Suraj Water Park Overview
If you are planning a cool day out with your friends and family, Suraj Water Park located in Thane, Maharashtra is a great choice. It’s practically famous for water slides ranging from Wave Pool, Rainbow slides to Labak, Matak, Zabak, which are quite adventurous and thrilling for adults if you want to dive into the water from 100 ft height. Here, it’s given that you can spend your entire day. There is a constant buzz of background music while you take a swim and dip into the cozy and cool water slides.

While the whole ambience, which is carefully designed by respected Canadian designers named White Water West Industries, is amusing and eye-catching for youngsters in your family. The limestone architecture and carved out idols of Lord Shiva and his family like Lord Nataraja are impressive and transports the beholder to a mix of traditional and modern outlook.

In fact, the owner Arun Kumar of Muchhala Magic Land Pvt. Ltd. runs this park with utmost sincerity that has bagged 6 Limca Book of Records awards for the longest Asian man-made fiberglass cave, which you can experience as you enter the arena of this water park. The entrance is wide and illusionistic.

There are two giant mermaids on either side to welcome, and later on, the museum of fountains might also splash water on you. This eventually increases excitement when you have just entered the premises to explore the gamut of safe, secure, and fun water slides inside.

Suraj Water Park Attractions Pass Types:

Kids: (Height between 3’.6” to 4’.6”) - INR 650
Kids (Height below 3’.6”) - No Entry Fee
Adults (Height above 4’.6”) - INR 800

Rides and Attractions at Suraj Water Park:

1. The Mermaids: Visiting the Suraj water park is always welcomed by the two mermaid statues that have a height of 24 ft.

2. Lord Shiva Idol: Just a few steps beyond the entrance, the traditional décor of this water park emerges in the form of Lord Shiva and his family idols. The large Har Har Ganga idol is effervescent. It depicts how holy Ganga emanates from Lord Shiva’s mane.

3. The Fun Of 16 Rides: The Suraj Water Park has around 16 rides. Some of which are:

-Nanga Tal:
A small pool for children to relax and enjoy.
-Rainbow Slide: This is one of the vertical slides. There are many pipes in the zigzag manner of different colours for the riders to zip through.
-Ding Dong Sing Song: It is another famous vertical slide with circular pipes.
-Wave Pool: A giant pool area where families and kids can relax and enjoy the sea waves if they are not in a mood of any thrilling ride.

4. Shower of Fountains:
Around the entrance of the Suraj Water Amusement Park, visitors can find fountains spraying cool water around and on them. This is fun, and kids squeal while passing by.

5. Museum:
Another attraction to keep in mind while visiting this amusement park is the museum of old and ancient rocks. This is a wonderful tourist attraction for selfies and spending quality time together with your group

6. Surajgarh Village Park:
Parties or family functions are held here at a moderate rate for people wanting to host different ceremonies.

History and Architecture of Suraj Water Park:

This recreational paradise houses waterpark and amusement park inside. It was dedicatedly designed by Canadian designers named White Water West Industries. However, it is fully-owned and governed by Mr. Arun Kumar Mucchala through his organization named Muchhala Magic Land Pvt. Ltd.

The entire park is spread across 5 km and has a tremendous choice of rides and attractions inside. Even parents and families are attracted to it, so they come back to have a great time. The man-made cave, right after the entrance, is actually awarded and recognized by the Limca Book of Records. This was because it is Asia’s longest fibreglass artificial cave that is made by men. 

On the other hand, the evocative mermaid figures welcome the guests, leading them to the giant Lord Shiva idol. From here, visitors can see the enactment of the Ganga River flowing from his head. Similarly, the architects of this Suraj Water Park have also installed the idol of Lord Natraja besides Lord Shiva for a traditional impact. 

It is, in fact, fair to say that Suraj Water Park has till now won 6 national as well as global awards. The park itself has other amenities like a locker system, shops to purchase a swimsuit, food court, and restrooms.

How To Reach

From Mumbai airport:
 The road map is quite easy. Visitors must arrive either at the Thane or the Borivali station as they are the nearest to Suraj Water Park.

Bus: Take the bus from Waghbil Naka to reach Thane station. Otherwise, you can catch a train from Vile Parle. The total commute will be around 15- 30 minutes. 
From Thane station, line 17 bus will take about 50 minutes to reach. Or else, from Borivali station, line 18 and 29 bus will take about an hour to reach Suraj Water Park.

An uber ride from Thane station will be around 10-15 minutes only. Or an uber taxi from Borivali station will only take half an hour.

Thane and Borivali stations are nearest to commute by train if visitors are coming from other suburbs or towns in Maharashtra. The train from Borivali station will be cheaper than the bus, but it might take 1.5 hours.

Other Essential Information

Location - It is located on the straight MH SH 42 of Dongripada, Thane West, Maharashtra. It is on the main road very well connected to other suburbs like Parkwoods, Patlipada, Kasarvadavali. Hence, reaching this location is quite feasible.

Timings - It is open all week from 10 am to 6 pm.

Places to Stay at / Near Suraj Water Park:

1. The Byke Suraj Plaza: It’s one of the closest stays with reputed ranking near the Suraj Water Park. Distance-wise, it is only 2 km away from the park. So, visitors can simply reach this hotel on foot. They serve complimentary breakfast and have a fully vegetarian restaurant. Other than that, they offer free Wi-Fi, parking with no cost, and air-conditioned rooms.

2. De Grandeur Hotel & Banquet: This hotel is around 14-15 minutes walking distance from the Suraj Water Park. This hotel offers comfortable rooms with simple décor. Yet, the event rooms are dressed with chandeliers to exude a rich look. They have free Wi-Fi along with a restaurant and a hookah lounge for adults. Also, free parking space is available as the hotel is in the commercial area.

3. Hotel Jalaja Heritage: This place is around 10-15 minutes away from Suraj Water Park and is famous for reasonable pricing on liquor and dining. The amenities it offers are air-conditioned rooms, restaurant, bar, and is labelled as kid-friendly. However, there are no hot-tubs.

4. Vista Service Apartment: It is primarily 15-16 minutes’ walk away from Suraj Water Park and is located around the residential area. It offers free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, as well as free parking. The staff is also approachable and friendly. Other amenities include laundry services, smoking areas, wheelchair availability and accessibility grounds, as well as seamless room service. 

5. Shelke’s Vintage Inn: This place is around 20 minutes away from Suraj Water Amusement Park and has pretty basic amenities like a restaurant, kid-friendly ambience with full laundry services. The rooms also provide essential amenities.

Places to Eat at / Near Suraj Water Park:

-Haveli Restaurant: This restaurant is housed within Suraj Water Park. The ambience of this restaurant is quaint and worth visiting for a quick bite. They have the traditional “Khaats” on which the guests can sit and enjoy their mid-day snack.

-Sai Krupa Family Restaurant: Visitors can come to this restaurant which is at Waghbil Road, almost on the opposite side of the Water Park. It is famous for the great Indian food and the late-night crowd. It also has live TV and reasonable prices for large orders.

-Barbeque Nation: This franchise is quite famous in India for large family dinners. You can get both non-veg and vegetarian buffets at the Barbeque Nation. It is located on the Ghodbunder Road, just nearby the Suraj Water Park. Here, the staff is very friendly and insists you to try every possible dish on the buffet. The place is visited by Indian families after enjoying their day outside to eat a great buffet at a reasonable cost indoors.

-Pritam Global Cuisine & PAPS Premium Lounge: It is located on the Rosa Vista Road, simply on the parallel road to the Suraj Water Park. They have everything from chicken, corn cheese kebab, to a buffet system for lunch or dinner. The live music, lighting adjustable to suit the mood, and cooperative staff is a great shot for families to dine out.

Tips for Visiting Suraj Water Park:

-Get a sunscreen: If visitors are planning to swim and get into water rides, there are high chances for the skin to tan. So, it’s always best for families and kids to have a handy lotion or a tube of sunscreen packed.

-Get your own costume: The visitors are strongly requested to get their own costumes because the shops here at Suraj Water Park do not allow renting of costumes. The visitors will have to purchase these costumes instead. So, to save the extra cost, it’s better to get your own attire.

-Drink water on time: If family and kids are visiting the water and amusement park for long hours, they should keep water bottles ready in their backpacks. It keeps you hydrated, especially when the weather is too hot to handle.

-Get an extra set of underwear: While swimming and going on rides, it’s obvious that the clothes will get wet, even the undergarments. 
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Suraj Water Park FAQs

Is Outside Food Allowed In Suraj Water Park?

Outside food is not allowed. So, do not pack food items in advance. But, keep the cash or card ready for purchasing food items that are sold inside the park. There is a food court apart from the Haveli restaurant inside the amusement park. Hence, visitors don’t have to worry about food. There are ample choices inside and nearby Suraj Water Park for a good meal at any time of the visit.

What Is The Entry Fees Of Suraj Water Park?

For every adult, the Entry fees is Rs. 800. If a child is below 3’5 height, then his or her entry will be free. Or else, Rs. 650 per child will be levied.

How Can I Go To Suraj Water Park?

Visitors have plenty of options like bus, taxi, train, or personal cars as there is a parking arrangement as well.

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