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Kolad, the scrubby hamlet situated on the bank of river Kundalika in the tureen of Maharashtra has auspiciously shaped its uniqueness in the bracket of adventurous activities. A part of the best adventures tours in Kolad is river rafting in the pristine water of river Kundalika. After the dawn, as soon as the water is liberated from the Rawal dam, the organizers are on the ball to proffer some amazing experience to the travellers. As the river flows through the rugged terrain of forested hills and irrigated farms, the travellers don’t allow this chance to slip from their grip and appreciate the gush through rafting.

Besides rafting, Kundalika also offers soothing gamut for the placid and nonchalant sailing in an alluring abutting and an ecological captivating expedition, along with fresh and energizing dashes of water. Besides, everybody has crossed the roads in their life. But for a change, why not river crossing? Visit Kolad and experience river crossing at its best. The water flowing in the river with immature waves over the gigantic black rocks with a lusty noise is waiting for you to provide some unforgettable memories of your life.

The entire place is abutted by thick frondescence of teak plantations which proffers a serene and tranquil ambience to explore. Not only this, but also another popular water sport called jet-ski and bumper ride is also in the bill of fare. Easy to operate jet-ski is generally accompanied by a professional mentor. The only requirement for jet-ski is the water scooter accelerated with a powerful engine.

The list is not over yet. Kolad has become the center of attraction for travellers who are fond of adventurous trips. Besides, river rafting and jet-ski, Kolad has also managed to club scuba diving, zip line, mountain biking, paintball and wall climbing. The entire locus has turned into an adventure park. If you are in search of an exciting break from your boring routine, then try out the best adventure tours in Kolad, which will not disappoint you.
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Kolad Bungee Jumping


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Activity Location: Roha, Kolad, MaharashtraActivity Timing: Between 10:00 AM to 6:00 PMDuration: 1 Hour (1Jump + Training)Jumping Height: 40 metersAbout Kolad Bungee Jumping:Located in the Raigad district in Maharashtra, Kolad is a great spot for enjoying a plethora of adventure activities. Amongst them, the bungee jumping experience is one of the most famous experiences that can be availed by fun enthusiasts & adventure junkies. Book this thrilling Kolad bungee jumping and overcome your fear by taking a dive from a significant height of 40 meters. Enjoy the panoramic views of the lush greens along with the Kundalika river and enjoy the experience.

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150 Ratings

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People Also Ask About Adventure in Kolad

  1. Which are the best adventure activities to do in Kolad?

    White water rafting,kayaking, canoeing, river zipline crossing, waterfall rappelling, boating, scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking, camping are some of the thrilling Kolad adventure activities, which will help in exploring your bold side.

    1. White water river rafting: It is the biggest attraction in Kolad and is one of the safest and enjoyable water sports activities. The nerve pumping rafting expedition involves maneuvering the rafts for a 12 km water stretch complete with exciting rapids of grade 2 and 3 types. Be part of this 2 to 3 hours activity and let your fears and phobias fly away amid the surrounding beauty and rapid waters.

    Cost of Activity: INR. 700 – 2450 per person depending upon the package.
    Location: Kundalika River Dam.
    Reporting time: 08:00 AM.

    2. Kayaking: Adventure enthusiasts heading to Kolad for some exhilarating experience must not miss Kayaking in River Kundalika. It is one of the activities that can be enjoyed after learning some basic techniques and following safety measures. Tourists come here to enjoy paddling down through the white waters of Kolad and test their adventure skills through this 45 minutes thrilling activity.

    Cost of Activity: INR 350 per person.
    Location: Kundalika River.
    Activity Duration: 45 Minutes.
    Timings: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

    3. Trekking and Hiking: Another activity to explore your bold side is going for trekking or hiking in Kolad. Reaching the top of the Sahyadri hills through the woods full of beautiful flora and fauna and learning new skills on the beautiful trails leave the trekker with the wonderful memories to cherish forever. It lets you enjoy the immaculate beauty of the Sahyadri range in a most fun-filled manner. It is also a safe activity and is organized under required safety measures. Travelers also get the chance to meet new people, make friends, capture memories, or enjoy bird watching.

    Cost of Activity: Depends on the package and is variable.
    Location: Kundalika Valley.
    Timings: Early morning to Evening.

    4. Ziplining: It is another activity that presents an epitome of thrill. The serene and calm water of the Kundalika River makes an ideal ambiance for enjoying this wonderful ten minutes river crossing activity. In this activity, you need to cross the river using specialized equipment secured on a suspended rope. Adventure buffs like to enroll for this activity to check their stamina and strength and enjoy a new experience of the lifetime. The activity is safe as done strictly under the guidance of expert instructors.

    Location: Kundalika River.
    Cost of Activity: Starts from INR 350 per person.
    Timings: Early morning to Evening.

    5. Waterfall Rappelling: Another way to test your guts is to take part in the Waterfall Rappelling activity in Kolad. This activity lets you discover your adventure passion as you need to descend a huge rocky patch with the help of rope while facing the pressure of the cascading waterfall. You will be made to wear a harness and a belay to give you support and provide you safety. Also, the activity is performed under strict safety measures, and professional instructors will be there to guide you and assure your safety.

    Location: Kolad Waterfalls.
    Cost of the Activity: Starts at INR 550 per person.
    Timings: Between 9 AM- 6 PM.

    6. Riverside Camping: If you want to get lost amid the serene nature, then the camping in Kolad is one of the best-suited activities for you. The Kundalika camps also allow you to be part of a multitude of adventure activities available in Kolad and explore your wild side in the lap of nature during this 1 D and 1 N (variable and depends on the package) activity. You can also enjoy a quiet nature walk, do stargazing at night or enjoy a bonfire in the company of new friends and people.

    Location: Kundalika River Campsites.
    Cost of the activity: Starts from INR 1675 per person.
    Activities: On an extra charge.

    7. Mountain Biking: Another courageous activity for all adventure lovers is to go mountain biking near the Kundalika River. It lets you encounter an enthralling experience of pedaling through the challenging terrains. So why wait? Pick the bike, strap your helmet, and make your moves through offbeat trails beside the lush panoramas.

    Sahyadri Hills Terrain.
    Cost of the activity: Starts from INR 500 per person.
    Timings: Between 9 AM- 6 PM.

    8. Bungee Jumping: It is a new activity in the list of Kolad's hair-raising adventure activities and requires you to fall freely from a height of 40 m. It is the first water dipping bungee jumping in Maharashtra and is the best way to feel like a bird in the air.

    Location: Kundalika River.
    Cost of the activity: Starts from INR 2250 per person.
    Timings: Between 9 AM- 7 PM.

  2. What are the best watersports we can enjoy in Kolad?

    1. White Water Rafting: Kolad is known as the home for white water rafting and is one of the safest places to be part of this adventure in Kolad. It lets you enjoy the rush in adrenaline levels by facing the exciting rapids of grade 2 & 3 types for a stretch of 12 km in the Kundalika River.

    Location: Bhira Dam.
    Cost: INR 900 per person (variable).
    Timings: Once in a day (reporting time 8:00 AM).

    2. Boating: If you want to learn more about the gentle pace of the village life of Kolad then boating in the Kundalika River is something not to be missed. Row through the salient waters and get soaked in the beautiful surroundings with rich vegetation and biological diversity.

    Location: Kundalika River.
    Cost: INR 100 per person (variable).
    Timings: Between 9 AM- 7 PM.

    3. Kayaking: One of the most famous Kolad adventures that attracts water sports lovers to this beautiful town. It offers a unique experience and lets you explore your capabilities, strength, and stamina.

    Cost: INR 350 per person (variable).
    Duration: 45 minutes.

    4. Banana Boating: Enjoy an exclusive fun side of sailing through this exciting banana boating. It lets 3 to 6 members ride on an inflatable boat and appreciate the thrill involved amid the surrounding beauty.

    Location: Kundalika River.
    Cost: INR 600 per person (variable).
    Duration: 45 minutes to 1 hour.

    5. Bumper Boat Ride: It is the second most loved water sport in Kolad and allows you to sit in a large inflated tube dragged by a speedboat into the river water. Getting yourself clinched inside the tube is what you need to do while facing the speed of the tube and the flow of water.

    Location: Kundalika River.
    Cost: INR 500 per person (variable).
    Duration: 35 minutes to 50 minutes.

    6. Jet Ski: Another not to be missed water sports adventure in Kolad is Jet Ski in River Kundalika. Enjoy the exhilarating adventure by hopping on to a compact, powerful jet ski, either alone or with a well-trained guide to support you. Jet Ski is very easy to operate and is full of fun and thrills.

    Location: Kundalika River.
    Cost: INR 500 per person (variable).
    Duration: 10 to 15 minutes.

    7. Canyoning: The perfect way to check your stamina Canyoning. It involves exploring caves and soaring canyons or waterfalls using some safety gear and ropes.

    Location: Kolad-Roha waterfalls or Tamhini Ghat Waterfalls.
    Cost: INR 400 per person (variable).
    Timings: Early Morning to Evening.

    8. River Crossing or Ziplining: Get indulged in this adventure in Kolad to learn new skills of the river crossing. Experience an adrenaline rush while enjoying the untouched scenic landscapes whilst ziplining past the river. These activities let you cross the river with the help of a suspended rope and pulleys and harness and are full of thrills and excitement.

    Location: Kundalika River.
    Cost: INR 350 per person (variable).
    Duration: 10 minutes.
    Timings: Early Morning to Evening.

  3. Which are the best adventure things to do in Kolad with family?

    1. White water rafting: It does not require you to be a trained rafter but is a safe activity to take part in with your family members even if they do not know swimming. It is one of the best adventure activities to enjoy in Kolad with family and is performed under strict guidelines and safety measures.

    2. Riverside Camping:Another activity to enjoy with your family is to go camping at any of the camps at the banks of River Kundalika. You will surely love staying near the riverside with your loved ones, experiencing water sports or partying till dawn around campfires.

    3. Water sports: Enroll in any of the water sports activities like canoeing, ziplining, waterfall rappelling, and many more with your family and make your vacation a wonderful one. All these sports are full of fun and safe and secure to indulge with family.

    4. Burma Bridge: Crossing ahanging bridge made of a rope not only involves adventure but is a fun activity to take part with your family.

    5. Net Climbing: Another interesting activity to enjoy with family, it is though challenging but is exhilarating too.

    6. Tarzan Swing: Enjoy the unmatched fun of being suspended from a rope from a height and let other family members take part as well.

  4. What are the best things to do in Kolad for kids?

    1. Trekking/ Rock Climbing/ Rappelling: These activities are not only safe for kids but allow them to enjoy the unparalleled fun that adventures in Kolad offer. These activities are arranged as per the kid's age and let them learn many things and help them groom as well.

    2. Water sports: Activities like white water rafting, ziplining, canoeing, or boating (banana boating, kayaking, bumper boating) are also suitable for kids, as all are safe and performed under strict safety measures.

    3. Camping: Staying in a camp beside riverbanks is only fun-filled but helps kids discover their inner strength, learn new skills, and make new friends. It allows them to enjoy nature trails, bird watching, stars gazing like activities too.

    4. Paragliding and Sailing: These activities though look scary but are appropriate for kids above 12 and are also performed under strict guidelines and supervision of certified and trained instructors.

    5. Sightseeing Attractions: Kolad is not only about adventure and water sports but also houses several sightseeing spots like Tamhini Falls, Kolad Museums, Ghosala Fort, Kuda Caves, etc. These are not to be missed attractions and must be visited with family and kids.

    6. Group Tours: Various operators also offer good opportunities for kids to learn about rural life, organic farming, waste management, rainwater harvesting, etc. and help them strengthen self-esteem and confidence.

  5. What is Kolad famous for?

    Kolad is a serene village in Maharashtra and is known for:

    -Adventure sports like rafting, rappelling, boating, river crossing, paragliding, rock climbing and many more.
    -Sightseeing spots like Tamini waterfall, Kuda caves, Kolad Museums, Ghosala Fort, Bhira and Ghosala Dams, Galmukh temple, etc.
    -Maharashtrian cuisine like Missal pav and seafood is the specialty of the town and proves to be a paradise for foodies.

  6. Is River rafting safe in Kolad?

    Yes, river rafting is one of the safest in Kolad adventures as it involves rafting through a stretch of 12 km between two dams with a controlled flow of water. Moreover, the water rapids are of grades 2 & 3 that are easy to moderate difficulty level.

    Also, the activity is monitored by our well-trained professionals and is done using essential safety gear such as life jackets, helmets, and paddles.

  7. How do I get to Kolad?

    Kolad is just 3 hours drive from Mumbai and Pune and is easily accessible by:

    - Train: Kolad station is connected by regular trains with some of the major cities in India.
    - Bus: Regular State transport and private buses prove to be a comfortable and cost-effective means to reach the town.
    - Taxi/cab/car: The most convenient but costly way to reach the village.

  8. Which are the best river crossing sites in Kolad?

    Kundalika River boasts of several beautiful locations to enjoy thrilling and enticing river crossing activities to all adventure buffs looking for some adventure in Kolad. Arrive at the riverside to get yourself harnessed to the safety rope, with its other end's grip with instructors at the other side of the river. You will be safe and secure by the carabiners so rest assured and pull yourself towards the other end of the river using your hands and explore your motor skills and bold side.
  9. Which is the best place for river rafting in Kolad? How much will it cost?

    River rafting in Kolad is one of the best activities to indulge on the banks of River Kundalika. Its cost is variable depending upon the package and service providers, but it starts from INR 700 per person and varies from package to package.

    The rafting starts from the Bhira Dam and ends at the Mulshi Dams and involves paddling down the rapids of grades 2 and 3. So, why wait, enjoy a delightful experience of adrenaline-pumping along the rapids at Kolad.

  10. Where can I enjoy zip lining in Kolad?

    Move to a hilltop to indulge in zipline on River Kundalika, where you will be suspended similarly as in the river crossing. You need to pull a rope to move along the pulley and cover the distance. You will definitely love the activity as you will feel like flying over the river and feel the adrenaline rush significantly.

    Kolad's Kundalika River provides many possibilities to enjoy these wonderful activities at a reasonable price and in a very secure and serene ambiance.

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"very nice experience ..... will surely recommended to others.....And thanks to Vaibhav and Soniya..."
Online booking with Thrillophilia is cheaper than booking on the ground the staff there was very nice and respectful towards the visitor, the safety equipment like helmet and gloves was good which we felt secure the entire activity, the fall from the station truly gave us amazing adrenaline rush the activity last for 15-minutes but it was really satisfied with amazing views of the place, Overall this zipline at Kolad was really great which truly worth to visit again shortly
Zipline is really a fun activity that you must try it at least once, don't miss it when you around Kolad, the place really good for this activity, we really enjoyed alot, the staff was friendly and supportive, the price is not that expensive and the activity was safe and suits for everyone... Great experience with lifetime memory to cherished.
The activity worth a try, affordable price and the staff were careful, we enjoyed the activity and we will return!
Nice place to visit with family and friends, the place is well-maintained and clean, the Commando Crossing look good with safety equipment I took part on it, Nice instructor, this is really new expereince and as well thrill for me
Felt so adventurous with this activity, the location was simply wow, the staff were welcoming and helpful, definitely would recommend
When you are around this place you should take this chance, the waterfall rappelling is truly worth the try, the price was not expensive at all if you booked online, the activity happened with the safety measures the rope was good with good helmet and as well as with good instruction from the expert team. The experience was simply amazing. This really worth the money spend and time spend. No doubt you can try and definitely you would like it.

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