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Traveller Tales from Mandwa


Vaijayanti Nair

04 December 2014

People who wish to try some water sports can go to mandwa beach near mumbai. Mandwa beach is an amazing location surrounded by beautiful sea and it has lots and lots of water sports act...

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Draupadi Varma

13 November 2014

Mandwa beach is a very renowned place for water sports and adventure activity. Best alternative to Goa, the fun activities include jet ski ride, banana boat ride, bumper rides and kayaking. Each of the...

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Rameshwar Reddy

15 June 2014

Woo Danm Good place!! Really mandwa beach stole our heart. Not only the water sports but the scenic beauty of the place drives a great attention. It is very well maintained, neat and clean spot.You can...

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Amish Chopra

06 May 2015

It was a delightful escapade in Mandwa. For the first time, I got to try my hands on sailing and I found it really interesting. Though was a bit confused and perplexed in the beginning, with time and s...


Chandrakala Achari

10 June 2015

While I was cruising over the Mandwa waters, though it was mid-noon, I hardly felt the sun as the sailing experience was so overwhelming and fun packed. Once you know how to master the vessels, you wil...


Nalini Sharma

26 May 2014

I have done many adventurous activity before but Mandwa water sports activity has something different. May be the picturesque location and comfortable accomodations are an extra advantage to the place....


Goutam Mehra

17 July 2015

Sailing at Mandwa was much-much better than all the remaining water sports activities experience I've ever had. Great might take a little time to get comfortable as the techniques solely ...


Jagdish Gandhi

04 January 2016

Instructors and guides were very experienced. Before performing each activity, required training or instructions are provided. Safety points are also discussed. So you can try any activity from banana


Mangalya Malik

08 March 2015

It is damn cool to book this sailing experience in Mandwa. Even the activity guides and sailors were very helpful and taught me all the tricks of cruising. Rest was all fun and full excitement.

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