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About Maharashtra
The beautiful state of Maharashtra is located in the western peninsular region of India. It is the third largest state and the second most populous state in India. Maharashtra has been bestowed with a breathtaking natural beauty of mountain ranges, rivers as well as sea coasts. The western side has risen in the form of the majestic Sahyadri Range that runs parallel to the sea coast of the mesmerising Arabian Sea. Ajanta and Satmala ranges run through the central part of the state while the Satpura range covers the northern part.The two rivers Godavari and Krishna add to the beauty by enriching the flora and fauna of the state.

Maharashtra boasts a number of well known hill stations as well as coastal towns with amazing sea beaches. Some of the well known hill stations that attract tourists are Khandala, Matheran, Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani etc. Coastal towns of Alibaug, Malvan, Ganpatipule are also popular with tourists. Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra, is famous for having three UNESCO World Heritage sites. The state is also well known for its ancient forts and caves including Elephanta Cave in Mumbai and Ajanta and Ellora caves in Aurangabad.

Maharashtra offers its tourists with a host of activities. While the presence of mountain ranges has provided the opportunity for trekking, paragliding, rock climbing etc, the beautiful Arabian Sea is well known for water sports such as scuba diving, snorkelling, river rafting, banana boat ride etc. Tourists also love going sightseeing with so many popular spots on offer and also indulge in helicopter rides, motorcycle and bicycle trips, caving etc. Being famous for mouth watering street food, some tourists cannot resist but go on food tours. Maharashtra is also a shopper’s paradise with beautiful sarees, jewelleries and other handiworks on offer.

The state enjoys typical monsoon weather with hot, rainy and moderately cold seasons. The weather remains pleasant during the winter months from October to March. Starting April, the weather becomes hot and remains so till May.
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Maharashtra FAQ's

Which are the best places to visit in Maharashtra?

1. Lonavala: One of the most popular places for a quick weekend getaway from Mumbai is Lonavala. With its lush greenery and cascading waterfalls, Lonavala welcomes its guests from not only Mumbai but also from all over the world.

Tourists visiting the town love to go sightseeing visiting Lonavala Lake, Tiger’s Leap, Bhaja Caves, Amrutanjan Point, etc. Those looking for adventures can go for trekking trips to Duke’s Nose, Foregad Fort, Rajmachi and Kondane Caves etc.

Best Time To Visit: October to May
How To Reach: Lonavala is well connected by road, train and air. Nearest railway station is Lonavala railway station and nearest airport is Pune airport, which is 71kms from Lonavala

2. Khandala: Khandala mesmerises its tourists with its natural beauty of magnificent peaks, crystal clear lake and mysterious caves. The beautiful hill station has gained its popularity owing to being a favourite shooting location of Bollywood. Tourists love the panoramic view of the place from its various viewpoints. The Buddhist caves at Karla attracts lots of tourists being the prelude to the Ajanta and Ellora caves. Other places of visiting are Kune Waterfalls, Visapur Fort, Lohagad Fort etc. Being a hill station, Khandala has several trekking, hiking options on offer for tourists.

Best Time To Visit: October to May
How To Reach: Khandala is situated 66kms from Pune, the city with the nearest airport. Nearest railway station, Lonavala railway station, connects the hill station with all other cities.

3. Mahabaleshwar: The romantic hill station of Mahabaleshwar is located in the forested Western Ghat range. Nestled in the Sahyadri Mountain ranges, Mahabaleshwar is much to offer to its tourists. Be it going sightseeing to visit Mahabaleshwar Temple, Lingamala Falls, Morarji Castle, etc or to indulge in activities such as trekking, rock climbing, mountain biking, horse riding etc., tourists enjoy their visit to the fullest.

Early morning in this hill station starts with the breathtaking sunrise which can be best viewed from Wilson Point.

Best Time To Visit: March to June
How To Reach:  Mahabaleshwar is connected by air through the nearest Pune airport located just 120 kilometers away. Wathar, the nearest railway station, is located 60 kilometers away.  There are also buses available from Mumbai which takes 5 to 6 hours to reach.

4. Panchgani: Panchgani, which means the land of five hills, is a volcanic plateau surrounded by 5 hills. The beautiful hill station has much of beauty to offer its tourists in forms of majestic mountains, cascading waterfalls, lush green forests and tranquil valleys. Tourists visiting Panchgani go sightseeing to visit its numerous falls such as Lingmala Falls, Bhilar Waterfalls, etc.

There are several viewpoints offering panoramic views of the surroundings such as Kate’s Point, Sydney Point, and Elephant’s Head Point. For tourists not content with only sightseeing, there are options of hiking, trekking or cycling.

Best Time To Visit: September to May
How To Reach: Panchgani is connected to other cities through the nearest Jarandeshwar railway station and Pune Airport which is 100 kms away from this town.

5. Matheran: The smallest hill station in India treats its guests with captivating sceneries of lush green forests and magnificent mountain peaks. Tourists especially enjoy the sunrise or sunset in this hill station from one of its viewpoints such as One Tree Hill Point, Panorama Point, Alexander Point, and so on. Some of the places to visit in Matheran include Prabal Fort, Charlotte Lake, and Honeymoon Hill.

Best Time To Visit: November to June
How To Reach: Best way to reach Matheran is to enjoy a toy train ride from Neral and travel through the  zigzag ride trails and reach Matheran in two hours.A  drive from Neral, the nearest railway station, takes only 30 minutes.

6. Tadoba: Tourists who love spotting wildlife would not want to miss the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve situated in Tadoba. The lush green dense forest, beautiful lakes and the gorgeous river Andhari adds to the natural beauty of this place.

Some of the places to visit in Tadoba are Erai Dam, Kolsa Lake, Junoria and Tadoba Lake. Tiger Safari is a  must-do activity for tourists visiting this place and some other popular activities to do in Tadoba include trekking, hiking and birdwatching.

Best Time To Visit: April-May
How To Reach: Tadoba is located about 59kms from Chandrapur, the nearest railway station which is well connected with other cities. The nearest airport to Tadoba is Nagpur.

7. Alibaug: The coastal town of Aligaug is known for housing some of the best beaches of Maharashtra such as Alibag beach, Nagaon beach, Mandwa beach, Akshi beach and Varsoli beach. The town also has several sightseeing options such as the 17th century old Kolaba Fort, the portugese Korlai Fort, Kanakeshwar Forest, etc. Alibaug also offers its tourists several activities such as camping, trekking, watersports such as banana boat ride, jet ski etc.

Best Time To Visit: October to February
How To Reach: The nearest railway station of Alibaug is Roha railway station and nearest airport is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. By road, Alibaug can be reached from Mumbai within two hours.

8. Ratnagiri: The port town of Ratnagiri offers its tourists various options in the form of beaches, monuments and temples. Tourists holidaying in Ratnagiri feel excited exploring Ratnadurg and visiting the Thibaw Palace. Some tourists also like to go for a hiking trip to Kadelot Point from where one can relish upon some of the most scenic panoramas of the surroundings.

Best Time To Visit: October to April
How To Reach: Ratnagiri is well connected by  flights till Mumbai, train till Bhoke railway station , and by road from Goa, Mumbai and Pune.

9. Harihareshwar: Harihareshwar is one of the popular coastal towns of Maharashtra surrounded by four hills and the Arabian Sea. The town has a serene atmosphere which has been enhanced by the river Savitri that flows through it. The beach makes a perfect spot for spending some fun time with family. The famous Kalbhairav Temple adds to the attraction of the place.

Best Time To Visit: October to March
How To Reach: The town is connected by road with Mangaon railway station and Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport

10. Malvan: Malvan welcomes its tourists with its numerous beautiful beaches, ancient forts and temples. The town is also well known for the various water sports that its beaches have on offer. Scuba Diving at Malvan Beach is well known and so is snorkelling at Tarkarli and boating in Karli. Those less adventurous can opt for a dolphin safari in Tsunami Island or can opt for a visit to the famous Sindhudurg Fort.

Best Time To Visit: End of October to mid-May
How To Reach: Malvan  can be best reached by road from Pune. The nearest airport is Dabolim Airport and the nearest railway station is Kundal.

What are the best things to do in Maharashtra?

1. Scuba Diving: One of the amazing activities to indulge in is Scuba Diving. Exploring the underwater for around 15 minutes and witnessing colourful fishes and beautiful corals all around can be a once in a lifetime experience.  Get trained by the experts and dive in and go maximum 25 to 30 feets underwater. Malvan is well known for its tranquil sea and breathtaking underwater life making scuba diving an experience to remember.

Location: Malvan Beach
Price: Rs.1250 per person
Timing/Duration : Starts at 7 am. 20 min including briefing

2. Paragliding: The lofty Western Ghats makes it a perfect place for a paragliding activity. Kamshet, a location with beautiful natural surroundings is just the perfect place for this activity. Get a quick briefing by certified pilots and embark on a  5 to 6 minute thrilling paragliding trip with the certified pilot to ensure your safety. Get an aerial view of the beautiful Sahyadri mountain ranges and feel the cool breeze lap on the face.

Location: The take-off point is at Kamshet
Price: Rs.2450 per adult
Timings: The morning session starts at 8 AM and the afternoon session starts at 2 PM.

3. Hot Air Balloon Safari: Go for a hot air balloon safari and fly high in the sky for around 60 minutes. Get a birds eye view of the magnificent Sahyadris mountains and the stunning town of Lonavala from the sky during one of the world’s greatest balloon flights. Feel free to spend some time with the local villagers after the balloon is deflated while enjoying a delicious breakfast. Feel excited to receive your balloon flying certificates after the activity.

Location: Lonavala
Price: Rs.6120 per adult
October-November: 6:15 AM
December-February:  6:45 AM & 4 PM
March-May: 6:15 AM
Duration: 1 hour

4. Camping: Spend a night and two days camping near the beautiful lake. Explore the beautiful artificial Pawna Lake with a mesmerising surroundings of lush green hills and the clear water lake when you reach the place.

Enjoy the evening with Bonfire and live music while tasting mouth-watering dinner. Gaze at the endless sky with sparkling stars till you doze off to sleep. Be prepared to witness the breathtaking beauty of the glorious sunrise in the lake in the early morning when you wake up.

Location: Pawna Lake
Price: Rs.1499 per person
Timing: Starts from 4 pm on Day 1 and ends at 11 am on Day 2

5. Andharban Trekking: Embark on a trekking tour through a dense forest at Andharban and feel excited walking on a ridge with the magnificent view of the surrounding hills of Tamhini ghat, Bhira Dam and the Kundalika Valley. This trek is a descend from the Andharban peak and includes going through the forest in the first half for 6 to 8 kms and then descending down to reach Bhira during the second half for the last 4 kms.

Location: Mulshi, base village: Tamhini Ghat (Pimpri)
Price: Rs.1240 per adult
Timing: 5:30 am start for Andharban trek starting point and return back at 9 pm

6. Paramotoring: Those who love adventure and experimenting during their holidays would be amazed to get an opportunity to go  paramotoring. Paramotor is a backpack-style ultra light aircraft-engine with the wings like the paragliders.

It is an accessible form of power aviation which tourists would find very easy and safe, especially under the guidance of experienced pilots. Feel the thrill of flying in the endless sky and enjoy the cool breeze and be mesmerised with the breathtaking view below.

Location: Thanehave, Post Sajgaon
Price: Rs.1850 per adult
Timing: Anytime between 9 am to 4 pm

7. Bungee Jumping: Experience an adrenaline rush while jumping from the height of 40 meters into the sky during a bungee jumping. Feel the thrill when you descend towards the ground. During this activity, participants are tied to a safety harness and then asked to jump. Before the jump, they are given instruction by the experienced crew who coordinate the whole activity.

Location: Kolad
Price: Rs.2250 per adult
Timing: Anytime between 10 am to 6 pm (Duration: 1 hour)

8. Kayaking: Experience an exciting tour of the Arabian Sea while braving the waves in a kayak. Be instructed and start your 30 minutes trip in a hobie kayak that can carry two people in it. Enjoy the thrill of being in the sea as well as the breathtaking view around.

Location: Mandwa
Price: Rs.1800 per adult
Timing: Anytime between 11 am to 5 pm (Duration: 30 mins)

What is the best time to visit Maharashtra?

The best time to visit Maharashtra is during the winter months from October to February. The weather during these months is comfortable for travelling and sightseeing. Summer months between March and May are very humid but monsoon months bring freshness to the state and is a good time for water sports.

Which caves are better: Ellora or Ajanta?

The caves of Ajanta date back to the 2nd century while Ellora Caves are relatively younger having its history dating back to 5th to 10th century. While Ajanta is known for its paintings, Ellora is known for the sculptures. Tourists who love paintings would prefer to go to Ajanta while those who prefer sculptures would like Ellora more.

What is the famous festival of Maharashtra?

The most famous festival of Maharashtra is Ganesh Chaturthi which is the birth anniversary of Lord Ganesha, who is the god of elimination of obstacles. The festival is celebrated for ten days in the months of August and September with great zeal. The festival ends with the visarjan when idols are immersed in water.

Which is the biggest city in Maharashtra?

The capital city of Mumbai is also the biggest city of Maharashtra. It is also the second most populous city of the country. The city lies on the Konkan coast and is the home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites - Victorian and Art Deco buildings, Elephanta Caves and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus.

What is famous in Maharashtra for shopping?

Maharashtra offers a diverse shopping experience which is a blend of modern and traditional items. The state is well known for Kolhapuri Chappal, Paithani sarees, Bidri ware, Narayanpet sarees and Himroo shawls. Apart from that each region has something special to offer. While Pune is known for Puneri Cotton sarees and jewellery items, Nasik is the place for silverware, pooja accessories and semi precious gemstones jewellery.

Which are the famous hill stations in Maharashtra?

1. Khandala: Well known for its natural beauty, Khandala attracts tourists with its beautiful waterfalls, picturesque peaks, clear lakes and ancient caves. Tourists enjoy visiting the hill station to enjoy the enchanting view and also to indulge in activities such as trekking, hiking, caving and paragliding.

2. Mahabaleshwar: A hill station nestled in the Sahyadri mountains, Mahabaleshwar is well known for its natural beauty with its elevated viewing points, ancient temples, evergreen forests, stunning waterfalls and majestic mountain peaks.

3. Panchgani: The hill station surrounded by five hills is a favourite with tourists who love going for a trek to nearby Rajpuri caves or watching the mesmerising view of Dhom Dam from Parsi Point or Sydney Point.

4. Jawhar: This tiny hillstation is a green paradise with beautiful waterfalls. This charming hill station is also known for the beautiful Jai Vilas Palace, an ancient architectural wonder, that it houses. Tourists visiting this place also love sunset watching and nature walking apart from doing sightseeing.

Which are the best treks in Maharashtra?

1. Andharban Trek: Trek through the jungles of Andharban and then descend down to Konkan to reach Bhira, the starting point of the famous Kundalika river. Get an amazing view of the Bhira Dam, Kundalika Valley and the mountain range of Tamhini Ghat during this trek.

2. Lohagad Fort Trek: This route is said to be the best trekking route that beginners can embark on. Located near to Khandala Lonavala, this trek takes tourists to the top of Lohagad Fort where they can explore the four doors of the fort.

3. Kalsubai Sunrise Trek: Kalsubai is the highest peak of Ahmednagar district. A trek during sunrise gives tourists an amazing view of the rising sun over the green forests and mountain ranges.

4. Prabalmachi Trekking: Embark on a day long trek to Kalavantin Durg. The trekking trail will keep you on the hook with its rock-cut steps that winds up the way to the top.

Which are honeymoon places in Maharashtra?

1. Mahabaleshwar:  The romantic hill station of Mahabaleshwar is often the chosen location due to its natural beauty. Honeymooners love to spend some time boating in the Tapola Lake and watching the beautiful sunrise at Wilson Point. Some of them also indulge in adventurous activities.

2. Matheran: The tranquil atmosphere of the cute little hill station of Matheran is just the place for honeymooners. Honeymooners will love spending time with each other being lost in the beauty that nature has bestowed to this place.

3. Panchgani: The beautiful Panchgani, enclosed within five majestic hills, is one of the most famous places preferred by the honeymooner. The natural beauty of the place coupled with the tranquil atmosphere invites the young lovers to spend some time together enjoying nature and also indulging in the activity the place has on offer.

4. Kashid: The quaint little beach town of Kashid attracts honeymooners with its white sand beaches, blue sea, and lush green forest covered mountains. Honeymooners love doing sightseeing during the day and taking a stroll in the beach during leisure time.

Which are the best camping sites in Maharashtra?

1. Bhandardara Camping: Bhandardara, a resort village near Igatpuri is a very favourite camping spot for nature lovers. Campers love this location with the scenic beauty of surrounding hills and waterfalls.

2. Camping Near Lavasa Road: Enjoy spending the night sleeping in a swiss tent in a quiet estate of Temgarh Resort. This beautiful location has a cascading river nearby and is surrounded by hills and valleys.

3. Lakeside Camping Lonavala: The beautiful Pawana lake surrounded by four majestic forts, is an ideal location for a lakeside camping experience. Tourists love the mesmerising view of the sun rising from the lake early morning.

4. Kashid Beach Camping: Enjoy a camping experience in the sandy stretch of the Kashid Sea Beach. Spend your evening sitting by the sea, enjoy a barbeque and then experience a thrill of   hearing the sound of the waves while you go to sleep.

Which are the best beaches in Maharashtra?

1. Alibaug Beach: One of the best beaches of Maharashtra, the Alibag beach with its black and amber sand and magnificent view of the Colaba Fort, is very popular with tourists. The beach also has several water activities on offer for its tourists such as jet ski, bumper boat etc.

2. Ganapatipule Beach: The serene Ganapatipule beach with its blue water, white sand, swaying palm trees offer the feeling of peace and tranquility to the tourists visiting this beach. The presence of the Swayambhu Temple adds to the attraction.

3. Tarkarli Beach: Tarkarli is known as the premiere beach destination of Maharashtra. The beach is known for its clean beach with silvery sand and offers several watersport activities to tourists which includes scuba diving, parasailing, snorkeling etc.

4. Juhu Beach: The famous Juhu beach Mumbai, is known for its scenic beauty. Tourists love to take a stroll on the long stretch and taste the famous Mumbai street foods that are sold in stalls on the beach.

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Reviewed: 02 Mar 2020
It's a good place to spend time with your Loved ones. Camping includes DJ,games,live music,bonfire. You will definitely enjoy it.If you are going in a group, it's a perfect place for relaxing your day to day stress..I would suggest this place. You can enjoy the beauty of nature in between TUNG and T... Read More
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Excellent place to unwind and have awesome weekend experience. The staff was amazing and services was excellent.. Truly enjoyed it and would recommend this place to others .. Full value for money 😀
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Doing much of fun
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