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  • A serenade of beaches dot Mumbai’s coastline, and a short escapade is guaranteed to uplift spirits amid the quintessential chaos of the bustling metropolis.

    Blessed with one of the most picturesque beaches in the country, these seaside destinations add to the magic that is Mumbai. Here is a carefully-sieved list of beaches in and around Mumbai that are sure to leave you spellbound.

    Here are some of the best beaches in Mumbai: 

  • 01Aksa Beach

    Set against the backdrop of coconut trees in the background, Aksa beach is defined by its clean sand and its idyllic quietness. Commercial activities take a backseat here, where seclusion is a state of mind. Walking on the sand barefoot during sunset is a must-do and the calming breeze only adds to the tranquil surroundings.

    A variety of sea shells are strewn across the beach make it one of the best beaches in Mumbai. Due to its rising popularity among the weekend travellers, private resorts have slowly begun to mushroom. However, swimming is not recommended at all as the waves are highly unpredictable.

    Distance from Mumbai: 27.5 Kilometres approximately
  • 02Chowpatty Beach

    One of most well-known beaches in Mumbai, Chowpatty beach is immensely popular for its local delicacies. Millions gather at the beach during the immersion of idols during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, and all the lights shimmering in the evening are a sight to behold. From ferry wheels, monkeys, horse and camel rides to snake charmers, the beach is a photographer’s delight.

    Located in South Mumbai, the beach is in close proximity to both Churchgate and Charni Road stations. Popular attractions around Chowpatty beach include the Wilson College, Babulnath temple, Taraporewala aquarium and many others. Walking to reach Chowpatty beach, and taking in the sight of the Queen’s Necklace is one interesting way to spend an evening.

    Distance from Mumbai: 27 Kilometres approximately
  • 03Juhu Beach

    Located in the western suburbs of Mumbai, in Ville Parle is the extremely popular Juhu Beach. Offering a splendid sunset, the lineup of places offering Bhelpuri, Pav Bhaji and other local delicacies make Juhu beach a gastronomical treat. For the ones with more refined tastes, there are numerous five star hotels facing the beach, such as Juhu Centaur Hotel, Sun and Sand, among others.

    People throng Juhu beach in the evenings and over the weekends, and the resulting carnival-like atmosphere is a must-see. A mere three kilometres from the Ville Parle station, Juhu beach is a slice of the spirit Mumbai dwells on.

    Distance from Mumbai: 9 Kilometres approximately

  • 04Versova Beach

    Juhu beach continues northwards to form the Versova beach. A creek separates the two beaches. One of the breeziest beaches in Mumbai, it is ideal for swimming and jogging besides the spectacular sunset itself. The fish market auctions are held daily, and are not to be missed by photography hobbyists.

    An important festival of the Kolis, a prominent fishing community is the vibrant ‘Coconut Day’, which is worth witnessing. The best season to visit is from May to September, when humidity is not inhibitive. Snorkelling here is bound to excite water sports enthusiasts.Other attractions in close proximity to Versova beach are the Siddhivinayak Temple, Mount Mary Church of Bandra and the Jain temple—besides Juhu beach itself, of course.

    Distance from Mumbai: 13.7 Kilometres approximately
  • 05Madh Island Beach

    The north-west coast of Mumbai houses the relatively-isolated Madh Island beach—part of a cluster of fishing villages. A watchtower built by the Portuguese in early 17th century called the Madh fort stands to this day, and is a breathtaking structure overlooking the sea. This quaint beach in Mumbai boasts of treacherous tides and swimming could turn out to be a dangerous affair. However, for those seeking a peaceful retreat from urban realms, Madh Island beach is highly sought-after.

    Blanketed by mangroves on all sides, Madh Island demarcates itself from the mainland in a rather picturesque manner. Malad is the closest railway station to the beach, and other attractions in the vicinity include Erangal and a 16th church called St. Bonaventure. A couple of five start hotels here will pamper you with spas and gourmet dishes, even as you sink into the magnificent view.

    Distance from Mumbai: 32 Kilometres approximately
  • 06Dadar Chowpatty Beach

    A stone’s throw away from Shivaji Park and Chaitya Bhoomi, this beach in Mumbai is rocky, uncluttered and perfectly breezy. The beach offers an astounding view of the Bandra-Worli Sea Link; and with not many stalls, the beach is ideal for jogging.

    The best season to drop by would be during Monsoon. Just as the name suggests, this beach is located in the Dadar suburbs of Mumbai.

    Distance from Mumbai: 9.9 Kilometres approximately

  • 07Gorai Beach

    A ferry-ride from Borivali or Malad will lead you into one of the most peaceful beaches near Mumbai. Extremely popular with the college-going crowd, Gorai beach is also accessible by road via Bhayender. If you are looking to take-off over the weekend, Gorai beach is highly recommended with plenty of hotel options.

    On a full moon light, sea shells and snails scattered everywhere on the beach seem to mirror the stars. Essel World and Water Kingdom are very popular attractions that are 3-4 kilometres away from Gorai Beach. The nearest railway station is 18 kilometres away, in Bhayandar.

    Distance from Mumbai: 59.7 Kilometres away
  • 08Marvé Beach

    Marvé beach is known primarily for its cashew nut groves and a medieval Portuguese church, besides the magnificent view of the sun itself. Churches from the Portuguese era and the attires of Mumbai’s Catholic natives bear an uncanny resemblance to Goa. Just a ferry ride away from the beaches of Gorai and Manori, Marvé beach is best visited between October and March.

    Furthermore, a special ferry transports people from the beach to Essel World and to the Global Vipassana Pagoda which is aglow in the night and is a must-see. The closest railway station is at Malad, from which BEST buses ply directly to one of the best beaches in Mumbai.

    Distance from Mumbai: 25.1 Kilometres approximately
  • 09Manori Beach

    Tucked further away from Marvé is one of the most pristine beaches in Mumbai—Manori beach. Besotted with cashew nut groves and Portuguese architecture, it is an ideal weekend getaway with family. However, parties in the night are commonplace and should satiate one’s appetite for fun.

    Well-maintained cottages set against the sea dot the shore, and are a treat for those seeking solace. Manori beach is also connected to Essel World through a ferry. Malad is the closest railway station to this serene fishing village.

    Distance from Mumbai: 40 Kilometres approximately

  • 10Uran

    Uran is primarily a fishing village flanked by the sea on three sides. Largely unexplored by tourists, calling it a hidden gem wouldn’t be an understatement. So if your nerves are screaming for respite, stretch in the sand and soak in the sun even as your stress melts away. Pirvad beach is the most frequented one in Uran, while Mankeshwar beach houses a temple of Lord Shiva on it.

    A number of budget hotels and resorts cater to travellers, and a visit to one of the best beaches near Mumbai on a full moon night promises serenity. Hamarapur, which is 16 kilometres from Panvel in Raigarh is the nearest station to reach Uran.

    Distance from Mumbai: 60 Kilometres approximately

  • Some of the best beaches near Mumbai:

  • 11Alibag Beach

    An unhurried pace of life makes Alibag is the perfect getaway to empty your mind. Alibag beach is laced with black, hard-textured sand and is one of the treasured beaches near Mumbai. Long, flat stretches make it an ideal place to fall in love with walking and the Kolaba Fort in the distance makes for perfect picture postcards.

    Alibag is also home to numerous such quaint beaches— Varsoli, Kihim, Aakshi and many more. The easiest way to reach is by road, and the nearest railway station is in Panvel.

    Distance from Mumbai: 92.1 Kilometres approximately

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  • 12Ganapatipule

    Ganapatipule has a series of beaches separated from each other by rocky cliffs. The beaches are laden with white sand throughout, with little patches of black sand appearing occasionally. Ganapatipule beach hosts the Ganapatipule temple, and is the only beach where shacks and stalls can be found.

    Incidentally, driving to Ratnagiri which is 26 kilometres away is perhaps the most serene drive in the entire Konkan coast, and is one of the must-visit beach places near Mumbai. The closest station is at Ratnagiri and Bhoke—with only passenger trains halting at Bhoke.

    Distance from Mumbai: 330.9 Kilometres approximately
  • 13Tarkarli Beach

    The Konkan coast boasts of the finest white sand beaches in the country, and Tarkarli beach doesn’t disappoint. The beach has gained immense popularity owing to the state’s only scuba diving training center and easily ranks among the best beaches near Mumbai.

    Located at the confluence of the Karli River and the Arabian Sea, Tarkarli’s Tsunami Island is home to a variety of adventure water sports like snorkelling, white water rafting, boating and many more. Known for its Malvani cuisine, Tarkarli offers plenty of accommodation options in the placid town.

    Distance from Mumbai: 485.6 Kilometres approximately

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  • 14Daman

    Daman is endowed with a milder climate than Diu, and thrives because of its colonial architecture, mighty forts, abundance of coconut groves, and free-flowing alcohol of course. A gem on the west coast of India, seafood delicacies in the district have mesmerized travellers.

    The stunning Jampore and Devka beach are free of treacherous undercurrents, and summon you to indulge in a cool dip. The nearest airport is at Surat, while Vapi on the Mumbai-Gujarat border is the closest trains will get you to this amazing place.

    Distance from Mumbai: 170.4 Kilometres approximately
  • 15Murud – Janjira

    A truly magnificent beach and a regal fort in the background offers a satiating experience for the explorer in you. Standing a couple of miles away from the shore, the island is a pocket of thrilling experiences. And what more! Coconut trees sway in unison on Murud beach, and with a unique line-up of forts, palaces and complexes from the medieval times are a photographer’s dream.

    The best months to visit the island is between the months of October and March. Roha railway station in Raigad is a mere 40 kilometres away from one of the best beaches in Mumbai.

    Distance from Mumbai: 158.3 Kilometres approximately

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  • 16Harnai Beach

    Located in the small fishing hamlet of Harnai in Dapoli, it is the ideal getaway for those seeking solitude. The lonely beach is spread across a few kilometres, where a walk might allow you to spot dolphins. Swimming is a dangerous affair during Monsoon, and Harnai is at its serendipitous glory from September to March.

    The beautiful beaches at Burundi and Anjarle are in the vicinity and are not to be missed. Offering accommodation suiting all budgets, the closest railway station is at Satara, which is 188 kilometres away.

    Distance from Mumbai: 234.2 Kilometres approximately
  • 17Ratnagiri

    This charming beach destination is replete with waterfalls, heritage monuments, pristine white beaches and temple complexes. Set atop a hill, Ratnagiri fort is surrounded by water on its three sides, and is an imposing spectacle. Mirkarwada beach is close to Ratnadurg fort and is renowned for its evening fish auctions. Many of Konkan coastline’s treasured beaches elevate Ratnagiri to a unique pedestal.

    The beaches of Mandvi and Bhatye are very close to Ratnagiri town, and are blessed with vast expanses of white, soft sand.  The most convenient way to reach this marvellous beach place near Mumbai is by train which stops at right in Ratnagiri, and is best visited between October and May.

    Distance from Mumbai: 336 Kilometres away

  • 18Kashid Beach

    The beach is elegantly embedded between Revdanda and Korlai fort to its north and the breathtaking Murud Janjira fort to the south. What makes this beach place near Mumbai special are the high tides—making it a surfer’s paradise. Not as commercially renowned as the rest of the beaches in the state, it retains the otherworldly charm with its casuarina groves and crystal-clear waters.

    The most suitable time to visit Kashid would be during the wintry months of November till February. The closest railway station on the Konkan line is at Roha, Raigad.

    Distance from Mumbai: 122.3 Kilometres approximately (via MH SH 104)

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