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Top Reviews Of Kamshet Paragliding


Ranjeet Bharadwaj


We had an amazing time here with all our friends and this was an exciting experience for all of us.


Chaanakya Ahluwalia


Our first experience with paragliding and we had a really nice time here with all our friends.

Kamshet Paragliding Overview

Location: Kamshet

Timings: The morning session starts at 8 AM and the afternoon session starts at 2 PM.

India is a country with naturally lofty hills, as well as two huge mountain ranges: the Western Ghats and Himalayas. This makes India a perfect land for paragliding. For those living or visiting the western reaches of India, Kamshet and nearby destinations are the ideal spots of paragliding, in Maharashtra. Kamshet is a beautiful destination located at about 110km from Mumbai and 45km from Pune that is decked with the beauty of the Sahyadri Ranges and valleys.

Embark on an exciting experience of paragliding in Kamshet with a set of certified pilots and flying enthusiasts.

After a quick briefing session by instructors about the activity, a group of professionals help gliders get adjusted onto the paraglider. Once that's done, the fun begins! The experience of the picturesque view of Sahyadri Ranges and the cool breeze brushing against gliders makes the adventure more thrilling.

The short fly will be for 5 to 6 minutes depending on weather conditions. You will get to enjoy a birds-eye view of the beautiful hills. The take-off point is at Kamshet, which is a popular offbeat paragliding site. Kamshet paragliding is suitable for the age group of 6 years onward. A two-seater plane will take you high up in the air from where you can take your paragliding flight with a certified instructor.

Eligibility for Kamshet paragliding: 
Minimum -  6 years
Children - 6 years to 18 years (Mandatory that the Children in this age range are accompanied by their Parents/Guardian) 
Adults- No age limit

Weight limit for Paragliding in Kamsheet:
 Maximum 95 KG

Please note: 
The timings depend on the wind flow and any changes in the above-mentioned schedule will be communicated at the site.
The elderly with the medical conditions need to report the same to the operator at the site. 

How to reach: 
Kamshet is a beautiful destination located at about 110km from Mumbai and 45km from Pune. One can reach Kamshet via public or private transport. The exact google map location will be shared with the customer on the date of the activity, depending upon the weather of that day. 


  • Paragliding in Kamshet

Other Inclusions

  • Specified paragliding flight only
  • 7
  • Experienced instructor charges
  • 7
  • Photos and videos at additional cost


  • Customers can avail of transport from Hotel Rangoli to Tower Hill which is available at around INR 1200 per car.

Things To Carry

  • Sunscreen
  • 7
  • Sunglasses
  • 7
  • Snacks
  • 7
  • Water bottle
  • 7
  • Camera
  • 7
  • Basic medication


  • Please note that paragliding is a wind dependent sport and there’s a possibility of last-minute reschedules or cancellations, which are beyond Thrillophilia's control.
  • 7
  • Prefer T-shirt, full pants, shoes (please avoid slippers/open footwear), cap.
  • 7
  • Please carry water bottles with you.
  • 7
  • Please avoid flying immediately after meals. A minimum gap of 2 hours is suggested.
  • 7
  • Physical fitness and sportive inclination are essential prerequisites to learning this sport.
  • 7
  • Those with heart, respiratory, blackout, or dizziness problems must seek doctor’s advice.
  • 7
  • In case of loss or damage of equipment, due to negligence or intention on the part of the par, the participants will have to cover the costs involved.
  • 7
  • All participants have to furnish an Indemnity Form.
  • 7
  • Participants below the age of 18 will need the written consent of the parent/guardian.
  • 7
  • Your time slot will be booked based on weather conditions
  • 7
  • The flying base is at Kamshet, near Lonavala
  • 7
  • Group Size: 10-15 per day.
  • 7
  • You need to report at Hotel Rangoli, Kamshet, old Pune-Mumbai highway(NH4).

Tour Type

  • This is a group tour

Kamshet Paragliding: Cancellation Policy

  • If cancellations are made 30 days before the start date of the trip, 50% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees.
  • 7
  • If cancellations are made within 0-30 days before the start date of the trip, 100% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees.
  • 7
  • Same Day cancellations are non refundable.
  • 7
  • In case of unforeseen weather conditions or government restrictions, certain trips or activities may get cancelled. In such cases operator will try their best to provide an alternate feasible. However a cash refund will not be applicable for the same.
  • 7
  • Cancellations are strictly subjected to cancellation policies mentioned on the website & are irrespective of the date of booking.

Kamshet Paragliding: Refund Policy

  • If refunds are in Thrillophilia wallet, it will be added in 3 business days.
  • 7
  • The applicable refund amount in bank will be processed within 10 business days

Kamshet Paragliding: Booking Confirmation Policy

  • The customer receives a confirmation voucher via email within 15 minutes of successful booking.
  • 7
  • In case the preferred slots are unavailable, an alternate schedule of the customer’s preference will be arranged and a new confirmation voucher will be sent via email.
  • 7
  • Alternatively, the customer may choose to cancel their booking before confirmation and a full refund will be processed.

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    All Kamshet Paragliding Reviews

    People Shared their Stories
    Story by Ranjeet Bharadwaj

     Rated : 5.0

    We had an amazing time here with all our friends and this was an exciting experience for all of us.

    Story by Chaanakya Ahluwalia

     Rated : 4.0

    Our first experience with paragliding and we had a really nice time here with all our friends.

    Story by Darshana Darshana

     Rated : 5.0


    Awesome experience to fly.The team involved are very clam and equally enthusiastic. Make you feel comfortable.Cheers to all members.

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    Story by Prathyusha Nidamanuru

     Rated : 5.0


    that was really a thrilling experience.. we, a group of 6 members experienced this activity for the first time to the fullest.

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    • 1559548780_img_20190531_174535.jpg
    Story by Arnesh Gandhi

     Rated : 5.0

    Such an amazing experience of flying in Kamshet! Must appreciate the way it was carried out by the organisers. The guides were great and made me fear-free before the flight. And once I was in the air, there was no stopping and the views were the best I enjoyed in my life.

    • Kamshet.jpg
    • Kamshet-paragliding-2.jpg
    • Paragliding_bir-660x495.jpg
    Story by Divjot Sinha

     Rated : 5.0

    Paragliding was on my list from a long time and finally, Thrillophilia gave me the opportunity to do in my budget. The guide was a very knowledgeable person and gave us proper information about it. The experience was craziest and I yelled very much. true experience and you can't afford to miss this, must try.

    Story by Sanya Nehru

     Rated : 5.0

    This was my first time paragliding with my friends and it was a great experience the view was very beautiful. We take many pictures from the top. The guide was good I never forgot this experience.

    Story by Nanda Gowda

     Rated : 5.0

    It was an amazing experience. The view from starting was superb, the guide was very helpful and professional he managed everything properly I enjoy this adventure a lot. Recommended for you.

    Story by Chidambar Chaturvedi

     Rated : 5.0

    It was a unique experience, I glide for the first time but worth doing it. The instructor was good and guided us well regarding the whole activity. You must listen to that so that it will be safe as well as you can enjoy it. This place is very beautiful and you can feel the calmness right from the starting of paragliding, overall it was an awesome

    Story by Bilva Talwar

     Rated : 5.0

    Very beautiful place and must be doing paragliding to view the best scenery. I get the experienced guide who will help me completely to have the best moments in the air. I will definitely try this once again.


    People Also Ask About Kamshet Paragliding

    1. Is Kamshet paragliding Safe?

      Yes, Kamshet paragliding is completely a safe activity to experience. All the safety measures are being taken care of by our expert tourists guide and activity operators who make sure to use the finest equipment for conducting activities.

      Our activity partners and we Thrillophilia as a company also make sure to keep the safety of our customers as the first priority so we also make sure to follow all the guidelines issued by the government to conduct the activities

    2. How to reach Kamshet from Pune?

      You can easily get to experience the Kamshet paragliding activity via Pune as Pune is connected with Kamshet via roadways and railways.

      Railways - You can get on the train from Pune for kamshet which will only cost you around Rs-29 to Rs90 only per head. This journey will make you reach Kamshet in just 1 hour easily and comfortably as well.

      Roadways - You can get on the bus from Pune which will take you to Kamshet as it is just 45 kilometres from Pune and hardly it will take 1 hour to reach there.

    3. What is the reporting time for Kamshet Paragliding?

      As the activity is being done in 2 sessions one is in Morning 8:00 AM and the second session is being done at 2:00 PM in afternoon so you need to choose in which session you will be doing the activity.

      Although you need to reach for the activity location half and hour before to avoid any sort of delay in the activity.

    4. How to reach Kamshet from Mumbai?

      You can easily get to experience the Kamshet paragliding activity via Mumbai as Mumbai is connected with Kamshet via roadways and railways.

      Railways - You can get on the train from Mumbai for Kamshet which will only cost you around Rs-90 only per head. This journey will make you reach kamshet in just 2 hours easily and comfortably as well.

      Roadways - You can get on the bus from Pune which will take you to Kamshet as it is just 110 kilometres from Mumbai and hardly it will take 2 hours 10 minutes to reach there.

    5. Can I get pictures and videos of Kamshet Paragliding?

      Yes, you can get the pictures and videos of Kamashet paragliding on the basis of the additional charge. The activity operator will speak to you before clicking the picture whether you would like to get clicked or not and the charges as well, So you need to make a choice.

    6. What is classic tandem paragliding in Kamshet?

      Classic tandem paragliding is an ideal two-seater ride for the first-timers who don’t want to take any risks. In this type of paragliding, all you need to do is sit back and rejoice the flight with a skilled and experienced pilot. The ride will last for 8-10 minutes.

      Classic tandem paragliding is easiest of all and serves you with the most exhilarating experience. If you want to try out this joyride, head towards Kamshet village and step into the world of adventures.

    7. What is instructional tandem paragliding in Kamshet?

      Instructional Tandem Paragliding teaches you the art of taking control while flying. Though you will get needful instructions by the instructor, the actual flying will be done all by yourself.

      If you are a hardcore adventure enthusiast, tandem paragliding surely deserves a mention in your bucket list. The ride will continue for 10-15 minutes in which you will achieve the most bewitching experiences of your life. If you want to be a part of this enthralling adventure sport, Kamshet village is a perfect spot to begin.

    8. What is Acro Tandem Paragliding in Kamshet?

      Acro Tandem Paragliding is an adventure sport for all those brave hearts who want to break the bars of fear and do something unconventional. This paragliding will give you an adrenaline rush with its G-forces and high speeds.

      Acro Tandem Paragliding is a 15-20 minutes long joyous ride in which a trained acro pilot will take you through the thrilling maneuver.

    9. Where can I do paragliding in Kamshet?

      With so many training schools and trainers in the area, Kamshet paragliding has emerged as a major adventure sport among adventure junkies and paragliders. If you wish to indulge in this activity, head towards Shinde Wadi Hills which is the take-off point for paragliders.

      This point lies at an altitude of 200 feet above the sea level which makes it perfect for parasailing activity.

    10. What are the charges of paragliding in Kamshet?

      The average cost of paragliding in Kamshet starts from INR 2450. 

    11. Which are the famous paragliding tours in Kamshet?

      From joy tandem to acro tandem and instructional tandem, there are several Kamshet paragliding tours which will spike your adrenaline levels.

      Joy Tandem is a basic paragliding tour for beginners who want to fly high in the sky. All you need to do in this tour is sit back and relish the joyous ride experience.

      Instructional Tandem tour is one in which you take control with the help of experienced pilots. If you want to spice up your adventure tale, this tour is a perfect pick for you.

      All those adventure enthusiasts who have tried both Joy Tandem tour and Instructional tandem tour can go for bigger adventures like Acro Tandem Paragliding. This is an ideal adventure sport for experienced parasailers.

    12. What are other adventure activities that I can do in Kamshet?

      Apart from relishing the exhilarating experience of Kamshet paragliding, you can try many other adventure activities here which will quench your thirst for adventure. Kamshet village is home to several tourist destinations which have much more to them than their panoramic views and quaint locations.

      Tikona Fort and Pawna Lake are the two most favored destinations in Kamshet for kickstarting your adventure journey. From trekking to the Tikona Fort to enjoying day adventures and camping at Pawna Lake, there are bountiful of activities that you can try to de-stress yourself.

    13. What clothes should I wear while doing paragliding in Kamshet?

      If you want to enjoy a safe gliding trip, it is essential to know about the right attire for paragliding. A paraglider should avoid wearing heavy clothes as it can obstruct their movement. It is advisable to wear multiple layers of thin clothes and long pants to keep yourself comfortable.

      This will not only protect you from strong winds but will also keep you at ease. In addition to this, don’t forget to carry a pair of comfortable shoes. 

    14. Which is the best time to do paragliding in Kamshet?

      October to May is an ideal time to try parasailing sport in Kamshet. During this time the average wind speed is around 20 km per hour which facilitates smooth flying. October is the onset of the winter season here which continues till February.

      The months between March and May are summer months in Kamshet when the temperature is on the higher side. Monsoon season is the most unfavorable time for Kamshet paragliding as the adverse weather might act as a hindrance in your adventure ride.

    15. Is there any weight and age limit for paragliding in Kamshet?

      There are no major age barriers for paragliding in Kamshet. Anyone who has attended 6 years of age and who can do a little bit running is considered fit to embark on this enthralling ride.

      The weight limit for this sport is 95 kg, anyone exceeding the limit will not be allowed to experience the activity.

    16. What are the things that I should keep in mind before I do paragliding in Kamshet?

      If you have ever dreamt about flying high in the sky like a bird, you would know the charm of paragliding sport. However, there are a few essential points that one must keep in mind before kick starting their dream ride.

      Paragliding is an extreme sport which requires adequate knowledge about this activity. Hence, don’t forget to do your homework before taking your first flight in the sky. One must have a proper understanding of gears to be an ace glider. In addition to this, you also need to be attentive about the weather conditions before parasailing.

      You can’t enjoy a proper flight during weather inconsistencies. Age barrier is a major concern for paragliders who aspire to take a solo flight. If you haven’t attended 18 years of age, it is advisable not to glide without professional guidance.

    17. Can pregnant women go for Kamshet paragliding?

      Kamshet paragliding is an intense activity which involves tasks like running and jumping from the height. Though pregnant women very well can travel by airplane after their second trimester, paragliding is still considered risky for them.

      The adventure sport asks for a lot of physical activities which are not suitable for a pregnant lady. So, if you are expecting a baby soon, it is better to wait for a few more months before you try this exhilarating sport.

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