mumbai)

Vajrai Falls (283 km from Mumbai)
A picturesque gift of nature to mankind, Vajrai Falls is one of the best waterfalls near Mumbai. When you visit this waterfall, you are definitely going to gaze with disbelief for a long time as the stream drops from a height of 853 km, making it the second-highest plunge waterfall in India.

Bask in the lap of nature, capture moments in your camera, enjoy snacks, or drown your senses in the soft music of nature – Vajrai Falls is ideal for everyone. If you get lucky, you can also catch a rainbow forming here during monsoon days.  

Height of the waterfall: 853 feet

Distance from Mumbai: 283 km

Location: Kas – Bamnoli Road, Satara, Maharashtra

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Bhilar Falls (250 km from Mumbai)

Bhilar Falls (250 km from Mumbai)

Among lesser-known waterfalls near Mumbai is Bhilar Falls, approximately 250 kilometres from the city, tucked away in the beautiful hill-station of Panchgani. Although a wondrous sight to behold, in the midst of tranquility, Bhilar Falls is a seasonal one owing to it being water fed only during the monsoons and the winters.

The beauty of Bhilar lies in the fact that it’s hidden in the dense jungles with a panoramic view of the Sahyadri Mountains and valleys. Gushing down in the distance,  the falls make for a pleasant view as you enjoy some serene quality time with your loved ones.

Height of waterfall: 350 feet

Distance from Mumbai: 250 km

Location: Panchgani - Mahabaleshwar Rd, Maharashtra 412805

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Dudhsagar Falls (570 km from Mumbai)

Dudhsagar Falls (570 km from Mumbai)
Counted among the most spectacular cascades in the entirety of India, Dudhsagar Falls is a sight to behold. The waterfall is formed by the Mandovi River plummeting from high peaks on Goa and Karnataka Border. The strong fervor of the fall makes a frothy appearance, making the stream look milky white. Hence this four-tiered waterfalls get the name ‘Dudhsagar Falls’.

An interesting folktale is associated with the history of this site which you can listen to from the locals. Visit this place with your family or friends, and spend some memorable moments with them – Dudhsagar Falls is an excellent getaway from the hustle and bustle of urban life. To add a sense of thrill to the affair, you can also indulge in trekking here.

Height of the waterfall: 310 meters

Distance from Mumbai: 570 km

Location: Sonaulim, Goa

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