Mohammed Ali Road Overview
Mumbai’s most-loved food street, Mohammed Ali Road, has been delighting food lovers for decades. The place is a paradise for people who want to binge to their heart’s content on rich Mughlai food. At the bylanes buzzing with smoky flavours and din of happy eaters, you can enjoy everything right from the usual fare like nihari, paya, huge varieties of kebabs, tikkas, butter chicken, etc. For those who love to try unique foods, can try the delicious zubaan fry, white biryani, badam khichda, Sanju Baba chicken, chocolate shawarma, and tandoori quails.

Vegetarian food lovers need not despair. There are umpteen choices of vegetarian rolls, shawarmas, chana masala, and varieties of creamy paneer dishes. Those with a sweet tooth love the mawa jalebis, malpuas, fluffy phirnis, and the rich ‘Aflatoon’. Choose from pop-up stalls to single vendors and legendary restaurants as old as 130 years to try foods that you just cannot afford to miss!

The place is a melting pot of movie actors and commoners coming together for the love of exquisite and delicately flavoured food here. Mohammed Ali Road comes alive during the time of Ramzan and is the favoured place to break one’s fast amidst beautifully lit up alleys and people from all faiths gathering together.

How To Reach

From Airport- 

Mohammed Ali Road, located around 18 kilometres from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, is easily accessible by public transport. You can hire a taxi, which will cost approximately Rs. 180 and take 45 minutes to reach. Bus, costing around Rs. 34, will take approximately 90 minutes.

The nearest bus stations from Mohammad Ali Road are at Chakala Market, Mahatma Phule Market, and Mangaldas Market. Alternatively, you can take a train. The nearest stations are Masjid Railway Station, Mumbai CST Railway Station, and Sandhurst Road Railway Station

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the place is between  October and February as you can witness a comparatively pleasant weather. You can arrive here at around 7:30 pm. This is the time when the vendors are just setting up their stalls and there are not too many people around.

You can enjoy eating peacefully without the usual jostling of crowds and having to stand in long queues to get your food. Don’t forget to savour the food here during Ramadan

Other Essential Information

Location: Mohammed Ali Road, located near Bhendi Bazaar and Colaba Causeway, stretches from Crawford Market to JJ Hospital. 

 Every day from 7:30 pm till 1:00 am. During Ramzan, the eateries are open till 4:00 am.

Dishes/Places You Should not miss in Mohammed Ali Road:

1. Kebabs: Smoky char-grilled succulent kebabs sprinkled with lightly flavoured spices and served with a spicy mint sauce and crunchy onions are probably the most popular food to try at Mohammed Ali Road. Try the best kebabs at Bismillah Corner, Sarvi, Janta, and Chinese and Grill. 

2. Nihari & Paya: Head over to the legendary Bade Miyan for the best Nihari and Paya in the city with delicious Khamiri rotis. Don’t miss to try ‘Zubaan fry’ (tongue fry), tikkas, rolls, Mutton bhuna, and a huge range of delectable biryanis here. Another popular joint for Nihari is Surti 12 handi. 

3. Biryanis: Mohammed Ali Road is the best place to try Chicken White Biryani. This unique preparation uses a white spice base instead of the usual red ones. Its creamy flavour contrasts well with the crunchy fried onions generously sprinkled over it. Enjoy this unique dish at Noor Mohammadi Hotel, an almost century-old restaurant. You can even try a mouth-watering chicken tikka biryani at Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar. 

4. Khichda: A popular Bohri dish, this delicately flavoured dish is an amazing combination of delicate spices, pulses, and meats topped with fried onions, lime juice, and coriander. Enjoy the best khichda at Jalil Ahmed. You will find many hawkers selling Badami khichda also, which is a must-try.

5. Tandoori Quail: One of the most popular dishes at Mohammed Ali Road, this one is a must-try here. These tenderly spiced and marinated bite-sized quails are char-grilled over a tandoor, enjoyed best with hot tandoori roti. You can enjoy the best ones at the stalls opposite Islahi Dawakhana. 

6. Sanju Baba chicken: This fiery and delicious preparation is one of the best-served dishes at Mohammed Ali Road. Found only at Noor Mohammed Hotel, it is said that the actor Sanjay Dutt himself shared this recipe, which the owners are serving till now. Enjoy this dish with a hot roomali roti or a tandoori roti. 

7. Shawarmas: Enjoy a huge range of these delicious rolled meats at King’s Shawarmas. You will find some surprising combinations like chicken with pineapple, cheese, chocolate, and cherry sauce. Vegetarians can enjoy vegetable and paneer-based shawarmas with a range of sauces and fillings. 

8. Masala Milk: Wash down the hotness of spices with a chilled bottle of masala milk. The best place to have these saffron and turmeric flavoured delights is at Noorani Milk Centre. They will also pack these charming little bottles for you to enjoy them at home. 

9. Desserts: Round off the day with some of the most delicious desserts in town. Visit Suleman Usman Mithaiwala for their light and fluffy phirnis and the rich mawa-based ‘Aflatoon’. Bite into a delicious malpua as you delight in the oozing sweetness at Tawakkal Sweets.

Pair them up with cool rabdi to enjoy the hot-cold dessert. Enjoy fruit-based ice cream at Taj Ice Cream, which is a 130-year-old outlet. A must-try here is ‘Mawa Jalebi’. These sweet and hot ringlets made of mawa dipped in flavoured sugar syrup are an absolute delight. The best mawa jalebi can be tried at the Burhanpur Store
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