Versova Beach Overview
Counted best among places to visit in Mumbai, Versova beach is extremely popular among tourists because of its fascinating coastline. It’s ahead of Juhu beach and is separated from that beach by a creek, and is closer to the suburban area of Andheri.

The Versova village is located close to the Versona beach; the village is home to fishing folks who go by the name of “kolis”. Mumbai boasts a lot of beaches, but not all of them are serene and popular among Mumbai tourist places because of how peaceful it is to sit on the shore and enjoy the sunset in the Arabian Sea.

It’s a blissful experience to sit on the beach and watch the fishing folks head out in the sea and fish. Apart from the serenity that Versova beach offers, every year, the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated here, which is spectacular and is a must-see for everyone.

Location: Versova Beach, Bharat Nagar, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 
Best Time to visit: October-March
Entry fee: No entry fee
Timings: Can be visited at any time of the day
Distance from Mumbai Bus Stand: 25 km from MSRTC Mumbai Central

Versova Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Mumbai with white and black dry sand and a few rocky patches. Located northwards from the famous Juhu Beach, it is considered to be one of the cleanest beaches with a peaceful and calm environment.

This beach is regarded as an extension of Juhu with a creek that separates both these diverse worlds. Versova Beach is immensely popular for its colorful fishing boats, swimmable water, and breathtaking views of the sunset and sunrise.

The beach is also home to the Koli community, which is considered to be one of the largest fishing communities in Mumbai. Several interesting cafes and restaurants are also lined up close to this beach, where you can hop in to have ultimate fun. The locals and tourists alike flock to the sandy shore of this beach, admiring the glimmering cityscape and dazzling water.

This beach is relatively smaller than the other beaches of Mumbai, but humongous fish auctions are held daily at this spot. Among the most alluring scenes of this beach is in the morning when the fishermen armed with lines and fishing nets barge into the vast sea to catch fish.

You can also buy a variety of fish at the fish market over here. Besides this, Versova beach offers several water sports opportunities like surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. This spot is also the ideal venue for several festivities and celebrations like Coconut Day and Ganesh Chaturthi. So plunge into the adventure of a lifetime by visiting this secluded beach that promises you unlimited fun and memories.

How To Reach

By Rail:
From Mumbai airport you can first go to Andheri Station as it is the closest railway station to the Versova Beach. And from here you can board a train easily from Churchgate to either Vile Parle or Santa Cruz station to reach Versova Beach.

By Road: The best thing about Versova Beach is that it is well connected to the main bus stations of Mumbai. From Mumbai Airport you can take a cab and reach Andheri. From here you can take a bus and you can reach directly to Versova Beach. You can also hire a cab from Andheri to reach Versova Beach.

By Flight: After arriving at Mumbai Airport, It will take around 10 minutes for anyone to reach Versova beach. There are Taxi, Bus, Towncard and cabs available outside the airport. You can use any of these mediums to reach Versova Beach from Mumbai Airport.

Best Time To Visit

The period from October to March is the best time to visit Versova Beach. At this time, the weather is very pleasant, and the humidity level decreases gradually. During other times of the year, the temperature remains very intolerable, making it a hassle to lounge around the beach in a carefree way.

Other Essential Information

Versova Beach, Bharat Nagar, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Timings: You can easily visit this spot any time during the day.

Tips For Visiting Versova Beach:

1. If you’re planning to visit Versova Beach, then it’s advisable to pack some bug spray/lotion as getting bitten by the insects can turn out to be a nuisance.

2. Don’t forget to pack your important medications because if you get sick, then it can completely ruin your trip.

3. Always wear water shoes or flip flops while visiting a beach as it minimizes the chances of getting a cut or bruises on your feet.

4. Use a good sunscreen that provides maximum protection from harmful UV rays.

5. The trip to the beach can be dangerous at times when the current is the strongest. So it’s important to learn to identify the rip currents so that you stay away from the potential hazard zone before diving into the water. 
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Versova Beach FAQs

Is Versova beach clean now?

A few years back Versova Beach was in a state of ruin and had become the filthiest beaches of Mumbai. The residents had converted it into a dumping ground, coupled with the trash that the visitors left over here. But the rigorous efforts of the local people and the lawyer and activist Afroz Shah has breathed a new life to it.

He made continuous effort to revive the beauty of the beach in October 2015, and after three years, the beach is now back to its pristine glory. Now the heap of trash can’t be seen anywhere, and the best thing is that the turtles can be sighted again on this beach after a gap of twenty years.

How do I get to Versova Beach?

Versova Beach is accessible through all the major routes. The beach is around 3.5 kilometers from Andheri railway station, and you can easily take a train from over here to reach Versova Beach. Versova is the nearest station to Versova Beach on the western terminus.

The beach is one kilometer away from Versova, so you can even walk to reach over here. You can also reach Versova Beach by metro or bus. The bus lines 210 LTD, 6, 328 have stops nearby, and metro 1 is the line that will make you reach here.

Who cleaned Versova Beach?

The man who cleaned up Versova Beach is the lawyer and activist Afroz Shah who was accoladed with Champion’s of Earth Award by UN’S top environmental department for his work in 2016. In October 2015, Afroz and his neighbor began clearing the plastic bags, glass bottles, cement sacks, and other litter from the beach.

In less than one year, their rigorous effort convinced three thousand citizens to join this cleanup drive. United Nations Environmental Programme called it the world’s largest cleanup drive in July 2016. BMC has now awarded a tender of 22 crores to a private company so that the cleanliness drive doesn’t stop over here.

Which is the cleanest beach in Mumbai?

Versova beach is the cleanest beach in Mumbai. This beach had lost its charm three years ago when people turned it into a dumping ground and flooded it with litter. But the consistent efforts of the locals and Afroz Shah, the man who initiated the cleanliness drive of Versova Beach, this beach has regained its lost glory.

Now considering its pristine environment and clean shores we can say that Versova Beach is undoubtedly the cleanest beach in Mumbai.

How far is Versova Beach from Versova Metro station?

Versova Metro Station is quite close to Versova Beach, and it takes approximately one minute to travel between Versova Metro station and Versova Beach. You can take Metro line 1 from Versova Metro Station to reach Versova Beach.

How do I get to Versova beach from Thane?

Versova Beach is around 27.8 kilometers from Thane. You can take a taxi or cab to reach Versova Beach from Thane, and it will take around twenty-two minutes. You can also board a train from Thane railway station, and it will take you to Versova. From there you can hire a car or walk around one kilometer to reach the Versova Beach.

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