Priyadarshini Park Overview

Priyadarshini Park and Sports Complex is a clean and well-maintained sea-facing attraction in South Mumbai. Located in one of the sophisticated localities, this Napeansea Road park overlooks many expensive apartments on the street. Every nook and corner of this 20 acres land has now become a powerhouse to keep the heart of Mumbai pumping. For more than 3 decades, this wonderland has served as a recreational site, and sports and fitness complex.

 Visit here early in the morning to witness the magic of this refuge for the inhabitants of Mumbai.  Also, Mumbaikars do not forget to visit here in the early monsoons to sit on its sea-facing end and seek a delight with the sound of soothing waves. Once, this piece of land was merely a rocky patch of the coastal area of Malabar. What you see today is a gorgeous lush green garden lined up with a total of 600+ coconut trees. 

With a perfect and well-maintained ambiance, this park is a boon for early morning yoga, jogging, walking, aerobics, and so on. The credit, of course, goes to its active group – the Malabar Hill Citizen Forum, who looks after it as its own child. You can connect with their authorities to be an annual member of the plethora of recreational sports activities that they organize. 

In addition to pumping the adrenaline of youth with its recreational touch, Priyadarshini Park of Mumbai also serves as an ideal family outing location and a lover’s point. If you are fortunate enough, you may even witness little squirrels accompanying you here for some pleasing views. 

How To Reach

Here are the simple ways to commute to Priyadarshini Park from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (Mumbai) – 

Bus – You need to opt for a bus to drop you at the Grant Road bus station. From there, you can opt for a second bus to take you to the Priyadarshini Napeansea Road Bus Stop. 

Train – If you are planning to reach by train, then you need to reach Vile Parle Railway Station first. From there, get on a train traveling towards Churchgate and alight at Grant Road Railway Station.

Then you may opt either for BEST service or a hired cab ride to reach Priyadarshini Park. 

Hired Cab or Self-drive - Although it might cost you a bit high, a hired cab ride is the most convenient way to reach Priyadarshini Park from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport.

In case you are self-driving, you will end up troubling yourself with the car parking issues.  

Best Time To Visit

Early monsoons are best to plan your visit to Priyadarshini Park as the views are simply astounding. You can sit in the corner of Priyadarshini Park, which overlooks the sea beyond, and calmly listen to the resonating noise of the tides.

 A cool breeze blowing from the sea in your direction will relieve all your personal stresses. If possible, try to visit early in the morning or late in the evening to witness a beautiful transition of daylight.

Other Essential Information

Location – 
Priyadarshini Park is situated at L. Jagmohandas Marg on Malabar Hill, Mumbai. 

Timing - The park opens sharp at 05:00 am in the morning and closes down by 09:00 pm at night. If you are simply planning to visit Priyadarshini Park as a tourist spot, 2 hours is enough to explore it entirely. 

Price – There are no charges for entry to the Priyadarshini Park. However, if you want to participate in any of their recreational events, make sure that you contact the Malabar Hill Citizen Group. 

There are nominal charges applicable for participation in every single recreational activity. 

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Priyadarshini Park FAQs

Does this place provide facilities like canteens, eatables, washrooms, etc.?

Yes, Priyadarshini Park has got every essential facilities like canteens, eatables, and washrooms, etc.

However, the canteen serves only necessary snacks, so make sure that you enjoy a sumptuous meal later. Besides, there are water refilling counters to quench your thirst.

 Especially in the afternoon, you will find some coconut vendors selling fresh, tender coconut water and pulp.

Is there parking around for private cars nearby?

Priyadarshini Park does not have a parking lot of its own. If you are planning to self-drive to the park, the only option available before you is to park on the road adjacent to the park.

However, you might fall into legal trouble for parking along the roadside. Thus, it is always better to travel to Priyadarshini Park by public transport mode, preferably buses.

What is the best time of the day to visit Priyadarshini Park?

It is good to visit Priyadarshini Park as soon as it opens, as you will have an entire day to indulge in different recreational activities there. Also, the weather won't trouble you much with the rising sun.

How do I get to Priyadarshini Park?

If you are planning to reach Priyadarshini Park by train, you need to alight at Grant Road. From there, you can either opt for a bus or prefer a hired cab ride to reach your final destination.

Alternatively, you can opt for the cheapest mode of transportation in Mumbai – BEST to drop you to the J. Mehta Road. From there, Priyadarshini Park is at a 6 minutes walkable distance.

How long does it take to complete a visit to the park?

If you are just planning to visit Priyadarshini Park as a tourist spot, it will merely take 2 hours for you to explore it entirely. Otherwise, participation in recreational activities will consume more of your time in the park.

Are there places to eat near the Park?

Priyadarshini Park itself has got some eateries to try some basic foodstuff. If you are in search of some mouth-watering delicacies, here’s a list of nearby eateries to visit –

Truffles Chocolate Studio  

Sweet Bengal 

Sagar Snacks

Country of Origin


Santosh Sagar 

Candy & Green 


Wow Popcorn 

Apsara Ice Cream 


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