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  • Soaring mountains of Igatpuri welcome hordes of weekend travelers from Mumbai and Pune. Situated in the Nashik district of Maharashtra, Igatpuri is picturesquely nestled in the Sahyadri mountain ranges. A historical place of strategic significance, the hill station-town lies amid ruins of the regal Tringalwadi and Ratangad forts, among several glorious places to visit in Igatpuri.

    However, those seeking a spiritual retreat can head to an international academy here to perfect the Vipassana meditation technique. Surrounded by captivating sceneries, untouched lakes and majestic valleys, the places to visit in Igatpuri offer an exclusively diverse experience. The waterfalls and the dams only add a touch of enchantment to the Igatpuri experience.

    Here are some of the best places to visit in Igatpuri:

  • 01Day Trek to Kalsubai

    Day Trek to Kalsubai
    • d1 Day
    • lIgatpuri
    • NNNNN126 ratings
    • Ajaysinh Lakhe
      Ajaysinh Lakhe

    Fixed Departure on every Saturday Night

    Kalsubai with the height of 1646m [5400Feets] is famous as one of the highest peaks in Maharashtra. Kalsubai lies in the Sahyadri mountain range. This being the highest peak, it commands a beautiful view. Since Kalsubai is extremely famous, enough effort has been made to make this trek easy. There are steel railings, chains and ladders at places where it is difficult to climb.

  • 02One Day Trek to Harihargad Fort in Nashik (from Mumbai)

    One Day Trek to Harihargad Fort in Nashik (from Mumbai)
    • d1 Day
    • lNashik
    • NNNNN348 ratings
    • Nilesh Patil
      Nilesh Patil

    About the Activity:

    • Fixed Departure: 12 Aug 2017, 24 Aug 2017, 15 Sep 2017, 22 Dec 2017
    • Located 3500 feet above sea level, the trek to Harihargad Fort takes you through the magical expanse of nature.
    • The prism-shaped fort enchants at first sight, and houses a pond in front of the Hanuman and Shiva shrines.
    • Sheer design of the famed rock cut steps draws intrigued crowds, and the ornate, but steep steps scintillate while climbing up!
    • Start your journey on Saturday Night by getting picked up from Pritam Hotel located in East Dadar at around 11.30 PM and Nitin Company Junction at around 12 midnight and continue your overnight journey to Harihargad Fort in Nashik. 
    • After reaching the base camp in the morning, have your delicious breakfast and start your trek to Harhargad Fort.
    • Reach the fort in the afternoon and explore its beautiful history and architectural elegance, followed by a delicious lunch.
    • Descend back to the base camp and enjoy your evening snacks on the way. 
    • Reach the base camp and start your journey back to Mumbai, reaching the city at around 10 PM depending on the traffic. 
  • 03Trek to Harihar Fort

    Trek to Harihar Fort
    • d1 Day
    • lIgatpuri
    • NNNNN23 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 1684582

    About the Activity:

    Delight in this enthralling trek to Harihar Fort, Igatpuri with friends and family. The most remarkable thing about this fort is that it appears to be rectangular in shape from the base village, built ona triangular prism of rock – the edges of this stunning fort is absolutely vertical, further adding to the uniqueness of this stunning ancient fort.

    Rock carved staircases lead you to the fort! Delight in the ancient beauty of this fort while trekking through picturesque landscapes accompanying you throughout your Harihar Fort trekking. Walk through the rocky staircase that hangs below a steep drop. Feel your heart racing as you climb these stairs while enjoying the grand view of the surrounding colossal ranges.

    Once you make it to the top, enthrall in the beauty of the elongated plateau which holds a beautiful temple of Lord Hanuman. A perfect place that reminds you of a fairy-tale story you read in your childhood. Sit and enjoy the stunning beauty of the pond, in front of the temple – a view that makes all the climb worth the effort. Enjoy the scenic beauty of this land with a trek to Harihar Fort, Igatpuri.

  • 04Ghatandevi Mandir

    The Ghatandevi Temple is an architectural marvel and is located in close vicinity of Igatpuri. This place should have a prominent position, in your places to visit in Igatpuri wish list. The locals come to this shrine and worship the idol of Goddess Ghanta Devi, who they believe is their protector. 

    Their faith has made this temple a place of pilgrimage. Being situated amidst mesmerising vista of the Western Ghats, this temple proffers an eye-catching spectacle to the devotees. One can also be in awe of the sight of the majestic peaks of Harihar, Durvar Utvad and Trimak from here. The pristine aura and mesmerising panorama, makes the visit worthwhile.


  • 05Bhatsa River Valley

    The Bhatsa River Valley, which is situated in the basin of the majestic Bhatsa River, is a very enticing spot. The shimmering flora and the marvellous hills, make the Bhatsa River Valley one of the best places to visit in Igatpuri. 

    It is blessed with a divine charisma and it allures all the tourists towards its intense wilderness. If you are an adventure seeker, keen to explore the nature then the Bhatsa River valley is a perfect place to visit. One should surely visit this valley with family and friends to admire the magnificent crests and the blissfulness of nature.

  • 06Camel Valley

    Camel Valley
    Image Credit : Kashif Pathan-Flickr

    The Camel valley in Igatpuri is one among the places to visit in Igatpuri. It lies in close proximity of the great Bhatsa River Valley. The Prime fascination of this place that lures several tourists, is the amazing waterfall formed due to precipitation. It is a spellbinding experience to witness the enchanting view of a waterfall, which falls from a height of 1000 feet. 

    Take a stroll by the lake and rejuvenate yourself amidst the lush greenery of the Camel Valley.  For all you adventurers the valley proffers some mind blowing rafting packages. So if you want to beat the heat, admire the creations of nature and experience some thrill then the Camel Valley in Igatpuri is a perfect vacationer destination for you all.

  • 07Tringalwadi Lake

    The Tringalwadi Lake is very popular amongst the several lakes in Igatpuri. If you are looking forward to go camping under the moonlight and gaze at the stars then the tranquil Tringalwadi Lake is the perfect destination. Enjoy living in the comforts of the lake houses here with family and friends. 

    The mesmerising panorama of the gigantic fort and the magnificent mountains from the lake houses is awesome. The Tringalwadi Lake proffers a heart soothing ambience, walk on the banks of it, listening to the melodies of nature and let the beauty of environment sink in.  

  • 08Tringalwadi Fort

    Tringalwadi Fort
    Image Credit : flickr

    The Tringalwadi Fort is popular for its spellbinding architecture. Being located at an elevation of 3000 ft above the sea level, it encompasses the hypnotic panorama of the whole of Igatpuri and the Sahyadris.  Being amidst the natural beauty the narrow trail that leads to the fort, allures all its tourists.

     Monsoon is the best time of the year to visit the Tringalwadi Fort. The rains enhance the exquisiteness of the ambience and make it a treat for an eye. If you are an admirer of Mother Nature and the dare devil within you is seeking some thrill, then you should surely try trekking in these rocky terrains.                

  • 09Vaitarna Dam

    The Vaitarna Dam is built in the Vaitarna River and is one of the most mesmerising places in Igatpuri.  Located in Igatpuri, this Dam was built in the mid 50’s.  Situated in a very picturesque domain, it attracts several nature lovers. 

    The Vaitarna Dam proffers a dazzling panorama, which is the rocky crest of the Western Ghats. The black waters and the dense woods make this place a perfect spots for the tourists. Other than its all encompassing fascinating beauty, the dam also plays a very significant role. It provides water and power to the financial capital of India, Mumbai.

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