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Traveller Tales from Panchgani


Giri Ahuja

23 November 2015

My wife and I booked it for our 4th anniversary. This is a good place all couples. Very romantic. Farm stays were never something that I thought as romantic, but definitely this was too romantic and awesome. I had a great time with my hubby here. It was a relaxing, rejuvenating, and an amazing weekend. I loved it totally. It was quite awesome. I suggest this to all couples out there.


Ahalya Talwar

17 November 2015

Great place...I planned a complete family outing her, all of us just wanted a calm place to relax our strained bodies and glad we picked this place. The entire resort was so calm and we loved the entire experience. it was also very good for the kids, as they organise special bullock kart ride for them so we all had an amazing time together.Great place!


Achalesvara Kapoor

15 December 2015

Camping in Panchgani was a fun-filled experience. I went with my entire family and believe me this place has in store for each and everyone. I enjoyed each and every moment - numerous activities, cool climate and a much needed break from the office life. A great place to spend some quality time with your family. Lovely experience.


Aditya Prajapat

03 October 2015

We spent our weekend in the most ideal way we could, in the vast relaxing company of nature, with good food, good friends and really nice music playing all night long. The camp has many activities for both the adventurous sort and the laidback kinds like us. Fun trip!


Vaishvi Varman

05 February 2016

Best weekend getaway for Mumbaikaars. No matter if you want a laid back weekend or a little adventurous one, camping at Panchgani just the best. Food was good and we have some great co travelers. I am happy to have chosen this trip deal.


Ganak Bhattacharya

18 October 2015

Too many things to do, but very limited time. Either they should have extended the time or reduced the activities. Not everyone can be zealous and enthusiastic. The food was good and some of the activities were really enjoyable. But overall i had an amazing time with my family!

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Kumari Desai

30 April 2016

A must try for weekend getaway with family. The crowd is all decent and mostly family. Therefore, you can go with family easily without hesitations.

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Rati Gill

27 December 2015

Arrangement of food and camp site was very good. The price too wasn’t that costly too. Also the activities such as ziplining and campfire were great fun. I will definitely recommend this.

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Rageshwari Chopra

10 February 2016

Camping was fun when I saw the plan, but most of my co travelers were intending on having bonfire and games that people would sit and play. My friends and I were more into ziplining and other activities.However, the trip organizer guy was enthusiastic like us and were giving us good company.

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