30 Best Places to Visit in Nashik - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)
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Places to Visit in Nashik

Sula Vineyards, Dudhsagar Falls, Saptashrungi, Trimbakeshwar Temple, Pandavleni Caves, Sita Gumpha, Anjaneri Hills, Gangapur Dam, Dugarwadi Waterfall, Kalaram Temple, Vallonne Vineyards, Harihar Fort, Coin Museum, Muktidham, Vihigaon Waterfall, Tringalwadi Fort and many more.

When you think about Nashik tourist places, a number of options pop-up in your mind. Some of these destinations are quite popular among the masses, while some others still need a lot of your attention. The most exciting thing about Nashik is its versatility when it comes to tourist destinations. A beautiful town situated on the banks of the river Godavari, Nashik is surrounded by nine hills; blessed with an enchanting panorama, and pleasant climate.

Popularly known as the "wine and grape capital" of India, Nashik is blessed with natural beauty, cultural heritage, and rich history.  “Panchvati”, the place where Lord Rama lived with his wife Sita and brother Laxman during his 14-years of exile from Ajodhya, is a part of the beautiful city Nashik itself.

For anyone who is visiting the beautiful city for the first time, it has a lot to offer. Whether you wish to explore your spiritual self, or you are looking for some fine wine tasting experience, Nashik will not disappoint you at all. Surely, there are a number of places to visit in Nashik offering you memories that stay with you forever!

Here are some of the best places to visit in Nashik:


Sula Vineyards

Sula Vineyards
Image Credit : sulawines.com
A fine winery and vineyard Located in the beautiful city of Nashik, the Sula Vineyard is the very first winery established in the city and it is one of the famous places to visit in Nashik. The history of the vineyard goes back to 1999, when it initially began operations. 

The place offers wine tasting as well as exciting tours to its visitors throughout the year. Visitors can enjoy a beautiful stay and great food at the restaurants and resort located at the vineyard property.

Location: Sula vineyards is located at Gat 36/2, Govardhan Village, Off Gangapur-Savargaon road, Nashik, Maharashtra, 422222.

Timings: The vineyard stays open from 11:30 am to 10:30 pm all days of the week.

Entry fee: There is no entry fee for the Vineyard.

Dudhsagar Falls, Nasik

Dudhsagar Falls, Nasik
Dudhsagar Falls, also known as Someshwar Falls, is one of the most captivating Nashik tourist places that you can visit.Just 9 km away from Nashik Central Bus Station, the waterfall has a height of 10 meters.

Best time to visit the Dudhsagar Falls is during monsoon, when everything around the place becomes more beautiful and attractive. Dudhsagar Waterfall is a popular hangout in the area and is one of the most common places to visit in Nashik.

Location: Dudhsagar Falls is located at Ambedkar Nagar, Nashik, Maharashtra.

Timings: The place is open to visitors from 6 am to 9 pm every day.

Entry Fee: There is no entry fee for Dudhsagar Falls.



The Saptshrungi Garh is a holy place situated approximately at a distance of 60 KM from Nashik. According to the mythology, it is an abode of Goddess Bhagawati. Innumerable travelers and pilgrims visit Saptshrungi every year. The name Saptshrungi means seven mountain pinnacles. There are around 108 water reservoirs on this Mountain, which are known as Kundas and it is one of the popular places to visit in Nashik.

One of the events from the legendary Ramayana states that Hanuman carried the herbal medicine for wounded Laxmana from this hill. The best time to visit this place is after the monsoon season. It is not only a divine destination but also a picnic spot.

 Saptashrungi Garh Rd, Saptashurngi, Maharashtra 422215

Timings: 6 AM to 6 PM

Entry fee: None.


Trimbakeshwar Temple

Trimbakeshwar Temple
Image Credit : wikipedia

One of the most popular places of worship, Trimbakeshwar is located in Nashik. People all across India visit Trimbakeshwar to express their faith and devotion. It is one amongst the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. The temple is located at the base of the Bramhagiri Mountain and it is one of the best Nashik tourist places.

It is considered holy as the sacred Godavari River originates from here. It is also said to be the birthplace of Lord Ganesha. Its divine significance attracts innumerable tourists and pilgrims every year. Visitors are in awe of the three linga's that represent Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

Shrimant Peshwe Path, Trimbakeshwar, Maharashtra 422212

5.30 AM to 9 PM

Entry fee: None.


Pandavleni Caves

Pandavleni Caves
Image Credit : wikipedia

All you adventurous and thrill-seeking people, an enthralling experience awaits at the Pandavleni caves in Nashik. If you like mountaineering and trekking then you have to tread the trail towards these caves, as they are situated on a hammock. Located at a height of approximately 300 ft, amidst a thick green forest, these caves also make a perfect destination for peace lovers and nature admirers and it is one of the best places to visit in Nashik.

If you love to paint, then your canvas will crave to replicate this heavenly panorama.  One can visit these caves from 8 AM to 5.30 PM. Adults have to pay a certain amount as an entry fee, but children below 15 can explore the caves for free.

Pandav Lene Rd, Buddha Vihar, Pathardi Phata, Nashik, Maharashtra 422010

Timings: 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Entry fee: INR 2


Sita Gumpha

Sita Gumpha

If you are an explorer intrigued by the Indian ancient legends, then the Sita Gumpha is one of the places to visit in Nashik. It is situated near the Kalaram Temple, where Sita expressed her devotion for Lord Shiva. The Sita Gumpha that is also known as Sita Gupha attracts innumerable devotees every year.

It is well known for its significant role in Indian epic Ramayana. According to mythology, King Ravana had kidnapped Sita from here. The cave is also abode to magnificent statues of Lord Ram, Sita, and Laxmana. Another major attraction at this place is an age-old Shivlinga that allures all its visitors.

Sita gufa, Panchavati, Nashik 422003

Timings: All day.

Entry fee: None.


Anjaneri Hills

Anjaneri Hills

The Anjaneri hills derive their name from Goddess Anjana, as the locals say that the Goddess Anjana gave birth to Lord Hanuman in the cave atop the hill and it is one of the holy places to visit in Nashik.

Among the Nashik tourist places, reaching Anjaneri hills is comparatively harder. Travelers have to take a bus from Nashik to Trimbakeshwar and from there they have to hike for 10 km, but the view at the end of the hike is worth it.

Location: Anjaneri hill is located near Anjaneri town, Anjaneri, Maharashtra, 422212.

Timings: Even though there are no strict timings, the Anjaneri hills are best visited during the daytime.

Entry fee: There is no entry fee for Anjaneri hills.


Gangapur Dam

Gangapur Dam

Amongst all the places to visit in Nashik, the Gangapur Dam is a must. Approximately 10 KM away from the main city of Nashik is the Gangapur Dam, a highly fascinating tourist spot. It is situated on the banks of the sacred Godavari River. Being constructed in the year 1954, it is built in conventional style using stones, clay, mud, and sand.

The garden near the Dam is an ideal picnic spot, amidst a charismatic landscape. Visit this place with friends and family to admire Mother Nature and to also watch the different species of birds here. Moreover, if you love photography, then surely let your cameras capture this immaculate beauty.

Godavari River, Nashik. 

Timings: All day.

Entry fee: None. 


Dugarwadi Waterfall

Dugarwadi Waterfall

Dugarwadi waterfall is one of the most enchanting places to visit in Nashik. It is a majestic waterfall located just 30 km away from Nashik. The cascading falls and the surrounding beauty is sure to soothe the eyes of every visitor.

It is one of the best tourist places in the city for a one-day outing with friends and family. However, during the monsoon, there is a chance of the water level rising suddenly.

Location: Dugarwadi waterfall is located at Trimbakeshwar, Trimbak, Maharashtra, 422212.

Timings: There are no strict timings for visiting the falls.

Entry fee: The entry fee for Dugarwadi Falls is INR 10 and the parking fee is INR 50.


Kalaram Temple

Kalaram Temple

The Kalaram temple in Nashik is one of the most religious Nashik tourist places. The Kalaram temple is a very old Hindu place of worship which is dedicated to Lord Rama and it was built around 1788 by Sardar Rangarao Odhekar.

The temple is named as such because the statue of Lord Rama present in the temple is black.

Location: The Kalaram temple is located at Panchvati Road, Panchvati, Nashik, Maharashtra, 422003.

Timing: The temple is open to devotees visiting from morning at 5:00 am to evening at 10:00 pm.

Entry fee: No entry fee is required to be paid to visit the temple.


Vallonne Vineyards

Vallonne Vineyards
Image Credit : vallonnevineyards.com

Vallonne Vineyards is India’s first boutique winery that produces premium French-style wines. Established in 2009, the sprawling estate rests on the gentle slopes of the Sahyadri ranges.

The scenic location of the vineyard is complemented by the tranquil waters of the Mukhne Lake and the splendid view of the Kavnai Peak makes the vineyard an ideal place for wine tourism.

Vallone vineyards are located at GAT 504, Kavnai Shivar, near Sanjegaon, Taluka Igatpuri, Nashik, Maharashtra, 422403.

The Vineyard is open for visitors every day of the week from 11 am to 5 pm.

Entry Fee: 
There is no entry fee for the place.


Harihar Fort

Harihar Fort

Located 48 km from Igatpuri, Harihar fort is an important fort of Nashik district. The fort captures the attention of the visitors because of its peculiar rock-cut steps and its one of the famous Nashik tourist places.

The fort is very old and it mostly is in ruins at present except for a storage house and a few rock-cut cisterns. The fort can be accessed from two base villages namely, Rakshewadi and Nirgudpada.

Location: The fort is located close to Nirgudpada village, Nashik, 422212, Maharashtra

Timing: The fort is open to visitors from 7 am to 6 pm.

Entry fee: There is no entry fee for visiting Harihar fort.


Coin Museum

Coin Museum
Image Credit : flickr

Nashik has its own way of amazing visitors. Imagine visiting a museum which is amidst a mountainous region and that is endowed with an enticing panorama. Yes, the Coin Museum is located in close proximity of the Anjeri Hill in Nashik. It was established in the year 1980, in order to educate the common masses about Indian coins and their history.

The museum showcases a variety of coins, molds, dyes, replicas, photographs, and brief write-ups and imparts knowledge in its visitors. The museum also explains the process of manufacturing coins. Do not forget to visit this museum because it is unique and only one of its kind in Asia.

INHCRF Campus, Nashik - Trimbak Road, Near Anjaneri Village 422213

: 10 AM to 5.30 PM

Entry fee: 



Image Credit : wikipedia

Situated in the suburbs of Nashik is Muktidham, a glorious temple made up of marble. One of the classic attractions here is the temple devoted to Lord Krishna that has mesmeric paintings from the Mahabharata. Another artwork that beautifies this temple and makes it exceptional is the 18 chapters of Bhagwat Geeta written on its walls and it is one of the best Nashik tourist places.

The temple showcases imitations of the twelve Jyotirlingas and also statues of Vishnu, Laxmi, Rama, Laxman, Sita, Hanuman, Durga and Ganesha, the Hindu Gods and Goddesses. One of the best times to visit the Muktidham Temple is during Kumbh Mela when several devotees and tourists come to witness the immaculate culture. There is also accommodation arrangement within the Muktidham premises.

Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Gayakhe Colony, Nashik Road, Nashik, Maharashtra 422101

Timings: 6 AM to 7 PM

Entry fee: None.


Vihigaon Waterfall

Vihigaon Waterfall

The Vihigaon Waterfall is one of the most alluring places to visit in Nashik. It is based in the in the heart of the forest, in the Western Ghats. It is so popular for its natural beauty that it has been utilised as a prominent location in several films, short as well as feature.

The best time to visit this place is during monsoon, as heavy rainfall bejewels the panorama. One can explore the varied flora and fauna around the waterfall and enjoy a picnic amidst the lush green with dear ones.

Yet another intriguing fact about Vihigaon waterfall is that it proffers perfect conditions for rappelling. So if you are an adventurous person, do not miss this opportunity while in Nashik. This experience of rappelling in God’s heavenly creation will leave you enthralled.

Vihigaon, Maharashtra 421602

Timings: All day.

Entry fee: None.


Tringalwadi Fort

Tringalwadi Fort

In an ancient route that passes through Thal Ghat, there is located Tringalwadi -- a majestic fort that attracts a lot of tourists. Visitors can take a hike through the trail towards the top of the hill and enjoy the beautiful views around.

The best season to visit the Tringalwadi Fort is during Monsoon, when the place become alive with lush greenery.

The Tringalwadi fort is located near Tringalwadi village, which is located 7 km from Igatpuri.

There is no strict timing for visiting the fort. However, a hike to the fort should be done during the day.

Entry fee: 
There is no entry fee for visiting Tringalwadi Fort


Zonkers Adventure Park

Zonkers Adventure Park
Image Credit : zonkersadventurepark.com

Situated near the scenic backwaters of the Gangapur Dam, Zonkers Adventure Park is a perfect destination for rediscovering the passion for adventure and it is one of the famous Nashik tourist places.

The Adventure park is one of its kinds in Nashik city and offers various activities and adventure sports like Water zorbing, Go-karting, Bull rides, Bungee-trampoline, etc. for non-stop fun.

Location: It is located at Soma Vine Village, Gangapur-Savargaon Road, Ghanghavare, Nashik- 422222, Maharashtra.

Timing: 11 am to 9 pm throughout the week

Entry fee: There is no entry fee. However, each ride at the park has a pay per ride system the fares of which vary from INR 50 to INR 300.




Salher is a place located close to Waghamba under Satana tehsil of Nashik district. Salher houses the highest fort in Sahyadri mountains.

It is the second highest peak in Maharashtra after Kalsubai. Salher fort was built by Shivaji in 1671 and it witnessed the battle of Salher in 1672 which was won by Shivaji.

Location: Salher fort is located at Salher road, Maharashtra, 423302.

Timing: For reaching the Salher fort, one should leave early in the morning as the trek to the fort requires high endurance level. The fort is best visited during the winter months.

Entry fee: There is no entry fee for visiting Salher fort.


Deolali Camp

Deolali Camp

Deolali is a small hill station located in the Sahyadri hills of the state. Deolali has plenty of temples, picnic spots, and green views. If you want to escape the busy bustle of city life, Deolali is one of the best Nashik tourist places for the purpose.

The town has had some form of military presence ever since the days of the British. British structures are still present to this day. The town is also famous for its Buddhist caves.

Location: Deolali camp, Deolali town, Maharashtra, 422401.

Timings: Deolali is best visited from November to February

Entry fee: There is no entry fee for visiting Deolali.




Dhodap fort is one of the most unique places to visit in Nashik which is steeped in history. It is a hill fort located at a height if 1472 m above sea level.

This fort is a good place for trekking enthusiasts and adventurous tourists to visit. There is an idol of Lord Hanuman engraved on a tank in the fort.

Location: The fort is located in the village of Dhodambe, 55 km from Nashik. One can start the climb to the fort from Dhodambe village.

Timings: There are no timings for visiting Dhodap fort.

Entry fee: There are no entry fees for Dhodap fort.


Shubham Water World

Shubham Water World
Image Credit : shubhamwaterworld.com

Shubham Water World in Nashik is one of the best water parks in Nashik thereby making it one of the best places to visit in Nashik.

The array of rides on offer like The Vertigo, The Black Hole, Water Fun System, and others can make you go spoilt for choice along with giving you an adrenaline rush. Apart from various exhilarating rides, there is a rain dance facility and also an area for visitors to sit and relax.

Location: Shubham Water world is located at Jadhav Paradise, Anjaneri Hills, Nashik-Trimbakeshwar Road, Nashik- 422013.

Timings: Shubham Water world is open from 10:30 am to 8:00 pm every day.

Entry fee: The entry fee starts from INR 500 but it is free for children below 3.6 ft in height.


Sundarnarayan Temple

Sundarnarayan Temple
Sundarnarayan temple in Nashik is a must visit place for the devotees of Lord Vishnu. The Temple was constructed in 1756 by Gangadhar Yashwant Chandrachud.

Temple is very beautiful and it is adorned by intricate carvings and paintings and its imposing architecture inspired by Mughal sculpture is bound to please the art lover in you.

Location: The Sundarnarayan temple is located in Kharewada, Raviwar Karanja, Panchvati, Nashik, Maharashtra, 422001.

Timings: The temple is open to visitors from 6 am to 12 pm and from 5 pm to 9 pm.

Entry fee: No entry fee is required for visiting the Sundarnarayan temple.

Brahmagiri Hill

Brahmagiri Hill

The word Brahmagiri translates to Hill of Lord Brahma. With mythological stories intricately woven into the history of this place, the Brahmagiri hill is one of the famous Nashik tourist places.

The ascent to Brahmagiri hill can be started from Trimbakeshwar. It takes about 2 hours for one to reach the top of Brahmagiri hill from Trimbakeshwar. The views from the top of the Brahmagiri hill are enchanting, to say the least.

Location: Brahmagiri hill is located in Brahmagiri, Metghar Kila, Trimbakeshwar, Maharashtra, 422212.

Timing: The timings for visiting Brahmagiri hills are between 6 am to 6 pm. It can be visited all year.

Entry fee: No entry fee is required to visit the place.


Dabhosa Waterfall

Dabhosa Waterfall
Dabhosa waterfall is a natural waterfall located in Dabhosa village in Jawahar tehsil of Palghar district. The Dabhosa waterfall originates from the Lendi river and it falls from a height of 300 ft.

The splendor of the waterfall increases during the rainy season as the greenery around the area gets a new life.

Location: The Dabhosa waterfall is located near Dabhosa village, Palghar district, Maharashtra, 401603.

Timing: There is no strict timing for visiting the Dabhosa waterfalls. It is however suggested to visit the waterfall in the rainy season for observing the best views.

Entry fee: There is no entry fee for visiting Dabhosa waterfalls.

Shagun Resort & Water Park

Shagun Resort & Water Park
Shagun Water park is another one of the best Nashik tourist places. It is a brilliant destination for friends and family to come and enjoy.

The amusement park offers plenty of rides to suit both the needs of kids and adults alike. There is also a rain dance area, artificial waves and DJ facilities which keep the atmosphere alive.

Location: Shagun Resort & Water Park is located near Ghoti toll Plaza Mumbai Nashik Highway, National Highway no. 3, Igatpuri, Nashik, 422403.

Timings: The amusement park is open for visitors from 10;30 am to 7 pm every day.

Entry fee: The entry fee for this amusement park starts from INR 300. Ticket prices are classified according to the height of the person and entry is free for children below 3 ft of height.


A sacred bathing ghat in Nashik, Ramkund is situated at the bank of the Godavari River. The place is considered to be the holiest place in Nashik and is surrounded with folklores and various mythological stories.

Every year, thousands of Hindus visit the Kund to pray and take bath.

Location: Ram Kund is located near Kapileshwar Temple, Panchvati, Nashik, Maharashtra, 422003.

Timing: There is no fixed timing for visiting Ram Kund.

Entry fee: No entry fee is required for visiting Ram Kund.

Artillery Museum

The artillery museum is situated at the foothills of the towering Sahyadri mountain range and the region is entirely under the control of the Indian military.

Entry of common people in the area is restricted. However, entry to the museum is open for everyone where visitors can see photos of historical events, various weapons used by the Indian army, and many other things.

Location: The artillery museum is located at Artillery center, Gandhi Nagar Airport area, Deolali Gaon, Nashik, Maharashtra 422101.

Timings: The Museum is open to visitors every day, except for Thursdays from 10 am to 1:30 pm and from 4:30 to 6:30 pm.

Entry fee: The entry fee is INR 15 per person.

Nashik City Center Mall

The Nashik city center Mall is one of the best places to visit in Nashik for shopping and entertainment. It is a posh mall which has restaurants, movie theatres, branded showrooms, and game zones.

One can also buy stuff for daily needs, jewelry, clothing or toys.  It also has avenues for relaxing like a fish pedicure, food court, etc.

Location: Nashik City Center Mall is located at Untwadi road, Lavate Nagar, Parijat Nagar, Nashik, Maharashtra, 422002.

Timings: The City center mall is open for business every day from 11 am to 10 pm.

Entry fee: No entry fee is required for visiting the Nashik city center mall.

Fun World, Nasik

Fun World Water Park is Located in Nashik, the Fun World Water Park is one among the most popular amusement parks in the city. Although relatively among the lesser-known Nashik tourist places., the park has a plethora of things to offer.

There are various rides available for both kids and adults alike where everyone can enjoy a great time.  If you are willing to relive your childhood a little bit, be sure to visit the amusement park.

The Fun World Amusement park is located at Muktidham, Anand Nagar, Nashik Road, Nashik, Maharashtra, 422214.

The amusement park is open from 4 to 10 pm every day.

Entry fee: 
There is no entry fee for this amusement park.
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Adventure in Nashik

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Explore All (9)
We took a bus from Mumbai at 9 am in the morning which was supposed to reach Nashik at 2. The bus broke down on the way and we reached at 5. We took an auto from the bus stop till the soma serviced apartment. We were given a room after waiting for 15 minutes. The soma winery is 15 km from the serviced apartment. You can get an auto to drop you till there in about 300 bucks. The tour is for one hour every hour starting from 11:30 am in the morning till 6:30 in the evening. Since we reached pretty late, we opted for the last slot i.e. 6:30 pm. Soma vineyard is farthest of all the vineyards that are there. We were not given a tour of the vineyard since it was pretty dark by then and also muddy due to rains. The inside refinery tour was for half n hr. We tasted 5 wines - 1 red, 2 white, 1 rose, 1 dessert. The restaurant there had some issues so we had to go to York winery for dinner. There was no conveyance available at that point of time. We walked all the way till York in the dark for 2 km. After dinner we managed to get an Uber which dropped us back to the serviced apartment. The details are not enough in the itinerary. People are not very responsive and entertaining.
02 March 2020
This experience is unique as the campsite is very beautiful especially at night and we also had an awesome night walk. The food was up to the mark and the staff was helpful. Will visit again.
I had some doubt related to the inclusions in the package so I inquired on Thrillophilia website, their team was very quick to get in touch with me and clear all my doubts and help me with my booking. I would look forward to book with Thrillophilia in future.
What an experience it was. I was worried about reaching the site but the location on my voucher was quite helpful, we reached without any problems. I specifically like the barbeque snacks sitting by the bonfire. All other arrangements were great. 5 star service.
Visited this campsite last week, and I must say I'm happy with the services. Food was good, tents were small but good. The local organizers were very friendly. I had a great conversation with them. Overall amazing experience, I would definitely recommend this to my friends.
21 March 2020
It was an amazing experience the location was good we all friends enjoy igatpuri camping very much and bonfire with live music is a superb idea, guide was also there to give us a good company and the best part was the time of sunset and sunrise. Overall this camp is one of the best I ever stayed.
14 January 2020
I visit this igatpuri camp with my family and we all enjoy this camping very much, the view was very beautiful, The guide and food was good. The BBQ , bonfire and music is a great combination MUST VISIT.
09 March 2020
I and my friends visit for camping last weekend and it was a great experience we all friends do camping, a bonfire with live music and BBQ. The food was yummy and the guide was a good experience holder. You can go there without any doubts, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
15 March 2020
Very beautiful place, so relaxing environment and the BBQ makes it even more memorable. You can really feel the wind blowing. I haven’t slept there as I was enjoying there, the bonfire was just wow. Truly recomendedddd….!!!!
09 March 2020
I book this camp from Thrillophilia to enjoy it with my friends and we all enjoyed a lot, the camp was surrounded with mountains and there was a river nearby, the food, guide and transport service was good and the camp was very comfortable and we decide to visit this place again.

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People Also Ask About Nashik

  1. What is Nashik famous for?

    Nashik is a quaint town in Maharashtra which is famous for its vineyards. Nashik is known as the grape/wine capital of India and has some popular wineries such as Sula, Soma among others that you must visit during a holiday. Also famous is the pleasurable weather of this place, which remains nice and cool all year long.
  2. What are the Nashik tourist places for couples?

    1. Sula Vineyards: What could be more romantic than taking a walk and sampling a variety of wines at the famous Sula Vineyards in Nashik? You can even sign up for private tours here.

    2. Someshwar Waterfalls: The quiet serenity of the surroundings along with the gushing waterfall makes for the perfect place for a romantic date with your loved ones.

    3. Pandavleni Caves: Taking a walk through these 24 caves is one of the most culturally significant experiences you can have as a couple visiting Nashik.

    4. Brahmagiri Hill: A very romantic activity for couples visiting Nashik could be trekking to the top of Brahmagiri Hill from where you can catch the sunset and enjoy sprawling views of the surrounding areas.
  3. What are the best places to visit in Nashik in winters?

    1. Sula Vineyards: The vineyards in Nashik become especially beautiful during winter, where you can roam around under the pleasant weather and sample fresh wine.
    2. Saptashrungi: Not only is this an important pilgrimage site but also a wonderful viewpoint from where you can see the colourful landscape spread out under you. 
    3. Pandavleni Caves: This is an exciting tourist spot for history and culture enthusiasts and it is especially pleasant during winters when you can explore the 24 caves that have multiple etchings and drawings on their walls. 
    4. Anjneri Hills: This is a wonderful place to go trekking during winters because of the pleasant trail that has multiple viewpoints along the way.
  4. How can I visit Nasik in one day?

    If you want to explore the town of Nashik and have only a day to spare. Then this list is the best itinerary for you. 
    - After getting off at Nashik, you can start the day by going to the tranquil Ram Kund and take a dip in this tank. 
    Close to it is the Kalaram Mandir, head there to pray or just admire the structure. 
    The next stop on your list is Sita Gupt Caves, this place has significance in Hindu mythology. 
    After spending some time here, take a quick drive to Trimbakeshwar Temple, which is 28 kms from Nashik. 
    Lastly, end your day by checking in to one of the interesting vineyards--Soma/York, Sula or Zampa.
  5. Is there any beach in Nashik?

    No, Nashik does not have a beach as this town isn't situated near a coastline. However, a few kilometers from Nashik is a beach hamlet called Murud, there you can find some pristine beaches including Manori, Diveagar and Malvan.

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